Hillary Clinton Terrifies Republicans By Calling For Automatic Voter Registration


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton did more than call out Republicans for trying to suppress the vote. She offered a proposal that would terrify Republicans to their very core. Hillary Clinton wants every American to be automatically registered to vote at age 18.

Clinton stood up for students who have to wait for hours for their right to vote, grandmothers who get turned away from the polls due to voter ID laws, and people who are being disenfranchised by laws that take away their right to vote due to felony convictions.

Former Sec. Clinton specifically called out North Carolina for passing a law that went after anything that made voting more accessible. She said, “We should be doing everything we can to get our young people more engaged in democracy, not less.”

Clinton hit Texas Republicans for allowed a concealed weapons permit for voting identification, but not a student ID. Clinton said most offenses against voting rights occur below the radar, like changing polling place locations and stripping polling places of language assistance.

The Democratic frontrunner cited studies that showed that minorities voters are more likely to wait in line and have to vote in places with an inadequate number of voting machines. Clinton said, “This kind of disparity does not happen by accident.” She said that it is just wrong to try to prevent, prohibit and undermine Americans right to vote, “We should be clearing the way for more people to vote, not putting up every roadblock that anyone can imagine.”

Clinton called out Rick Perry, Scott Walker, Chris Christie, and Jeb Bush for each taking action in their states that tried to stop citizens from voting. She asked Republicans why they were afraid of people voting, and said that she believes every citizen should have the right to vote, and it should be made easier to vote.

Hillary Clinton called on Congress to restore the full protections of the Voting Rights Act, the implementation of the recommendations of the bipartisan presidential commission on voting including online absentee voting and no one should have to wait more than thirty minutes to cast a vote, 20 days of early voting, including weekend and evening early voting.

Clinton went beyond any other proposal by calling for universal automatic voter registration. She called for every young man and woman to be automatically registered to vote, unless they opt out. Clinton also wants people’s voter registration to move with them.

She was realistic by stating that none of these reforms will come easily. Clinton stressed the need for more citizens voting, and activists, and grassroots mobilization efforts, more justices on the Supreme Court, who will protect voting rights. She said, “We need a Supreme Court that cares more about protecting the right to vote of a person that protecting the right of a corporation to buy an election.”

Clinton’s speech revealed why millennials are overwhelmingly supporting Democrats. Hillary Clinton didn’t just fight back against Republican efforts to suppress the vote. She proposed a game-changing idea that should terrify Republicans, who are doing everything in their power to shrink the size of the electorate.

If Clinton’s proposal became a reality, Republican voter suppression efforts would instantly vanish. Every American should be automatically registered to vote. Whether or not they vote is their choice, but the idea that voting should be made more difficult is un-American.

Be afraid Republicans. Be very afraid, because Hillary Clinton is not only the most experienced candidate in either party, she is also demonstrating a forward thinking vision that is completely absent on the Republican side.

59 Replies to “Hillary Clinton Terrifies Republicans By Calling For Automatic Voter Registration”

  1. Strange is it not? Dems want everyone who is an American Citizen to get to vote- and Republican heads will explode.

    But Cons obsess over guns instead.

  2. I would go one step further. Lower the age to 16 since it will be their world that we are screwing up

  3. I watched the live stream and am still all mushy. She was in her rightful place at the center of this issue. She started this battle long ago, as they said back in 72 she went down there and did the long hard fight to register people and never stopped the good fight all these years.

    Her camp filed in NC last year, OH and WI recently and have 5 more states to be filed on soon.

    That 98 to 0 vote she mentioned in the Senate and all their hard work for the reauthorization of the Act is “principle over politics” as she said.

    The voters on the GOP side will see what their candidates want to do and those voters will not like when Hillary puts her message in ads about their records.

    GOP record on voting rights from her site – her campaign is keeping track and will make sure it is well known by all:


    That’s how my girl handles things. Sues a dozen states and that is… “terrifying” to them. That and her number…

  4. got cut off at the end.

    That and her numbers.

    I loved the part when she recounted Bill and Hill going there after Katrina to see the Houston housing efforts for the evacuees. As soon as I saw her eyes twinkle I new she was going to mention that guy few people knew who they brought along to see for himself. Obama.

    The music was beautiful too. Beautiful presentation all around. and more importantly – incredibly important issue that must be addressed before we have another election stolen and lose to the Koch brothers for good.

  5. She has strong support in Iowa, 60%, so the primary is a lock.

    She had 4 offices and today just opened 5 more for a total of 9 in Iowa.

    Iowa is an all important battleground state in the General and she won’t let Bush win.

    We don’t call her Rocky for nothing.

  6. Rin….AGREE ON ALL YOUR POSTS…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..GO HILLARY….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I find this proposed idea interesting, such a shame republicans I’ve seen after hearing this idea is so liberals are okay with automatic voter registration, but voter I.D. is not okay and calls it hypocrisy. This mentality of having Voter I.D. to counter the small percentage of Voter Fraud has been proven to suppress the vote, but republicans don’t want to admit it. This doesn’t help that the Supreme court took a key part of the Voting Rights act out, thus allowing for more attempts of suppression by republicans. To these republicans, explain what exactly is wrong with automatic voter registration, as it’s an American right for the people to vote and have their voices heard. So republicans tell me what is exactly wrong with this proposal?

  8. “But others point out that a majority of voters, in opinion polls, approve in general terms of requiring voters to present photo identification. Acceptable forms in most of the states with such laws include government-issued ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses, and employee and student cards.”

    Michael Waldman, the president of the Brennan Center and a former speechwriter for President Bill Clinton, said the subject was riskier than it might seem.

    “There’s been such a hotly contested wave of new laws that it’s not such a safe issue anymore,” he said. “It’s not just something for Fourth of July orations.”

    It isn’t popular, it isn’t safe she is told. And she does it anyway. Because it is the right thing to do.

  9. Who calls her Rocky? She’s not strategically combating with her hands through hard work, or actual a grassroots campaign. She’s taking an obscene amount of cash from banks and corporations and throwing it around, everywhere. Screw her.

  10. I’m not Hllary’s biggest fan by a long shot, but…

    Well, why aren’t people automatically registered to vote? I know I got a draft registration card right after I turned 18… they obviously already know everything we’d put on the registration form.

  11. Rin, is there a link/copy for H>’s Live Stream?

    H> is very brave to fight this fight.
    She really wants to help The American People.

    I read a comment on Politico recently:

    Someone wrote:
    “I was a Page for Jimmy Carter and I once asked him, “Why Was He A Democrat?”

    And Carter said:
    “Well, I realized that Republicans truly Love America…
    But it is The Democrats Who Seriously Love The American People””

    H>’s Fighting for we the American People!

    Cool Photo: Looks like she’s wearing a veil!

  12. I have to give credit where credit is due and I applaud Hillary’s call for voting standards and 20-day early voting.

    Republicans have to restrict the vote, gerrymander and cheat in order to survive. It’s time to put this party of criminals and traitors out of business.

  13. And while we’re at it . . .
    Presidential elections don’t have to continue to be dominated by and determined by a handful of swing states, while most of the country is politically irrelevant.

    The National Popular Vote bill would guarantee the presidency to the candidate who receives the most popular votes in the country.

    Every vote, everywhere, would be politically relevant and equal in every presidential election.

    The bill would take effect when enacted by states with a majority of Electoral College votes—that is, enough to elect a President (270 of 538).
    The candidate receiving the most popular votes from all 50 states (and DC) would get all the 270+ electoral votes of the enacting states, and win.

    The bill has passed 33 state legislative chambers in 22 rural, small, medium, large, red, blue, and purple states with 250 electoral votes, and been enacted by 11 jurisdictions with 165 electoral votes – 61% of the 270 necessary to go into effect.


  14. It isn’t popular, it isn’t safe she is told. And she does it anyway. Because it is the right thing to do.
    Uh-huh, and I have GOT to know where you get your weed.
    The lawsuits on behalf of Team HRC to fight voter ID are all about finding “friendly” judges who are willing to entertain these legal challenges of state voter ID laws and tie them up through 2016. (Long odds on the success of those.) This is all designed to help fire up minority voters in the Dem base and rebuild the Obama turnout model. (Not going to be easy either and any drop-off among those groups could be the margin of victory in a tight race.) Not to mention the DNC hasn’t been able to finance voter registration work for Hillary they way they were able to for Obama. The DNC has outsourced voter registration efforts to non-profits as Wasserman-Schultz seems to be a bit behind. Automatic voter reg would also get rid of the problem the DNC has now.

    Politicking… plain as day. Nothing else.

  15. Ooh the scary black and brown voters will turn out. Your days of white supremacy are coming to an end

  16. Every single individual part of your hypothesis is wrong. I can’t even figure out where to start correcting you.

    This change will take a very long time, way past 2016. It will take congress and the house is R controlled and they only want Fox voters to have the right to vote because the Rs are anti-American ideals.

    The lawsuits are in separate states and do not tie up anything, they are brought on behalf of individuals that were discriminated against and want the law changed in each separate state. Judges who are “friendly”? to voter issues – in separate states… oh please. What?

    Voter registration drives from local dem offices (in any state or town I have lived in)are not costly. Volunteers help people fill out and file the forms – that’s it.

    I think people have been fired up about this for decades. Hillary has, watch the video for her history from TEXAS voter drives for years – before Bill ran!

    Automatic voter registration is common sense solution.

  17. This is the primary before the kick off!

    Do you know how the funds will be later?

    Obama had more money than anybody ever. But Hillary is no slouch.

    And I resent your implications it is about pandering to race. She was the honored guest and award recipient.

    And I do not agree with every thing I read, I state my opinions not someone else’s.

  18. Yes the drop off among that group is because they are disenfranchised.

    She has 87 % of the AA vote it isn’t about that entirely -all politicians want more votes, but dems want everyone to vote.

    It is about right and wrong. Voting is a basic right.

    The Rs screw with it every time.

    Mocking the issue is stupid. It is a serious problem and your party caused it.

  19. Kilgore cuts straight to the chase and reading comprehension is not your strong suit.

    I get it, Rin.
    Hillary is the whole plan. She’s all you’ve got. And you want the rest of us to believe she’s only concerned about the People. Well tell me…if Hillary won’t even answer questions from the media and American citizens while campaigning… what do you think she will do as POTUS?

  20. Today was the anniversary of the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote.

    Suppression is something women understand.

    It is something we know must be abolished.

  21. Deborah, that speech WAS the core of the womens rights mvmt. It still is.

    It changed the world. We old women know it by heart. China. Wife of a president. Unheard of and she was scorned by the red team. Some of us were awe struck. We still are. I have the t shirt. I saw the change.

    There is not an issue from small businesses to veterans to the environment climate extinction clean air to rights to relief from catastrophe to equality for all to healthcare to children to each specific detail of every category – she did the work. She passed the bills or worked herself silly to do so. She was never one to brag. We will do it for her.

    When we look up the record it is Amazingly deep. That was one of thousands of speeches all over the world in villages and palaces.

    When she visited countries people wanted their picture with her published. Not for vanity. It protected their lives. Hundreds of people told her that. They said Hillary is my friend so I am safe.

  22. Right now all the state’s are grass roots except the 5 or so where they did roll out.

    Iowa New Hampshire mostly.

    The rest have no budget save for bare roots.

    No offices in the other state. We grassroots organizers buy our own signs, bumper stickers and tables and go stand outside with clip boards and meet in homes.

    You are wrong. Grassroots starts everything until roll out time. And it is people, volunteers, excited ones. Families.

    Women. Minorities. LGBT. Union members.

    People who were knocked down and got back up. Dem base.

  23. Hey Mr. DJ, this wouldn’t be “Politicus” without you. And this includes our other moderators, Hats off to everyone. When I log onto this site, I can only know that I’ll see the truth. The whole truth. Please excuse Robert, for he not knoweth what he lives for. He’s got that “Jackass” Republican virus, don’t see a cure anytime soon. Thanks Politicususa, you’re the bestess.

  24. I concur.

    And we can always expect Robert and his sockpuppet/jimmyk, to espouse every single Republican justification they had programmed into them by way of Pox News.

  25. Well, why aren’t people automatically registered to vote? I know I got a draft registration card right after I turned 18…

    Because the Conservatives of America don’t want folks to vote- otherwise they’d not be in power.
    Something about being old enough to die for your country but not old enough to be allowed to vote.

    Conservatives in power = Richer Conservatives.

  26. If Hillary picked her long time ally, Shiela Jackson Lee, for her running mate what do you think would happen to the GOP?

    Double down on gender. I like it!

    Two fierce women against Bush/Rubio –

    Clinton/Lee 16! Or Castro. Anything to give them all panic.

    Hillary loves Shiela Jackson Lee and so do her voters. Short list!

  27. Hillary Clinton is just copying Bernie Sanders, this was originally his idea, he’s just built so much momentum that she’s got to find a way to get back in the limelight.

  28. Hillary wins!

    Remember H. Clinton vs. B. Obama? How close was THAT! (?)
    So ALL of the Hillary voters PLUS All of the Obama voters WILL support and vote for HILLARY. Throw in a few Independents who are running away from the Republican nest of dysfunctionality among their candidates in the ring and we got more Indy’s on our side. Net Result? A Hillary Clinton LANDSLIDE in 2016. Madam President? Sounds good. And don’t forget the FIRST DUDE will be sleeping in the President’s bed too. ;)

  29. At the time of Hillary Clinton’s suspending her campaign early on June 7, 2008, the superdelegate count was 246½ for her, and 478 for Barack Obama, with 99 still uncommitted[1] of the 823½ total then existing.


    And I remember from way back then, no few Dems weren’t gonna vote for a Black President…either.
    I’ve talked with a couple of them- they didn’t vote for Obama during reelection.


    Cause he didn’t create single payer healthcare…


  30. Thank you @charlie, when individuals like you post nonsense about voter registration, YOU just validate my views on the average republican, LILY WHITES republicans in denial! @charlie, you RIGHT WING TROLLS blow my mind! A- WHY is it so DAMN crucial to your life that going to liberal sites and posting BULL$HIT you’ve heard from FUX NEWS and limbaugh excites YOU, WHY? I’ve asked you LILY WHITE republicans this question many times and I never get an answer! get a life ok! you LILY WHITES republicans own 90% of the media!! WHY is it so IMPORTANT to you that coming to a liberal site gets YOU all jiggy??? WHY?

  31. Here’s my rant! I literally LMFAO reading ALL the republican TROLLS that flock here! A- these people post things here and they’re so DAMN SMUG! so DAMN ARROGANT! so DAMN HOLIER THAN THOU! & LILIER than LILY WHITE! republican can’t talk intelligent about race to save their LIFE! their response to racial issues are, A- IGNORE IT- B-quote well know WHITE racist like o’reilly, klannity, micheal savage, I MEAN micheal WEINER! @charlie, @jimmyk, @erica, @robert! ENOUGH! the A.A.’s who read your BULL$HIT just laughs you off, I assume the vast majority of caucasian liberals who read your post are VERY embarrassed that MOST caucasian republicans are so hideously IGNORANT! if the GOP has such a great product! then answer this simple question! WHY is the GOP scared $HITLESS about people VOTING? WHY? and don’t sell me that GOP BULL$HIT about voter fraud! VOTER fraud is a myth the GOP fed YOU! who in their right mind is going to risk going to prison for a single VOTE?

  32. II suggest that Democratic Senators must decide to block all legislation including a budget until a voters rights law is passed that includes:
    -automatic voter registration by social security #
    -voting only requires a person’s name, address and last 4 digits of SS#
    -the choice of voting by mail, drive thru windows or in person
    -official notification to all voters of upcoming elections and sample ballot by mail or email (voters choice) and/or voting entirely by mail (Oregon method)
    -20 days of voting that would include weekends and evening hours for working people
    -access to in voting stations:
    — distribution of voting machines by number of voters so there arent long lines
    –voting places must be on bus routes and no further than a set number of miles from a persons house
    -voting rights extended to inmates in prison, to those out of prison on probation
    -that all apportionment of voting districts, etc. must be reviewed by an independent body and any change to voting must be …

  33. The reason the republicans are against instant voter registration is very apparent. The majority of minority voters will vote democratic no matter who the candidate is. if past elections are an indication. Black voters will vote democratic over 90 percent, Hispanic 75 percent and Latino over 50 percent , so the numbers are not there for the republicans. It is very doubtful for the GOP in 2016.

  34. America would be better off if ignorant and dumb whites weren’t allowed to vote. When white people vote, we always end up with a GOPig president that ruins the economy, and gets the country involved in another failed war.

    Whites should have to take literacy tests before they’re allowed to vote. Keep it up lily-white GOPiggies. You’ll be the minority soon, and payback’s gonna be a real b****.

  35. It will be a bloody battle every step of the way in the General and the dem candidate will be set on fire and attacked relentlessly up to election day.

    It started long ago, their Benghazi campaign is entirely about taking her down. It has been about that since before they were in their graves.

    They started the attack on the front runner decades ago. She has and will prevail.

    But nobody thinks it will be easy.

    They will spend billions to get Bush/Rubio and as always, Dems will be outspent.

    It all comes down to one day in November 16.

    And it is a nail biter till the end.

    When they rally behind one candidate, they are an army.

  36. Texas Voter Suppression Laws Have Wide-Sweeping Effects.
    Sometimes, people have no understanding of the lives of others and think everyone should be just like them. The reason for this is that many people simply don’t get it. This is because the majority of these individuals are spoiled and clueless due to white privilege and a total lack of empathy for others not part of their immediate world.

    After investigating, The U.S. Justice Department determined that between 600,000 and 800,000 Texans were disenfranchised of their vote by the strict Texas voter ID law implemented in 2014.

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