Rush Limbaugh In Free Fall As His Show Gets Demoted To A Low Rated Station


Things have gone from bad to worse for Rush Limbaugh. Not only are radio stations looking to dump him, but his show is being forced to move to smaller lower-rated stations in an attempt to prevent a mass exodus of stations that carry his show.

Indianapolis Business Journal reported on Limbaugh getting demoted way down the (ratings) dial:

The Rush Limbaugh Show—set to be dropped by WIBC-FM 93.1 next month—will continue to be heard on Indianapolis radio airwaves without interruption after being picked up by iHeartMedia Inc.

iHeartMedia Indianapolis announced Wednesday that it will begin airing Limbaugh live on weekdays on a new local station, 97.5 FM, beginning Monday, July 6, from noon to 3 p.m. It will air the same time on iHeartMedia’s WNDE-AM 1260.

Limbaugh is going from being on a top ten station in the city to a station in the bottom three.

It is widely rumored that Limbaugh is about to get the boot off of his station in Chicago after his ratings have fallen to 24th place in the city with an audience of 121,000 listeners. Limbaugh has already lost his stations in major markets Boston, New York, and Los Angeles. Radio stations don’t want Limbaugh’s show because of the combination of low ratings, poor advertising revenue, and declining audience.

Things have gotten so bad that Cumulus had to scramble shove Limbaugh’s show on to a low rated Indianapolis sports station because they feared a mass exodus of affiliates. According to RadioInsight, “There’s no way iHeartMedia would’ve placed Limbaugh on an owned Sports station if the company had any other affiliation options in the market. You can bet iHeart’s local management would much rather utilize their new translator for something other than a mish-mosh of Sports and Limbaugh. But when everyone one else says no and you need to save face, options become limited. This way iHeart can spin it that they were able to find a strong affiliate for Limbaugh in Indianapolis to potentially keep other affiliates from bailing.”

Rush Limbaugh is being dropped from stations that he has been on for decades because his show is a big money loser for the stations who carry it. More stations would love to dump Limbaugh, but Premiere and Clear Channel are shoving him down the throats of the stations that they own, and the former cash cow of conservative talk radio is being demoted to second and third tier stations in an attempt to stop the bleeding. Eric Boehlert of Media Matters argued that Limbaugh’s political influence has declined, but that is a potential chicken and egg argument. Did Limbaugh’s political decline lead to his show’s decline, or did the advertising boycott cause his empire to crumble and his political influence to wither?

The timeline of events suggests that the advertiser boycott and the negative publicity from the Sandra Fluke scandal made Limbaugh toxic. Rush Limbaugh is slowly fading into obscurity. Conservative talk radio is going extinct, and its biggest dinosaur is vanishing.

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  1. The times….they …are…achangin’…

    All for the better. Thanks for the Good News this Friday Politicusa!

  2. This couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy. Hard to wait until this bloviating obese hustler is gone for good.

  3. Is he making any comments on his show regarding this? Bet you he won’t mention it. But it HAS to be bugging the hell out of him. His ego is taken a hit. Karma is a beaaaatch. The Sandra Fluke effect. Ha!

  4. There’s just so many times he could get away by switching to commercials before it would catch up…

  5. As a former college radio station DJ (WNSU 92.9caFM, 1995-1997), and a summer news intern to Solan Gray (WIOD 610 AM, 1998), let me assure you…

    …this may not be the final nail in Rush’s coffin, but that nail is not far behind.

  6. Always knew he was just a flash in the pan.

    Soon he’ll be as relevant as Thom Hartmann or Stephanie Miller.

  7. does this mean Mr Flabulous won’t be entertaining at next year’s Republican nominating convention?? no more bouncing the boards while his double chin keeps bouncing behind the beat?

  8. LMFAO theres a damn good reason why so many of my post are focused on race! because this country is still VERY racist and bigoted! Listen, if america was a sane, intelligent, beacon to the free world, a individual like limbaugh wouldn’t have gotten a radio show in the first place! Corperate america needed a front-man to pump out their propaganda for polluting and robbing the middleclass! limbaugh fit the bill! what bill?? he is a LILY WHITE, low information, drug addicted, RACIST! limbaugh FAILED at everything he tried in life! 2 semester college DROPOUT! a complete FAILURE at ESPN! hell, keith olbermann couldn’t help this IDIOT! But what really cracks me up is, when limbaugh was calling A.A.’s intellectually inferior! calling people in the LGBT ‘FEMA’NAZI’s”! limbaugh has been america’s face of RACISM and bigotry! for over 20 YEARS!!!! but LILY WHITE mostly ”conservative” america just LOVES limbaugh!

  9. it is becoming fairly obvious that America has had it with the rightwing and their hate peddling. enough is enough.

  10. I bet a lot of the drug companies will hate to see him go. His faithfull followers using antipsychotics, and everyone else who may have accidentally caught a news story about Retch Limprod.(cheomo strength anti-nausea drugs)

  11. Billdo Reilly and Shawn Shammity would be equally deserving candidates. That would be a wonderful threesome.

  12. Rush Limbaugh is fading, which is long past due. Hopefully well get rid of Hannity and similar soon. But you are jumping the gun, as usual, saying talk radio is dying. People try to make this claim every time when anything happens. You need to stop, its just ridiculous and makes you look dumb.

  13. Hi there, StopRush activist & defender here. Something’s missing from the conclusion of this post: any mention of Rush’s toxic damage control efforts. You see, it wasn’t just volunteers contacting advertisers, but the very helpful way that Rush tried to intimidate those advertisers into staying, that resulted in their headlong flight from his show. Rush had his best friend, iHeart digital VP and world’s worst PR hack Brian Glicklich, threatening and cajoling and attacking the companies which did drop his show in the first weeks of StopRush. Effectively, this was like trying to knock out a world heavyweight champion while he “leans into” your punches. Now that stations are dropping his show so that iHeart can reach for profitability, Glicklich spends most of his day trying to harass StopRush volunteers out of revenge. Clearly, he and his boss-friend have learned absolutely nothing from this experience.

  14. Is this an indicator that people are getting tired of lies spouted out of his mouth. Are they realizing the Democrats are the way to a better life in America. I am sure soon nobody will even want to listen to him after the elections. He might have to get a real job with the economic problems. Maybe some might offer him a living wage of $7.25 per day. Reality bites!

  15. It’s because people have grown tired of the “Democrats bad Republicans good” mantra, I loved Rush when he started but he hasn’t grown people are way passed their political cult following anymore, the repubs are no longer different than the Dems much and he doenst call them out he wont talk about things like “Jade Helm” TPP etc.. he tows the same line of the big corps are great because they provide jobs yada yada yada yada and people are sick of it already

  16. For decades conservative talk radio has been the only game in town. Liberal talk was tried and was never well-received. In a country that is roughly 50% conservative and 50% liberal, it seems very odd that conservative talk radio has flourished and there seems to be a steady stream of right-wing hosts. If conservative talk is dying…I couldn’t be happier.

    I’m sick of the lies and the ridicule poked at those of us to the left of center. And why is it assumed that the conservatives and right-wing crowd are considered the patriots and the liberals are painted as anti-patriotic and that we are unhappy with our country.

    Nothing could be further than the truth. It’s possible to love my country, but disagree with the conservative political agenda.

  17. 444, you forgot to mention that rush is a draft dodger. He stayed out of Nam because he had a pimple on his butt. Ha, and here we are, years later, rush is what kept him out of Nam.

  18. With some just a little research, you can find the surprising role that Bain Capital played in the downfall of Rush’s parent company. Cumulus Media, Inc.formerly Clear Channel Communications.

    According to Marketwatch,
    “Clear Channel owes $2.8 billion due in 2014 and $12.2 billion due in 2016. The $1.1 billion “special dividend” going to Clear Channel will reduce the 2014 debt to $1.7 billion.” How much the unreasonably lucrative contracts of Limbaugh and other hate mongers played in the debacle is debatable, but, whether or not Limbaugh is off the air, he came out of the deals with a fortune for doing very little except trash talking.

    The complicated web of vulture capitalism and how it affected hate radio is explained here.

  19. After 27 years of successfully (see other comments [WINK]) annoying liberals and at 64 years of age perhaps it’s time to hang up the golden microphone, do some more writing and draw your social security check.

  20. Thom Hartmann is even moreso quite relevant today!

    This man is fearless, well-informed and courageous to give his audience the truth. He answers anyone’s question honestly and often in greater detail which clarifies any questions the listeners may have. His weekly feature, “Brunch with Bernie” [Sanders] is very popular with his audience.

    I look forward to his program every day. May he live on!

    Stephanie Miller is at MSNBC as a critic.

    Both Hartmann and Miller are truthful … quite rare today from the corporate media.

  21. Celeste, To better understand what has been going on in this country for the past 40 years, read the Powell Memorandum which was written before Old Tricky appointed Powell to the SCOTUS.

  22. Some good news for America! RW hate radio is going the way of the dinosaurs!
    I haven’t heard Limbaugh’s name for a while until last week. I overheard this man, white, late 60’s saying he was a Rush conservative! I knew immediately he was a sicko perv….and on que he started saying how much he hates the government! Weak minded sheep…..

  23. That’s for Damn Sure. But them two Moronic Idiots will be here for a while cause they have the money of Murdock. He will pay for them till the cows come home. He can do it without others money. Plus, there are a certain section of our society that can’t think for themselves and are SOOOO Pissed that we elected a “Black” to be pres. It is a GIANT Thorn in their Paws, and they will NEVER get over it. EVERY person that I hear in Georgia that hates Obama will say, “I’m Not Racist”! But the FIRST word out of their mouths is, “That Ni888r”. I say, thought you weren’t racist?? They say , “I’M not, that is just a term, I know white people I consider to be Ni888rs”. Still sounds like a derogatory term to me. But what can you do, Ignorant is as Ignorant does!! You Go OBAMA, But STOP THAT STUPID ASS TPP CRAP!!

  24. Hey “T”, I bet he’s eating the hell out of those Lora Tabs!! He He :) Hope he chokes on one or three!!

  25. I got some good laughs from the comment section:

    “hate radio”

    “people are realizing Democrats are good for America”

    “tired of this Democrats bad, Republicans good mantra”

    I see a lot of fascist rhetoric in regards to opinions not cared for. A pleasure to have certain opinions that meet an arbitrary quality (no matter how noble), removed from a public sphere seems rather odd and so conservative.

    Of course your defense would be that the opinions hold no factual basis and they are “hate” driven. There are truths and falsehood. To the claims of “hate” anything it’s sad that people honestly believe applying qualifiers to speech is acceptable.

    Drink up.

  26. Well, as long as you’re enjoying yourself, I guess you’ll keep coming back but, please, don’t keep returning because you think you’ll be missed if you don’t. You won’t

    Btw, enjoying yourself by making absurd comments is kind of questionable, don’t you think? If you don’t agree with a website, the saner thing to do would be to simply go elsewhere.

  27. In Rhode Island his program is 14th out of 15 in the state, trailing a college station and a Spanish speaking station out of Providence. That last one must make for great conversation at the staff meetings at Clear Channel.

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