Bill Maher Rips The Duggars And Republicans For Brushing Off Child Molestation


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On Real Time, Bill Maher ripped conservatives for brushing off child molestation while calling out the Duggars for being a freak show.



Maher said:

We are in a state in this country. We are too partisan, and I think this week was the ultimate example of that, because I saw the red team get their back up about the Duggar guy, so they were basically brushing off child molestation because he’s one of them, and attacking Caitlyn Jenner because that’s the blue team….You’re either on team transgender or team molester, and I think we won this one. I think we look good on this one.

Let me ask about the Duggars, because to me, these are the biggest freaks in the world. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen this show, but the father of 19 and he’s always leering because he’s married to the wife, and he still wants to get in there. This is the sickest freakiest thing.


How selfish is it in this day and age to have nineteen children?…It’s because they read in their dusty old stupid book things like be fruitful and multiply which made sense when there was eight people on Earth, but doesn’t now. It’s beyond selfish….Anytime you sexually oppress as religion always does, this is what always happens.

Maher nailed it. Republicans were outraged by Caitlyn Jenner but ran to the defense of a self-admitted child molester and his parents who covered up his crimes because they were Republicans. If you watch any of the Fox News Duggar interviews, you will witness a network that was making excuses for and minimizing a child molester’s crimes. The Duggars and Fox News can try to minimize what Josh Duggar did with all sorts of terminology, but it was child molestation.

Those who follow politics already understand that Republicans no longer agree with the rest of the country on basic facts, but now the GOP and their cable news network are disagreeing with the idea that child molestation is wrong. Everything goes through their partisan filter and morality is determined by whether or not the person involved is a Republican.

This isn’t a both sides do it type of partisanship. Republicans are willing to look the other way when one of their own is involved, which is why family values have become extremely subjective within the Republican Party.

16 Replies to “Bill Maher Rips The Duggars And Republicans For Brushing Off Child Molestation”

  1. Reading up on the Duggars- Bob is also a Real Estate salesman.

    But his current Cash Cow- is the show. Without the show…

    Wonder why they’re so eager to put all of their crimes behind them? Follow the money.

    Wonder why the Republicans want to put it all behind them? Every candidate they’ve got- was photo’ed with them.

    Wonder why the Christians want to put it all behind them? The Evangelicals got their idols too.

  2. Spot-On-Moon!
    This Duggar Hoopla is all about Republican Idols. Duck Dynasty too!
    GOP Hero’s are Disney Characters.

    R-Wingers Love The Sizzle…
    They don’t Value The Steak.

  3. One of many ironies: in her “Bruce” days, Caitlyn Jenner supported Republicans.

    Wonder how long THAT will last.

  4. I wish we could just quit using words like, ‘molesting’ and ‘fondling.’ It’s sexual battery, plain and simple.

    Josh Duggar’s crimes are violent. Sexual battery is a violent crime. And anyone who helped him get away with it is complicit in those crimes.

    I’m not at all surprised the right wing nut jobs are making light of this. The voting record of the right wing has made it clear to us all – they hate children. They want them hungry, cold, and vulnerable.

  5. Hearing all this stuff and Sara Palin comparing the media’s reaction to Josh Duggar being a perv to Lena Durham being a perv . . . at 7 yrs. old just makes me shake my head. I guess when a family like the Duggars sets a high moral standard like a track hurdle then you should be jumping over that proverbial hurdle, not tripping on it! [WINK]

  6. Yes, Moongrim!

    The Duggars are standing up for their REAL principles: “WE SHOULD *GIT PAID*!!!”

    Scummy horrible people, wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    If Jesus is real, He should come back here and Clean House, like the Religious Right wants Him to.

    But they may be REAL surprised at who Jesus honors and welcomes, and who He sends to that Other Place the RR Thinks WE’RE all going.

  7. Typical for the FAKE “christian” cultists. Not for true Christians that follow the teachings of Jesus. There is a HUGE difference in those that claim they are Christian, but don’t live up to true Christianity. We know the difference, and whether those that scream “I’m Christian”, then vote down the ACA, same-sex marriage, veterans’ benefits, keeping children hungry and homeless, and I could go on, but you get the message. They are FAKES!

  8. She’s still a Republican according to her interview with Diane Sawyer. Brain dead like the Log Cabin Rethugs & the other token minorities.

  9. Personally I can’t make up my mind about who is worse. The Duggers or the Ducks.
    Both give me the willies, and make my stomach want to up-chuck. Never, watched either. Did not believe there was even one re-deeming quality in either show. Kind of like BooBOO. All these shows dealt with the lowest level of intelligence in our country.

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