GOP Has Reason To Fret As Clinton Leads Bush 47-40 In North Carolina

A Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey released on June 4th, found Democrat Hillary Clinton enjoying a modest 47-40 lead over Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush in North Carolina. The Tarheel State is a crucial battleground state that Republicans cannot afford to lose. Barack Obama won North Carolina in 2008, but lost the state to Mitt Romney in 2012.

The poll also found Clinton leading or tied with eight other GOP candidates. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul fared best of the Republican candidates. Walker managed a 45-45 tie with Clinton, and Rand Paul tied her 44-44. Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee and Marco Rubio all trailed Clinton by margins ranging from one to seven percentage points.

Clinton polled especially strong with women voters and African-Americans in North Carolina. Although Jeb Bush held a slight 45-41 advantage with male voters, Clinton held a dominant 51-37 lead with women voters. Clinton also had a crushing advantage with black voters. The poll found Clinton garnering 86 percent support from African-American voters compared to a pitiful 3 percent who backed Jeb Bush.

While the election is still 16 months away, Hillary Clinton’s strong numbers in North Carolina bode well for Democratic prospects in 2016. By amassing overwhelming support from black voters and a decisive edge with women voters, Hillary Clinton is well positioned to lock down North Carolina’s 15 electoral votes.

The poll also points to Jeb Bush’s weakness if he becomes the Republican nominee. His 7-point deficit to Clinton in North Carolina matched fringe candidate Ted Cruz’s poor numbers in the state. Rather than being one of the strongest GOP candidates, Jeb Bush appears to be one of the weakest candidates in the Republican field.

Republicans have reason to fret about the poll numbers in the Tarheel State, because without carrying North Carolina the GOP has no path to victory in the 2016 presidential election. If the current polling numbers continue to hold in North Carolina, Hillary Clinton would not only carry the Tarheel State but the nation as well, becoming the 45th U.S. President.

15 Replies to “GOP Has Reason To Fret As Clinton Leads Bush 47-40 In North Carolina”

  1. The one thing we know for certain – even when things look fine this far in advance it is always a long bloody battle with nail biting ending.

    I have full faith in her. It is them I worry about. I have seen what they can do and it is mind boggling how evil they are.

    She is only ahead 5% nationally against Bush. And if he picks Rubio, and they both run good campaigns full of the happy horse crap Rs love, we will have a hard job getting this done.

    I don’t intend to take no for an answer. I have waited a long time for this and there are 18 million people standing right behind me saying the same thing.

    I have been out talking with early organizers and nobody is taking the general for granted and we are getting it going all over the country.

    16 months will be here before we know it and every single voluteer counts.

  2. Rin, as in many other states in North Carolina it is about getting the base out to vote. Kay Hagan lost to a cretin in 2014 because she ran away from President Obama, and the base did not come out to vote as they did in 2008 and 2012.

  3. But David Brooks had all kinds of advice for Hillary, since he said she is ‘losing in the polls.’ Of course, he’s as credible as Rove “I don’t believe Mitt lost OHIO!!” on election night, and Kristol, and the rest. Hillary is doing fine. She’s expressing some new ideas, and will be a much stronger candidate with her Sec. of State experience as well. I know no one with a stronger grasp of history and world affairs than she. I think if she can convince Frank to run with her, they’d be unstoppable.

  4. DJ posted a link to Kos who found a Hillary supporter who found major issues with those recent CNN polls. It was heavily R base and not weighted for the 7% in their favor.

    They love drama stories and worry and concern stories get more clicks.

    They used the same poll to say Dubya was more popular than Obama, too.

    She will get a bounce after the kickoff and a bump after more accurate nationals are released.

    It is the big picture at this point and she is better situated than all others.

    With 25 people all trying to take her place she is going to take hits and hit back.

  5. Add a few more that has never been asked doodle squat on this or any other poll and that I know for sure would NEVER vote for a republican. After seeing the lengths republicans are willing to go to, even the few good ones have sold their souls. They sit by and allow the “party” destroy NC bit by bit just for a job. I would still vote for the people that I have known their whole lives, but never the party.

  6. …look peeps, I admire Hillary Clinton as much as anyone here…but we gotta focus tightly on only one thing: getting Democrats to the polls for EVERY election…we gotta get’em energized,angry instead o’ disgusted by the whole political scene…
    …so lets leave the whole smear thing to the Teatards, that should NEVER define us…

    “I do not belong to an organized political party; I am a Democrat.” {Will Rogers}

  7. Yes the pundits are rubbing their Crystal balls on what kind of campaign she is going to run and deciding before kickoff that she has no use for them or that she isn’t going to even try or that she is going to run a 50 state campaign and make inroads.

    The specifics I disagreed with right away, she ran huge numbers in 08 in those states already so just watch her grab her voters again.

    Razzle dazzle to come, stay tuned and discuss it with hindsight in months from now when her platform is known.

  8. NC has a Democratic majority of 800K but they don’t vote. The result is GOP Reps. like Virginia Fox who supports fraudulent Corinthian colleges after taking 18K in campaign funds. Think she will give back the money? Tough to get rid of now with a gerrymandered district that looks like spaghetti. NC has a long way to go.

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