Reject the Absolute Moral Corruption of the Republican Cult

Duggar GOP
The Duggar affair has put the Republican Party’s false righteousness and moral corruption on display like nothing else in the past few decades. Every attempt to whitewash the scandal only exposes the bottomless abyss separating morality from the Religious Right and its pet politicians.

Because there is no defense of the indefensible, this should be enough, you would think, to sink their cause – their claim to a moral high ground – forever.

When you see Mike Huckabee attack President Obama’s parenting while defending molester Josh Duggar, don’t you have to question Right Wing standards of morality? Add to this Huckabee’s condemnation of Beyonce while defending Ted Nugent’s lurid lyrics.

Supposedly the champions of an inflexible and monolithic morality, the Religious Right has instead proven itself to be champions of the most elastic moral relativism anyone could have imagined: anything they do – no matter how morally and ethically reprehensible – can somehow be reconciled to the Bible and forgiven. If all else fails, the guilty party need only play the ultimate Get Out of Hell Free card, “I found Jesus!” to walk away, reputation intact.

True crusaders against immorality would not hesitate to condemn their own. Indeed, would they not hold their own up to a higher moral standard? You would think.

Sarah Palin, whose daughter has had a child out of wedlock while she preaches a morality that condemns sex outside of marriage, still found it possible to accuse the left wing of hypocrisy in the Duggar case. She did not so much as bat an eye.

Worse yet, Sarah Palin supports abstinence education, and Bristol herself, despite being living evidence of abstinence’s failure, earned $262,000 as the Candie’s Foundation’s abstinence spokeswoman, reported the Associated Press in 2011.

The Bible says of Bristol’s child, “Those born of an illicit union shall not be admitted to the assembly of the Lord. Even to the tenth generation, none of their descendants shall be admitted to the assembly of the Lord” (Deuteronomy 23:2). Funny how the Religious Right, while condemning America’s moral decay, didn’t notice the decay in their own midst.

Bristol Palin, without batting an eye, joined her mother in accusing liberals of hypocrisy.

Time and again we have watched these champions of “family values” exposed as hypocrites and frauds, with addictions to porn, even to child porn, to prostitutes, same and opposite sex, to mistresses on the side (sometimes in other countries), not to mention corruption – from Michele Bachmann to Rick Perry to Chris Christie to Jeb Bush – all presidential hopefuls who have more claim to a cell than to the Oval Office.

The varied and repeated displays of immorality by Republican candidates, however egregious, hardly compares to their view of women as nothing more than fertile chattel, who, amusingly, think they’re actual people.

Not only do Republicans ignore biblical injunctions against their own behavior, but civil injunctions as well, even those set firmly in the United State Constitution. Somehow, everybody is guilty but them. If they are caught, they are not guilty, but persecuted. Victims of witch hunts, like those poor Duggars.

Nearly twenty centuries of destroying every alternative to itself under its belt, and even while they try to strip rights from women, gays, lesbians, and transgenders, to listen to these self-appointed representatives of the world’s largest religion, they are the ones being persecuted.

The persecutors are not the victims, no matter how often they try to play that card.

Christianity has been persecuting all alternatives to itself for seventeen hundred years, almost without let up until the Enlightenment. Even then, laws designed to uphold some imaginary ideas of Christian morality have repressed various minorities, religious and ethnic.

No one can forget that the Bible was held up as justification for the enslavement of blacks, and that the same arguments once used against blacks are now used against gays. Every biblical injunction against a variety of equally egregious sins is ignored, except that pronouncement against “homosexuality” and that passage may not mean what the Religious Right says it means.

All the other pronouncements of the Law of Moses, however explicit, are ignored. The Bible hasn’t so much been cherry-picked as ignored. If “God’s Own Party” has forgotten about Jesus, they have also barely scraped the surface of the Old Testament, from which they draw their fire and brimstone.

Displaying the Ten Commandments, which they do not even intend to follow, is the ultimate act of hypocrisy for the morally bankrupt Republican Party.

Those tablets are more an ancient billboard advertising all the ways in which Republicans violate the Law of Moses: they serve other gods (Jesus’ mammon, Matthew 6:24), they steal, they bear false witness, they commit adultery, and they covet just about anything you care to mention.

This is no longer Christianity we are talking about, folks, because let’s face it, you can’t have Christianity without Christ, and the white guy with the AR-15 is not a Jesus anyone recognizes.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus has admitted the Republican Party is a religion. But they have no real claim to Christianity. They are in fact nothing more than a modern cult based on a bizarre admixture of Judaism and Christianity, designed to give religious justification for willful ignorance, bigotry, and bad behavior, made worse by the same ugly ethnic nationalism that was the core of Hitler’s National Socialism.

The Republican Party, if any actual Republicans remain in its ranks, has two choices. Extract itself from the evil represented by the Religious Right, and return to civil governance, or, like the Religious Right, cease to be relevant and accept being replaced by a more viable political movement. With the nation moving left, they might want to decide soon.

2016 looms, and America won’t wait forever if they decide at last to catch up from the thirteenth century.

49 Replies to “Reject the Absolute Moral Corruption of the Republican Cult”

  1. Add to this Huckabee’s condemnation of Beyonce while defending Ted Nugent’s lurid lyrics.

    Hraf, this is easily explained… Teddy the Peddy possesses the Y chromosome (Just like Josh Do-gooder and Mike Huckleberry).

  2. The Roman Empire fell- after Christianity gained power over it. Not a coincidence. Many other reasons, technically, contributed to the fall as well.

    But, Christianity- didn’t prevent it either. Which is in complete variance to what they claim will happen.

    We can call on everyone to reject they uber-hypocrites- but few will pay attention.

    As far as many are concerned- their Golden Calf- remains untarnished.×1709387

  3. I can recall Elizabeth I, as portrayed by Glenda Jackson, calling one of her ministers a “pisspot of morality”. This eloquent phrase can now be applied to the entire American right wing.

  4. I think the rw religicult has been dumbing them down for generations and its now rock-bottom. And its clear in their hypocrisy, they dont know how to outdo past extremism in order to attract new “missions”.

  5. Good article. There’s plenty of Christian liberals that quietly do good work in their communities, states, and around the world. I think the RW fundamentalists have loud voices to shout out their inner demons. Mostly sexual frustrations or perversion.

  6. Reynardine, when I was young we had an outhouse. We used to call the piss pot a “THUNDER JUG”. OK, I admit it. I am an old fart. [WINK]

  7. I suppose it’s possible that they are heavenly forgiven, but I don’t understand how that releases them from the worldly consequences of their actions. They may be heaven bound, but as long as they are here on this earth they suffer the same consequences as the rest of us.

    Life doesn’t provide a get out of jail card – for anyone.

  8. *Life doesn’t provide a get out of jail card – for anyone*

    I beg to differ! The Catholic Church has been providing those get out of jail cards for millenia, via the confession booth. These fundiegelicals have borrowed that notion, by way of being “born again”, repenting in front of the congregation, and asking their god’s forgiveness.

    It’s all a matter of delusionary belief.

  9. Of course they know how to “outdo” past extremism! They’ll do like they’ve always done; create yet another underground radical, violent “mission” as they have in the past–they are very predictable. As the old saying goes, a predictable radical is a dead radical…

    (why is this ilk not on a terrorist list?)

  10. Within the Republican Party, an elected official’s prominence and popularity is primarily the result of the frequency with which he or she spews highly inflammatory rhetoric.
    Substantive, positive accomplishment doesn’t usually factor into the equation.

  11. Simple Paul, because this person who does this is a coward and most likely a hypocrite who’s comment if submitted would be destroyed by logic, common sense, FACTS, and Truth! The Reich Wing is a mental illness not a political Entity.

  12. What a party, Foley,
    dave Diaper Vitter, Mark Sandford who left his state while Governor to dillydally with his mistress, Hastert, Duggars, do you havbe to be a pervert to be a republican?

  13. Why is it that the United States was A great country while the Religious Right Ruled for about 200 years and has fallen to the devil and is in destruct mode since the Liberal Democrats has ruled about 50 years ago???

  14. It’s way past time for the Christian Liberals who do good works to take on the good work of staying quiet no longer about the charlatan Professional Christianists who sully their name.

  15. I’m convinced there is a cadre of Christianistas who follow the liberal blogs and downvote but are never literate, brave or confident of their stance to attempt a response. They just hit the “No Way” or “Not for Me” button.

  16. Well maybe you don’t have to be but it certainly seems to help. Consider the money raised crowdfunding for the baker that wouldn’t bake or the pizza shop that had a 2 day holiday and raised $843,837 from the fundie nutbags. It just goes beyond belief.

  17. Best response yet to Republican hypocrisy & the Duggars. Yet remember the midterms 2014? Democrats were annihilated. It’s not farfetched to say the losses were unprecedented across the board & in almost all states. Even that nutbag Paul Lepage got relected. In Maine of all places. It will take decades to recover. If we can win & retake some of the seats. It’s so obvious that republicans are foul & not for the working class. Why do they win?

  18. Hillary Clinton is no guarantee for Democrats in 2016. I see the early polls & it looks like idiot Jeb Bush is closing in on her. So even that is not a sure thing. Why?

  19. The only thing that Jeb Bush is closing in on is obesity – it’s seventeen months until the election, what the hell polls are you reading?

  20. Scott Walker or Rick Perry for President in 2016..really? See photo above. Birds of a feather, flock together. Yet I think they have a chance with our screwed up politics. I never thought Walker would get re-elected in WI, a purple-blue state. He’s nauseating. Yet he was re-elected. Dems need stronger, charismatic candidates. Walker is charmless & without one redeeming quality. But Mary Burke was an inexperienced dullard.
    2016 is around the corner & we have to find a way to beat these rightwing zealots.
    If they keep winning, it doesn’t matter how outraged we get over a pedophile like Josh Duggar. It’s his ilk that will pass archaic laws & ruin the country.

  21. I think Real Clear Politics. Yeah Jeb Bush is a fat **ck. But we elected a Bush a couple times before. So don’t underestimate voter stupidity. I’m venting because I’m worried.

  22. Christian conservatives win, children lose: Texas textbooks will teach public school students that the Founding Fathers based the Constitution on the Bible, and the American system of democracy was inspired by Moses.

    On Friday the Republican-controlled Texas State Board of Education voted along party lines 10-5 to approve the biased and inaccurate textbooks. The vote signals a victory for Christian conservatives in Texas, and a disappointing defeat for historical accuracy and the education of innocent children. The textbooks were written to align with instructional standards that the Board of Education approved back in 2010 with the explicit intention of forcing social studies teaching to adhere to a conservative Christian agenda. The standards require teachers to emphasize America’s so called “Christian heritage.”

    In essence, Christian conservatives in Texas have successfully forced a false historical narrative into public school textbooks that portray Moses as an influence on the Constitution and the Old Testament as the root of democracy.

  23. One minor quibble: W. Bu$h was elected once. The first time around he was appointed President by the Supreme Court.

  24. I was pretty sure there *are* no moderate xians, given that no one but us godless liberals has said word-one since the xians replaced that wimpy biblical guy with Republican Jesus™, and hijacked the once-good name of their religion.

  25. Real Clear Politics is a rightwing site, so I wouldn’t place any more credence in their polls than I do in Rasmussen’s.

  26. az, RCP has all the polls from everyone and compiles them in one place. They don’t do polls themselves. They have all the left and right polls from all the pollsters.

    They also compile news articles both left and right – Right now a pro Hillary article from CNN, The New Republic, the Hill and Slate for example but there are other left view too.

  27. Jeb is only 5 percent behind Hillary on average for all the polls recently. She is beating all the Rs by single digits nationally. And it will stay close right through election day 2016. It is always a bloody battle. There are as many Rs as Ds asked when they do polling. Half of them would vote for him, half for her.

    It is always right down to the wire, that’s why they need a billion dollars to win this war.

  28. Red States Legislators are trying to de-legitimize the only rein on their power – the Federal government.

    They are the referees that prevent states from turning into kingdoms. federal Law, based in our Constitution,trumps States, religions, personal beliefs and poll numbers.

    Reagan/Bush destroyed all our internal control mechanisms and safeguards built up over 200 years. Deliberately.

    Euro-Christianity, or worship of the Great White Phallus and its sacrificial sperm, is dying. A religion based on revealed wisdom from the printed word is toast in a web/visual based reality. It and its fraternal enemies are doomed.
    Patriarchy, monotheism and evangelical colonization require a rigid hierarchy, based on a notion of binary certainty. On/Off. Nothing in between.

    Same-sex anything makes a mockery of that hierarchy. Women as people destroys patriarchal authority. Duggar Family Values are under attack!

  29. Yes, life does provide a ‘get out of jail’ free card!

    Look at the ooey-gooey, smarmy Bush family. Poppy and Bar and their litter of spoiled brats!

    W and his neocons will never have to pay the price for their brazen lies and mass murders of our soldiers and at least a million murdered Iraqis and their lives destroyed.

    How bad can it get?

  30. By Republican Moral Corruption and Degradation do you mean that self-righteous criminal, weasel Huckabee, covering for his ugly, rotten dog torturing kid?

    Huckabee, who has slickly smeared the Clintons every chance he gets?

  31. WOW The rabid vitriolic hatred displayed here is amazing.

    Try this: Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

    And then there is that admonition those on the left are throughly programed to adhere to.
    “Always accuse your victim of exactly what your are doing”. Vladimir Lenin

  32. Polls are pure and utter BS. Just another way to spread money around.
    Remember Jeb and the hanging chads part in GWB first “election”? The Supreme Court awarded the presidency to the worst president we have ever had. It was necessary for the Republican Party to be in office.
    The figure head was GWB, but the REAL plan was always Cheney directing traffic while the power was the Carlyle Group. Anyone not familiar with the Carlyle group, it is hard to find much information now the way it’s been shuffled and whitewashed just the last fifteen years, but still possible. The ICH site on Google has some still…for right now. Better hurry if you are truly interested. The names that we can recognise in the group fifteen years ago is interesting to say the least. Then take a good look at the true story of the results if you still doubt.
    Our government is controlled by shadow men. The money men, the lobbyists, the staff of the politicians, etc. Men the vast majority of Americans have never hea…

  33. I get to the last sentence and I read this” Dugger Family values are under attack” REALLY??? the Dugger family values ??? the Dugger family needs attacking……Family values and Dugger together are an oxymoron.

  34. Sin is a construct created by religion to control folks.

    Hold Still! “BANG!!!”

    I’m an atheist- I don’t sin.

    And then their is the admonition doze on the wright are tho-row-lee progrumed 2 smear 2:
    Never use spell check.

    Hello again Robert. Just couldn’t stay away could you?

  35. Well OF COURSE their family values are under attack.

    Any family that closes ranks to protect and coddle a child molester- deserves to be attacked.

  36. I beg to differ with one person about W. He was NEVER elected. In 2004, rove was able to rig voting machines in Ohio. If Kerry had called for a recount, it would have been discovered. Just like the recount showed that Gore actually won Florida despite all of jebs shenanigans there. Rove tried the same thing in Ohio in 2012, but it was discovered by anonymous hackers.

  37. GOP is a hate Cult:hatred of People of Color, hatred of gays, non Christians, the poor and anyone who has a brain and heart! If you are a republican you are a cultist!

  38. For those that don’t know, textbook manufacturers sell those Texas schoolbooks to other states. So keep a wary eye that Texas schoolbooks are not being used in your school system. If they are, raise holy hell.

  39. It is the nature of religion, particularly the more fundamentalist, to preach a rigid morality. Such religionists are susceptible to having their belief system infiltrated by a competing belief system that is even more fundamentalist, such as the Muslim Brotherhood (MB).

    The Religious Right (RR) and the MB are ideological bedfellows. the MB could just as easily infiltrate the religious right posing as “Christians” to radicalize the RR’s message particularly in their war on women.

    The Republican controlled Congress, many Republican controlled state legislatures all seem to have the same MB message calling it Christian.

    Yet that message is contrary to the liberal teachings of Jesus and the apostle Paul.

    The MB does not like the First Amendment any more than does the RR. To what extent the MB has infiltrated the RR and the Republican Party remains to be seen.

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