The Last Nail in the Duggar Media Coffin. Gimme the Hammer!



If the latest revelations don’t change the locks on TLC’s Duggar door, nothing will. PoliticusUSA colleague, Jason Easley, has thoroughly covered the absurd and obsequious Fox interview that shifts the blame away from an incestuous sicko and his equally sick parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, to those awful police and media people who brought the filthy truth of two giant hypocrites to light. Congratulations to In Touch Weekly for an FOIA job well done.

Utilizing the Freedom of Information Act for its transparency intent, In Touch obtained the second of two police reports on Josh Duggars reprehensible incestuous acts, allegedly committed when he was 14 and 15 years of age. Four (out of five at the time) of his sisters were targets as well as one young babysitter who was sleeping over.


The PR flaks are working overtime to deflect attention from the family pervert to those thoughtful people who are making a big deal out of incest and sexual molestation. In the Fox Network “Kelly File” interview of the Duggars, hostess Megyn Kelly exclaimed, “It must have been terrible. I’m sure you’re going through hell right now.” She was referring to the condemnation of the Duggar low key reaction to the molestation of their daughters by a son.

No, Kelly, the Duggars aren’t going through hell, but any viewer with a sympathetic and objective bone in his or her body is going through the hell of knowing that virtually all the evangelical big wigs and the high-profile right-wing politicians, pundits and the media are incredibly silent on the subject. And some of those same “Christians” labored mightily to cover up all of the sordid Josh Duggar misdeeds. I have never been more embarrassed for the electronic news media, my professional home for decades.

Here’s the nuts and bolts of this mess. It was admitted in the second police report that one of his targets was his five-year-old sister, sitting in his lap, while he read a book and touched her “breasts and vaginal area.” All of this happened over a period of time, supposedly always while the daughters were sleeping (reading a book to a sleeping five-year-old?). However, if sleeping was usually the case and since Duggar claims that Josh came running to him fessing up each time he molested, why wasn’t there some kind of warning system when perv got close to the girls bedrooms? There were one or two common sleeping rooms for the daughters. Remember, it was Duggar, who, when he once ran for the U.S. Senate, said incest ought to be a capital crime and a death penalty offense.

Duggar also said that Josh only touched his victims “over the clothes”, then he said “There were a couple of instances when he touched them under their clothes.” In the report uncovered by In Touch, it became clear (if any of the Duggar’s statements are true) that church elders played a major role in covering up the sickest of sick behavior. The Duggars only came in when authorities were alerted by a call to the Arkansas State Police Child Abuse Hotline in December of 2006.

In my humble opinion, the explanation of how the caller found out about the perversion is pure malarkey. They told the detective/investigator that a family friend, who was aware of what happened, wrote what he knew in a letter. The friend then placed the letter in a book and promptly forgot about it. Somebody later borrowed the book, found the letter and called the hotline.

Quite a story. There’s a career as a novelist awaiting the individual who cooked that one up. My suspicion is that one of the kids might have actually been enough of a true Christian to make the call.

After multiple molestations by Josh, Duggar then claims to have met with church elders for counsel. In addition to law enforcement, why wouldn’t Child Protective Services be called in from the get-go, or a psychologist who specializes in the field? This is a very complex issue. Church elders know nothing compared to professionals. But I guess they’re experts at covering up such volatile occurrences.

The holy mob talked about sending Josh to a local Piney Ridge hospital for treatment, but Duggar said he had talked to an ex-prison guard who told him that Josh might be exposed to other offenders and the stay would serve as a “Finishing School” for fledgling molesters. It was decided he should go to a Christian Ministry in Little Rock.

Could the fact that Piney Ridge was 12 miles from the Duggar residence of Tontitown at the time, while Little Rock was 200 miles distant, have played a role in the decision? He allegedly stayed for four months and “voila” a complete cure. Mom and pop Duggar assured the detective that Josh “no longer had any problem” and all had been resolved, the girls had forgiven him and the few in the church that knew about his shenanigans had all been supportive.

The only police contact at the time of these perversions was apparently a stern lecture from an Arkansas State Police Corporal named Hutchins. Duggars came to know Hutchins when he inspected a car dealership Duggars owned at the time.

A Harvard mental health letter from the medical school’s publication site points out that those afflicted with these life-long conditions have no available effective treatment. The best one can hope for is that the pedophile doesn’t act on his or her compulsions to molest a child. That can only be assured by preventing access to children (Josh has two of his own) or providing close supervision.

The parents and the church are enablers in this case through their naive belief that all is well. It’s not, and if I were in the vicinity of the Duggar clan and the parent of a small child, I wouldn’t buddy up with Josh or, frankly, his parents. Sadly, I’m now not even sure about certain of the sisters since victims can go on to become abusers. Two of them just released high-profile public statements of forgiveness.

TLC needs to get out from under this nightmare, ASAP. No equivocating. The Duggar family should be gone, never to return. CBN can have them.

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  1. I dont buy their story at all, so many many conflicting statements like the reading to an asleep girl. My Mothers’ intuition is screaming to me, they caught him doing this, didnt want to report for fear of outing molester mentor Daddybob. They are bad liars and I never believe a “fake-crying woman(Michelle Duggar & daughters who excluded Josh from their weddings).

  2. Every story has three sides.

    You’ve got the Duggar’s Side.
    You’ve got the Fox News Side.

    And then you’ve got the Truth.

  3. Josh had four kids, well after his wife delivers in a few months.

    The scandal is parents have continued to allow a person known to them who offended to several of their kids access to all their minor kids since 2002. Further the victims who are now parents are about to be don’t think their parents handling of the situation was a problem. They think the control and isolation was amazing. This is scary. They should not be allowed to earn another dime off their lifestyle with covers ups and enables, does not protect their hearts like was claimed. Any proper therapist would suggest the 18 year old in 2006, leave home. Not lock all the kids up. Pretend it doesn’t matter cause they were asleep. The family was first featured in a special when their 15th child was expected in 2004. Who goes on TV to model their family with this secret and ongoing situation? If the girls don’t want to be re victimized of an event they don’t remember, why are they on TV and in magazines about this?

  4. The parents secret got out. The destruction of the police report was to cover up their misdeeds as parents back then and currently what they continue to do wrong. Part of the world thinks the report was destroyed to protect Josh who was a minor. It was destroyed under the guise of the victim being concerned someone could figure out who she was from the details even though her name was blocked out. I sure hope none of them are in a car accident with a minor. They would never be able to get a copy of the police report to hand to insurance. Can they really not problem solve? They were not homeschooled by an older sibling. Even the girls getting a show just is marketing for the parents to earn money at events. Where is the kids money from the show? What will support Josh and wife and kids?

  5. The children were home schooled and were not taught about good and bad touching no matter who does it.Josh should have been told about the changes in his body and not to be “curious” about girls’ bodies especially 5 year old siblings. They were not taught properly on this as well as life in general. This pedophile has small children of his own boys and girls, they should be protected. Daddy bob is the leader of this sick clan and Josh was taught well. The elders could NOT have counseled this boy because it is their beliefs that girls are 3rd class citizens behind the animals and anything goes with them.

  6. Yes, something about protecting “DaddyBob” seems to be an underlying issue(s) in this horrible mess. And, has anyone ever questioned if “DaddyBob” is a sex addict? And, why is there even an audience for this reality TV garbage that floods the airwaves?

  7. I hope it;s the end for them, but you never know in the twisted world of evangelicals, who accept “I’m forgiven” as proof of no misdeeds (unless it’s a Democrat, then tar and feather him for looking crosseyed at a page.) Josh doesn’t think he did anything wrong. I am interested in his ‘confession’ to his parents. When was that? Before or after one of the girls said something? Before or after the ‘sleeping babysitter’ found something icky on her dress? I think someone threatened to call the cops, and the Duggars panicked. They don’t care about the girls..hell, the girls were probably shamed into thinking it was their fault for tempting poor Josh. This is a sick cult, and I wish someone could rescue the remaining kids.

  8. The Quiverfull Movement, basically a Maiesiophile who is utilizing religion as an excuse to be around pregnant women.

  9. Door locks are not necessary in functional families with healthy intact boundaries!

    Hopefully, T L C will elect to refrain from promoting
    “T-ouching L-ittle C-hildren”.

  10. The people who would continue to watch this freak show are the same people who watch the quacker garbage. It’s a small demographic, but if TLC can make a dime off of them, they’ll figure out a way to pander to the nut cases.

    AS far as calling themselves The Learning Channel, that has been a joke for several years. TLC will slowly lose advertisers as they lose viewers. Their days are numbered.

  11. Christianity is something of a sub-culture in the US (more than in the UK where I am) I think? and it’s very unhealthy sub-culture where they keep things in-house and cover up abuse. A lot of Christianity is deeply patriarchal, but I think more so in the US? Jim Bob needs to be bashed with his own patriarchal stick – since he is the so-called “head of the house” the buck stops with him: he is one of the worst kinds of patriarch – if a man wants 19 kids I think it’s kinder for him to have two or three wives instead of subjecting one woman’s body to it, but Michelle seems to be all “yes JimBob, no JimBob, three bags full JimBob” and doesn’t seem able to think for herself or see the trap she is in (Stockholm Syndrome maybe? ….I suffered from this in a religious cult, its easy to protect your abuser) and Jim-Bob’s public kissing with Michelle in front of their kids then only to tell them they can’t have any of that until they’re married is unnatural.

  12. … link got cut due to length I quote Jessa Duggar:

    Jessa: My parents are pretty good kissers! They very much like to show their kiss in public places, so they kiss in front of us all the time. [And I’d ask] my oldest brother. He’s been married for five years. And friends and people around me who I look up to. But I don’t think it’s too hard to figure out though.

  13. Yes it happened in Julia Scheere’s family too with her adopted brother. Also she highlights how these religious maniac families deal with bad behaviour in-house by sending them away to these Christian bootcamps. She herself was pack away to one, as was her younger adopted brother. They can be quite abusive places, but Christian parents who fail to discipline their own kids seem to think they’re marvellous places. Terribly sad.

  14. Speaking of unrepentant child molesting enablers- Robert showed up again.

    (No surprise there). He just HAD to come back to say he was leaving (again) and to claim that he had WON!

    Like I’ve observed before- Conservatives like to claim they’ve Accomplished the Mission- when the only thing they’ve accomplished is to demonstrate just how utterly pathetic they are.

  15. For some reason I get the notion that Arkansas officials are going to put this crime down onto the ‘ignore’ list.

    Good followup dmhlt.

  16. For the Duggars to have 19 children they must be sex addicts, any responsible adults must know that in this day and age it takes a lot to bring up a couple of children right. But then if you breed like rabbits for a career there is something wrong with you.

  17. I grew up with an evangelical mother. Forced to attend church 3 days a week and during the summer revival camps. Whenever I hear an evangelical preach, the hair raises on the back of my neck. Every week there were the same people running to the altar to ask forgiveness for the very same vice as the week before, throwing cigarettes out of their pocket or flasks of booze. At least my mother was aware of the penchant for predators within the church and kept me close to her side at revivals. EVERYONE knew who to stay away from but some reason (a child’s memory?) nothing was ever done. They were never told to leave the church. While you would think that my mother would leave the church knowing this, she was raised in it also. It has a strong pull for the true believers. As soon as I was given the option of leaving the church, I did at age 13. Those revivals were some of my scariest memories as a child. I always felt like I was in survival mode.

  18. Read all the comments down to yours. If this is, what takes place in the culture of homeschooling, THIS is even sicker. To know, talk about it, discuss with others what to do? Really ill adults, raising even more ill children. Example: the Dugger girls, making excuses for their strange, sick brother. How can the children be other wise? with parents like these? Jim Bob and Michele need neutering.

  19. This kind of irresponsible, ignorant parenting has a pattern, and, it is repeated generation after generation. Aberrant religious fundamentalist call this kind of parenting “traditional family values”, but, in the real world it has a name; “multigenerational trauma”.

    Deeply ingrained fundamentalist cults stubbornly chose to remain ignorant, certain that their sky-god will create a fairy tale vision for them as an escape valve as they are “special”.

    What concerns me more (and this may be projection) is that DaddyDug or his tibial cohorts will make some far-fetched biblical justification that a “sacrifice” is in order. One or all Duggar’s must go and, I don’t mean “metaphorically”.

    Martyrdom is the ultimate answer for all their public humiliation and suffering from all this “persecution” (getting caught). It will take all the attention off the real issues and create sympathy for their perverted religious cult swaying public opinion. Who will be ordered the short straw?

  20. A female family member, clearly. Although one would first suppose it’s one of the girls, I’d call Michelle, clearly getting to the end of her abilities to spray babies out, the likelier choice. Her “suicide” can be attributed to her guilt feelings over the situation, and then JimBob can marry a much younger model, who will spew out another twenty (or else).

  21. The harm done affects all children who were molested. But suggesting the molested girls will become molesters is so damaging. The vast majority of victims of child molestation DO NOT molest, especially female victims. This all leads to girls, boys and the adults that live with it in fear of telling. So many don’t tell for decades. So many don’t have intimate relationships. I agree with most said here until the suggestion the girls may be molesters. You can’t just throw that in without talking about how rare it is. The Duggars parents and son covered a crime. Let’s now refrain from assuming any of the girls are molesters. It hurts victims of abuse, shuts them up and the fear of becoming a molester because you were molested stops women from having children. That suggestion about the girls can lead to suicide. It definitely harms them for life.

  22. When they lose their TLC meal ticket see how fast they go on Welfare, eh? It’s there even for them who dismisses it, castigates it, or abhors it.

  23. Their show never should have been on TLC. Why does the History Channel show shows about Jesus? We need shows about American History and how our government works. Folks need to know what goes on and how we can affect change. Wake up History Channel.

  24. “The parents and the church are enablers in this case through their naive belief that all is well.”

    Naivete has nothing to do with it. Money is more important to this family and the church it helps support than the well-being of ANY female.

  25. I keep wondering if Josh just went after the girls – maybe he also sexually assaulted his little brothers? That would not be something he could confess to his homophobic parents! And also – did some this pattern of abuse only happen with Josh? What about all the other boys in the Duggar family? Did any of them assault any of their siblings as well? This story seems too limited, considering all the people in that family group!

  26. Female victims seldom become molesters, but they often become enablers of molesters. I’ve seen far too many cases to accept a denial of that.

  27. I graduated from seminary and worked as a social worker for a state agency. I was not qualified to deal with child abuse. As a state employee I was a mandatory reporter for child and domestic abuse and neglect. I never had to report child abuse but did report possible child neglect.

    In Pennsylvania child abuse reports go to the county Office of Children and Youth. That office is part of the court system. Children and Youth is the only agency which is qualified to decide whether or not there is abuse or neglect. I do not know about all states but in my state church leaders dealing with children are required to report suspected abuse.

    No one in the Dugger case did what the law requires. The family failed. The police officer (who is now in prison on child pornography charges) failed to follow the law. The church leaders failed the children. There should be more than one person in prison in this case.

  28. My God what a set of bandwagoner you all are. You are having a field day
    Because you all hate what the Duggars stand for. Whatever happened to “the land of the free” I’m glad I don’t live in it!! All of you are looking at one side of the argument. You are soo..oops boring. The so called victims weren’t aware that anything had happened. From what’s been said it was a case of teenage curiosity (I’ll wait for all the haters!)
    I just think that you are all out to get the DUGGARS because you don’t like their lifestyle!!!


  29. What I have not heard one word about is this: almost all juveniles who molest children have been molested themselves. That being said, Jim Bob has always given me the creeps. I’m not making am accusation, but from the first time watching the show, something about Jim Bob has just not sat right with me.

  30. I wholeheartedly agree. When “The Learning Channel” first appeared, they really did offer some interesting fact-based programs. They’ve descended into the tabloid world, Honey Boo Boo, the Duggars, etc.

    Also agree about The History Channel. People should learn FACTS, not horse droppings and fantasy! Goes to show why so much of the American populace is so incredibly stupid. Willfully stupid!

  31. To hear Jim Bob say he knows other families that far worse things are happening in their family, just makes me sick. He knows of others dealing woth this but not reporting it then waiting after 3 times his son told him almost says that it wasnt a big deal. Especially if the person who found the letter in the book were infact the one that reported it to the police….ugh….this is just making me more upset.

  32. Alisha! I’ve been wondering the same thing! I think Josh was probably molested by his Daddy, within the pretense of “teaching him” how to jag-off; Josh then turned around to “teach” his little brothers too.

    Haven’t they claimed that the older kids have “taught” the younger ones?

  33. Sharonb — wow. Just WOW. You obviously enjoy living in a fantasy world, based on this completely delusional comment. “Teenage curiosity,” my butt. In his run for the Senate, good old JimBob declared that child molestors should be put to death — at the SAME time period he knew his son was a pedophile! Hypocrisy, much? (YOU TOO.)

    The Duggars Have brought every ounce of this scorn on themselves. These people PUT THEMSELVES OUT THERE as holier-than-thou, judgmental freaks, purveyors of their chosen hatred of LGBT folks, calling them child molestors, all during a time when they had a REAL child molestor in their “holy” family!

    Seriously Sharon, do you not “get” the hypocrisy in these people? It is a shame you’ve chosen to be so blind, deaf and most of all .. . .. DUMB.

  34. I have never watched the show because I know exactly what it’s about. I think mom is disgusting (kids must fall out by now), and has she no self-worth other than spewing kids out? I think dad is a sexual deviant; is it any wonder the kid is? You could be right about the home-schooling thing. The people I know who home-school are real evangelical-types… It’s perfect–there is no one the kids can tell of their abuse.

  35. I am making the accusation. Incest/molestation is systemic in that family. Why protect him and not the girls? They were covering their quivering asses.

  36. You said “I’m glad I don’t live in it.” So are we glad you don’t live in it. And I think you are totally wrong in your assessment of the opinions here. I find the “quiverfull” thing disgusting but would never tell anyone else they should not live that life. To each his own. I do find it distasteful to air their sexual exploits while telling others what they can and cannot do. I solve that problem by not watching any of these types of shows (most all reality types).

    This is definitely not an original thought, however, if you don’t like what you read here, go away and never come back. Promise we won’t miss you.

  37. No. When people are sanctimonious, inbreeding baby-fiddlers, we don’t like their lifestyle. Glad to hear you do, though.

  38. There are some states (apparently including Arkansas) where clergy are not required to report by law.

    See the section on:
    Clergy-Penitent Privilege and Other Exemptions.

    It is not clear if this extends to all the church leaders who appear to have been involved in this case.
    There would appear to have been a WHOLE LOT OF CYA going on.

  39. There have been reports in the past that some of these churches that encourage large families also “teach” their followers to take advantage of any and all government programs to allow them to survive with SO many children.
    This is another area of extreme hypocrisy with these people.
    For example, the TLC show about five wives polygamy has a documented past of welfare use.
    Another TLC family? Yep.

  40. There is a clergy exception to the reporter laws in some states which may allow them to skate.

  41. In Touch magazine points out more missing details……including the fact the family met with crisis pr consultants before all this hit the fan, they knew how to respond.

  42. Sharon, your quote” the so called victims were no aware anything had happened” This statement in it’self is Sick!!! It admits, the act and just how uninformed these parents keep their children. You Sharon are either yourself, uninformed or prefer to stay that way.

  43. Reyn, that’s one scenario (a sick probability), and yes, Thom, it is way too real to think or speak of…but, then again…

    The entire Quiverfull cult has now been exposed and it’s the Duggar’s fault; their collective back-sides are up against a wall. The whole movement is spiraling out of control. As soon as any kind of “secular” investigation opens on them, they will panic; predictably, they will see it as an attack, take on a bunker mentality and, “circle their wagons”; then, the Chaos Theory kicks in…anything imaginable can be interpreted as a “sign”. They will “activate” like sleeper cells!

    The Quiverfull cultist don’t want the rest of the world to know what they’ve been up to so, sacrifices have to be made…they aren’t about to get “caught” like Warren Jeffs in a new Escalade/paper plates, 15 cell phones, laptops, wigs, sunglasses, porn, $60K in cash, etc…

    Plus, the Huckster has forsaken them as well as FRC. There’s silence, very pregnant pause present…

  44. A very creepy possibility. That narcissistic freak could move on with his Church consent, because Michelle’s eggs are nearly dried up for good. Jim Bob has the conservative Christian right to keep spreading his seed (Quiver arrows) somewhere. He’s not allowed to waste his sperm through masturbation. Perhaps he’ll just marry a spare daughter, if he hasn’t already made that backup “Godly” commitment to them. After all, his daughters are promised to himself and God, until he chooses their easily manipulated spouse for them.

    Another sick possibility; any Duggar could be licensed by the state, for the legal adoption of another victim. Arkansas State law seems to favor idiocy. None of these people should ever be allowed to adopt!!! Jim Bob, Michelle, and several of their children have expressed that interest, and stated they were “praying about adoption” on their show numerous times.

  45. Um, they are not allowed to masturbate. Jim Bob doesn’t approve of waste. Home-school fractions: 1/2 a dried up baby multiplied by zero eggs = abortion.

  46. I just watched a mini-series titled 5 Days about
    a mother & her two young children who all vanish from a roadside flower stand. Her young daughter is found after being held captive by a pervert who may or may not have touched her.

    A real big deal was made over the fact she might have been molested. By her family & the police, It’s a UK production with English actors. It got me thinking about the Duggars & their defenders. Who defends child molesters because of political afiliation? Republicans do!

  47. Why has TLC been dead silent? Maybe because as soon as they make a statement about 19 Kid’s future they’ll be questioned about how much they knew. They must have known from the start. Honey Boo Boo & now the Duggars. TLC = Touching Little Children.

  48. I would have to agree with you. People that have nothing to fear or hide, allow their children to interact with others of different faiths, cultures, races, sexes, etc., EXCLUDING pedophiles. Those who do, home-school.
    If the kids were secure within their home and faith, the Daddy Duggar CULT wouldn’t be intimidated by a quality education and responsible adults who actually care.
    God forbid Jim Bob’s children might become smarter than he or Michelle. (Not a difficult task.) Those 19 misfits are in no way prepared for college or life outside his CULT. Homeschooling IS an integral part of what keeps them all desperate, dependent, and dumb breeders for the cause. Even the children’s chosen spouses are manipulated by Daddy Duggar.
    Religious freedom and tolerance, does not mean a Constitutional approval of religious torment, to the detriment of others!

  49. InTouch Weekly has a new article contradicting the newest allegations made by Jill & Jess. It has 11 points of facts to dispute the religious cults most recent diversions & talking points about the info being illegal to release.

    The Duggars shot their mouth off against LGBT “perversions” because they thought their own records were sealed. That thir hypocrisy would never be exposed. So it’s InTouch’s fault for investigating & releasing the police reports & unvarnished the truth.

  50. Those who have nothing to fear or hide, allow their children a legitimate education, religious freedom, and the means to experience life with others of different faiths, races, cultures, sexes, etc. Those who do, home-school.

    Jim Bob can’t afford his flock to stray. The narcissistic CULT leader has to maintain control and perceived perfection, at all times. He does so through whatever manipulative means or abuse necessary. Children allowed to associate with others, learn to think for themselves-then get a real life of their own.

    Homeschooling should only be reserved for those with serious medical or mental health issues, or those students with serious bullying problems. When did home-schooling idiot Mom’s become preferable to a quality education-whether free, parochial, or private? Homeschooling is not a reasonable life choice. It ensures the lack of accountability necessary to protect youth. It is an integral part of CULT accommodation.

    HS has a bad reputation, because it i…

  51. Is the fact that the cop they went to to give a “stern lecture”to Josh is in prison for 56 years on child pornography convictions a coincidence? No, I don’t think so. Jim Bob met Hutchens when he did security for Jim Bob’s car dealer. Jim Bob supposedly got the officer at random when he contacted police about Josh. I don’t buy it. They were friends. Whether Jim Bob knew about Hutches’s crimes is unclear. What’s weird is child predators & their enablers are subconsciously drawn together like flies on sh*t.

  52. I in no way agree with the way the Duggars handled this. I know how something like this can affect someone and regardless if the girls want to admit it or not this will affect them for the rest of their life. One of the girls even made a comment about knowing what kind of precations to have in place with her own kids, which means it has affected her. However, bashing God is not the approach that should be made. If you truely believe in God, which is not a horrible thing, then you would have a loving heart. There is nothing wrong with believing in God. If you are not a Christ follower I am not exactly sure why you would care if someone else is. If someone is bashing you about being gay or being transexual then they are not a true Christ follower, so bash them not God. A true Christ follower has a heart of love not judgement. *and to clear things up the person that molested me was very vocal on bashing christians so no he was not a Christ follower!

  53. Take this with a grain of salt. Nancy Grace just had a “bombshell” that arrests might be made of the Josh Duggar molestation accusations. That would be cool if it’s true.

  54. You’re correct in that SOME states do not mandate church officials report suspected child abuse …

    Arkansas is NOT one of them.

    (That’s why the PDF document link is there.)

  55. Sharon b, I don’t have a problem with the Duggers’ religion, even though i don’t agree with much of it. Everyone should worship as they see fit.

    However, their thinking on sexual molestation is a hundred years behind the times. No one wants to think their child is a predator, but why didn’t they get Josh the help they promised? Why didn’t they protect their daughters? These are the questions that bother me. If they are about family values, they should be taking care of their family during this time and not putting out statements to the press.

  56. Billions of teenage boys have raging hormones and are curios about teenage girls. Not many are curious about and fondle their 5 year old sisters. It’s a crime for good reason to be act on pedophile urges. It is not normal.

  57. In Touch Weekly’s reporter was interviewed and says not all has been revealed about Duggar scandals. In Touch has more dirt on them.

  58. Let’s not forget the girls shopping trip when a known pedafile Josh Duggar…was left alone with his kids to baby sit….who was looking out for them. Think of all the times on camera where they openly say daddy is baby sitting so the women could get stuff done. Clearly Josh has access…and unsupervised at that. If I was his wife ( pardon me ewwwwww and barf) that would never happen. I worry about his own kids.

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