President Obama Is More Popular Than Bobby Jindal In Deep Red Louisiana

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Gov. Bobby Jindal is going to be running for President, but his approval rating has sunk so low that President Obama is more popular than the Republican in deep red Louisiana.

While discussing Jindal’s failures in Louisiana, The Washington Post dropped this little nugget of information, “Jindal is now so unpopular in deep-red Louisiana that his approval rating plunged to 32 percent in a recent poll — compared with 42 percent for President Obama, who lost the state by 17 percentage points in 2012.”

In our current era of national geographic political polarization, President Obama is not popular in any of the red states. Being more popular than Obama in Louisiana should be a low hurdle for any Republican, but Bobby Jindal is ten points behind the President in a state that Obama was not competitive in during either of his presidential campaigns.

Bobby Jindal is running for president, but he has struggled for years to be more popular than President Obama. In 2013, Obama was 5 points more popular than Jindal. The margin has doubled in the last two years. Jindal’s popularity has plummeted in direct relation to his attempts to impose the Republican/Koch agenda on his state.

In 2013, Gov. Jindal tried to replace the state tax with a higher sales tax, but the opposition was so strong (63% opposed in polling) that he was forced to abandon his plan. Jindal has slashed spending for education and health care while cutting taxes on the wealthy and corporations. The result has been a historic budget crisis that the governor has shown no interest in solving.

Jindal has spent months pandering to national social conservatives by trying to pass the Marriage and Conscience Act, but the bill died in the state legislature. Bobby Jindal has completely wrecked the state of Louisiana by using it as a platform for his presidential campaign. He has shown no interest in the consequences of actions. For Bobby Jindal, everything is a presidential resume building exercise.

Bobby Jindal is less popular than President Obama in his home state, but he thinks that he can be elected president.

Jindal is the latest example of how overrated the Republican presidential candidates are. The supposedly deep Republican bench consists of current governors who aren’t popular in their own states, a bunch of senators who at best have regional appeal, a former governor who is under indictment, a failed business executive, a reality television star most famous for repeated bankruptcies, a Fox News created conservative media star who many believe is insane, and a clueless Bush brother who is doomed by his family’s unpopular legacy, and soon Bobby Jindal.

Jindal can’t beat Obama in Louisiana, yet he is going to run for president. The Republican field can best be summed up as when you have two dozen candidates and no leaders, that means that you really have no candidate at all.

15 Replies to “President Obama Is More Popular Than Bobby Jindal In Deep Red Louisiana”

  1. Why are we continuing to compare presidential candidates against the President. He isn’t running for office. How does Gov. Jindal compare to SOS Clinton?

    Gov. Jindal may be disliked in Louisiana, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t vote for the nominated Republican over a Democrat. From what I can tell SOS Clinton is only a couple of points ahead.

    While IMO Gov. Jindal doesn’t a chance, I guess its his money to waste. I wonder who thinks a super ego is worth millions of dollar.

  2. Patricia, I suppose the President and the Governor are being compared because they are both currently in office. Obviously, Hillary is not.

  3. All the Republicans candidates are cut from the same cloth. There is hard any difference, just the level of insanity.

  4. Patricia, I don’t think republicans want to compare their any of their candidates to Jindal. Why show the people he’s screwed over a different guy, but running on the same policies?
    Last year in Kentucky, H Clinton campaigned with Grimes, (several times) and everytime it was to overflow crowds. Mitch brought in Jindal, and the crowd was said to be around one-hundred fifty. Grimes may have lost, but republicans here fear the Clintons. Jindals pull seems to be lacking not only in his state, but other red states as well. Better to compare him to O’Malley or Sanders then to Clinton.

  5. Clown car? Nah! Clown Bus? Yeah.

    The extra leg room generated in 2012 just wasn’t enough for this group. Sad! SNL will need to put in some overtime for this motley crew.

  6. You can not compare Jindal with Bernie Sanders… Bernie pulls crowds every where he goes. Just because Corporate media isn’t reporting on it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

  7. You are exactly correct! Bernie is drawing crowds everywhere he goes. People know that Sanders if FOR them and against corporate interests.

    BTW, after Bernie first announced his candidacy I heard an interview by NPR on my local public radio station — MPBN. She was asked if Bernie stands a chance to win the democratic nomination. Mara Liason responded “no, he doesn’t.”

    I immediately emailed National Public Radio reprimanding the interviewer and interviewee and faulting them for their comments and her “predictions.”

    In his comments recently, Thom Hartmann already included National Public Radio as one who would not even mention Bernie Sanders, or even mention Bernie’s popularity with the people.

    I already pledged to contribute to Sanders election for a year and will volunteer on his campaign.

    Yes, I like Hillary and will vote for her if she wins, but she is tight with Wall Street and with Monsanto. I don’t approve of the situation which will put citizens last, not first.

  8. The so-called winning is because of rigged voting machines, gerrymandering of electoral districts,stripping people from the electoral lists and destroying ballots.These evil greedy Republicans cannot win a fair fight.

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