Scott Walker Insults Bernie Sanders By Suggesting He Isn’t A Real Presidential Candidate



On ABC’s This Week, Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) suggested that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) isn’t a real presidential candidate by saying that Hillary Clinton isn’t facing a “real” primary challenge.

Transcript via ABC’s This Week:

KARL: You said not long ago that people don’t want an anointed leader in America. They don’t want someone whose part of a monarchy or legacy. You were talking about Hillary Clinton. But doesn’t that apply to Jeb Bush, too?


WALKER: Well, I mean I think it’s really the context. I hope people, I hope Republicans, I hope independents and even some discerning Democrats will see that we’re striking a stark contrast with Hillary Clinton. You know, we’re a new fresh face taking on someone from the past.

KARL: But you have to run in the Republican primary first. Jeb Bush, this would be the third Bush. You’re talking about a monarchy, a legacy. Doesn’t that apply to Jeb?

WALKER: Well, I think it’s one of those where in a Republican primary people want to see how you’re going to step and contrast yourself from Hillary Clinton. And the fact is she’s not going through a primary, or at least not a real primary. She’s not going to be highly contested out there, I think is a disadvantage not just for the Democrats, it’s a disadvantage for the American people.

According to national polling, Bernie Sanders is more popular with Democratic voters than Scott Walker is with Republicans. It is interesting that Walker isn’t a declared candidate yet he feels like enough of an expert to judge the Democratic primary. The fact is that Sanders is a stronger candidate, in terms of popular support than anyone not named Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders should not be penalized because of former Sec. of State Clinton’s popularity.

The fact is that every Republican candidate would give their right arm to be in Hillary Clinton’s shoes. Hillary Clinton is being challenged by a popular populist candidate. Bernie Sanders doesn’t have the Koch brothers supporting his campaign. Sanders has ordinary Americans volunteering and financially supporting his bid.

Sanders is more of a candidate than Scott Walker. Bernie Sanders is legit, and Scott Walker’s attempt to weaken the perception of Hillary Clinton’s strength by diminishing her main opponent spoke volumes about the weakness of Walker and the rest of the 2016 Republican field.

Sen. Bernie Sanders is for real, and he is also more popular than Scott Walker.

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  1. Walker only imagines that HE is a real presidential candidate. Wait till reality smacks him between his crossed yes.

  2. The sad thing is that Walker, a man who is running his state into the ground, has nothing to offer except prepared talking points which he cannot deviate from, and who is not even running for president officially; is getting television air time to spout his nonsense. Sanders, a legit candidate with actual policy statements does not get the same courtesy.

  3. Bernie Sanders asks Congress to spend $5.5 billion on 1 million jobs for youths

    Gov. Scott Walker delivered about half the jobs promised in first term
    Wisconsin created 129,131 private-sector jobs in the four years of Gov. Scott Walker’s first full term,

    That is all

  4. Walker a fresh face… how about the 2 old geezers behind his face – Charles and David Koch, now they are some crusty old men.[WINK]

  5. I can’t believe the serious money, who want to put a republican in the Whitehouse, don’t cringe everytime he opens his pie hole. Maybe they’re just being kind and will let him talk till the short bus arrives to take him home.

  6. Walker’s legacy:

    Walker just lost 8 points in a Wisconsin poll since November. 58% disapprove of his policies and 41% approve, down from 49%. Wisconsin is 40th in jobs and just came out 49th in economic development. Walker couldn’t balance his check book. I just love how his handlers are promoting him with sound bites. Walker brags about breaking unions, but he never campaigned on it and the legislation was written and voted on in the middle of the night. He compares public employee teachers and nurses with ISIS and brags he fought 100,000 demonstrators. Fact is he never showed his face and slithered out of the capital via a tunnel to his awaiting car.
    Did anyone document his $2.2 billion deficit, his delaying paying off $108 million loan he took to balance his last budget, the $1.3 billion he is borrowing for the transportation funding, the $1.9 billion in tax breaks that broke the budget, hacking $127 million from our K-12 schools, expanding voucher schools that leave with taxp…

  7. Real/Unreal, primaries or presidential candidates- if such is his definition of ‘real’, I’ll take unreal any day of the week.

  8. After 8 years of the Bu$h Regime and 12 years of the Reagan Regime (8 Ronnie + 4 of his clone), I’d say that thems who want to get a Republican Candidate in don’t care if they have an I.Q. of room temperature, so long as they do what they’re told.

  9. Is it just me, but has anyone noticed Walker looks “Medicated” or “Sedated” ? Or is he just a Lazy eyed Sociopath ?

  10. Ew. Sorry, dj… that comment made me cringe a little.

    Anyhow… I’d shut up right about now Scottie. In case you haven’t realized it, you are losing to that someone who you think isn’t a real candidate.

  11. All the tea bag/repub governors have cut education $$$ to keep everyone stupid.

    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker to slash $300M from public universities

    meanwhile in BLUE California and this because of the 30+ years of republican devistion beginning with governor Ronny.
    California went into debt because of Ronny’s severe tax cuts and we had to vote on many school bonds to prop them up.

    The good news is that we’re putting $10 billion into the schools of California…/brown-projects-big…/55965

  12. Bernie Sanders is the only real presidential candidate running for office. The rest, Hillary included, are no more than potential puppets for the Billionaire Corporations and Wall Street! Corporate paid for Media is so out of sync with what is going on in mainstream America as all the Wall Street funded presidential wanna be`s are.They don`t stand a chance against beating Bernie Sanders and they know it….Wake up folks a revolution has been sweeping across this country for a long time now. Millions of us are backing Bernie all the way to the White House. So Walker, my suggestion to you is to get over yourself. Your arrogance is so unappealing, so yesterday.

  13. I remember Biden making smithereens out of Ryan, I enjoyed every second of it! Was laughing at how Lyin’ Ryan was soooo out of his league, what a dunce.

  14. ScottWalker’s daddy preacher didn’t teach him to respect his elders I guess.

    Talking about Sen Sanders that way is the sign of a snot-nose punk who thinks he is so smart and actually he’s an ignoramus.

  15. Bernie should be amused. Bernie should challenge this twerp to a no-holds barred, debate on national tv. No time limits, no notes, no canned BS. The “S” part of that would soon be filling Scott Walker’s pants while Bernie ate his lunch!

  16. I think even Hillary would be surprised how seriously Democrats are considering Bernie Sanders as presidential material.

  17. That was a beautiful thing. Biden actually laughed at him. There’s no way you can fight back at laughter.

  18. I’m also for Bernie, however Hillary is campaigning on corporate $$$ out of politics.

    If Hillary wins the nomination I will vote for her.
    We can’t allow a tea bag/repub anywhere NEAR the WH if we want to keep the EPA and the ACA among the many on their chopping block.
    The next president will probably nominate 4 supreme court justices.

  19. Ok first where in there did he even mention Bernie? What he was saying is that Hillary has it in the bag.
    This is not how weak Walker is, but how strong Hillary is perceived by the republicans.
    They are scared of Hillary. They think Bernie is just a red herring to distract. That’s it.

  20. I just hope Walker gets far enough that somebody pulls out the recording of him being duped by a Koch brother impersonator.

  21. I, too, am for Bernie Sanders. I met him about twelve years ago when he came to Brewer Maine. He is much more knowledgeable than other politicians. Bernie cares for the people’s interests and much more than all politicians.

    Bernie is honest.

    I signed up to contribute monthly to his campaign when he first announced he would run. I will also volunteer to work on his campaign.

    Bernie has not been bought by the Kochs and big money…he doesn’t need to be! He doesn’t need their $$.

    Bernie has more to offer in his pinky than Walker has in his “brain”…

  22. The facts remain: 4000 showed up at Bernie’s meeting in Minneapolis, 100 showed up yesterday in Keene. NH and, in Wisconsin, the straw poll taken at the Democratic state convention showed Hillary with 49% support and that “he isn’t a real Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders with 41%. [wink]

  23. Numbers are an amazing thing the Republican mindset (?).

    When Bu$h ‘won’ Reelection. He won by 3 million votes- that was designated a “landslide” victory.

    When Obama was elected- he won by 10 million votes. That, according to the Republican Party, was a “squeaker”.

  24. As if anyone, other than himself, believes Scott Walker is a viable Presidential candidate… he destroyed the economy of Wisconsin, couldn’t finish college, makes stupid statements everytime he opens his mouth… I cannot wait to watch this clown in debates with the other Repugnican candidates.

  25. I’m an independent that supports Bernie Sanders for 2016. While I abhor the two party system I have decided that the best way to support Bernie is to register as a Democrat (closed primary in OK) and vote in the primary.

    It’s important – if you live in a closed primary state the only way you can support Bernie in the primary is to be registered Democrat. I would rather do this than see the party split and the Repugnants take the presidency.

    So if you support Bernie – register as a democrat and vote in the primary – here’s to a future that we deserve! #feelthebern

  26. it would be great if scott walker wins the nomination. either hillary clinton or bernie sanders would win by the biggest landslide in US history!

  27. To the best of my knowledge Bernie Sanders has never been under investigation for corruption. Scott Walker cannot say the same. The Rethuglicans have at least 3 candidates of possible candidates being investigated by federal or state authorities. Hey Chris Christie, jump in the pool. The water is fine.

  28. I’ve been a registered democrat since I turned 18 in 1980.
    California now has an open primary so it doesn’t make a difference anymore.

  29. I remember the massacre well..Biden trounced Ryan but Fox News and $carah Paylin claimed that “Ryan schooled Biden on how to be a real leader” The Reich Wing LOST!! but couldn’t and will never admit it.

  30. {lousy Henny Youngman impression} “Take my governor, PLEASE!!!”
    …this election cycle will go down in history as the time when Republican criminals ran for president,,,

  31. Scott Walker is a Koch puppet who has nearly destroyed his state and not fit to even talk about Bernie Sanders,

  32. Walker’s one to talk. He’s the Koch brothers personal f*cktoy and has done their bidding which has turned Wisconsin’s previously strong economy into one of the worst in the country, only ahead of the economies of other teabagger-run states like Kansas, Louisiana, and Maine.

  33. Scott… don’t want to insult “our” Bernie…… will undoubtedly piss off thousands and thousands of loyal Bernieites who just might find their way to your front door.

  34. The Koch Brothers may have realized they have bought a gilded gelding instead of a stud….
    Walker is the bottom of the barrel and too stupid to open his mouth without talking points.
    He cannot tell the truth about anything and that personality disorder is really troubling .
    What about the corruption within his re-election campaign and his management of Wisconsin…
    Do the Koch Brothers think they can buy enough air time to brainwash the nation?
    Maybe it is time to look at the Koch Brothers as treasonous for their destruction of our democratic way of life…in their purchasing of Congress one state at a time… In past times they would be in jail and their company dismantled

  35. Walker shows once again that he doesn’t understand anything outside of cheese country (if that). Can’t wait to see his asterisk sliced up and handed back to him on a platter by either Hillary or Bernie.

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