Bernie Sanders’ Momentum Is Growing As He Gets 41% Support In Wisconsin Straw Poll


The growing momentum surrounding the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign took another step forward over the weekend. In a display of strength, Sanders got 41% of support in the Wisconsin Democratic Party straw poll to 49% for Hillary Clinton.

Rick Klein of ABC News reported, “Straw polls don’t count for anything, and second place is, well, second place. But how many of these before it will become something? Hillary Clinton captured 49 percent of the vote at the Wisconsin Democratic Party’s convention over the weekend, in a straw poll conducted by The story, though, was second place: Bernie Sanders got 41 percent, just eight points behind Clinton and far ahead of his low-single-digits rivals. It’s the latest sign that Sanders is poised to inherit at least a solid portion of the Ready-for-Warren energy. And it speaks to a longstanding contention that if Clinton is vulnerable, it’s on her left.”

Straw polls are only measures of support by those in attendance. They are not representative samples, so it would be inaccurate to suggest that the result in Wisconsin will translate to the broader electorate. The attendees at events like the state Democratic convention are the dedicated activists. These people are most likely to be drawn to the grassroots activist campaign of Sen. Sanders.

Forner Sec. of State Clinton has tried to reach out to the activist left, but the popularity of Bernie Sanders demonstrates that she still has a lot of work to do in this area. The anti-Hillary activists on the left are galvanizing around Sanders. This is bad news for Martin O’Malley and Lincoln Chaffee. O’Malley seems to have been caught completely by surprise by Sanders’ popularity. In a field where there is room for one challenger to Hillary Clinton, O’Malley’s candidacy appears to be redundant and unnecessary.

The segment of the left that thinks Hillary Clinton is too moderate is flocking to Bernie Sanders. As has been shown in previous elections, the activist left is a very small portion of the Democratic Party. The vast majority of Democrats are Obama/Clinton Democrats, but what can’t be denied is that there is real momentum behind the candidacy of Bernie Sanders.

Straw polls are meaningless, but the results in Wisconsin do suggest that the support for Bernie Sanders is very real and that Democrats could be treated to a real primary campaign focused on the issues.

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  1. It is a long time before elections and much can happen, straw votes are just that.

    Mr Bernie has great ideas and I am glad he is pushing them out to the view, although the somnolent US voter population doesnt care or doesnt want to get involved.

  2. I think this is very healthy for our Democracy. An issue based primary would be a great contrast to the Republican candidates rush to go further right than their opponent, where the only “issues” brought up are abortion, voter suppression and theocracy.

  3. This is….

    He lost 6 points nationally as people get to know him but don’t let that confuse you any. 200 people in Wisconsin showed up at a dem party convention and now he is gaining on the front runner…

  4. Oh, and there were a few polls that ran (for a test question since it was beyond the odds) Bernie head to head with a few random Republicans, like Walker recently.

    Bernie loses to them all by double digits.

    Oh, and Clinton hasn’t rolled her campaign into Wisconsin yet. There is only small grassroots there now. Wait for the steamroller to come.

    O’Malley went from 1 to 5% in a week.

    Biden and Bernie are tied at 10 – 11%

    Clinton is 50% ahead.

    Not 5 percent. FIFTY PERCENT.

  5. John Stockton
    Karl Malone
    Charles Barkley
    Patrick Ewing
    Michelle Kwan (Heart breaker)
    John McCain
    Mitt Romney
    Hillary Clinton????????

  6. Sanders is the only candidate who is challenging the long term unsustainable corporate oligarchy model which disenfranchises millions of Americans. It’s either Sanders or the shill for corporate oligarchy.

  7. No anon.

    The choice in reality is:

    Hillary Clinton


    John Bush

    And Hillary is a lifelong hero to millions of dems and has been a champion her whole life. Bush is a Bush.

    Your choice.

  8. The article stated “The segment of the left that thinks Hillary Clinton is too moderate is flocking to Bernie Sanders”. Perhaps that’s true. But there’s more to it. There is also a feeling of “buyer remorse” starting to surround Hillary. That before she’s even been nominated. I don’t want a candidate who’s been “pre-ordained” because “that’s how it’s going to be this time”. Hill’s veneer is starting to tarnish with revelations of Keystone XL banker backing, and “cozying” up to Wall St.I’m hearing more and more of my peers who are saying they’re just not so sure they can trust her. Bernie said he’ll sling no mud, and it looks as if he won’t need to as she’s attracting her own. I don’t want a Republican in a Democrat suit, and folks are now starting to see Hillary as just that. She’s too tied up in money, and the Clinton Foundation is getting a reputation as a bank to clear donations for political favors. Not cool!

  9. Even PoliticusUSA has a hard time admitting that Bernie Sanders can win. They spend an awful lot of time in this article explaining why the outcome of this straw poll doesn’t mean anything. So why are they reporting this at all?

    Paraphrasing John Oliver, “So why is ‘Bernie has no chance’ still a thing?”

  10. Lol. A straw poll. Really? Sorry, but Bernie Sanders is no “threat” to Hillary Clinton, and he’s not “gaining on her.” The straw poll is good news for Hillary Clinton, not Bernie Sanders:

    Of the 389 delegates, alternates and guests who voted, 153 backed Edwards, while Hillary Clinton came in second with 83 votes and Barack Obama was third with 74.

    The progressive insurgent is again sitting with 40% of the vote, but now Clinton has closer to 50% than 20% support. The progressive activists in the party are significantly less hostile towards her than they were back then.

    Also Clinton only got 55% in their poll last year essentially unopposed so it’s clearly not representative of national polling of Democrats. Sanders may consolidate the “Anyone But Hillary” bloc, but unlike in 2007/8 that’s now only a minority of the party.

  11. Bernie’s important because he’ll force the conversation to the left a little bit. Otherwise it’s centrist or slightly-right-of-center vs. extreme right.

  12. “The vast majority of Democrats are Obama/Clinton Democrats”

    That might have been true, at least for Obama, until Bernie Sanders appeared on the scene as a Presidential candidate. Obama has done a darn good job of disappointing some of us who voted for him twice and vigorously supported him in his first election. Obama has also done a good job of showing us what happens when we elect a seemingly progressive candidate who is from the Wall Street wing of the Democratic party. Obama’s performance in office, if nothing else, should effectively close the doors on Hillary’s campaign once people realize that there is an alternative (TIAA).

    I favored Obama over Hillary in 2008 because I already knew who and what Hillary was. I don’t know what I would have done if I had really known who and what Obama was.

  13. Attention all Bernie Sanders cult-followers:

    Bernie Sanders has no chance of being nominated. There is no “buyer’s remorse” among democrats surrounding Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. There’s not even any polling to back up that claim. Hillary Clinton’s primary numbers are steady, and she’s still way ahead of Bernie Sanders.

    Hillary Clinton not only won this straw poll after losing to John Edwards in 2008, but unlike Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton also has REAL polling on her side. Hillary Clinton is going to win the nomination, and you smug, delusional Sanders supporters are going to be in a world of hurt. And I, as well as many other Hillary Clinton supporters can’t wait to say: “We told you so!” Lol.

    Go, Hillary!

  14. Actually some progressives are considerably more hostile to Clinton today than they have ever been. I might have actually voted for Hillary in 2008 if she had won the nomination. Obama has taught me what a bad idea it would be to vote for her in the general election should she win the nomination this time.

    How many more times does the Democratic party think we are going to stick around for one more term from the Wall Street wing of the party?

  15. I’ve asked this question before. Why is it when ANYTHING good is written about Sen. Sanders, Rin has to come along and put him down. IMO no better than Scott Walker who doesn’t consider him a REAL candidate.

    I, personally, am glad to see him get some recognition. I like Sen. Sanders and I like the fact that he is so passionate about what he believes in.

  16. Shifting to the left a little bit isn’t nearly enough to save this country. How strongly do the people have to be for all of Bernie’s ideas and against Hillary’s before you think they might actually decide to vote for Bernie?

    The sounds of whistling by the grave yard aren’t coming from the Sanders supporters.

  17. I may not be a rah, rah Hillary fan, BUT if she wins the nomination, I will vote for her over any of the Republicans being offered up as qualified to be POTUS.

    If you think ANY of these people on the Republican side are fit to be POTUS, by all means vote for them.

    If SOS Clinton becomes POTUS, she may be center left, but I believe the progressives in congress will keep her more to the left than she is now.

  18. That’s what she does. While Sen. Sanders and Sec Clinton wont get in the mud, the supporters will. Just like in 2008. Personally I don’t think Sen Sanders can win and its not because his ideas are out of step with what America needs and wants, it will be when the rethugs label him as a socialist and being the dumbasses that Americans are that would be enough to not to vote for him

  19. “the article stated” really! Jason has the ink, I suppose. And the rest of your ramblings are crazy stuff with no reality base.

    And then there is this factor:

    “Kelly Westlund, chair of the Chequamegon Democrats and a 2014 congressional candidate, noted that around 1,300 delegates attended the convention, the highest number in about 20 years, due to the closely contested party chair race. Westlund, who arranged a bus for organizers traveling from northern Wisconsin about seven or eight hours away, said the increased attendance was mostly from grassroots activists.

    “I don’t know that this convention was necessarily representative of the establishment,” she said, adding that Sanders’ message is resonating in rural areas of the state.”

    So they bussed in people. Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah, 08!

    It won’t work. He isn’t all that.

    Go look at Obamas support in 06 long before the primary started. He was ahead of Bernie by far, even Edwards was.

  20. Bernie supporters are not in a cult, we’re all democrats. We’re not like the tea bag/GOP circus that is going on trying to out-smear each other.

    We have 17 months to see who the real democratic candidate will be. Both are very viable, although one has a lot of baggage and will need to overcome all of it before my final decision is made.

    Hillary will be put to the test on the issues with Bernie and I’m looking forwrd to the debates.

    Bernie Sanders on the issues

  21. Patricia,

    Scott Walker (in the few times they bothered to do head to head for the trailing candidate) beat Bernie by double digits.

    Statistics, not me.

    Reality isn’t very strong around here.

    Attack me for pointing out the truth when the folks who put up so-called “articles” are avoiding it.

    I am simply pointing out the denial of reality here.

    I speak for me – not the 18+ million Hillary supporters.

    And I am not in the mud DJ. I am pointing to statistics. Not innuendo of mud.

    The things said about Hillary here are mud and not close to truth but few defend that and everybody ignores it.

    If those things were said about Bernie the person would be banned! Hillary is open to any accusation here – unfounded and ugly as they are.

  22. You want the nth degree of screechy:

    Elizabeth Warren.

    I am silently typing. Ever since I pointed out my displeasure at your remark to erica you’ve been making little jabs at me.

    Did I get you angry, moderator?

    So attack me personally for my opinion and telling the truth and statistics against non-sense.

  23. Bernie hasn’t been bought by corporations, Hillary has.

    Bernie hasn’t been bought by Wall Street, Hillary has.

    Both have outstanding congressional voting record.

    I will vote for the democratic nominee in November ’16

  24. Hillary is a wall street shill bought by corporations.

    And I am the one with mud?


    And the same people say that lie over and over and nobody blinks at them.

  25. Your tone has become megalomaniacal to the point of offending people who are attempting a good-faith discussion, and your coming to the defense of that brach, Erica, rather strengthens the suspicion that you’re a provocateur. You are still receiving the benefit of the doubt. Govern yourself accordingly.

  26. I should have left this site long ago.

    You used the sexist dispicable term and you attack me for ignoring it for weeks and then mentioning it when the subject came up.

    Have fun with your echo chamber full of errors. I am done trying to educate and correct the utter garbage you all defend.

    This is so low brow you should moderate yourself.

  27. I agree with you 100%. In the end who ever the nominee is, why would you ever vote for anyone on the right against them? People get what they vote for my friends, look at Wisconsin and Kansas.

  28. This is not about Bernie versus Hillary and the article misses the point completely. Bernie’s ideas and platform, which he has maintained for the better part of 3 decades, is finally resonating with American voters. And why shouldn’t it – he’s advocating against billionaires owning our entire political system (a condition we all know is true) and the rigged game that’s destroying our middle class. These are the issues that independent voters like me have held as paramount for many years, but now, my conservative and liberals friends stand in agreement with a lot of Bernie’s views on them, because unless we address and resolve these two important issues, nothing else will matter. The press (much of which are owned or controlled by the US oligarchy), is studiously ignoring the issues, and painting this straw poll as some brand of a more simple-minded popularity contest – it is not.

  29. I posted a couple of links on one of your earlier posts where you asked if Mr. Easley had any links. Do they contain a germ of truth? Or are they just mud-slinging?

    I couldn’t care less if Walker “out polled” Sen. Sanders. I have never been polled and I think there are a lot more of us out there that haven’t been asked their opinion.

    I have also stated that if SoS clinton wins the nomination I would support her. Can you say the same about Sen. Sanders?

  30. IMO, that’s not a serious question, because there is no substantial difference between the two wings. Unless we address and resolve the conditions in this country (the ownership of our entire system of government by an oligarchy of billionaires and a rigged system that’s destroying our middle class), nothing else is really going to matter – its like arranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

  31. Its not? Spoken like a true EMO. You really want to live in a world run by the duggers, Pat Roberston, Bryan Fisher?

  32. Next big surprise for pols & pundits (and for reporters like Easley) It’s not just the “activists on the left” to whom Sanders is so appealing. It’s all the disenchanted regular folk of the 99% who are tuning in.

    I was not a delegate to the convention, but went to dinner with some friends who were. The waiter saw the delegate name tags and asked us, “So you guys might know about this Sanders guy? I don’t usually pay attention, but I saw him on the news the other day and he was saying what I want to hear. Is he for real?”

    That prompted another in the group to say he’d been stopped by a businessman in the casino, who said he usually voted Republican, but was sick of that, and wanted to know more about Sanders.

    99% of what Sanders says is supported by 70-80% of Americans, and when they get wind of that…!

  33. Me we are all democrats you really need to call us a cult? I’m for Bernie first then any dem that gets the noM. Don’t count him out so fast ck the numbers on his elections he landslides in. Not helping but makes me wonder is when he announced his run NYT put it on pg21 Rubio, rand and cruz and HRC all got the banner above headline all but HRC were polling lower than Bernie,ABC news spent about 90 seconds covering his announcement and 50 seconds of that spoke about HRC.He speaks to the people and has the voting record to back him up. HRC has a Monsanto executive on her team not a good sign

  34. Bernie supports heavily everything Occupy stands for (we are still here). Other activist groups, there are MANY, will lean towards Bernie. Why not? What do we have to lose? Nothing. Bernies message will get out, the same messages I have painted on my signs. Against frakking, Monsanto, minimum wage, about fascism and how our government has been shackled by corporations that get subsidies from US and pay no taxes and a hundred other things. If Bernie doesn’t make it we will pick up and forge ahead.

    As far as I’m concerned I’m voting for Bernie. I have been supporting him for four years. Oh…straw polls, bwahaha!

  35. While some wants to paint Sec. Clinton as a Wall Street stooge it seems Sanders has some splain do to

    Bernie Sanders, Gun Nut

    He supported the most reprehensible pro-gun legislation in recent memory

    Now we can all do oppo research to discredit the other candidates but instead of doing that why not just stick to the issues and you will be surprise that they agree a lot more than you think

  36. If occupy was that strong why do we have Republican majorities? It can be one of two reasons. You are not that strong or you choose not to vote but YOU ARE NOT THE DEMOCRATIC BASE

  37. There were so many people that didn’t even know there was a straw poll going on. It was in a really busy hallway where the candidates for a very heated race for new State Party Chair were campaigning. Once you voted in the straw poll, your convention pass was punched…I couldn’t believe how many people I knew that didn’t vote because they didn’t know, including people in the Bernie / PDA meet up room. By the time I realized so many people didn’t know about it…it was already over. I know this poll didn’t come close to maxing the Bernie support in the convention.

  38. “the results in Wisconsin do suggest that the support for Bernie Sanders is very real and that Democrats could be treated to a real primary campaign focused on the issues.” That will make for a Very Interesting primary campaign. I feel certain that Berniei will be focusing on the real issues that past presidental campaigns have skirted. Though I stopped watching main stream media years ago, it will be fun to watch them squirm, LOL.

  39. My choice is Bernie. Hilary represents more of the same. Much as I’d love to see a woman as president, She is too much in the pocket of Wall Street. Blue Dog Democrats are really more like Republicans. I want a real Democrat, and that’s Bernie. I am not alone in this, by a long shot. I am seeing the same excitement about Bernie I saw when Obama was first running. Watch out, Hilary.

  40. Statistics, not me.

    In the future when you mention “statistics” why not include a link TO those “statistics” for examination…And CROSS examination. Some statistics aren’t “statistics” at all…Just an opinion PRESENTED as a “statistic.”

  41. I wasn’t a Bernie Sanders fan at all a month ago. I was dead set yo vote for someone other than Hillary or the GOP. I wold have written in my name before voting for them. But, I have been following the campaigns and the ideas and I am liking what Bernie has to say. Is anything he proposes going to actually happen? We shall see. I just like where he is coming from and he genuinely seems to be for the people and about the people not the corporations and the greed!! Scott Walker, you sir are a jerk and an Ass!! I hope you fall flat on face in this coming election.

  42. Wow MaryAnn.
    “Much as I’d love to see a woman as president, She is too much in the pocket of Wall Street.”

    At least change the words up a bit before copying and pasting!

  43. The problem with your argument Dj is this:
    Bernie Sanders is way smarter than the entire GOP combined, he has spine, and he is fully capable of taking down their talking points one by one and shoving them down their throats. Bernie is totally electable. They said JFK would never be elected because he was a Roman Catholic. They said Barak Obama would never be elected because he is black. Bernie Sanders can and quite possibly will defeat Hillary for the nomination and win the White House. He might very well be the first Jewish President of The United States of America.

  44. It’s not a fact, it’s a smear and it’s mud-slinging. Hillary hasn’t been bought by anyone. There is no quid pro quo. Never has been. Go ahead and post that donation sheet with all the bank names and PRETEND that you don’t know the money came from PEOPLE who work at those corporation and not the corporations themselves.

    Why is a board full of people claiming to be Democrats but using right wing talking points? Really you guys–pay attention to yourselves. It’s fabulous that you are enthusiastic about Bernie, but you must not think much of him if you can only show it by LYING about Hillary (with Teahadist speak at that).

    Go ahead, down-vote me too for telling the truth and not having exactly the same opinion as you do.

  45. What about the elephant in the room–Wisconsin Dem insiders? I mean, if these folks are so sharp, how come Scott Walker beat them three times. The first was forgivable–the second two show us that WI Dem party insiders need a shake-up.

  46. In my opinion probably more coat tails than Hillary. His message is a truly Democratic message. Hillary is only moving to the left because she and her campaign are terrified that Bernie will mop the floor with them if she doesn’t. Hillary has sincerity issues in her movement to the left.

  47. But her votes when she was an Senator says different. Please since Rin is gone pull me in this bullshit but facts are facts

  48. Look a lot of us agree with his message, well those of us that are sane but do you really think billy bob and mary ann going to their duggery church will listen? Even though his message resonates with the black and brown community I have yet to see him trying to engage and no the march on Washington does not count hell, I wasn’t even born then.

    I have said I have no dog in this fight, Been there and done that in 2008 but in the end I hope we know who the true enemy is

  49. The true enemy is the republican party, and Bernie Sanders, not Hillary Clinton has what it takes to destroy them.

  50. I am a Obama supporter. Sent him donations thinking the same thing. Then reality struck. Unless you have a like minded Congress then you will be mad because the unicorns did not magically appear.

    While disappointed I understood the forces against change. I did not so much blame republicans because in reality they had no power. I blamed the blue dogs who lose election after election.

    Now if you want true change, vote real progressives in office. Remember, no matter who is President, it is the congress that writes the laws

  51. Hillary has stated she’s going to raise 2 billion dollars in campaign funds from super pacs ….yea that money has no strings not to mention she has already taken money from several large banks…how is that not owned by corporate interests?

  52. The diatribe and vitriol that I see flowing from many of the comments of this page are, I believe the real problem with the state of this country. It appears that every person is either reduced to the state of being a Rep or a Dem and their associated worth and validity as such is defined. I lean Rep moreso than Dem. I voted twice for Obama. I would rather look and evaluate issues on its merits regardless of party affiliation. Both the dems and the repubs have made both bad and good choices. They are essentially the same hence the appeal of Bernie Sanders attempting to stand outside of the political fray. That is his appeal over Hillary. He is not destined for the crown but rather believes that this should be a democracy. Now if the rest of the electorate can mature to the point and realize that it is not about Repubs and Dems but about rational discourse and the removal of corporate greed from the political system. Each time we denigrate the other side we serve the masters well

  53. Before God and Isaiah’s prophecy only America is “Israel.” Sanders is a false-Jew Talmud, no Jew and no American.


    Whether you vote Democrat or Republican …BOTH parties are owned by Big Money and after Citizen United, Big Money thinks it has ALL the power and 2016 will prove this to BOTH parties.

    UNLESS….The American Voter sends them ALL a message…and by VOTING BERNIE SANDERS that message is that The American Voter still holds the cards and the power!

    A vote for Bernie Sanders will show members of BOTH parties that the Voter still matters…still counts.

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