Obama Drives a Stake Through GOP Hearts By Dropping A Fact Bomb About His Economic Success


obama G7 press conference

President Obama drove a stake through Republican narratives about him at the G-7 Summit on Monday, pointing out that since he took office, the United States cut our deficit by two-thirds. A fact you would not know if you only listened to Republicans or the media.




“Since I took office, the United States has cut our deficit by two-thirds,” President Obama said at the G-7 Summit, wounding Republican deficit hawks to the core. Though to be fair, Republicans only started caring about the deficit once they were no longer at the helm and thus unable to continue recklessly driving it up by charging everything.

Here’s a handy chart to demonstrate just how much the deficit has reduced under President Obama, from the White House:

Deficit reduction under Obama

Republicans must not have enjoyed the President’s presser on Monday in which he correctly took ownership of a multitude of positive economic news on issues that Republicans pretend to be experts on from private sector jobs to the deficit.

“We agree that the best way to sustain the global economic recovery is by focusing on job and growth. That is what I am focused on in the United States,” President Obama said.

“On Friday we learned that our economy created another 200,080 jobs in May, the strongest month of the year so far, and over 3 million over the past year, the nearly fastest pace in over a decade.” Obama continued, “We’ve now seen 5 straight years of private sector job growth. 12.6 million new jobs created, the longest streak on record.”

Ouch. The President was referring to the incredible news on Friday that he set a new record for private sector job growth, with the private sector adding 12.6 million jobs over 63 straight months of job growth. Even the normally unimpressed were called it a “robust” report.

“The unemployment rate is near its lowest level in seven years. Wages for American workers continue to rise and since I took office, the United States has cut its deficit by two-thirds,” President Obama said.

“So, in the global economy, America is a major source of strength, at the same time we realize that while growing the global economy while growing is still not performing at its potential and we agreed on a number of steps,” the President continued setting the stage for the agreed upon agenda of the Summit.

At the G-7 Summit, the leaders are addressing diverse issues from sustainable development to promoting peace to trade to advancing women’s economic empowerment. According to the White House fact sheet on the Summit, “The President met with the other Leaders of the G-7 at Schloss Elmau, Germany on June 7-8 to make tangible progress on a wide range of economic, security, and development priorities. The G-7 stands resolved in its commitment to uphold the values of freedom and democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights, and the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

It hasn’t been a good few days for Republicans, with conservative David Brooks noting that Obama has run a scandal-free administration, saying that there are people in Washington who set a standard of integrity and attract people of integrity. Shhh, don’t tell the Republicans in the House who are spending your tax money on endless investigations into non-existent scandals.

The beauty of President Obama’s last two years is he can say it like it is. He is no longer responsible for Democrats in races around the country, and his only partisan job is to take ownership of the achievements under his administration so that the Democrats running in 2016 can ride the wave.

These economic achievements were accomplished while Republicans were derailing them at every turn, including shutting down the government to the tune of billions of dollars, shutting down national security — oh, it’s hard to think of something they haven’t shut down. Republicans might have been able to claim ownership of the deficit reduction, except that not only are they continuing to advocate for policies that caused a large part of the deficit, but their antics and inability to govern and fake investigations have cost the government billions and billions of dollars. So they have added to the deficit in their attempt to bring Obama down. It’s too bad Republicans can’t get on the country first bus, even once, and be a part of the solution.

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  1. I am so glad he took this speech to another country.His own country has not been kind to him and his accomplishments.I hope heads explode on the GOP side.Thank you Mr. President.

  2. so… not to be too cynical about it… but when do the Republicans start spinning this as another ‘Apologize for America’ tour?

  3. Obama’s speech about REAL WORLD matters will be likened to Bebe Netanyahu’s ILLEAGAL screed to the Reich Wing Congress in defense of their hatred. UNTIL…they realize how wrong they are..they are so stupid it won’t hit them for a while and when it does their spittle covered babble will be “the Liberal Left Media has once again twisted our words and taken them”out of context” again… The Reich Wing is caught in a Mobius strip of idiocy and delusion.

  4. The truth of the matter is Republicans are either too stupid, or have been brainwashed so thoroughly that they can’t understand the relationship between the national debt and the deficit. All they can focus on is the debt. “The debt has skyrocketed during Obama’s Presidency.” Sorry folks, its more complicated than that. Cutting taxes and austerity alone doesn’t decrease either the deficit or the debt. Growing the economy and increasing revenue does.

  5. Well, I’d say that Obama is reminding folks and voters- that Democrats are effective in doing things that are good for All Americans.

    Whereas the Republicans have been adroit about painting themselves into the corner.

  6. Jop, It’s like the *Right* have fallen asleep in something like that Old Wizard of Oz Poppy Field!

    Wake-Up America!

  7. Republicans are all standing around trying to figure this out. Where is all the good news coming from? Republicans: We thought that we were sabotaging all the good things from happening while Barack Hussein Obama is in office. This guy is making us look bad for sure. Shhhhh don’t tell our voters that, we’ll lose our jobs if they knew good things are happening and we were not part of making it happen. –A Republican nightmare.

  8. Good for the President…He should take credit for things that have improved on his watch. If the Republicans had been smart they would have jumped on the band wagon and helped the President solve the problems that our country faced. But instead they fought President Obama on everything. Will voters remember which party helped them? We will see…

  9. Great article, Ms. Jones. Now the POTUS needs to start bringing the message home to counter the rethuglican lies and remind Americans to vote Dem in 2016!

  10. That is how repubs role. Keep em stupid and out of the loop. They have the rich, racists and ignorant. So glad to here their ranks are shrinking. It can’t happen soon enough.

  11. Current repubs would never do anything to help the country because it would make Dems look good too. It didn’t use to be that way, but it has for a very long time now. It is the repubs that need to be shrunk to fit the drain of a bathtub like Norguest said so long ago.

  12. I only hope the President, the DNC, and the Democratic candidates across the nation will unceasingly remind the electorate of just how much the republicans have done to harm our nation during President Obama’s tenure in office. Despite historic levels of racism, obstruction, and regressive actions by the GOP, our President has risen above the republican neanderthals to significantly undo much of the damage caused by the Bush/Cheney debacle. I look forward to watching the GOP shrink, wither, and eventually fade away as their innate negativity and poisonous, traitorous attitude consumes them. They got away with their meanness for awhile, but evil doesn’t last forever. Sooner or later, karma will catch up to it. Looks like that’s starting to happen, and I’m glad.

  13. We are s lucky to have this Presidewnt, Obama, can you imagine Romney or John McCain…Bomb,bomb, bomb Iran OMG

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