elizabeth warren bernie sanders hell no liberal caucus

New Poll Shows Liberals Making A Huge Comeback As Conservatives Plummet In US

elizabeth warren bernie sanders hell no liberal caucus

An analysis of polling data has revealed that the number of liberals in America is growing while the number of self-identified conservatives has dropped in 2015.

The Wall Street Journal analyzed the data from three recent polls and found that the country is swinging left:

A new analysis of Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll data finds a marked increase in the share of registered voters identifying themselves as liberals, and an even bigger drop in the share saying they are conservatives.

In three national polls conducted so far in 2015, the analysis found that 26% of registered voters identified themselves as liberals — up from 23% in 2014. At the same time, the share of voters identifying as conservatives dropped to 33% from 37% in 2014.


From 2010 through 2014, there was little overall variation in the share of people identifying themselves as conservative, moderate and liberal, with conservatives either a plurality or tied with moderates. But that stability seems to be ending this year. For the first time since 2010, conservatives are no longer a plurality: 38% identify as moderates, compared with the 33% who identify as conservative and 26% as liberal.

The idea that America is a conservative nation was a myth that was created by the Republican Party and spread by the corporate media. The media still caters to conservatives because they are afraid of being called liberally biased, even though liberals outnumber conservatives.

Two separate recent Gallup polls also showed a rising wave of liberalism. For the first time, more Americans identified themselves as socially liberal than socially conservative. A second Gallup poll found that more Americans identify themselves as pro-choice than anti-abortion.

The Republican Party continues to move to the right while the rest of the country is moving steadily to the left. For decades, Republicans were successfully able to demonize the word liberal, but in post-Great Recession America, liberals are making a comeback. The reality is becoming impossible to deny, there is a growing wave of liberalism in the United States, and the only things keeping the Republican Party from being swept under are gerrymandering and regional political polarization.

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