New Poll Shows Liberals Making A Huge Comeback As Conservatives Plummet In US

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An analysis of polling data has revealed that the number of liberals in America is growing while the number of self-identified conservatives has dropped in 2015.

The Wall Street Journal analyzed the data from three recent polls and found that the country is swinging left:

A new analysis of Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll data finds a marked increase in the share of registered voters identifying themselves as liberals, and an even bigger drop in the share saying they are conservatives.

In three national polls conducted so far in 2015, the analysis found that 26% of registered voters identified themselves as liberals — up from 23% in 2014. At the same time, the share of voters identifying as conservatives dropped to 33% from 37% in 2014.


From 2010 through 2014, there was little overall variation in the share of people identifying themselves as conservative, moderate and liberal, with conservatives either a plurality or tied with moderates. But that stability seems to be ending this year. For the first time since 2010, conservatives are no longer a plurality: 38% identify as moderates, compared with the 33% who identify as conservative and 26% as liberal.

The idea that America is a conservative nation was a myth that was created by the Republican Party and spread by the corporate media. The media still caters to conservatives because they are afraid of being called liberally biased, even though liberals outnumber conservatives.

Two separate recent Gallup polls also showed a rising wave of liberalism. For the first time, more Americans identified themselves as socially liberal than socially conservative. A second Gallup poll found that more Americans identify themselves as pro-choice than anti-abortion.

The Republican Party continues to move to the right while the rest of the country is moving steadily to the left. For decades, Republicans were successfully able to demonize the word liberal, but in post-Great Recession America, liberals are making a comeback. The reality is becoming impossible to deny, there is a growing wave of liberalism in the United States, and the only things keeping the Republican Party from being swept under are gerrymandering and regional political polarization.

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  1. Maybe…but the war against:

    Female rights to chose
    Voter rights
    Fair wages
    Minorities Increased incarceration,
    goes on unchecked and the erosion of rights increases. It does not matter unless people get up and go and vote for their rights.

  2. If only Dems would communicate what’s in their Hearts/Intentions, what motivates us.

    Remind America of something my Grandfather always told me:

    “Democrats Help Those Who Need Help…
    Republicans Help Those Who Don’t Need Help”

  3. Considering how conservacraps have tried to take over and implement their warped view on everything, this is not a surprise. Let’s hope it’s real and sustaining.

  4. During Phone/Poll last night.
    One question:
    *Is The Republican Party Too Conservative*

    You can sign up for Polling…it’s very interesting.

  5. We will come out and vote if they don’t fall for the okey doke that if their candidate don’t win they why bother they all the same. I am seeing it right now just like in 2000 from the firebaggers and EMOS

  6. I hope the GOPTP losses everything, just for the fact, every single one of them is categorically bat sh#t crazy, as they have proven it time and again whenever they open their pie hole.

  7. I’m a Very Liberal old man. As some of you know, I wasn’t always this way. My Dad was a republican, His dad was, etc. It CAN happen but sometimes change is slow. And now we don’t have the time. The next election is crucial.

  8. there used to actually be such a thing as a liberal Republican… Rockefeller, god forbid but he lost because *gasp* he was divorced and re-married… could be you stayed the same and the Party just kept moving away from you…

    Reagan would not be accepted now no matter how much they bow to him and Kennedy would NEVER have been a Republican…

  9. Na, I used to think that. But the difference is more profound. The only issue they could even hint as agreeing with them on are the illegal immigrants. That aside, there is nothing I have in common with them now. In fact, It has made me and my whole family enemies. Brother, Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, they despise me because of my liberalism. We never even speak to each other. Like FDR said, I welcome their hate. If they hate it, it must be good.

  10. Exactly DJ, we cannot be apathetic in the least, even if our candidate is strides ahead 1 or 2 days before the election..WE MUST VOTE.

  11. Defining the issues by partisan allegiance serves to only create future roadblocks in discourse of the issues. It’s time to get back to a national model of compromise, or it’s going to be another long four years for everyone during the next presidency.

  12. If the next Presidency is not Democratic, I think we are done. Economically, Socially, Morally, I think we will be finished. Can you envision Koch “Scott Walker” clone as the MAN? With the Nuclear “FOOTBALL” ?Someone said it reminded them of the movie The Dead Zone from 1983.

  13. Republicans mistakenly believed their majority win in the mid-terms was a thumbs up mandate from the people when in fact it was nothing over than laziness and apathy of the non-voter. Democrats historically vote in far greater numbers in major elections because they don’t ‘understand’ that mid-terms are also critically important elections. Get out and vote 2016 and get these vile Republicans out of office!

  14. I’m done with compromising with Republicans- they’ve remained steadfast in their refusal to bend or give a inch.

    When we get back the gains we lost since Reagan- then we’ll ‘compromise’…Robert.

  15. While the percentage of Americans who identify as liberals has increased significantly and the percentage who identify as conservative has fallen sharply, conservatives still outnumber liberals — and moderates still outnumber both.

    In fact, the percentage of Americans who identify as moderates has ALSO risen substantially — the majority of the new moderates being former conservatives.

    Bottom line: Despite their growth in numbers, liberals remain a less-than-30 percent minority of the American political spectrum — and still need to find common ground with moderates on economic and social-justice issues.

  16. Lol…common ground on “social justice” and “economics?”

    Okay, sure. The GOP wants no social justice for anyone but them, and as far as economics go…well, the 1% are the hand that feeds the GOP…so that is non-modifiable as far as the GOP is concerned.

  17. Please provide a cite for your claim that:

    “…the majority of the new moderates being former conservatives”

    Because otherwise I can likewise claim that:

    “…the majority of the new moderates being former Liberals”

  18. I suspect this is the Reagan Democrats coming back to their senses after seeing how crazy the GOP has grown.

    To truly see a wave of progressive change sweep over America we need the old Liberal Republicans come back also.

  19. When an exclusionary political position works, it is easy to keep going, excluding more and more until it fails.

    Back stepping is occurring with Social Security – too many people have personal interests in keeping Social Security working. But we’ve seen other things we care about being tromped upon and are hesitant about giving those guys more power to destroy them.

  20. I get numerous calls every day from numbers with the name blocked. I do not answer these. But if I knew one of them was a pollster, I would answer. How would I identify this?

  21. You are right. If Democrats don’t get out and vote were are sunk. Problem is Democrats don’t get out and vote. Look at the House, the largest Republican majority in Generations. If Liberals are making a “comeback” where are they? And as far as our “liberal” leaders, Pelosi, Reid, Wassserman, they need to step aside and bring real liberals into leadership.

  22. To vote is good. But it is not enough. Everyone should find a way to volunteer next year. I hate making phone calls, but I am willing to canvass, and I have trudged through so many neighborhoods through the years that I’ve lost count. It’s always scary starting out, but by the time I’m through with the route, good things have happened. 2016 is definitely going to be all-hands-on-deck, so start preparing mentally for this.

  23. And the reason for those RWNJ attacks and gains is because left leaners don’t vote in midterm elections. Has the lesson been learned? I wish, but many in our country are lazy and don’t know how our government works.

  24. We will still have gerrymandered red districts in 2016. That won’t change until after the 2020 census. And that means we need to make sure left leaners vote because in many states it is who is in charge that gets to draw the district lines.

  25. The GOP pandering to their lunatic fringe, religious zealot base is not working for this dying political party. Just look at the extreme positions of those running for the GOP nomination for President, each jumping over the other to move further right. Surprised to see the conservative, corporate owned Wall Street Journal and NBC admitting to a Conservative decline in our country. Goldwater and Reagan would not recognize the new GOP.

  26. Simple analysis…
    Democrats = All for One and One for All
    Republicans = I gots mine, Fck the rest

  27. Couldn’t agree with you more! This is why a robust Democratic primary is such a great thing for Dems. Every candidate on the Democratic ticket will be able to share what they stand for, what the party stands for and what we should be working towards. Then, they can show just what the Republicans are doing and saying and why the Republican plan is so wrong for our country. After that it will be our responsibility to get out the vote.

  28. David Brooks and the Myth of the Unreasonable Democrat In today’s New York Times (motto: “Our anti-Clinton boner is just getting hard”), David Brooks has a piece where he describes the problem with the campaign strategy of Hillary Clinton, which comes down to “She ain’t sucking the dicks of the yahoos.” In his column (if by “column,” you mean, “a consistent stream of illogical and ahistorical thought worded in a way to hide a vast, dark emptiness of the soul”), Brooks fears that Clinton is making a mistake by “adopt[ing] left-leaning policy positions carefully designed to energize the Obama coalition.” – See more at:

  29. here is a scary thought- if the GOP wins the whitehouse next year, god forbid, word war 3 starts in early January 2017. this should motivate all of us next year. and that is just the tip of the GOP iceberg trying to sink our America.

  30. the truth is America is sick and tired of the GOP and conservative obstruction, sabotage, interference, and jaw dropping treason. it has been almost 8 long years of daily rightwing hate and vitriol and division. America will not forget what the GOP has done to our nation and our sitting president. America will fix the mistake that happened in 2014. want to improve the nation? remove or vote out every single republican from every single level of government, law enforcement, and the courts.

  31. One area in which the Republicans showed their complete lack of desire to compromise whilst highlighting the preparedness of the President to both listen and compromise is with the COPS school safety bill; two of the catchcries of the GOP and NRA have been that armed guards will increase safety in schools and that guns aren’t really the problem, but it is a mental health issue that needs addressing. So, President Obama puts forth a bill to put guards in schools and to fund mental healthcare workers in schools. The response from both the NRA and the GOP was to cry “tyranny!” and say Obama was trying to turn schools into concentration camps and to brainwash the youth of America… So, even when the President gives them Exactly What They Ask For, they refuse… Because – Obama! Or something…

  32. There’s only two ways the GOP can win 2016: They Steal It & we sit still like 2000 or Ronald Reagan comes back from the Dead!

    I want Two Strong Honorable Political Parties…Like Two Strong Wings of an Airplane!

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