Ann Coulter Says Immigrants Will Rape and Impregnate Your Little Girls

Ann Coulter, still busy selling her new book, Adios America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole (as opposed to the hellhole Republicans have turned it into), says immigrants will rape your children.

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And here I thought it was the Duggars. Republicans like Coulter are the ones defending rape and rapists. They’re the ones making excuses for child molestation, even of the incestuous sort. We haven’t had so many brothers feeling up sisters since Adam and Eve’s kids.

But the English-Irish-German-Dutch Coulter, who appeared Friday on “The Eric Metaxas Show,” told the Greek-German Metaxas that non-European immigrants were a bunch of “Third World” low-lifes:

Reagan got, I think it was 54 percent of the white vote, Romney got 59 percent of the white vote; the country in 1980 was about 90 percent white, now it’s about 62 percent white though still only 72 who can vote. If something drastic isn’t done right away, it is going to be George McGovern’s America, it is going to be La Raza’s America, it is going to be Uganda, basically.

McGovern, a well-known liberal and ideological successor to RFK, was the Democratic presidential nominee in 1972, and in Coulter’s mind, is seemingly used as a stand-in for liberalism. She also managed to go after not only blacks there, but Hispanics with her dig at La Raza (Spanish: “The Race”), signifying Hispanic or Latino identity.

But her racist screed did not end there:

And get used to having segregated buses and subways, as they have in India and Mexico, because of the way women are treated and sexually abused there; get used to your little girls being raped and being pregnant; get used to not being able to go to your national parks because they are being burnt down, pot farms are being grown there, pesticides dumped all over.

Wait a second! Impregnate? What happened to women’s magical body processes that just say no to rapist-sperm??? Was that all the lie? Ann, tell us what’s going on.

Seriously, I’d be more worried about some creepy old white Republican – or even a creepy young one like Scott Walker – getting into my little girl’s vagina.

Apparently, women are not already sexually abused in Ann Coulter’s America. Maybe she needs to get out more.

And then she fear-mongers over our national parks as though her rich Republican buddies don’t plan to sell them to foreign mining conglomerates along with the latest patch of sacred Native American lands in an orgasm-inducing BOGO.

Add to that, pesticides too are a conservative thing. It’s not the GOP worrying about the environment. It’s us nasty McGovern liberals. Or are immigrants using their powerful calves to lug pesticides over the border to protect their portable marijuana crops?

Don’t you love how these right-wing demagogues can cash in through the use of monster lies and hypocrisy? I remember when these were character flaws. Now, if you don’t engage in them, you’re not a Republican.

Oh wait. Republicanism is a character flaw these days, isn’t it?

This bubble reality Republicans have created for themselves is a bizarre place when people like Ann Coulter can sound like a liberal complaining about widespread and unregulated use of pesticides in order to condemn liberals.

The saddest part is thinking about all the Tea Partiers at home, huddled beneath their swastika flags with AR-15s across their knees, as Grandpa Billy Bob reads from Coulter’s book and tears for their lost white paradise slide down their cheeks to pool on the covers of their unread Bibles.

Norman Rockwell, where are you? Your America is passing, and only the fascists mourn its loss.

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