Obama Bluntly Calls Out Republicans For Trying To Take Healthcare Away From Millions

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President Obama delivered a blunt message to Republicans. If they cynically mess with Obamacare, they will be harming he lives of millions of Americans.

The President accused Republicans of ignoring reality, “While we were told again and again that Obamacare would be a job killer, amazingly enough, some critics still peddle this notion, it turns out in reality America’s experienced 63 straight months of private sector job growth, a streak that started the month we passed the Affordable Care Act. The longest streak of private sector job growth on record that adds up to 12.6 million new jobs, so the critics stubbornly ignore reality.”

Obama used examples of ordinary Americans who could afford healthcare before the ACA to highlight reality.

President Obama added, “So five years in what we are talking about is no longer a law, it’s no longer just a theory. This isn’t even just about the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. This isn’t about myths or rumors that folks try to sustain. There is a reality that people on the ground day to day are experiencing. Their lives are better. This is now part of the fabric of how we care for one another. This is now healthcare in America, which is why when you get outside of Washington and leave behind the Beltway chatter and the politics, Americans support this new reality when you talk to people who are actually enrolled in a new marketplace plan. The vast majority of them like their coverage.”

Obama vowed not to go backward, and said, “There’s something deeply cynical about the ceaseless, endless partisan attempts to roll back progress. I mean I understood folks being skeptical or worried before the law passed, and there wasn’t a reality there to examine. Once you see millions of people having health care. Once you see all the bad things that were predicted didn’t happen, you’d think that it would time to move on, let’s figure out how to make it better. It seems so cynical to want to take coverage away from millions of people. To take care away from the people who need it the most.”

The message to Congressional Republicans was blunt. It is time to move forward and stop playing cynical partisan games. Although the President never mentioned them, this speech was clearly also aimed at the Supreme Court.

President Obama was arguing to the Court that if they rule against the subsidies, they will damaging the lives of millions of Americans.

Obama’s point was crystal clear. Whether Republicans like it or not, the Affordable Care Act is now a woven into the very fabric of the American health care system.

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  1. I can’t wait until the Supreme Court makes the wrong decision. Maybe THAT will trigger the replay of 1789 which, I am afraid, is the only thing that will fix this country.

  2. When does the Court hear the latest attempt to take away healthcare? Isn’t it sometime this month? Why would Roberts proclaim any of the AHA unconstitutional after saying the AHA was constitutional? What am I not understanding?

  3. Slaves can be replaced and they do not need health insurance…

    That is why we do not need Obamacare…

    The slave owners have their own coverage.

    (the slave-owner-wanna-be, will be out of luck and the death panels can take care of them)

  4. You seriously want to open up the Constitution to revisions when there are more “deeply conservative” people than liberal and the GOP is firmly in control?

    Any day progressives want this, first – and ABSOLUTELY FIRST – they have to take back the reins of government in both houses and the executive branch. State government – that has to ratify such documents – likewise must be within the grip of wise, not doctrinaire people. Otherwise everything you hate will become Constitutional.

    But then – if you laid down the predicates, you’d have people obeying the existing Constitution and would not need to create a new one. That, it seems, would be much easier?

  5. President Obama made a forceful moral case for the law, speaking before the Catholic Health Association on Health Care in America.

    “The rugged individualism that defines America has always been bound by a shared set of values, an enduring sense that we’re in this together, that America is not a place where we simply turn away from the sick, or turn our backs on the tired, the poor, the huddled masses. It is a place sustained by the idea: I am my brother’s keeper. I am my sister’s keeper—that we have an obligation to put ourselves in our neighbor’s shoes and see each other’s common humanity.
    “And so, after a century of talk, after decades of trying, after a year of sustained debate, we finally made health care reform a reality here in America.

    “And despite the constant doom-and-gloom predictions, the unending Chicken Little warnings that somehow making health insurance fairer and easier to buy would lead to the end of freedom, the end of the American way of life—lo and behold, it did not happen. None of this came to pass. In fact, in a lot of ways, the Affordable Care Act worked out better than some of us anticipated.”

    Remarks by the President at Catholic Hospital Association Conference

  6. Getting control of congress for the democrats is extremely difficult in the face of a brilliantly executed strategy of gerrymandering by the republicans. There were congressional elections where the democrats received significantly more votes than republicans, yet republicans handily won control of the house(it is called the house of representatives because it is supposed to be representative of AMERICA!). It is unlike the Senate, which is not based on population representation. It is rigged.

  7. It’s about time the conversation was “We Want What is Good For Americans”. I’m glad POTUS is finally acknowledging and talking about his/our public policy successes. Some people (teabags) do not have the mental capacity to figure out who has their back, so unfortunately they need to be reminded.

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