Even Republicans Think That Marco Rubio’s Financial Scandal Is A Big Problem

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Several Republican strategists are saying that the scandal involving Marco Rubio’s debt and personal finances is legitimate and could be a big problem for his 2016 presidential campaign.

Politico spoke to several Republican strategists who discussed a New York Times story about Marco Rubio’s struggles surrounding excessive spending and debt:

“The parking ticket hit was bullshit, but this is real,” one Republican strategist said. “They were trying to lump them together when they are two different things, so that’s the Times fault. But Marco shouldn’t be able to get away from one legit story about how he can’t manage his own finances because the other story was bullshit.”


“Marco made 800,000 on his book, plus his Senate salary,” one Republican strategist said. “Then the Rubio people are like: The Times are just attacking a normal guy with normal problems!”

“It’s fine, I get the playbook, but they shouldn’t be allowed to just spin that,” the strategist said. “I don’t think there’s anyone in Iowa who has student loan debts and an 80,000 boat and a 50,000 car.”

The stories about Rubio’s excessive spending and financial issues are nothing new. In 2012, Reuters reported, “Before joining the Senate last year, his name surfaced in an Internal Revenue Service investigation of the Florida Republican Party’s use of party-issued credit cards. He frequently had used his party credit card for personal use, and later reimbursed the card company for about $16,000. Rubio’s handling of his personal finances contrasts sharply with the image of him on his Senate website, which highlights Rubio’s efforts to prevent Washington from piling up debt.”

At best, Marco Rubio is a hypocrite. At worst, he is a reckless spender with a history of shady deals who can’t be trusted manage his own checkbook, much less run the country. The New York Times piece contains too much detail to be easily dismissed and has opened the door for more journalists to dig into Rubio’s financial history.

Republicans may be hoping that they can bury the Times piece as a partisan hit job, but Rubio wasn’t living the life of an average American, and his reckless spending skeletons may doom his presidential campaign.

15 Replies to “Even Republicans Think That Marco Rubio’s Financial Scandal Is A Big Problem”

  1. but sheldon will spend millions to buy off the media to kill the story. he is sheldons boy, aint he? no one on the gop can get ahead without his or her own billionaire oligarch to lead them to the promised land….

  2. So what would happen if he got handed the U.S. Treasury Department credit card?

    Another Ronald Reagan/W. Bu$h?

    Of course I will be attacked on this for my observation being ‘unwarranted’ or a ‘false comparison’.

    Not unlike Ben Carson…

  3. The GOP have Nothing/Nobody Honorable to put forth!

    “Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio has a money problem – he can’t seem to stop spending his Party’s money on things like stereos, liquor, and expensive haircuts. He claims that he’s paid the money back, but his spending habits raise serious questions about his personal discipline”.


  4. These problems are all about integrity. Is Marco Rubio an honest person that the citizens can trust? His past seems to answer that question. One of the great things I admire about President Obama is his character. I happen to think that is an important trait for a President.

  5. You’re right, but using Rubio or any other GOP in the same sentence as “integrity” is just not right. The GOP would not know integrity or humility if it bit them in the butt.

  6. Jim Greer probably has a whole lot he can tell us about Rubio. After he exposed the wild spending some FL GOP/TPers, including Rubio, were doing, he became persona non grata in the party and was tried, convicted, and sentenced to 18 months behind bars. He’s out now, and I’m hoping someone in the MSM asks him to comment on Rubio’s wild spending. Rubio is portraying himself as an “Average Joe,” but he’s anything but an “AJ.” He has been using his political positions to get rich while voting against every bill meant to make life better for lower and middle class Americans, our troops and veterans, and all Americans need to know about it.

  7. this is truly pathetic and beyond sad. the GOP can’t even produce one legitimate presidential candidate. unbelievable! it really will not matter who the dem nominee turns out to be. this is all setting up for a massive, jaw dropping GOP defeat in late 2016. GOP leaders are already on record making excuses and apologizing for the significant republican losses that are coming next year. they are reading the writing on the wall. not necessarily a confidence builder, huh righties? folks there will not be another republican president in our lifetimes. thank god!

  8. That is why Mr BLOND is running for office, so that the naive & the gullible can send him money to live in the style he enjoys, and that he believes he is ENTITLED!

    The GOP endorses him because of the possible “Latino” connection, but the he is the last person to understand the issues of the working stiff Latinos, since he wants to be up there with Mitt & W.

  9. No Problem!!! Just blame the mess on Obama and claim that Democrats do it also and MORE and the Reich Wing sheeple will buy it.

  10. What happened to the House him and another State Rep owned in Tallahasee that Credit Suisse Bank owned the mortgage and it was going into foreclosure as he was running for Senate? Rubio was heavily in debt befoe he ran. All swept under the rug.

  11. I saw this coming from a mile away. These problems are why Romney passed on Rubio as a vp candidate. And its not parking tickets, its moving violations including failure to stop, running red lights, etc. What all this points to is somebody impulsive and somewhat out of control. Kind of oddly this often times is the way republicans behave in their personal lives……………really out of control and irresponsible. Being conservative politically has nothing to do with the way one leads their personal lives Ive noticed, usually its the polar opposite.

  12. Did no one explain to the RNC that funneling bribes to politicians via a credit card still leaves a trail?

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