Here Comes Big Brother: Ben Carson Wants To Hire Covert Spies To Track Government Workers

Ben carson 2016

On Wednesday, retired neurosurgeon and GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson told an Iowa Republican crowd that he wants to create a covert division of government workers to spy on other government workers. Carson’s secret army of government spies would have the job of tracking government employees to make sure they are being efficient.

Carson told the audience he was seriously considering adding “a covert division of people who look like the people in this room, who monitor what government people do”. He argued that government employees would work harder if they knew that some of their coworkers were spying on them while they worked. Then he exclaimed to heavy applause:

And we make it possible to fire government people!

While Carson has become popular with Tea Party Republicans, one has to wonder whether he or the crowds that cheered this idea have thought it through. Although it is understandable that anti-government Republicans would relish the prospects of having a way to fire government workers, surely they must see the irony in hiring an army of government spies to monitor their fellow workers, as a way of reducing unnecessary government employees.

Imagine if this covert division, which sounds a bit uncomfortably like the East German Stasi of the Cold War era, uncovers a few workers who are so inefficient they must be terminated. Let’s say for every four government spies, one under-performing employee is discovered and fired. Then Ben Carson’s brilliant plan will have saved the taxpayers the cost of paying one mediocre employee at the expense of having to pay four spies to track that employee. Great, the taxpayer just lost money, but at least that one lazy bureaucrat was unearthed and dealt with.

The plan is so Orwellian that even Republicans ought to shudder. Hopefully, one of the other GOP candidates, like perhaps Kentucky Senator and selective libertarian Rand Paul, will point out just how badly Carson’s idea clashes with the concept of personal liberty.

Hiring government spies to track American workers, even workers who are state employees, is exactly the type of government repression all Americans, including Republicans should be against. Ben Carson isn’t simply too amateur to be an effective leader, he is also too dangerous. Voters be extremely wary of Carson and his desire to expand the surveillance state into every public workplace.

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  1. This whole crackpot idea sounds like Carson had his wires crossed.

    A group that is extremely anti-government creating a spy unit devoted to rooting out government workers… Just proves that Republicans only care about government when it works in their favor.

  2. Ahh, more from the dope who likes to use the words nazi and gestapo to describe people or policies that are not up to his delusional standards. What a loser!

  3. Members of Congress are government employees, I wonder if Carson would subject members of Congress to the same standard, for not doing their job.

  4. Well…….he would find that RWingers that work for our government are the least productive! Why, because they hate the government and its their goal to take advantage and be non productive! FACT!

  5. This type of statement would concern me if I thought there was a chance in hell he will get the nomination. Carson is not the driver of the clown car, he’s just along for the ride.

  6. Another layer of bureaucracy needing to be fed…sounds like HMO’s. Remember how well that worked?

    Every Bureaucracy has two goals- hold onto their power, and to expand.

    How long before, semi-government employees are monitored? And then…

    Remember what the Patriot Act was intended for originally?

  7. Ben who? If your last name isn’t Bush you’re nothing but an amusing distraction. Carson, Rubio, Carli something Italian, and the rest of the clown car occupants are there to cash in since the RNC doesn’t give two shits about it’s constituency and decided who their boy was ages ago.

  8. “surely they must see the irony in hiring an army of government spies to monitor their fellow workers, as a way of reducing unnecessary government employees.”

    Well, no – becuase the mean-spiritedness, punitiveness, and need to control which are typical of right-wingers override
    any rationality.

  9. But a President is a government worker. Who would watch him???

    I’m beginning to understand why Carson retired from neurosurgery. As someone else suggested, his wires (neurotransmitters?) are definitely crossed, and thank goodness he’s no longer operating on innocent children.

  10. Like many right wingers he doesn’t seem to know that there are people in government that monitor everything that every government agency and government employee does. You can find reports on this on the web easily.

    There has been and continues to be a major push for reduction of waste in our government.

    Congress even has oversight over everything the executive branch does as well.

    Not sure what Carson wants, but he seems uniformed or just spouting right wing rhetoric.

  11. Hey…he is thinking about job creation…

    The new group will be wearing the fashionable BLACK-SHIRTS, with a European mid-20 century design.

    The training for these workers will beging in childhood, and they would become the informers on their familiies activities.

    The layer of oversight will be evaluted by the feudal lord at each location.

  12. ben carson is a grifter! PERIOD! I don’t really care about his race, a grifter is a GRIFTER! but ben carson isn’t even a clever GRIFTER!! sarah palin at least knew that using her sexuality and her WHITENESS would draw in the GOP’s SUCKERS! she knew full well that she was deeply intellectually challenged!! but she counted on the ignorance and the gullibility of republicans to accept her. ben carson?!! not the case, the republican party attracts RACIST! PERIOD!! the ONLY reason the KKK isn’t 100% onboard with the GOP is because the GOP accepts JEWS, WEALTHY JEWS!! (SHELDON ADLESON) and the (republican jewish coalition) or (RJC). ben carson is just another TOKEN for the GOP to dangle in front of america! Just ask Colin Powell how the GOP feels about black republicans who DARE think for themselves! ben carson is an opportunist! he’s not in this for LOVE of country! or for his “LOVE” for his race! or for LOVE of the GOP, this is for LOVE of ben carson, PERIOD!

  13. It’s stone cold hilarious listening to the few LILY WHITE republicans who just LOVE them some ben carson, I never said the GOP from top to bottom were ALL racist, but lets tell the REAL STORY! they sure do ATTRACT RACIST! MOST of the GOP is racist as HELL! but many of the GOPers who’ll donate MONEY! from the likes of the koch brothers and their NAZI roots to some white racist in alabama who makes under 10k a yr and has more kids than brain cells but will happily send 10 or 20 dollars a month to the GOP! Lets be REAL! most sane don’t accuse the GOP of being racist for NOTHING! the GOP has made their feelings quite clear! But “SOME” republicans aren’t hardcore racist, but how does the old saying go? “Lay down with DOGS?, get up with FLEAS!” so whenever some LILY WHITE republican foolishly tries to hop on the ben carson bus, I ALWAYS breakout laughing! because those same ben carson LOVERS will watch FUX NEWS and swear to jesus that it’s not BIAS and it certainly isn’t RACIST!

  14. Here is what I have gleened from over 40 years in the workforce in several different fields. You can spot a brown noser (spy) from a mile away, and other workers make their time there miserable as they can.

  15. what is he doing here? pretending that he’s what? praying? This guy doesn’t believe in God because he thinks he’s God…Megalomaniac!!

  16. This is a great idea Benny C has just solved unemployment for ever. There are 2,518,101 total Government employees, so we would need another 2,518,101 more to follows those, but wait those are government employees so we would need another 2,518,101 more and those are government employees so we would need another 2,518,101 so on and so forth. The US government would employ the entire world population to follow itself.

  17. Let’s keep in mind that this man became wealthy by billing Medicare and Medicaid…you remember…those “socialist” programs? He now lives in Palm Beach, Floridah

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