Fox News May Have Helped The Duggars Cover Up New Child Abuse Investigation In Arkansas


The DHS in Arkansas has launched a new investigation into the Duggars, and it looks like Fox News helped Jim Bob and Michelle cover up the new investigation into the welfare of their children.

InTouch Weekly reported:

The Duggar family is under investigation again by the Arkansas Department of Human Services and police were called when the family refused to cooperate, In Touch magazine is reporting exclusively in its new issue that hits newsstands today.

A representative from the Washington County DHS called 911 on May 27 at around 11 a.m. asking for police assistance when DHS was not allowed to see the minor they were concerned about.


After identifying himself as a Washington Country DHS employee and stating the Duggar family address, the caller tells the 911 operator, “We have an investigation and I guess they’re not being cooperative. We have to see the child to make sure the child is all right. So we just need police assistance.”

The Duggars first interview with Fox News aired on June 3. Fox News had days before the Duggar interview to learn about and disclose to their viewers the new investigation, but they did nothing. It is possible that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar lied to Megyn Kelly and Fox News. It is just as possible that Fox News never bothered to look and invested themselves in supporting the Duggars.

If Fox News was not aware of this new investigation, it is because they didn’t want to know. The new investigation also explains why the Duggars and Kelly put so much effort into trying to discredit the police and social services. Fox News defended a family that was uncooperative with the authorities and under a new investigation related to the welfare of their children.

Fox News put propaganda ahead of facts, and now they have to explain why they didn’t know that the Duggars family was again under investigation. Whether Megyn Kelly and Fox News acted intentionally or not, they helped to hide a key fact from their viewers. Fox News turned a blind eye to what they didn’t want to see and now have to deal with the consequences of the decision to put partisan politics ahead of the welfare of children.

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  1. Not only is Fux Propaganda…. I mean Fox News a bunch of liars they are now joining the ranks of organized crime conspiracy. The Justice Dept should investigate Fox.

  2. Oh, you know. The right of good, Gahdly, ril Chrischun white men to do anything they want with their families is inalienably guaranteed by… the patrias potestas.

  3. OK, I’m about to handout some REAL truth! so if you’re one of the ultra polite, ultra kind hearted to republicans type of LIBERALS, I strongly suggest YOU move far away from this rant!! Listen, FUX NEWS is nothing but a KLANSMAN DREAM! it’s the most racist, intellectually bankrupt garbage ever to be broadcast on american television! and that’s saying something! FUX is so blatantly bias and racist, you’d think the fools who watch this BULL$HIT, would at least admit it’s racist! Common damn sense should tell you, if a supposedly ”NEWS” show, creates it’s own stories!, completely ignores FACTS and ONLY presents ONE point of view, THEIR’S!! then by definition, IT’S NOT NEWS! rupert murdoch it’s just a 2 bit aussie SMUT peddler!, he’s a LILY WHITE republican MANIAC! All this bastard ever does is reduce everything to TRASH! all of his prior publications were tabloid GARBAGE! now this pathetic FREAK has brought his act to a more than willing RACIST america!

  4. So, just to clarify Fox’s well-stated position, police are “the good guys” when they beat up, falsely arrest, and kill unarmed African Americans, and “the bad guys” when they investigate Christianists for promoting incest between their children. Got it. /s

  5. Precisely, sexual battery of subpubescent girl children by older, stronger, more valued boy children.

  6. “you’d think the fools who watch this BULL$HIT, would at least admit it’s racist!”
    I pretty much asked that of some of my fellow residents in our senior citizen building in N KY. The responses were predictable, but the best comment was “it’s not racist when you’re telling the truth about n*****s being subhuman savages”. And that came from a woman with 3 mixed race grandchildren.

  7. Most likely they just wanted to check in with the sister who was 5 during the first investigation to make sure she was successfully managing the stress caused by the current violation to her privacy.

  8. LOL, @Tired old guy, I blame this FUX NEWS, conservative nonsense squarely on MY generation!, many of the baby boomers remember the civil rights movement and hated it with a passion! and those same mouth breathes tried like HELL to pass the hate to their children! But @Tired old guy, here’s my hope, the world is getting smaller, the internet, satellite television is changing the world and those pathetic old FOOLS from my generation who probably NEVER even ventured outside their state will forever be LOST! but their children and their grandchild will see the world and realize that ALL people are basically the same. This generation isn’t buying the hate!, that’s why EVEN the KLU KLUX KLAN has radically changed their recruiting style, now they’e advertizing themselves as PRO WHITES! not racist!, just pro caucasian LMFAO yeah RIGHT!!! Heil hitler BIT#H!!

  9. Oh, yes! A great L&OSVU episode. Would love to see Finn interrogate Jim Bob and Olivia interrogate Michelle.

  10. You are point on. Listening to some of the members of my coffee club is like watching FUX without the cleavage and long legs (not that I care to see either on 70 year olds). “Some people say” … “it’s an abomination” … “companies are being crushed with regulations” … “entitlements are killing America” – and that’s coming from a group of people living in public housing who are completely dependent on SS, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.

  11. I live in a gated community of mostly elderly. They hate the “n” president, they hate Obama care, but love their Fox news. They don’t care about anything else. Believe me, they thought Romney was God.

  12. the duggars are poison to republicans why not to fox news who try to defend them lol they are a shame to society

  13. In Touch said the DHS worker sought out a minor child that the Duggars refused to produce, during the latest investigation. Was likely a follow up with the now nearly grown 5 year old victim of Josh, for further questioning. Maltreatment concerns suggests physical abuse or neglect, however. The Duggar’s youngest child is not only a micro-preemie, but appears to be slower than the rest, If that is even possible. Perhaps her obvious hyperactive behavior is drawing physical abuse. I’m guessing the leak is coming from inside their own family, from either the oldest unmarried daughter Jana, her twin & constable brother John David, or Jim Bob’s own Mother, who has probably had enough of the nonsense.
    As for Fux, they do have some splainin to do, but they won’t. And I seriously doubt they will want anything further to do with this subject matter. They got their 2 hour special & Megyn Kelley boost. They used the Duggars as much as the Duggars used Fux to promote their brand.

  14. Annette I’m almost 100% sure, even though I haven’t had the honor of seeing God walking thru paradise yet. He wouldn’t walk like a sissy, even though he attracted a lot of men, Mitt still pretended to be a fully consummated father with a smooth ass. I can only assume that all of his children were adopted and plus, he was a prime example of using hush money to his advantage. He only added the black child to knock $0.37 more off his taxes.[wink]

  15. And now the young lady in question- will probably never get the help she needs.

    All because of Christian Pride.

  16. Hey Criminals, as long as you are white and conservative you will ALWAYS have home on Fox News. It also helps if you victimize black people and other minorities. If Hitler was alive today he could get a sympathetic interview there!

  17. If the old investigation is closed, and I was under the impression it was, then this would be a new investigation. If that’s the case and Josh has been living away from home for quite some time now, exactly who is doing what to whom?!?!

  18. Whether the report is genuine enough, their joint public admissions, plus the existence of minor children under their control, gives both jurisdiction and cause to investigate them.

  19. It is noteworthy that these articles regarding the Duggars seem to attract more “Not for Me” downvotes than any other PoliticusUSA articles. Must be a hit team of “quiverfull” men following up every article they can find and thumbs-downing what they perceive as an affront to “a man’s right” to use his children for any purpose he deems necessary to propagate his twisted Christianity.

  20. “I’m shocked to learn that gambling is going on in this establishment.” I’m equally shocked to learn that Fox News might have engaged in unethical behavior to obfuscate/cover up potentially damning evidence relative to extreme right wingers. (Not really–I’m just a fan of sarcasm and of Casablanca.) Fox News (a misnomer if ever there was one) is a journalistic joke and potentially an accessory to criminal behavior. I haven’t watched that network in years; in fact, I blocked Fox News from my television sets so their lies and misinformation won’t have the opportunity to pollute my home. If I see Fox News on a television when I’m out in a public place like a store or a restaurant, I always ask the management to change the channel so I can shop or eat without having to puke. If enough of us complain about Fox News in public, we can ensure that retail establishments won’t show that garbage on their screens. That, in turn, will improve the quality of life for everyone.

  21. I’m sorry you’re surrounded by old, irrelevant, ignorant, Fox-watching right wing fools, Annette. It’s sad. The only good thing about this situation is that Fox audience is old and dying off rapidly. The future looks bright for progressives, but the GOP is going to be out of power within a decade or so. Young people recognize that the republican party is a bumbling dinosaur, so I have great hope for the nation.

  22. I am a REAL American which means that I will NEVER EVER follow fox noise or vote for any ANTI-America repiglican.

    That said, I think that everyone here out to read the snopes link that Helen B posted here:

    helen bannigan
    Reply to helen bannigan

    Thu, Jun 11th, 2015 at 12:56 am

    Satire is best when it’s so very believable.

    This entire new investigation is apparently a hoax, originally reported in a satire mag and picked up by others as real news.
    While I see these overbreeders of crotchfruit as creeps, I also realistically see the need for legitimacy here.

  23. JimBo what have you done to your family? for MONEY. You run a around with that smirk on your face and spray on hair saying to Momma HEY HEY HEY got 2 minutes.

    All you care about is SEX and MONEY

  24. Fox News viewers are like mushrooms..they are fed shit and are kept in the dark!…and they love it! they THRIVE! on it!

  25. Look, I’m a liberal and I detest FOX News and think the Duggars are basically involved in a cult, but I can’t stand by uncritical of this sort of tabloid headline. It’s misleading and stoops to the same sort of yellow journalism FOX is so good at. Did they choose not to report a new investigation? Yes. And they should be ashamed. But they didn’t help “cover up” anything. They didn’t hide evidence or anything like that. Please don’t make me ashamed to be a Liberal by using this sort of sensationalized click-bait headline.

  26. There is nothing salvageable about the Duggars show(s). TLC had a good run, but waiting until the angered mobs with pitchforks go away isn’t doing that nutwork any favors. The mobs will not go away or forget this with time.
    The Duggars are the poorest excuse for parenting, imaginable. They are entitled to their idiocy, but not child abuse, in any form. They enslaved their kids, kept them intentionally ignorant, and dependent. They are a sick, abusive & dysfunctional CULT. Real families don’t abuse. DHS needs to intervene. Jim Bob can’t manipulate everyone in that town forever. His support and endorsements mean nothing now, and the money won’t last forever.
    I guarantee Fux made up news will walk away much faster than TLC. They got what they wanted. Any more attention to the Duggar clan, and they will appear as duped as they really were. Jim Bob’s soft on stupidity interview backfired.

  27. I am an early Baby Boomer, & I am not like the horrible racists that knight 4444 describes.
    I remember being horrified by how African Americans were abused when I watched the news every night as a teen. I will never forget that, ever.
    As for fnc, they should have their license to telecast removed as there are too many people who are dumb enough to be influenced by it.
    Righties are liars, they claim they love our country yet they want minorities forbidden to vote, claiming voter fraud when from what I’ve read it’s been many the righties who commits voter fraud.
    They claim they love our Constitution yet they love citizens’ united, which is an insult to our Constitution & to the men & women who died trying to protect our country.
    They claim they are Christians yet they distort the Bible, & spew nothing but hate.
    They claim they value life, yet they turn their backs on people who are poor and sick and allow babies & children to go hungry and with no roof over their…

  28. Did you read the ENTIRE Snopes article – including the UPDATE?

    Because Snopes is ONLY disputing the accuracy of what appeared in the “National Report”.

    They take NO stand as to the accuracy on the just reported incident by “In Touch” magazine (which broke the original Josh molestations of his four sisters and another innocent friend via a FOIA request) of the refusal by the Duggars to cooperate w/ Arkansas DCFS for child protection.

    So given the accuracy of “In Touch” on reporting Josh Duggar’s molestations & his parents cover-up, I tend to give them the benefit of the doubt.

  29. Having never watched even one minute of the show I suspected something was wrong with this family. Just by watching the previews. The Duggars just scream out perverts & hypocrites.

  30. So Josh was out the house this past May right? Who’s the other pedophile that forced cops & DHS to come out? Jim Bob or another twisted son?

  31. Fox News could care less if they protect pedophiles. As long as the child molesters are conservative & the ratings are good.

  32. I also ask to have the channel changed when Fox is on in a public space. if THEY DON’T GET UP AND WALK OUT..,.Hosp. , clinics. Dr’s offices. too.

  33. This. ^ If you read about the investigation that Snopes is talking about, it doesn’t appear to be the investigation that InTouch reported. It’s my understanding that InTouch found out about the new investigation because of a 911 call made because the Duggars wouldn’t allow the authorities to see the child and verify they were okay.

  34. You need to read the Snopes article again and then compare it to the investigation that InTouch reported on. They don’t match.

  35. It may not be molestation. It could be physical/mental/emotional abuse and/or neglect, or some combination therein.

    I just hope that any and all victims get the help they desperately need.

  36. Bryann, I too am an early baby boomer and I agree with you 100%. You said everything I want to say only you said it better. Thank you.

  37. A bit of comedic relief; just read a funny article about Josh Duggar’s ban from the Moonlight Bunny Ranch in Nevada. It was supposedly for the protection of the hookers who “work” there. It’s unlikely Josh would ever go in the first place. Not because he’s a sexually repressed bible thumper, but because he has no taste for anyone older than 12, or at least the mentality of a 12 year old.

    Don’t worry about the Duggar’s. They have loads of crazy friends, and they will likely get picked up by a wonderful Christian network that will be certain to forgive all their crimes and indiscretions. They have the “good news”, hatred for others, and plenty of seed to continue spreading. Can’t let those qualities go to waste. Maybe Jim Bob will even end up with his own MegaChurch to continue feeding his ego and personal narcissistic agenda.

  38. these people may be Christians and good hearted but don’t MISTAKE them for stupid. You can bet one thing their lawyer has told them NOT to play this ridiculous game with social services. This incident happened TWELVE YEARS ago….Josh has been out of that house for years and some of the younger children were not even born yet. For them to try to now say any of those children are in “danger” is as pathetic as the MORONS on here who think there is anything wrong with the way the Duggar’s handled a PRIVATE situation. The DSS told them they did an excellent job 12 years ago so what is this but more BS!!!

  39. I think you needed read further in that article…you left out a key factor.

    The article on the Bunny Ranch banning Josh actually seemed more concerned with the SISTERS showing up to work there. The Ranch spokesperson apparently has lots of young women (closest cult runaways would be from Warren Jeff’s coven) who show up at the ranch doorstep looking for work; they’re good at how to please “daddy”
    (and I bet most are turned away and told to get therapy).

    Sick, I know, but the fact remains that many of these young women who grew up under isolated cult conditions/compounds are under-educated, lack both social and job related skills.

    I think the Bunny Ranch knows of what they speak…

  40. “…You can bet one thing their lawyer has told them NOT to play this ridiculous game with social services.”

    You are absolutely correct! They are well trained as to how to handle social services when they show up at the door, plus, what attorney to call to stop the process. They learned how to do this via the Quiverfull Movement child-rearing book, “How to Raise you Kids Up” by the Pearls.

    I worked for an agency that received the “hot” reports to go ASAP to a home of 2 kinds of families reported:
    1. Fundamentalist who “home-schooled”.
    2. Crack houses with children (those kids usually went to school, you know to look “normal”).

    In both cases, I had 4 hours or less to make those house call; I would always take an officer. Even if the parent were taken back by the “raid” they were well prepped way in advanced as to how to make sure their cover was in place in case they were reported…they all knew how to subvert the law in advance. The Duggar’s are no different.

  41. Finally the Duggars seemed to figure out that the best defense is to Stop Talking.

    Sad because now this will die and they will will be forgotten and get
    away with their cover up

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