Fox News Is Unraveling As Their “Objective Witness” To McKinney Pool Party Is A Convicted Felon

Megyn Kelly wrong again

Megyn Kelly needed to assure viewers that the horrific violence enacted upon a 15-year-old black teenager by Corporal Eric Casebolt during the McKinney pool party debacle, as well as the same officer drawing his gun on two other black teenagers for no justifiable reason, was not racially motivated.

In order to accomplish this rather Herculean task given the video, Megyn Kelly had on Sean Toon as a “witness” and a “resident”, who explained “what really happened.” Yep, watch Fox and you’d think Toon is just a random dude who called the police because he was worried about the music being played and some teenagers were accusing “residents” of being racist. Totally out of the blue, you understand.

“Witness” explains it’s not racial:

Fox News Megyn Kelly "witness"

Sean is a guy who only wanted to be known by his first name, which should have at least sparked a warning enough that her producers did a background check. I did it yesterday. And guess what?

Dude has a record. Dude was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in September 2000, for which he served 75 days in jail, according to the Guardian.

This doesn’t mean that his account isn’t accurate, but it does call into question his character when he is justifying violence. It would give a reasonable person pause with one conviction (wait for it).

After all, Toon was one of the people who called police, and his wife Barber Toon was also at the pool party Friday night. In fact, Sean’s wife is the person seen in the original fight (including what looks like pulling a teenager’s hair) that caused her husband to call the police. He left that part out.

Yet her husband Sean is such a stellar member of the community that the police took his word for things and Officer Eric Casebolt, who has now resigned after abusing his authority, took it upon himself to round up all of the kids of color. Based on the words of a convicted criminal. But race is totally not an issue.

Why were only dark skinned kids chased down and tackled to the ground? (To be clear, there is only one officer who behaved in an overtly racist and violent manner, the rest tried to keep things calm and did their job properly, even restraining him at one point.)

Buzzfeed reported that Fox and Friends replayed Toon’s version of events in the morning. They also report that it was actually Toon, Kelly’s “witness”, who yelled racist things at the teenagers:

What Toon has failed to mention, though, is that he was part of a group of adults that, according to teens at the pool party, initially made racist comments to the mostly black youths, sparking a violent fight.

“I’m 100% sure that he said, ‘You should go back to the Section 8 [public] housing where you’re from because you don’t belong in our neighborhood,'” Grace Stone, a 14-year-old white McKinney resident who defended her black friends, told BuzzFeed News. “That’s when I went off. I called him an asshole. He had no right to say that. You shouldn’t be that hateful. That’s when [one of Toon’s female acquaintances] came up to me and said, ‘You don’t talk to adults like that.’ She was saying I needed to do something with my life and find a nice path for myself.”

Lest this turn into he said, she said, the lady who organized the event corroborated Stone’s version of events according to Buzzfeed, including the charming use of the totally not-racial slur “black f**cker”. Oh.

So died the ridiculous notion that this wasn’t racial. And it’s starting to look like the “witness”, who was years earlier was arrested for aggravated assault, wasn’t so innocent.

But the bad news isn’t done yet. This Toon guy, Megyn Kelly’s “witness”, was also convicted in 1999 of felony criminal mischief and he pled guilty to killing and maiming animals as an 18-year-old.

Sean Toon was convicted of torturing animals and served 285 days in jail, according to records obtained by the Guardian:

Sean Toon was sentenced to more than nine months in jail after pleading guilty to killing and maiming prize farm animals and covering them in paint, according to court records in Texas. He was separately sentenced to two and a half months for an assault…

As a teenager, Toon had two serious encounters with the criminal justice system. He could not be reached for an interview. Asked whether he had any comment about his past crimes, his wife said in a text message: “In the end you will get what you deserve.”

So that’s a charming threat by the wife, the one in the video who is pulling the hair of a teenager. You know, the fight that started this whole McKinney pool party debacle. Good thing the police took Toon’s word for things.

But not nearly as charming as the details (WARNING, graphic) that caused Toon to not only be arrested, but expelled from school:

“Cows and pigs were cut and bruised, apparently beaten with wooden boards. And baby turkeys were slain, their limbs torn apart,” the Dallas Morning News reported at the time. Dale Gardner, a teacher in the school district’s agriscience and technology program, told the newspaper: “It was brutal. There’s no way to describe it. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

The police officer who resigned is blaming emotional distress, because like every doctor, nurse and medic knows, dealing with emotionally disturbed people is a pass for becoming an aggressive lunatic on their next patient.

This concludes today’s episode of “It’s not racial!” brought to you by a twice convicted criminal and animal killer, his hair-pulling wife, and the white police officer who acted violently and aggressively based on their word.

Megyn Kelly is already looking dubious at best after her assist-style “interview”/public relations broadcast on behalf of the Duggars, which it turns out she conducted days after the Duggars refused to cooperate with the DHS who were concerned about a minor in the home. Fox News’ rising star is on a roll.

58 Replies to “Fox News Is Unraveling As Their “Objective Witness” To McKinney Pool Party Is A Convicted Felon”

  1. There are people who will choose to believe this miscreant because he has said what they want to hear. That’s because they share his and his wife’s anti-black bigotry, just as ex-sergeant Eric Casebolt does. There’s NO other reason for his going after the black teenagers without calmly asking questions in order to get to the bottom of things. He was completely out of control, cursing, brandishing the gun he was only stopped from firing by the other officers, and worst of all physically assaulting that young girl as well as one of the boys, who was the only person arrested. However, charges have now been dropped against the boy. I hope this Neanderthal gets sued. He should not just be able to walk away after resigning without some other more severe consequences. Anyone who still doesn’t see that this was racially motivated is deliberately obtuse and ignorant.

  2. Having a criminal conviction, misdemeanor or felony, does NOT necessarily undermine your credibility as a witness. It doesn’t take much to violate the law today given how so many laws have been written just to pack the jails. I know people with criminal convictions 10 or 20 years old that are of much higher character and more trustworthy than many I know who have “clean” criminal records. Consider people individually for who they are…. not for an incident that may have occurred in their past life.

  3. ‘Race, the Supreme Court, and the McKinney Pool’
    […] (quote)
    The source of the public outcry in McKinney over the weekend is a community pool that isn’t public. As my colleague Brentin Mock noted last year at Grist, the public swimming pool has always been a site of civil rights disputes. And private communal pools like the one in question in McKinney only proliferated once pools were desegregated, as Yoni Appelbaum explains.

    But the Supreme Court case that now concerns McKinney is larger than any single exclusionary amenity. The Roberts court may redefine exclusionary zoning altogether. What the Supreme Court does next will decide whether residents of McKinney—and Flower Mound, and Lewisville, and Sunnyvale, and Frisco, and suburbs and cities far beyond Dallas and Texas—can erect informal barriers to keep poor black residents not just out of their pools, but out of white, wealthy areas in an altogether more profound way.

  4. Craig, you are absolutely correct …

    Because lawyers just LOVE calling FELONS like SEAN TOON, convicted of, & having served prison time for, TORTURING ANIMALS as a character witness who made the 911 call hoping for SWAT Teams because blacks were swimming in THEIR OWN community pool.

    (Yeah, I like caps. It helps to emphasize clarion points to dumbass racists like you, Craig, since there are no crayons available to make it easier for you to understand.)

    PS: Animal abuse – like TORTURE – is one of the best predictors for a life of future crimes:

  5. Miss lower my neckline and raise my hemline has proven her love for jerks. She defends sex offenders and lying witnesses. She’s a pig.

  6. He sounds like Mike Huckabee’s son, with the animal torturing and killing. Except good Old Mike got his son out of it by threatening the DA that was pursuing it with the loss of his job if he continued to do so. And CPS must investigate the Duggars, and get the remaining kids out of the house before they are raped (again?) There is something very sketchy about Jim Bob. He was a friend of the pornographer cop, so I wonder how many of his kids were in this guy’s kiddie porn. We haven’t gotten all of the story yet.

  7. When is this BULL$HIT gonna END?! FUX NEWS has become so damned predictable, that I can set my watch by them!! they just keep beating this same old worn out drum over and OVER again! It’s the same recipe!, A- Whenever a WHITE person does something really FU#KED up, ya know like pointing GUNS at federal agents! FUX NEWS to the rescue! they stick a camera and microphone in their face and try to make HERO’s out of them! B- Or stalking BLACK teenagers just trying to visit their parents! even though the police told the doughy FAT ASS, NOT to follow the kid! C- Being a LILY WHITE CULT and molest your own children! NO problem! FUX NEWS will defend you! Listen, FUX NEWS is a sad joke! see REAL NEWS stations don’t create NEWS! they REPORT IT! FUX NEWS is beyond twisted, this station never met a LILY WHITE republican they didn’t like! BTW if you murder a black person, they’ll not only crown you “america’s WHITEST patriot” you’ll get a personal autograph by megyn kelly!

  8. FOX would be an advocate for the devil if they had to in order to slime a black teenager, it is in their genes, racial hatred and dividing people against each other, right now they are struggling to defend child molesters like Duggars, and now
    racist red necks. FOX people are slimy and

  9. You can’t blame Fox News, Toon was white so of course they will take his side of the events in McKinney pool party. If you are white Fox News will take your side over black people regardless of your crimes because Fox News is white supremacist propaganda site masquerading as news organization. They have defended murderers (zimmerman) child molesters (Dugger)

  10. Let’s imagine this….a black police officer and a white 15 year old girl. Fox would be beside themselves!!!

  11. Ya know, I’ve never heard of that ever being an issue – black officer against white teen. Interesting and telling.

  12. If you know that many people with criminal records, and that many without them whose moral character and honesty are less stellar than that of the people with criminal records, I’d say there’s a general problem with the people you associate with.

    You also sound like you’re full of shit. Are you?

  13. If course Faux News viewers would take Sean’s word for what happened at the pool. He is White. Like Josh Dugger he had some “youthful indiscretions.”

    The problem is this “witness” has youth and adult convictions on his record. But none of this will affect Faux viewers. All they will ever see if a valiant police officer fighting off a mob of violent Black young “thugs.” Shame on the whole network.

  14. But being the husband of the woman who instigated the issue and trying to hide that fact by not divulging your last name does.

    this dude portrayed himself and an impartial observer when in fact he had a horse in the race

  15. It seems that JustADumbFireman (an appropriate name) and dimshit aren’t intelligent enough to see the point I was making. Nowhere in my comment did I defend this individual who is the subject of the article. I made a general statement about the poor judgement of some in our society to consider ANYONE with a criminal record to be of low character and untrustworthy.

    And, JustADumbFireman (again, such an apt name), there’s a good chance you know more criminals than I do. You just don’t know they’re criminals. What’s that, you say? You don’t associate with criminals? Really?? Have you done background checks on everyone you know? I doubt it. You also sound like you’re full of shit. Are you?

  16. My God….he has a record from 15 years ago….yes….let this define who he is today. That’s what’s wrong with people. Judge not less ye be judged. People change.

  17. He changed from a torturer of animals to a racist. You people will defend anything to protect your own beleifs

  18. Um but that wasn’t his wife pulling her hair unless her facebook profile is a catfish. She’s skinny on her profile and isn’t the name of the person pulling her hair Tracey?

  19. I honestly think that Faux news looks at a story, decides what side the LEFT will take (correct side) and then takes the opposite matter WHAT the case is about. Seems to me they support rapists, child molesters, murderers, and anything else the LEFT is against…they have absolutely no morals what so ever….

  20. Actually, she loves White Jesus. I believe her exact words were “Jesus was a white man, too. It’s like we have, he’s a historical figure that’s a verifiable fact.”

  21. FOX “News” is the absolute worst thing that’s happened to our country in the 19 years since it’s founding.

    I have a wonderful neighbor, 93 years old. She’s spent a lifetime working her ass off — a real “career woman,” long before the term even existed. Strong, stubborn and determined, I admire her life and the things she accomplished. (but I wish she’d stop climbing the darned ladder to cut her ivy! Dangerous for a 93-year-old!)

    The sad thing is . . . . whenever I visit, she’s got FOX on her TV. Whenever we talk about anything political, I hear only the FOX talking points. Her dislike of President Obama and Obamacare is obvious, as she repeats all the blather she hears from FOX about how the ACA is “not working.” Even when I try to tell her the statistics (which FOX always ignores) she dismisses them with a wave of her hand.

    I just feel very sad that FOX has influenced this woman (she spent a lifetime working in healthcare) by only telling her lies! I hate FOX.

  22. Exactly Anne. I think you nailed what Fox noise is all about; scared old white people who really want to believe everything that Fox says because that is the same way they think. I’m just glad this loose canon is gone now before someone got killed.

  23. “let this define who he is today”

    Oh look, that 14 year old black girl looked like she was going to talk back to a police officer. She’s obviously no saint and deserves to be roughed-up because she’s a habitual criminal.

    Oh look, that white man molested his sisters and friends when he was 14 years old. We shouldn’t be judge-mental on his past actions.

    Nope, don’t see a difference.

  24. Yeah, tell that to any black person in America. I guess having a record and being white doesn’t make their statement questionable but if you’re black it does. Thanks got it, glad to know a majority of white people are evil to the core and will always carry the hateful evil traits passed down from their ancestors.

  25. The Hoa has stated that Tatiana did not have permission for a pool party, her party was across the street. The party was posted on social media and was overun with people who, because she implied that it was a pool party, decided tocrash the pool . I don’t know if Sean is the pool security guard but that is who policereported as the caller . First policeman called for backup after crowd was unruly and would not leave . This is what more than a few adults have stated. I don’t know what was said between Crace and woman and neither do you and ,of course a 15 year old would never lie , and her social media has different story Ations of Officer he was obviously stessed out do not condone Teens tweeted that they saw white teenagers put to the ground too. Grace has already stated three different stories thatmyself have read . Kids got caught kids lie nobody hurt. Nothing here,move along. What was said who cares, Officer quit nothing here

  26. Yeah tell my stepson ,Im raising as a single dad , ( who is Black) that I am Klan , he’d get a real kick out of that. You think that just because someone who does not toe your political line is wrong . I never stated that I watch or belive any news station . I read news from all sources and I call them out. I read authors on all scales of the political thought line. BS is BS right or leftwing

  27. Dumbass the people who threw the party lived in the community. Dumbass the people at the pool lived in the community and according to the rules they could invite up to two guest. Dumbass white racist like you instigated the incident. And finally you are an dumbass

  28. Was hoping to engage someone in a discussion where they would site sources that I could hopefully expand my knowledge and possible try to get an accurate assessment of what happened . Well they keep censoring my posts and I just keep getting attacked personally and no new info. Think I ll go over and harassed the conservatives for awhile. To the gentleman , who stated the left is always right , I’m sure that the many victims of Pol Pot , Uncle Joe and our old Boy The Chairman may disagree.

  29. You got to be shitting me? There are links in the article and the comments that will enlightened you to what happened. What you want is someone to co-sign your bullshit

  30. @dmi60ex, you’re probably not a DUMBA$S, you’re just IGNORANT, your stepson is BLACK, so I’m assuming you’re caucasian, listen @dmi60ex, YOU may think you’re savvy on racism in america! but wait till your stepson starts telling YOU the you the reality of being BLACK! you may think you got it all figured out @dmi60ex but until YOU see up close how WHITE racism operates in this country, I suggest you use your ears more and your foolish internet RANTS less! Racism isn’t just some caucasians college students making videos on how lowdown and pathetic they are, it’s the institutional racism that’s gonna blow your mind! and FUX NEWS has been making racism fashionable! Get a clue @dmi60ex.

  31. 2015 what happens to black people when ever they make a complaint about being mistreated or the victim of racism.

    There will be a video that clearly shows what happened.

    Now the media (FOX NEWS) spins this into a ONCE in awhile thing and was justified. If your Unfamiliar on how this works I will attempt to educate you.

    1. Character will be question. They the media is going to go back into their entire life and try to find ANYTHING that can be deemed criminal to destroy their credibility/ Failed to stop at to stop sign while operating a bicycle when they were 8 years old.

    2. Show multiple other videos of black people “acting crazy ass hell” getting arrested that was Really Justified. All black people aren’t innocent and All black people are guilty either. But it will be used to level the field because they can say ” well look at all the other times we had to arrest a crazy black people.

    So if this happens to black people all the time. Why should Sean Toon’s past be ov…

  32. Wake up folks. Mess like this happens in our country daily. Kids will be kids and cops will be cops, there are good and bad in every category. This is simply the media doing the governments objectives, They want Americans divided so we dont take a stand together to fight their corruption. Race Baiting is their biggest tool. Racism is mostly dead other than in big cities and old dusty people. Im from the south, NC to be exact. My family is White, Black, Native American and a little Mexican. I agree the cop was out of control cause he tripped up and fell into that barrel roll, he should retire. But open yalls eyes, Why put only one story on the News and not the countless others. They want you to think the way they want you to think. UNITE America, Stop listening to the Democrats and Republicans they have all sold their souls to big business and deep pockets. Seek out the one who want real change. Ron Paul should run as an Independant.

  33. The problem Tony, is that Ron Paul is not an independent.

    He’s a self-certified Doctor.

    An eye doctor. Which means he’s not even in Ben Carson’s league.

    I’ll pass.

  34. A poster on this subject made the following observation:

    “FOX is making racism fashionable”

    I agree.

  35. so once again the double standard comes blasting into effect.. if this guy were black and you pointed out that he had a criminal record you would be crucified and told that he was a good guy and didn’t do anything wrong…..but since he is a white guy with a criminal record he should be immediately dismissed

  36. No dumbass, he is being dismissed because he started it with his trailer park tramps and he is a liar

  37. Well obviously- 80% of the population is not fit to render an opinion- respected or not.

    Why are you trying to justify the unjustifiable?

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