Paul Ryan Gets Smacked Down While Grandstanding About Obamacare During House Hearing

paul ryan obamacare hearing

Paul Ryan got stopped dead in his tracks by Rep. Sander Levin (D-MI) while he was trying to grandstand and trash Obama during an unrelated House hearing.


Rep. Ryan (R-WI) used a hearing in the House Ways and Means Committee that was supposed to be about the HHS budget request to grandstand about President Obama and Obamacare.

Ryan said, “It shouldn’t surprise you that we’re more interested in talking about ObamaCare, especially given the president’s remarks this week. Whatever the Supreme Court decides later this month, I think the lesson is absolutely clear: ObamaCare is flat busted.”

Rep. Ryan accused Obama of dictating to Republicans instead of working with them, “Here is the question I’m trying to get at. Is the President going to stand up and wave I have a one-page bill? I have a one sentence fix is that going to be the administration’s position, or is the administration going to be willing to work with Congress to find a way to give the American people more healthcare freedom?” Later, Ryan suggested that the President would put concrete around his ankles and say my way, or the highway.

Ranking Democratic committee member Sander Levin (D-MI) laid it down on Ryan. Levin said, “I am not surprised at the tone, but I find it so counterproductive. Mr. Chairman, you talk about two-sidedness. The two sides when you say you worry about the millions who will lose their insurance when it’s your allies who brought the suit that would deprive them of insurance. You talk about concrete, having feet in concrete? That’s exactly where you’ve been in terms of ACA. Your feet have been in concrete, while you’ve brought up bill after bill to try to destroy ACA, and when you say will the President by my way or the highway, that’s precisely what has been your approach to ACA. Precisely. You’ve never sat down with us to say how can we make some changes. Instead, you have been out to destroy ACA, and you say where’s the President’s plan when the President believes that that court will and should uphold the law. All you’ve done is issue op-eds and bills, contradictory bills. You don’t have a plan. Like you haven’t had a plan for sixty years.”

Paul Ryan has nothing. Ryan is the person that John Boehner put in charge of coming up with the Republican Obamacare replacement bill, and he has produced nothing. No bills, no ideas, no legislative proposals, Rep. Ryan has made it clear that the Republican alternative to the ACA is to throw millions of people off of their health insurance.

Ryan did his best Darrell Issa impression, and he got smacked down for his efforts. Republicans think that they can take away health insurance from millions and blame President Obama. Paul Ryan was trying to set the stage for Obama to take the blame for the Republican plan to harm millions, but Rep. Levin delivered a dose of stone cold reality.

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  1. Wow! That WAS a Smack down indeed. What was Ryan’s comeback? His feathers got ruffled. His fake outrage debunked. He was sent home with his old and tired diatribes against Obamacare. He should know by now that all their and his phony grandstanding against Obamacare is pure fluff and embarrassment at something they have no way of fixing, no ideas—just by bringing a shovel to dig a grave does not fix an undead problem. ( Just coined a saying) ;)

  2. Ryan is no leader, his 6th grade giggling behind the back of Sander Levin is telling of his inability to act like a big boy – Ryan looks like hes following in Boehner’slead looks like hes been on a weekend drinking binge. He sure doesnt like to be schooled by a woman .

    Impeach Eddie Munster!

  3. FINALLY! A Pol with the courage to say this. It should have been done long ago. Heaven forbid I ever get in the gallery. These idiots must be told in no uncertain terms, “If Ya ain’t got nothing better to replace it then sit down and shut up. You are wasting time and money with this childish vendetta against everything not Your way.” “Blow Your Own Horn on Your time.”

  4. Republicans never have anything cogent or relevant or even logical to say. They are what has evolved from the “Know Nothings” of the 1850’s, and 165yrs later they STILL Know Nothing.

  5. What it comes down to is this: The Republican party has NEVER done one thing for ordinary Americans. If anyone can think of anything beneficial they have done, tell me. I’d love to know. Btw, I found another interesting Stat: By the end of President Obama’s term, since 1960, Rethugs will have had the Presidency 28 years, Dems 28 years. The result? Rethugs 24 million Jobs created. Dems 53 million.

  6. Well, the smack-down is in the public record but Ryan didn’t listen to one word Levin said – he was talking to other people and daydreaming. Maybe he’ll read about it here.

  7. I would not be able to get through one of those sessions without developing a very strong urge to wipe that smirk off of Lyin Ryan’s face. I would have great difficulty with not fulfilling that urge.

  8. It is so sad that people that have insurance for the first time may lose it simply because of a republican congress that has been HELL BENT on taking down anything that this POTUS has been for!! It is a sad day in America when all this is done because the man in the WHITE HOUSE IS BLACK! What patriots the Republicans are!!!!

  9. Someone should slap that smirk of his face, he thinks he knows it all. He is one of the biggest GOP hypocrites of all time. Scum.

  10. That’s what I saw. Ly’in Ryan laughing and smirking while Levin smacked him. He was NOT listening, and even if he was, he is such a jerk, he wouldn’t have believed a thing that Levin was saying. What a pompous ass.

  11. Mr Ryan, (And I say Mr lightly) you are an immature butt! Look at him talking behind Senator Levy’s back! From the beginning the POTUS has said if there are issues lets work together and fix them. Buy Ryan and the rest of the GOP clowns did NOTHING to improve it. Instead they held 50 some votes trying to abolish it! They (The GOP and Tea Party) have done nothing while in office.

  12. I’m not sure I would have been as calm as Rep. Levin. I’m also sure that I would have turned to Ryan and told him to stop talking behind my back and listen for once. What Levin said has needed saying for years and said repeatedly. I am sick of Republicans propagandizing everything under the sun where this President is concerned. They are greasy, sleazy, manipulative, deceitful, obfuscating juvenile delinquents that have no business running a carnival, nevermind Congress.

  13. You know, there are people out there that say that liberals are brain dead, but if that was true, then what are conservatives since they almost always get outsmarted with ease?

  14. Buh, great observation! And the GOP keeps doing the same thing every time over and over. They don’t learn, they must like being the bozos and the congressional idiots.

  15. It says that while people were being distracted by Federal issues, Republicans quietly and systematically took over nearly 2/3 of the States and gerrymandered the heck out of districts to the point that those districts look very much like Rorschach ink blots….ironic considering Republicans could use some psychiatric help. Furthermore, outside of some sort of DOJ intervention, new districts cannot be drawn until after the next census in 2020.

  16. The Republicans have been saying it’s their way or the highway since that Black fellow took office. And how Effing rude to talk like that behind Levin’s back.

  17. I’m with you. I would have leaned back and caught the SOB’s head between the chair back and my back.

  18. Never Ever under-estimate the Sheer Ignorance of the American Voter. Look what we endured from 2001 to 2009. Then the MAN was elected. And the Nation was saved.

  19. It says there area lot of stupid in this country, people voting against their own interests; and laziness, those who don’t bother to vote. Of course, then we have the “misinformed”..who worship Faux and don’t want to know the facts about anything..there ya have it!

  20. Paul Ryan, the man who signed every unfunded spending bill Bush put in front of him. What a creepy little hypocrite.

  21. Dis-Respectful ASSHOLE!!! Shameful to act that way while his fellow Senator is talking to him. God I Hate This Man!

  22. It is definitely true and very sad that so many citizens vote against their own best interests. It should be clear that the dumbing down of America was a deliberate ploy and it has resulted in what we now have-an ignorant citizenry led by ignorant, hate filled politicians. If they get the White House, those ignorant voters who put them there-the lower income group- will be the first recipients of their wrath. But that is what happens when one votes with their emotions rather than with knowledge.

  23. Had the Democrats stood by the President instead of running from the President in 2014, they might have control of the Senate today. It was great seeing the Senator put that asshole in his place. He showed his lack of intelligence by his behavior while the Senator was speaking. Hopefully this is a sign of Democrats growing a pair and standing by the good their President has accomplished.

  24. How rude and lacking in decorum seeing Ryan talking behind rep Levin’s back. What a jerk and how uncivil. These republicans gave no class.

  25. Well, Eisenhower did install some infrastructure – – in particular the interstate system – – which the Republicans are now studiously saying we don’t have the money to repair.

    Hello? It had a 50 year lifespan – – 60 years ago. But the Republicans are so intent on tax cuts that they are now telling the truth, for once. There IS no money to fix it because they refuse to find the money to do so. How many people have to die on collapsing bridges before they wake up?

  26. It’s our own damn faults. Gerrymandering can explain the HOUSE. But how do we explain the Senate which is not voted on by districts? Are the states fixed, too? Nope. That very fact is why Republican states want to allow governors to appoint senators rather than vote for them ourselves.

    Democrats need to wake up! We must start voting during primaries and in years other than presidential elections. Why have we let ourselves become complacent? There’s nothing to be complacent about. Really. There’s not.

  27. Paul Ryan is a fake. He’s never had a job. He’s never been in the private sector. All of his Right-wing yes men have been blowing him so long that their brains have rotted away And they dare not say what they want or think to any one…

    He’s a joke.

  28. Its about time the democrats spoke up, aren’t they sick of being tread on, “don’t tread on me” is a line from Tea Party,Democrats should bite the rat that tread on them

  29. two crows. Eisenhower was my first POTUS. He was also the last real Republican president. All the rest especially Reagan were useless and ultimately harmful to this nation. Reagan unleashed the Theocratic Christian Reich Wing on us and we have been fighting for our rights and freedoms ever since.

  30. Mine too Joe. A comment was made that Eisenhower, created the road and bridge system we have today.(that the rethugs want to privatize). This was done to make it easier to transfer military equipment and men around the country in case of another war,(rethugs who claim THEY are all about protecting the country) want to privatize all this? I ask, who is really protecting the country? AS I SEE IT, NOT THE RETHUGS. They, protect and serve the rich. Always have, always will. Wars make them very rich and powerful. Example: The Bushes, Cheney’s. Read about the Bush family. History has proven, they have made their money being involved in the making of war oneway or another, mostly, with oil. These men and family’s are not my Idea of being a Patriots. Patriots, are men of good standing, concerned with the country and it’s people.

  31. Well said! The GOP doesn’t give a hoot about the poor, the middle class and/or female reproductive rights and would rather see Obamacare crash, burn, and take the US economy down with it than to watch it succeed.

    What they don’t realize is that not going bankrupt because of an illness, or disease, is a great thing. the ACA is 21st century law for the 21st century. It was about time!

    Being self employed, my health insurance rates dropped from $375/month to just $85/month.

    It really makes paying things like rent ($1100/month), car insurance $25/month (from Insurance Panda), internet/cable ($125/month from TWC), student loans ($325/month), and gas that much easier.

    Thanks OBAMA!

  32. Well if more Dems would have voted, Levin would have been Chairman of this committee, and Lyin Ryan would have been second.

    I hope this teaches the dems and others a lesson. Voting matters..each vote matters.

  33. {From a Sailors view}…the only way to teach Lyin’ Ryan to quit his shiite is to knock him on his arse, and when he gets up kick his right knee out back diagonally, so he can’t run onto the floor with another Randian wet dream…

  34. Paul Ryan is and always HAS been nothing more than a spoiled, petulant CHILD. He’s the schoolyard bully and he needs get knocked on his ass and put in his place.

  35. Paul Ryan is a smug little clown. He couldn’t even be bothered to show respect. to an elder congressmen who has done more for his country then Ryan ever will, and listen to what he had to say. Instead he acted like a little school child and talked and laughed behind his back while he spoke. Yet he has the gall to call out the President for not listening to congress. If Paul Ryan is the proclaimed wonk of the GOP then they have serious problems.

  36. Oh Lyin’ Ryan was listening and he heard every word, that’s why he was giggling and whispering behind Levin’s back… to show he didn’t care and was not perturbed by Levin’s words…

    He was trying to appear nonchalant so to ‘save face,’ but the damage was done and he will have to contend with it.

    But, this time when he runs to Boehner and complains, Boehner will say Levin was out of line. (Unlike when the Black Caucus complained about Issa’s rude behavior towards Elijah Cummings, and Boehner sided with Issa.)

    Lyin’ Ryan is an absolute loathsome bastard.

  37. Funny you should say that. Stephanie Miller always calls Ryan little Eddie (from the Munsters). He looks just like him.

  38. Ryan WASN’T schooled, he wasn’t smacked down–he kept the smart-ass smirk the whole time, the incredibly transparent contempt for his colleagues, yes, the nasty little boy. I REALLY wish Mr. Levin had said something to Ryan as he was giggling and joking behind Levin’s back–anything–like “Mr. Ryan are you with us”?

    So appalling and painful to see this guy in power.

  39. Terry, I have a steel wool scrub and some coarse ground scouring powder to scrub that smirk off his face if you want to get some friends and hold him down for me. I am an old lady and can’t do it myself. [WINK]

  40. Remember the Repukecons waving their pathetic 1-5 page Health Care Plan that contained nothing? Idiot Ryan has forgotten on purpose or is trying to magically substitute the Pres. Bill for his own idiocy. He is a major taker,never was a maker.

  41. Yes, I noticed that too. For a party that talks about respecting authority figures when it comes to law enforcement and business (and race and gender), they sure lack it when it comes to respecting people who have worked for the country and who do know something. The talking (literally) behind his back and the smug smirk were just juvenile. What a tool.

  42. Ryan smirks and looks around for approval, he is a bully boy. Ryan is a selfish jumped up immature personality.
    Ryan and his mother lived off the State, yet he is doing all he can to destroy the ACA, what an assh*ole with no plan except obstruction.

  43. “or is the administration going to be willing to work with Congress to find a way to give the American people more healthcare freedom?” Ryan’s idea translates to free from in, you’re on your own, kind of freedom. What a jerk.

  44. Thats really funny, I’ve been a fan of “Sister Sleeze” from Brother Weases’ show years ago. She cracks me up still. You would all enjoy Brother Wease, check him out!

  45. Paul Ryan fails to mention as he lambastes the “individual mandate” that it was first introduced in 1998 by Bob Dole who proposed it as a counter to Hillary Clinton’s universal healthcare plan. It was the assertion of the GOP in those days that people ought to be required to take personal responsibility for their own health coverage. The ACA (Obamacare) in its current form was the brainchild of the conservative Heritage Foundation. This was essentially the Republican plan and now they’re against it. Could it be that they’re angry because a black democrat took that plan and made it work after they failed? The GOP had a Republican president for eight years and they did NOTHING!!! Now they want to keep Democrats from fixing it. RIDICULOUS!!!

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