Bernie Sanders Applauds Democrats For Handing A Defeat To Corporate America

bernie sanders on the ed show
Sen. Bernie Sanders put the focus of today’s trade votes back where it belongs. Sanders reminded everyone that the rejection of TAA was a defeat for corporate America.

In a statement, Sen. Sanders (I-VT) said, “I applaud the House of Representatives for the vote today. While the fight will no doubt continue, today’s vote is a victory for America’s working people and for the environment. It is clearly a defeat for corporate America, which has outsourced millions of decent-paying jobs and wants to continue doing just that.”

Because President Obama went to Capitol Hill to personally lobby for the bill the first reaction of the political world was to frame the result in Obama terms, but the vote was a bigger defeat for corporate America.

The TAA vote was a reminder of what can happen when workers use their voices and get involved in the political process. Democrats turned against the bill because they have been getting tremendous pressure from unions and workers back in their districts.

Unions out organized big business and their superior efforts showed in the vote. There is something bigger than politics at work here. The country is changing. American workers put so much pressure on members of Congress that they had to listen.

Bernie Sanders nailed it. This was a political setback for President Obama, but it was also a stunning defeat for corporate America. People are waking up, and for one day at least ordinary people were able to defeat the special interests who dominate Washington.

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  1. Maybe it was a big mistake. Maybe it was a good idea.

    And I know Djchefron isn’t gonna like what I have to say…

    But nonetheless…

    Corporate America adored it. Why should I trust them?

  2. I have tried to figure out what the heck the parts of this agreement are, and I get some of it, but its like a big mess.

    At any rate, my opinion is if Ryan and Boehner like it, it can’t be good.

    Why POTUS is doing it, is beyond me too, but just from what I’ve read, it seems like if it passed, that it could undo part of what POTUS has tried to do, raise wages, OT pay, etc. I’m sure I am not understanding it all that correctly, but using Paul Ryan and Orange Man as barometers..I can’t benefit working people. I would not trust any Boehner or Ryan to walk my dog.

  3. Wait a minute. From what I understand the TAA is a provision to retrain American workers who lost their jobs due to the TPP. Now I was born at night but not last night so how is a provision to help workers a blow to workers?

    I will remind you the TAA goes back to the days of FDR but who cares this is now

  4. yo kiddies. the congress is going to get a mulligan on tuesday. expect the same crappy bill to pass, you watch. this is a big fat game to these oligarchs. i dont know whats worse this bill or the chinese hackers getting way more stuff than anyone is saying. the game is rigged.

  5. I’ve followed POTUS for the past 7 years. He has accomplished so much for America and I just don’t see how or why he would throw everything away. I trust no one in Washington except POTUS.

  6. Keep the pressure on folks. Washington and the oligarchs need their clocks cleaned. Corporations want this so bad, it stinks to high heaven. What the President has on his mind is puzzling but does not really matter. What is important is that everybody from the President on down needs to get the message loud and strong. We don’t trust you. We want to see what is in the bill. I bet it stinks. I bet it is a sell out of sorts but not in scale to the size of the deal. It gets the U.S. on the same playing field as countries that condone slavery, pathetic treatment of workers, low and lower pay, lax environmental and product safety standards of foreign companies, exposes the U.S. tax payers to lawsuits because of foreign companies’ loss of the profits levels they want, and on and on. The rest of it might be pretty damn good. Just close your eyes to the aforementioned – not.

  7. Ross Perot predicted a ‘giant sucking sound” if and when NAFTA was approved.

    Guess what- he was right.

    Sadly for American workers, Perot—and the Democratic Congressional majority who voted against the treaty—were right. Even President Obama has admitted that NAFTA resulted in massive job losses for American workers when corporations made the economically rational choice and moved production to Mexico, where the wages were much lower and governmental regulation of industry (think clean air and water) much less stringent.

  8. DJ, anything that helps workers is not a blow to workers, so TAA isn’t a negative.

    You are far more knowledgeable about details on this stuff. So, if TPP will cause workers to lose jobs, and TAA will help retrain people for jobs, it seems like TPP takes away from workers, and TAA benefits workers. Where is the benefit in TPP? I just don’t get it.

    So am I correct in reasoning that if TPP passed without TAA, then it is a negative for workers? Why pass anything that could jeopardize workers to begin with? Employment is shaky enough as it is. Welcome your insights to this, b/c I just am not seeing any benefit in this. It seems like they want to “undo” one thing, and yet have another thing to “fix” the undo?? agh..

  9. I find it disgusting that liberals are traitors of the party. The democrats should force all and any far left out of the party.. far left liberals are childish and enjoy holding the party hostage. Makes me sick to see them turn on our great president!!!

  10. So your solution to this TPP problem is to emulate the Republican Party, and expel anyone who doesn’t pass the Democrat Loyalty Test?

    And that has worked how well for them?

    I suggest you try to understand where the Big Bad Liberals are coming from before passing judgment upon us.

  11. Reply to sarahbeth at 8:52 am

    Makes me sick to see them turn on our great president!!!

    What a curious way to spell

    “I have no idea what TPA/TPP is”.

  12. Keep the pressure on folks.
    Yep…lots of pot sweeteners going on between now and Tuesday to flip votes on TAA.

    Capital switchboard

    202 224 3121

  13. Dj, I have seen too many people helped by job training, myself included, to believe that it’s a bad thing. My training took place in the 90’s, so why do some people want to dismantle that program now? It makes no sense at all. I think we’ve got some pretty slick trolls in our midst here, and I am glad (and relieved) to see you standing firm on issues.

  14. I don’t think this was a failure for the president. I think if the president wanted this to pass he would not have went to congress to lobby for it. The house is very hostile towards the president no matter what piece of legislation they agree upon. The fact that the president went to such a hostile environment gives me hope that even though he was pushing it he was not really for it. At least that is my hope.

  15. I just read this;

    I mostly worry about the TPP rules regarding working conditions and labor laws being enforced, internationally. From what I understand, we are still having difficulties enforcing labor law infractions regarding the rules of NAFTA. If the TPP is so much larger in scope, how are any labor laws, and working conditions going to be enforced.

  16. I think if the president wanted this to pass he would not have went to congress to lobby for it.
    Joseph, the TPP can’t be fully negotiated with the other TPP countries until TPA is in place. (The other TPP member countries have refused to even discuss certain aspects of the negotiation in the absence of clear authority from Congress to pass the final deal without amendment.)
    Hence, the full court press by the WH to get TPA passed.

  17. If China is such an enemy, why are so much of their products sold in the U.S.?

    Does the TPP ensure that the minimum wage paid in other countries is at least equal or greater than the U.S.?
    Does the TPP ensure that work safety laws are at least as stringent as The U.S?
    Does the TPP ensure that EPA standards are as great or greater than the U.S.?

    If the answer is no to any of these 3 questions than the TPP is a no go for most Americans. I have stated this in many political blogs and most agree, even people who vote republican. The majority of Americans (democrats and republicans alike) are against the TPP because of the lack of requirements for countries to meet or exceed these 3 standards.

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