Fast Track Stuck At The Station As Pelosi Leads Charge To Kill Controversial Trade Bill

The U.S. House derailed President Obama’s trade bill on Friday. The chamber rejected an amendment designed to save the trade bill  302-126. That measure would have granted financial aid to workers displaced as a result of the trade agreement. However, skeptical members of both parties struck down that amendment, leaving Obama’s controversial trade bill “stuck at the station”, according to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Despite a last minute appeal from President Obama, Pelosi stood firm by bucking the President and many members of the House Republican leadership, to oppose the trade bill. She was joined by 143 other Democrats in fighting the measure on behalf of the American worker. 158 Republicans also voted NO for a variety of reasons, handing Pelosi a rare victory in the GOP dominated U.S. House.

Shortly before voting down the bill, Pelosi stated:

I will be voting to slow down fast-track. Today we have an opportunity to slow down. Whatever the deal is with other countries, we want a better deal for American workers.

The House vote struck a blow to President Obama’s trade agenda. Divisions within both major parties created an unusual split where Republicans and Democrats united in unfamiliar coalitions on both sides of the vote. While much will be made in the media about the rift between Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama on this particular vote, the more important story may be that the American worker and organized labor scored a victory with the U.S. House vote on Friday.

While American workers have long been suspicious of trade deals that are written to benefit multinational corporations at the expense of workers, Congress has typically been friendly to those pro-corporate trade deals on both sides of the aisle. Friday’s dramatic vote may represent a paradigm shift in the way members of Congress view trade deals sought by the president.

For a brief shining moment at least, it appears that members of Congress from both parties did what they were sent to Washington D.C. to do — represent their constituents, the American workers. Enjoy the moment while it lasts, because it may be a long time before the House represents the American worker again.

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  1. Wow. You really are full of shit. I loved y’all too. You stayed away from the hair on fire bullshit and stayed true to simple stuff we knew, but these past few months, y’all have gotten more paranoid and untrusting of Obama and his work.

    A trade bill that WE HAVE NO CLUE WHAT IT SAYS was killed because people bought into Warren and Sanders’ political jockeying. But wait until next week, and y’all are loving Obama again, and on his side. Why? Because Sanders and Warren said so.

    I seem to forget that we had to have permission from white people to trust the black man in office.

  2. Bill Clinton loved NAFTA.

    No Kings! No Queens! No Lairds! No Masters!

    We shall nae be fooled again!
    – Nac MacFeegles.

  3. I get the notion that I’m talking to a wall here.

    I’ve replied already.

    It’s up to you to listen.

  4. WTF!! BECAUSE i dont agree with you that Nafta is like the TPP a bill you havent even fuking read you are talking to a wall? I have provided links to your bullshit arguments. Now if you choose to beleive them thats on you but make no mistake youare just as ignorant as I am on this treaty because again you or I or your EMO heroes havent read it

  5. The Republicans that voted against the TPP did so because it was something Obama wanted and we know that can’t happen. Cooperation by accident.

  6. This Country can NOT afford any more ‘
    Trade Agreements’. Especially one that is kept secret. We’ve lost too many jobs already.

  7. Who is fear mongering? I ask a simple question, if we dont trade then what is your solution. The days of giving trinkets for land are over

  8. You criticise people for having an opinion on TPP because they haven’t read it, totally disregarding the fact that you are defending a bill that you haven’t read either.

    The link you provided to an article by Spandan Chakrabarti claims to give the lie to Warren’s comments. He hasn’t read it either and considers Paul Krugman some kind of political baby. NOT a good idea.

    None of us knows anything. My objection has never been based on anything Warren has said. My objection is the this bill was basically because it was written by corporations for corporations and Republicans are for it. Republicans couldn’t care less about the American worker and have done everything they could to stymie any progress for them.

    NAFTA was so wrong and I believe this bill will be worse. THATS why I am against it.

    You yourself said we have numerous trade agreements already. Why is this one such a big deal?

  9. no i haven’t, but i have read all the articles on this site, plus any & all links to other articles

    i guess we are just going to have to trust the president on this one, after all he’s been on our side the last 6 years

  10. We trusted Bill Clinton.

    One of the biggest reasons why we have so many laws: Because someone else managed to find loopholes and weasel words to take advantage of.

    If we could trust folks to keep their words, we’d all be living in a Libertarian Paradise.

    How many times do we need to be burned before we wise up?

    “Trust Me”…

  11. Bill Clinton wrote that he regretted NAFTA because it did screw Americans.
    And how many jobs and livelihoods did his written regrets bring back?

    We still have NAFTA.

    We may have lost the TPP, for now. But additionally we’ve not been screwed over YET by it as well.

  12. You ask me my opinion, I give it to you, then you go all ballistic because I gave it to you.

    If you don’t like my answers, then stop asking the questions.

    “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” – Aristotle

  13. It’s rather astounding that after being shafted by NAFTA so many people are bending over eagerly for the TPP flagpole. Not only will American workers be royally screwed, but the TPP will give foreign corporations sovereignty over our laws and regulations. TPP is one big disaster, you’re right Moongrim.

  14. Do you believe that this trade agreement makes all other countries minimum wage equal to ours?
    Do you believe that this trade agreement makes all EPA laws in all countries equal to the U.S. protection laws?
    Do you believe this trade agreement makes work safety laws equal to the U.S. work safety laws?

    If you answer no to any of these 3 questions do you think this trade agreement is a good one?

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