Friday Fox Follies: Murdoch Media Machinations

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They say to kill a snake, you must cut off its head. Which is why less-informed Fox Haters cheered at the news Rupert Murdoch to Step Down as CEO of 21st Century Fox. Meanwhile, Megyn Kelly defended sex abuse and attacked a child over the “indefensible” actions of a police officer. Friday Fox Follies in on the air!

PUT OUT TO PASTURE: With Rupert Murdoch to stand down as CEO of 21st Century Fox, son James to succeed, it’s good to remind readers James Murdoch Rebounds From Hacking Scandal to Run Fox, explaining The fall and rise of James Murdoch.

There’s been a lot on the interwebs this week about Rupert Murdoch’s family tree and The Rupert Murdoch succession: Why 21st Century Fox may have a ‘great man’s progeny’ problem. There are retrospectives worth reading like Rupert Murdoch: The Man Behind the News, Rupert Murdoch’s Legacy: Politics, Profit and Print, or even How Rupert Murdoch First Got Into the Media Business. SPOILER ALERT: Nepotism, just like his sons.

However, and this is important, this is no reason to pop champagne corks. With James Murdoch Reportedly Taking Over As CEO Of Fox News’ Parent Company, nothing will change at the Fox “News” Channel. As MMfA reports:

James Murdoch has reportedly drawn the ire of Fox News chief Roger Ailes, who allegedly called him a “f*cking dope” over his inability to contain the hacking scandal. (Fox News media critic Howard Kurtz claims that despite James Murdoch’s new position, “Ailes will still report to Rupert.”)

A source quoted by CNBC claims “James will have the primary role in running Fox while Lachlan will take on a broader strategic role from his co-chairman position.” Lachlan Murdoch has also reportedly butted heads with Ailes in the past.

In other words: business as usual.

MEGYN MEDIA MACHINATIONS: Friday Cable Ratings: Fox’s Kelly Hits Friday Demo High with Duggar Exclusive, which may be why Fox News Star Megyn Kelly Inches Closer To Bill O’Reilly In Ratings for those who care about such things.

Sadly, for those who care about human decency Megyn Kelly’s Concern For Duggar Teen Privacy Missing From Trayvon Martin Case as the Duggar daughters defend their brother’s ‘inappropriate touching’ on Fox: ‘It was very mild’, while she allows the Duggar Daughters [to] Suggest Their Real Victimization Was By The Media.

As Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Defends Josh Duggar’s Anti-Gay Hate Group, Howard Kurtz Likens Duggar Criticisms To Attacks On Caitlyn Jenner; and even Fr. Jonathan Morris Whitewashes Duggar Pedophilia?! when Fox Priest [says]: Duggars Shouldn’t Lose Show, Still Better Role Models than Most Reality Stars. Mike Huckabee Doubles Down On Duggar Support – But Doesn’t Explain Why He Removed Their Endorsement From His Website, about which Kelly seemed not to care.

However, there are some teenagers she isn’t willing to defend with Fox’s Megyn Kelly On Teen Violently Manhandled By McKinney Police: “The Girl Was No Saint Either” because Megyn Kelly Really, Really Wants You To Think Race Had Nothing To Do With McKinney, Texas Pool Melee. Hilarity ensued when a Nightly Show Guest Responds to Megyn Kelly by Actually Becoming a Saint.

More hilarity ensued when Fox News’ Megyn Kelly complains about ‘liberal’ media directly quoting her remarks about McKinney teen. It’s always fun when Megyn Kelly Has A Meltdown Defending Her Deceptive McKinney Coverage. As NewsHounds’ Ellen writes:

What set Kelly off, apparently, was this article by Scott Eric Kaufman in that echoed much of what I wrote – that Kelly spent half her show Monday night justifying the shocking behavior of a McKinney, Texas police officer reacting to an unruly pool party by grounding an unarmed teenager’s face into dirt and pulling a gun on another one.

Without a trace of irony, Kelly complained that Salon “often descends into ugly, partisan hackery.” She added that Kaufman “repeated a Media Matters lie” and described them as “the website devoted to killing Fox News – how’s that goin’ for ya?”

The best take was when MSNBC’s Hayes Highlights Conservative Media’s Defense Of McKinney Police Officer. Watch:

Fox Worries About “Rush To Judgment” Of Police Officer Filmed Brutally Arresting Teenage Girl, but Fox’s Dr. Keith Ablow Somehow Blames Obama for McKinney Pool Party Incident. Fox Spins McKinney: Black Lives Matter Protesters And Obama Emboldened Thugs To Confront The Police and then Fox Turns To Racist Kevin Jackson To Justify McKinney Police Brutality.

While no less odious about race, at least he’s more overtly hypocritical: Hannity Doesn’t Want Police Judged By McKinney Video – Unless You Decide The Drawing Of A Gun On Unarmed Black Teens Was Justified. Sean Hannity Tells African-American Caller [on radio] That Police Won’t Bother You If You Aren’t “Part Of A Gang”, while Sheriff to Hannity: Cops Won’t Do Their Jobs for ‘Bunch of Thankless Individuals’.

For lulz, sometimes he gets his ass handed to him:

McKinney Resident Confronts Sean Hannity Over His Defense
Of Officer: “We Value Lives Of Black Boys And Black Girls”

‘You’re Saying George Zimmerman Was Right?!’: Hannity Panel Explodes

The Fox Nation Mission Statement reads, in part:

The Fox Nation is committed to the core principles of tolerance, open debate, civil discourse, and fair and balanced coverage of the news. It is for those opposed to intolerance, excessive government control of our lives, and attempts to monopolize opinion or suppress freedom of thought, expression, and worship.

We invite all Americans who share these values to join us here at Fox Nation.

Now read: Fox Nation Reader Offers Money To Kill Freddie Gray Prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby. Fox Nation comment threads are the ugliest part of the entire Fox “News” empire sewer.

Nothing about this makes sense unless it’s Bill O’Reilly’s Sly Way Of Smearing Caitlyn Jenner: Polling The Amish On Jenner’s Sex Change


Fox’s Tantaros: Obama’s ISIS Strategy Includes
“Helping The Terror War” And “Actually
Working Against The United States”

It Is “Such A Load Of Bunk”: Fox’s Andrea Tantaros
Downplays Restrictive Impact Of Voter ID Laws


Fox’s Todd Starnes Thinks Disney Hates God

Todd Starnes Plays The Race Card Over
Fired Principal’s McKinney Comments

The 2016 ELXN: Where FFF proves the supposition that Fox “News” always has its thumbs on the scales:

Forget Iowa And New Hampshire: Fox News Says
Qualifying For Its Debate Is The First Real Contest
Fox Brands Its Debate The “Cleveland Primary”

The criticism that limiting the debate participants must have stung because now Fox News Will Host GOP Candidate Forum Before Primary Debate, which is the worst lead-in since My Mother, The Car. Meanwhile, New Hampshire newspaper throws a wrench in Fox News GOP debate with Aug. 6 event. This as Fox Gives Free Airtime To RNC’s Hillary Clinton Attack Ad and Fox Spends The Day Running Defense For Likely GOP Candidates’ Discriminatory Voting Laws. More proof, if any were needed, that Fair and Balanced is an empty slogan.

BE OUR GUEST: Fox’s Favorite Racist: ‘You’re Not Going To See Asians Rioting’ Over PoliceGiuliani: Obama Criticizes Cops, But Won’t ‘Go Out of His Way’ to Honor ThemHannity Guest Attacks Civil Rights Activist DeRay McKesson: ‘You’re A Race Pimp!”Fox News Guest Insists Businesses ‘Have The Right To Discriminate’Fox News Pundit: Our Culture Is Collapsing Because Of Russell Brand!

FOX BYTES: Tucker Carlson Says Criticism Of White Privilege Is Racist!!!Fox’s Charles Payne: Obama Administration Forgiving Student Loans “Is A Bald-Faced Attempt To Buy Votes”Fox’s Dana Perino Just Wants the ‘Right Not to Have an Opinion’ on Caitlyn JennerFox’s Bolling Dismisses Fact That Children Are Killed In Gun-Owning Households As “Very Anecdotal”Michael Wolff’s Advice for NBC News: Do What Roger Ailes Would DoFox’s Goldberg: Will Seinfeld Admit Liberals Are to Blame for ‘Authoritarian’ PCness?Fox’s Katie Pavlich Accuses Hillary Clinton Of “Race-Baiting” For Support Of Expanded Voting AccessFox News Outraged U.S. Embassy In Indonesia Moved Fourth Of July Celebration “Out Of Respect” For RamadanOn Fox, Expansion Of Overtime Protections Is “Left-Wing Economic Engineering”Fox News Contributor Alveda King Compares Homosexuality To Drug Use, GluttonyFox News doubles-down on imaginary “Ferguson Effect” as reason for non-existent spike in violent crimeFox & Friends Bring Out “P.C. Police” Siren For Gender-Neutral Graduation RobesFox’s Kimberly Guilfoyle Talks to Mediaite About Life, Loss, and Dealing with Her Critics

Headly Westerfield‘s biggest weekly challenge is narrowing Fox “News” shenanigans and tomfoolery to just these few stories.

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  1. I get all of my 4chan addiction needs from watching Pox News.

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  2. Let me get this about right. Scotty dusted- off the Klingons in the 60’s for insisting his ship was “a Garbage Scow”. It was on after that statement. I don’t have to concern myself with Scotty leading the charge of dusting me off. FOX, is a currently functioning: “Garbage Scow”.

  3. Technically- it was the Klingon’s remark that the Enterprise should be hauled off as garbage…

    David Gerrold’s “The Trouble With Tribbles”.

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