Thousands Line Up For Hours To See Hillary Clinton In NYC


Clinton crowd nyc
Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 11:45 rally in the Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island in NY, was looking packed at 9 AM as eager attendees lined up in what seemed to be an endless snake leading up to the park.

Watch here:

There was a ton of excitement in the air as a largely youthful crowd shared their enthusiasm for the event to come. This reporter overheard passersby exclaiming, “There’s Hillary!!” But, in fact, the Democratic 2016 candidate was nowhere in sight yet.


The rally is open to the public and thousands are expected to attend. Clinton is expected to outline her plan to fight for the middle-class.

After the rally, Clinton will head to Iowa for a series of events, and then head to New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina next week.

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  1. Check her campaign donations and voting record.. Then vote for an honest candidate. #Bernie2016 #EducateYourself

  2. I’m not a great Hillary fan but she is, by far (infinitely) better than any of the Rethuglican phonies. And she gives the Democrats the best chance to win. Bernie seems like a great guy and his ideas are wonderful but, face it, he couldn’t beat whoever the Rethugs nominate.

  3. ALL Her TOP Donors are BIG BANKS and WALL STREET. She is bought and paid for by Corporate America and she has yet to say where she stands on the TPP. Anyone who believes she will be representing us Average WORKING CLASS Americans is living in a fantasy land. SHE HAS always been a hired hand for corporate America , among others. If you want REAL Change join our political revolution and help get Bernie Sanders elected. He is the ONLY Real Peoples Candidate out there

  4. I don’t care about Hillary Clinton’s donors.

    I didn’t care about the TPP, until I heard that President Obama would be the first post WWII president who would be denied the authority to negotiate trade agreements. Why is granting this authority to THIS president so controversial? Is it because he’s…black? BAD OPTICS=BAD MOVE!

    Bernie Sanders needs the “Obama coalition” to win the nomination, and humiliating the first black president on the world stage, by sabotaging his trade deal, isn’t going to win over the Obama coalition! No wonder Bernie Sanders only attracts white voters to his rallies!

    Hillary Clinton is going to be the nominee, no matter what happens with the TPP!

  5. Wow…what an inspiring speech and the trolls are beside themselves as evidenced everywhere, even in above posts. You have to simply type in “Talking Points” and like 2008 and 2012, they are off to the races.

    I am entertained by the new twist which is to call and claim to be a democrat, trash Hillary, and then say that they are Bernie supporters. Their rhetoric is so transparent. I love Bernie, but their lead-in reveals that there is no way they are truly a D or Bernie supporters.

    Gotta love to watch these bigoted, mysoginist (men & women), anti-“the gay” and pro-life (save for the death penalty) low-information voters twist in the wind of self-destruction as they back their beloved R clown car/bus who don’t give a damn about these minions as their candidates trash the economy and embarrass our country while pledging their allegiance to their enormous plutocratic supporters.

    Now – it is time to sit back, turn off the psycho-talk & support democracy in America-VOTE D!

  6. Because campaign finance has become such an issue how is questioning her campaign donations bashing her? Same can be said for her voting record.

  7. I am a democrat first. I support Bernie Sanders. I will work for his campaign and work to garner support for him. While I do not trust Hillary if in the end she is the nominee she will have my vote. Republicans are traitors. They have no love of country or patriotism. They are all unfit to hold public office in the executive branch and legislative branch down to state and local offices. They must be destroyed for the good of the nation.

    Bernie Sanders 2016!!

  8. Bernie Sanders has a “following,” but Hillary Clinton has a PARTY. The polls reflect that reality.

    Polls say most Americans believe free- trade is a good thing, but are divided on the impact it has on jobs, and wages. Polls also say democrats are divided on free trade. The “Obama coalition” isn’t fanatically opposed to the TPP like white emo’s are. If you think Hillary Clinton was going to lose the nomination by supporting the TPP, you’re wrong.

    Many in the Obama coalition don’t like the way the far-left denied the BLACK president the same right to negotiate trade deals, like every other post WWII president–it looks kinda racist!

    Opposing the TPP will backfire on Bernie Sanders, and cost him the support of the Obama coalition, and the nomination… But, he was never going to win them over (or, most democrats) anyway, so who cares? Lol.

    Hillary Clinton has already won the Obama coalition, and will therefore be the dem nominee! ;)

  9. Well, ONLY if you got to go to the head of the line.

    Having visited Roosevelt Island twice, it’s not very easy to get there if the crowds are good-sized. And these was a HUGE crowd.

    The RI Tram is probably the most popular – certainly the most fun w/ great skyline & river views.

    The “F” train stops there, and I think there’s a bus from Queens.

    Forget driving – it’d be a nightmare!

  10. I imagine that the republicans are all agog about how Hillary can command such numbers, without doing the usual Republican thing- paying them to show up.

  11. Exactly.

    You don’t take down the sitting and first black president of the United States just because corporate-owned and operated Unions tell you to, and then think the supporters of said black president will get behind you.

    I’m sorry, but I like Unions less than I like and trust President Obama. He’s served this country well despite the unprecedented obstruction by both Republicans, Democrats, and giant labor Unions that have pushed for the Keystone XL Pipeline bill that President Obama – thank GOD – was forced to veto.

    Those same labor unions are trying to railroad this president with the TPP. Unions have proven to be USELESS for the Democratic Party. Where in the hell were they in the last election?? I couldn’t find them on the broader stage AT ALL.

    I was once a passionate Union supporter but after the devastating losses for our Party in 2014 and after I read their letters to Boehner to push through the Keystone XL Pipeline bill, I have lost all love for them.

  12. Great post!

    I, too, am for Bernie Sanders and plan to volunteer on his campaign.

    I met Bernie about twelve years ago when he came to Brewer Maine. Bernie is not only a man of his word, a straight-talker, he cares about the ordinary person, for the Constitution and is not afraid to speak truth to power. He is a statesman, one thing which is sorely lacking among today’s political “leaders.” He is not beholden to Wall Street, corporations or to Monsanto.

  13. It is not difficult to obtain a large turnout for a rally in NYC…what is telling is when Hillary’s campaign will not say how many tickets were sold or what the official head count was…appearances can be deceiving. #FeelTheBern #BernieorBust [WINK]

  14. Oh unlike all the Republicans who charge for speeches, dinners, always being on a recess and still making money on the golf course. They all get donations. I think half the Repugs running just to get to keep the Super Pac donations. Hey, easy money win or lose.

    All because we have a “woman” running. You will see what the women of America will do. It just got started. You have nothing!

  15. Why would you want to vote rethuglican? haven’t they done enough damage? BERNIE SANDERS is America’s Answer!!
    Hillary is just rethuglican-lite.

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