Hillary Clinton Draws The Biggest Crowd Of Any 2016 Hopeful for NYC Rally

Hillary Clinton has clearly drawn the biggest crowd of the 2016 campaign in New York City today.

Here are some shots of the crowd more than an hour before former Sec. Clinton was set to speak:

Clinton crowd nyc

photo 2

photo 1

photo 2 (1)

The previous unofficial record was set by Bernie Sanders at his campaign stop in Minnesota and his campaign launch in Vermont. The biggest crowd that Sanders has drawn so far is 4,000. Hillary Clinton smashed that record today with an overflow audience at Four Freedoms Park. T

The crowd is so large that a separate overflow viewing area has been set up for those who can’t make it into the park to see Clinton in person.

If the goal was a picturesque show of overwhelming support for the former Sec. of State, they got it. The enthusiasm was buzzing in the air, as the media myth that there was not a grassroots buzz about the Clinton campaign was put to rest.

It is not a coincidence that the biggest crowds drawn by any candidate in 2016 have all come from Democrats. Republicans can talk about their “deep bench” all day long, but when it comes to boots on the ground, Democratic candidates are drawing the big crowds.

Hillary Clinton is kicking her campaign into high gear, and from the look of the crowd here in NYC, her supporters are ready for Clinton to pick up the pace on her march to the White House.

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  1. Yes they have lost their minds. We might be able to get rid of McCrony, but gerrymandering is so bad the legislature will probably remain.

  2. She rocked that speech. For those clamoring for more details on like every single topic under the sun, rest assured she will be publishing very detailed policy papers on every single issue, just like she did in 2008. Now, lets see how many of those whiners actually read her policy papers.

  3. I would call the NC law ‘The right to discriminate’, not the religious freedom law.
    So does it mean that if you are a muslim you can refuse a marriage license to anyone not of your religion?

  4. What’s the matter? You scared? That picture doesn’t include the overflow crowd at Hillary Clinton’s rally. The turnout at her rally exceeded the turnout by the old, white crowds that show up at Bernie Sander’s rallies.

    All Bernie Sander’s supporters ever talk about is the 5,000 that attended his big kick-off rally in Vermont. Never mind, the fact that he can barely get 1,000 to turnout at most of his rallies. The other day, some Sanders supporters were bragging because 700 white people showed up at one of his rallies. Big deal.

    Hillary Clinton’s DIVERSE crowds will get even larger, after she wins the nomination. Because Bernie Sanders is trailing Hillary Clinton in the polls, by what? 50 points? Lol.

  5. The same group from different angles? LMAO !
    About 30-45 people at best. Keep trying though, its pretty funny and telling how desperate you lefties
    [Lost us at “lefties”]

  6. Well its 44 more than Rick Sanatorium got in Iowa. One person showed up and she wouldn’t even endorse him. No go get teabagged

  7. Presumably (though not assuredly) you are on the same general side as the rest of us. Kindly modify the jeer in your tone.

  8. People are saying thousands. No official number so far but Google can be your friend if you want to know

  9. Their goal is to strip away Federal constitutional protections by guerrilla rebellions against Federal authority.

    Anti-abortion ‘laws’ are un-constitutional, in that they restrict a Federal constitutional right at a State level.

    We are American citizens. We reside in over 50 States and territories. Where we live cannot dictate what civil Rights you are allowed to exercise.

    That’s the point of a Federal government. to keep States from morphing into Kingdoms. See: Utah. And Texas. And Louisiana. And Kansas.

  10. No. they can’t. The law violates our constitutional right to Federal protection from religious whack jobs. The Congress has allowed States to usurp power over their residents and sell off commonwealth assets.

    Now, they have armed militia – Law ‘enforcement’ – attempting to muscle people into submission. Classic coup.

    How to make your own kingdom for dummies.

    It may be time to drag out the tar and feathers.

  11. Bernie drew almost as big a crowd in Minnesota for goodness sakes. He is morale truth teller and hrc is piggy backing and parroting sanders and warren ideas will not tell if she is for or against TPP and has nothing definitive to say. Answer questions on donations? Nope. News said 5500 course not counting her 2700 dollar a plate dinners tonight. She IS the one percent people really :(

  12. That’s great…Sanders has 4,000 supporters in Minnesota! Can you imagine what it’s going to be like when he does New York? :D

  13. With Hillary ahead by 50 points, you’d expect her to be drawing much bigger crowds than Sanders. Moreover, with her holding a speech in NYC (a city 200 times the size of Burlington), you’d expect her to blow Sanders out of the water. With this in mind, the fact that the crowd at her speech today was only modestly bigger than the crowd at Sanders’ kickoff is extremely telling. “The media myth that there [is] not a grassroots buzz about the Clinton campaign” is not a myth; it’s a reality. The energy and enthusiasm of this campaign belongs with him, and people will grudgingly vote for Clinton (whose favorability numbers are surprisingly low for a frontrunner) only if they have no better option. That better option is Bernie Sanders.

  14. Ahh the place could only hold so many. I guess if she held it at the Washington mall and only 100k showed up you would be complaining the million man march had a million. Doofus

  15. I hear Santorum drew a crowd of 1 at a restaurant stop in Iowa. Ted Cruz of course had literally a captive audience at Liberty University. Trump can buy a crowd if he so wishes. Huckabee can talk to the Lord. And so it goes . . .

  16. Guns are a secondary, possibly tertiary issue. Jobs, education, retirement security, and the erosion of democracy via the purchasing of politicians is far more important. Just ask people what they sit around and worry about and what keeps them up at night. Unless you live in a violent crime neighborhood, it won’t be guns.

  17. I like that, First of all Sanders top draw was over 5000 not 4000 and that was in a very small park in a very small state. Now if she can do better than that in Vermont I would be impressed. But oh that’s rite candidates almost never come to Vermont they don’t think it’s important, and when they do it’s for fundraising dinners that most people can’t afford.

  18. Apparently the author did not see the 5000+ who turned out for Bernie Sanders’ campaign kick-off in Burlington, Vermont. It shouldn’t be necessary to point out Burlington has a population of 43,000 as opposed to the 8,000,000 in my home town of NYC. Not sure what the percentage would be but I think we can conclude Bernie had a bigger crowd.[WINK]

  19. Apparently you are not a New Yorker. If you know Roosevelt Island is very small. Not the best place to hold the speech. I think that was a big mistake. It is also hard to get to car, subway then a tram to the Island. They also stated in one article (maybe NY Times) that they could only accommodate a certain amount on the Island and they did have an overflow area. So maybe it would have been unreal if they had picked Central Park. But the crowds did overflow.

  20. actually, many of us will not tolerate hillary as a “lessor evil” and we will not vote for her. if the dnc doesn’t figure out that the people are tired of corruption in government we’ll have a replay of 2014 and they have only themselves to blame for putting the gop in the white house. we’re giving them a clear message about what we want: money out of politics, real jobs and infrastructure programs, an end of bankers and corporations controlling and corrupting our government. Hillary wont do that, she is the banks and bad walmart labor practices. her husbands policies helped get us to the worst of where we are today. there is not lessor evil. its radical change or tyranny.

  21. New York, New York, a city so fine they had to name it twice. population 8 million. Burlington, 40,000.

  22. Sanders:
    10,000 in Wisconsin
    7,500 in Maine

    Not sure the Hillary trumpeters should bother touting crowd her numbers…

  23. 18 million votes the last time she ran. I don’t believe sanders got 18 million votes in every election he has ever ran in

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