Hillary Clinton Sends A Strong Message By Firmly Standing With President Obama

Hillary Clinton

In what can only be described as the perfect setting for this speech, Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton hit it out of the Four Freedoms Park on Saturday as she officially launched her campaign on Roosevelt Island.

The former Senator (D-NY) and First Lady opened with an inclusive nod to both President Obama and former President Bill Clinton, her husband, saying that both presidents were inspired by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, for whom the park is named.

Watch here:

In her introduction, Sec. Clinton said — to happy cheers — that it was great to be here in New York with her family and so many friends, “including many New Yorkers who gave me the honor of serving them in the Senate for eight years.”

Clinton said it was great to be right across the water from the headquarters of the United Nations, and “To be here in this beautiful park dedicated to Franklin Roosevelt’s enduring vision of America, the nation we want to be.”

Which is, she said to wild cheers, a place with no glass ceilings, “And in a place… with absolutely no ceilings.”

Before getting into her economic plans and the importance of inclusiveness in a great society, the Democratic 2016 presidential candidate touched on the core of democratic values, “You know, President Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms are a testament to our nation’s unmatched aspirations and a reminder of our unfinished work at home and abroad. His legacy lifted up a nation and inspired presidents who followed. One is the man I served as Secretary of State, Barack Obama, (cheers, applause) and another is my husband, Bill Clinton.”

Oh, the crowd LOVED that. The cheers started with Barack Obama and only escalated when she reached Bill Clinton, who was with her on this historic day, as was her daughter Chelsea.

Sec. Clinton continued tying the strings of unity between the two presidents in a palpable moment of strength, “Two Democrats guided by the — (cheering) Oh, that will make him so happy. They were and are two Democrats guided by the fundamental American belief that real and lasting prosperity must be built by all and shared by all.”

This signals that Clinton has no intention of “running against Obama”, as many Republicans believe she must (LOL please). Instead, in one moment, Clinton erased any leftover 2008 bitterness and replaced it with strength and unity. She’s going to run on the principles that Barack Obama and Bill Clinton both aspire to, former Democratic President FDR’s four freedoms.

“President Roosevelt called on every American to do his or her part, and every American answered. He said there’s no mystery about what it takes to build a strong and prosperous America: ‘Equality of opportunity… Jobs for those who can work… Security for those who need it… The ending of special privilege for the few…(cheers, applause.) The preservation of civil liberties for all… (cheers, applause) a wider and constantly rising standard of living.'”

The nail, “That still sounds good to me.”

The audience obviously agreed with Secretary Clinton on this.

“It’s America’s basic bargain. If you do your part you ought to be able to get ahead. And when everybody does their part, America gets ahead too.”

Hillary Clinton knows of what she speaks since she didn’t come from big money or a powerful political dynasty. She’s talking about the same values allowed her to go from a middle-class family in Illinois to First Lady and even Secretary of State.

“It’s what led my father to believe that if he scrimped and saved, his small business printing drapery fabric in Chicago could provide us with a middle-class life. And it did. That bargain inspired generations of families, including my own.”

If Hillary Clinton sounds a bit more liberal than you expected, you’re not mistaken. Yes, she’s been working for families and children her entire career, a career that began in DC before she moved to Arkansas to marry Bill Clinton. But this is the first time many in America got to hear exactly from her, without the constraints of serving a specific constituency as a Senator or being non-political as SOS. The country has shifted left, middle and working class families are in need of vocal champions in DC, and Hillary Rodham Clinton signaled that she is dedicated to that cause.

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  1. Wow, great rally and amazing speech. Im so glad she chronicled her achievements and her outlook for Americas future. Hillary is the most qualified candidate I’ve ever seen with such diverse experience and accomplishments that would be difficult for a man to achieve and near impossible for a woman. Shes got more balls than all 34.5 of the gop’s candidates. (not sure about Fiorina, Mitt in mask?)

  2. Last go around she only showed what a strong woman she was, and while it is vital for a woman running for the highest office in the nation to have strength, it is also refreshing that she is showing the more personal side this time. That is a hard balance to strike but I’m glad she is throwing caution to the wind.

    I am also very happy that she is addressing the income gap but I have been pleased to hear that she is interested in sentencing disparities, women’s reproductive rights, LGBT rights and early childhood education. All very important issues.

    I’m with Markos from the Daily Kos, she does not need to bow down to the press and answer their lame questions about fake scandals. She should try to stick with social media and answering questions from the public in small forums.

  3. Hillary Clinton has already won over the Obama coalition, as well as most of the democratic base. Closet racist, Rep. Peter Defazio (D), was interviewed on NPR Radio, and he said democrats voted against the TAA yesterday, because they wanted to take President Obama “down a peg, or two.”

    Polling says democrats are divided on free-trade. Supporting the TPP is not going to cost Hillary Clinton the nomination. Even if democrats were overwhelmingly opposed to free-trade, Hillary Clinton would still win the nomination, because she’s the strongest candidate.

    Bernie Sanders aligns himself with white, anti-TPP emo’s who want to put the black president a “in his place.” That won’t win over the Obama coalition, and win him the nomination. But, the Obama coalition was never going to support Bernie Sanders, anyway.

    [Watch your tone]

  4. If Obama could run for another term I’d vote for him still.

    But if Sanders got the nod, I’d vote for him too.

  5. The gopers don’t stand a chance. What have they got to offer? Nothing but the same tired BS that lost them the last presidential bid.

    Whether Clinton or Sanders, I just hope that there is some house cleaning in congress as well. It’s waaaaay past time to get rid of the GOP until they begin to share in American reality instead of their fascist bubble.

  6. ME…..I do not agree with your assessment of Bernie Sanders. You do not know who his followers are. And to say he aligns himself with white folk who want to put our President in his place is obsurd.

  7. You need to study up on the issues. The TPP is a sell out to the global elites who have been looting the nations wealth. It has nothing to do with race and Obama is a global elitist puppet.

  8. Hillary Clinton is not running on the same-old liberal plan to boost the economy. She made that clear on Saturday in New York, in a speech officially kicking off her presidential campaign…

    What she is running on is a very old liberal economic philosophy, updated and expanded for a post-Great-Recession America where widening inequality and a stagnating middle-class have commanded high attention from Republican and Democratic candidates alike…

    Hillary Clinton thinks she can sell bigger government to fix the economy

  9. Ok, but I heard her talk about updating efficiency in government that eliminates waste, improving infrastructure which can streamline manufacturing, accessibility to higher education, child poverty, equality.

    I will take that anyday over giving the 1% tax breaks on the backs of the poor(who the gop hate)the gop want to send our kids into another Cheney war. Hillary ’16

  10. I really don’t know how YOU speak for the “Obama coalition”. I don’t think any reputable poll has been taken. But I will say this, only based on the blogs I visit, Twitter and the people I talk with – the “Obama coalition” will NOT be taken for granted.

  11. You know comments like yours “Hillary is the most qualified candidate I’ve ever seen with such diverse experience and accomplishments” – are the exact type of comments that turn President Obama supporters off. And she will NOT win without President Obama supporters. I think most of us have gotten over the race baiting and Rev. Wright and other negative comments from Hillary Clinton in 2008. But if her supporters start the nonsense of denigrating President Obama or implying that Hillary is so much greater than he – that’s asking for trouble.

    Just saying….

  12. Huh??
    How is “Hillary is the most qualified candidate I’ve ever seen with such diverse experience and accomplishments” a threat to Obama supporters? I think it’s YOU that has a problem. Just sayin’

  13. Running away from Pres Obama and all the good he has done was a big mistake in the mid terms. Hillary would be wise to ask him and Bill to campaign for her. I am sure they would be an asset. I don’t think Pres Obama wants to see a Republican president succeding him and he and Hillary got over their issues long ago or he would never have asked her to serve as Secretary of State and she would not have accepted.

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