Koch Nightmares Come To Life As Bernie Sanders Announces He Has More Than 200,000 Donors

bernie sanders face the nation

The worst fear of the Koch brothers has always been that people will learn about their activities and fight back. On Face The Nation, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) announced that people are fighting back, and his campaign now has more than 200,000 donors.


Transcript via CBS Face The Nation:

DICKERSON: I want to talk about the role of campaign donations in campaigns.

Hillary Clinton in her speech yesterday talked about the unaccountable money that is distorting elections. You’re only taking small donations. She has a super PAC. Is that one of those distinctions voters — is that a big distinction or little distinction between you two?

SANDERS: I think it is, John.

Look, let me be very clear. This disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision is undermining American democracy. And when you have a family like the Koch brothers, second wealthiest family in America, going to be spending more money in this campaign than either the Democratic or Republican parties, I worry about us moving toward oligarchy, where our political system is controlled by the rich and the powerful.

I am raising money from small individual contributions. BernieSanders.com has raised now — some 200,000 people have sent in small contributions. I don’t have a super PAC. I don’t want money from the billionaires. And that’s the way we’re going to run our campaign.

DICKERSON: Senator, one last question. We have just very little time here. If the system is corrupt, does that also mean that the lawmakers who are accepting money are also corrupt?

SANDERS: It means that you have a campaign finance system which is absolutely corrupt.

Look, American democracy does not mean that billionaires should be able to buy elections and buy candidates. We have got to overturn the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. And, in my view, John, we have got to move public funding of elections.

The worst nightmare of all oligarchs is popular rebellion. Bernie Sanders is speaking for millions of Americans who are not going to sit back and allow the Kochs and corporations to purchase the federal government through a corrupt campaign finance system.

Some in the Democratic Party establishment aren’t getting why Bernie Sanders is popular. Sen. Sanders is popular because he is addressing issues that matter most to people who are just getting by or having trouble paying their bills.

The candidacy of Bernie Sanders is not rooted in protest. There is an authentic populist anger in this country that should frighten the Koch brothers and other conservative billionaires.

Bernie Sanders is bringing national attention to the role of the Koch brothers and others in our elections. The Sanders movement is growing, and the right-wing billionaires should be very afraid.

58 Replies to “Koch Nightmares Come To Life As Bernie Sanders Announces He Has More Than 200,000 Donors”

  1. Bernie is Burned out and is a joke. He’s a one horse pony show, all we ever hear from him is Wall street this and wall street that. I don’t think he even has clue on other important issue,he’s clueless on foreign policy. When will the far left media start asking Bernie tough questions??? I’m guessing never!!! Why is Bernie above registering as a democrat????

  2. You only wish your BS was true. Bernie Sanders is in an intellectual league of his own, there is no one on the GOP side that even comes close. What a joke.

  3. It would be good for you to do a little independent research. It is important that we not simply pay attention to what is fed to us by for-profit media. Throughout his career he has legislated on behalf of regular folks and fairness.

  4. He’s not a one trick pony there, sarah. The guy is a standing Senator, which means that he does have his eyes and ears on the issues.

    It’s just that his focus is on making our country better by taking out the billionaire class that has rigged the system to insure that they keep getting people who will do what they want and, in turn, getting more money in the process.

    In a way, Bernie is the lead for what might be an American version of the French Revolution.

  5. I’m wondering if all those Bernie Sanders supporters who want and need the Obama-Coalition voters in order to have him win the primaries and the general, will be as open-minded and fair should he lose in the primaries and Hillary Clinton wins the nom.

    Will they then support and vote for her?

    They expect that level of loyalty from people who aren’t yet convinced of Senator Sanders’ viablity, but are they prepared to do the same should he lose, and throw their support behind Hillary Clinton?

    From what I’ve read, that’s pretty much a no, and that has got to change. If they can’t get Bernie Sanders, they’ll stay home and help another Republican into the White House. I can only hope they can realize that before it’s too late.

  6. “From what I’ve read, that’s pretty much a no, and that has got to change. If they can’t get Bernie Sanders, they’ll stay home and help another Republican into the White House. I can only hope they can realize that before it’s too late.”

    That is what the corporate media who is scared to death of Bernie Sanders want you to believe. Real news and truth from the mainstream media is dead. It is almost all propaganda now.

  7. I think he’s great but doubt than anyone not funded by our corrupt system can win. At least the subject of getting rid of unfair donations by the extremely rich is being discussed. Public funding would be great because it would eliminate the unfair advangages of canpaign ads yada yada. Let the candidates stand on their own for their ideas. Who knows, maybe someone we’d never heard of could be elected, but as it stands now you pretty much have to be corrupt to get anywhere-or else sell your soul once elected (I have Obama in mind) I think Bernie is great-also admire Elizabeth, ah, forgotten her last name. These two truly care about people and see things very clearly.

  8. I would venture to guess that the nominee will be Bernie Sanders. He is spot on on the issues, Has relatively few if any skeletons in the closet, and is a master grassroots campaigner. The skeletons in the closet are what could very well sink Hillary.

  9. I know many Sanders supporters and by and large they take the same stance that I do; that if Sanders loses to Hillary in the primaries, I will vote for Hillary. I will vote in the general for whoever is the democratic nominee because any one of them is significantly better than even the “best” of any republicans currently serving. Frankly, if Mickey Mouse had the best shot at keeping a Republican out of the Oval Office, I would vote for Mickey Mouse. And I think most Democrats and sane members of society would agree.

  10. Sarahbeth, you are soooo funny. And so ignorant. And so uninformed. And so pathetic. And so desperate. And sooooo WRONG!

    But mostly, just funny.

    How much is your party paying you to troll here and post profoundly stupid shit?

  11. Bernie Sanders is a master grassroots campaigner, and the grassroots is more capable of winning than big money. That has been proven time and time again.

  12. Look, he only ever talks about Wall Street cuz they only ever ask about Clinton. I agree, the media SHOULD ask him tougher questions because he’ll answer them. His views are most deeply and clearly expressed in longer-format interviews, like the 40min interview Sanders did with Katie Couric a few weeks ago. They go over Foreign Policy and quite a lot more. It’s worth a watch if you’re interested.

  13. Looks like Sarah fears Burnie too As this is a GOP strategy of divining and conquer Myself I like both Clinton and Bernie, I vote for the one that comes on top!! As all of us should do!!!

  14. Here is a list of his top doners NONE are corporate or wall street

    Bernie Sanders on the issues

    Bernie Sanders Exposes 18 CEOs who took Trillions in Bailouts, Evaded Taxes and Outsourced Jobs

  15. sarahbeth if you talk to his previous opponents you would find he landslides in i’m sure they would disagree with you. Imho there is no way the repubs can win the WH it’s now a matter of which dem gets in. The head of the RNC issued a statement recently that if the repubs don’t get WH they wont ever be the same, cant play ony to theinge and expect to win. Know fact their are more registered dems than repubs when we vote in large numbers repubs lose

  16. Bernie Sanders is their worst nightmare. He’s an honest man who won’t be bought. And every one of those 200,000 donors is also an activist. The game is about to change. America is finally becoming aware of just how it’s been served, and there will be Hell to pay for those who orchestrated all of this in the name of unreasonable profits.

  17. You’re right, Moongrim…how old is his campaign now…four weeks? We’ve got MONTHS of fund-raising and appearances ahead. And as the Bernie Ball continues to roll, he’ll have a ton of money…without the billionaires!!

  18. The Hitchhiker’s Travel Guide describes the Marketing Department of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation as:
    “A bunch of mindless jerks who’ll be the first against the wall when the revolution comes.”

    Popular rebellion is coming.
    Ask the French monarchists.. oops they seem to have lost their heads. The oligarchs can change or expect to “be the first against the wall when the revolution comes.”
    It may, however, be a case of “the tiger can’t change his stripes.”

  19. Communism no longer exists it’s now called socialism, i’ve been to former communist/socialist countries in the military, they restrict your rights to protect your family/property if you do you go to prison. Now look at the restrictive laws our elected officials have been enacting, like the one bill gates came up with in WA state makes me a felon if i loan my nephew a firearm to hunt with, they can then take away my rights to protect myself

  20. See why I don’t waste my time trying to talk republicans seriously?! @rainbow zombie ONLY purpose for posting that dumb $HIT was for shock value, I give up on todays republican!! They’re typically very narrow minded, extremely ignorant and when you expose their foolishness they usually get nasty and juvenile!! and you know whats really tragic? these AS$HOLE don’t even know what communism is! or socialism or marxism!! these just aren’t bright people, PERIOD!!

  21. I’ll give to Bernie….I always go with the authentic underdog. I simply believe in him, what he says he means. Love his face and the passion in his speeches. He is….if this makes sense, clean and refreshing. Willing to truly go to battle with the all powerful KOCH’s and stop their hostile take over of our country. ….the Kochs probably had the FBI put Bernie on a watch list because he’s causing them problems.

  22. No, John, this is what so-called Liberals (they call themselves “true liberals”) have been telling me on another large forum. Democratic Underground. Ever heard of it?

    If Bernie Sanders doesn’t win the nom, one even said that she’ll stay home like she did in 2014 and make waffles. Most of those so-called Liberals have committed to “teach the Democrats a lesson” if they can’t have Bernie Sanders because they won’t “compromise on their morals and ethics and vote for a Republican-lite like HRC”, yet they demand all Democrats stand behind Bernie Sanders even if they’re more aligned with Hillary Clinton and President Obama.

  23. I know Democratic Underground all too well. I got banned from there back in 2008 for being an Obama supporter over Hillary. They are to the left what the tea party is to the right. Thank goodness they are an insignificant site of haters and losers.

  24. “Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, an independent senator from Vermont, said Thursday his campaign has raised $6 million dollars in small donations since entering the race on April 30.

    “I think we have gotten over 150,000 individual donations” at an average take of “$40 a piece,” Sanders said in an interview on PBS’ Charlie Rose.”

  25. Even if Bernie Sanders doesn’t make it, he has awakened voters and is forcing candidates to address issues they would never have aired. Bernie is telling us that if we stand together we can create change for the better. Some of the posts here refer to communism because Bernie wants to bring America up to world standards in the social programs most democratic countries enjoy. DEMOCRATIC, see? Just because a country provides education, healthcare and a living wage for its citizens does not make it any less a democracy.

  26. Sarahbeth you must have been blessed to be one of the privileged few or, you’ve been brainwashed to believe that all is well in the United States of America. One in five children go to bed hungry. Forty-seven million Americans need food stamps to get by. 99% of income in our country goes to 1% of the people. The wealth of one family (the people who own Walmart) equals the wealth of 42% of the US population. As for your comment about Bernie Sanders on foreign policy and other issues. He has been in Congress for 23 years and has a track record you can see. A 93% rating from the ACLU on Civil Rights, a long time advocate of women’s issues. .. you need to read some facts before you criticize the man.

  27. According to Forbes Magazine (not exactly a commie/socialist publication) Seven of the eight countries where people are the happiest are Democratic Socialist countries: Sweden, Norway, Canada… (the US ranks 14th) well, look it up. Your idea of socialism is stuck in the 1950’s. Democratic Socialism has nothing to do with Communism or Trotskyism or the USSR or Venezuela.

  28. PS Why is it perfectly alright for people in the US to buy goods from the Socialists in China, while our own people can’t make a decent living? I am not afraid of Democratic Socialism. It is much more scary to me to have China own our debt and continue to put our people out of work.

  29. The difference, Sarah, between Bernie and every single republican including the clown car of presidential contenders is the hard, blatant fact that Bernie is not corrupt.

    He can’t be bought like your party can be and is bought by billionaires and corporations.

    Bernie puts the People first. Republicans put the People last if at all.

    That’s the difference, Sarah. It makes Bernie stand out and shine on his own merits.

    There is not one republican in existence who can shine on their own merits.

    Notta one.


  30. And it’s not about hating “Billionaires”. It’s about what these people do with the money such as “rigging elections” “buying politicians” and advancing their own needs while people without the “means” to buy representation find themselves falling further and further behind.

  31. I really hope Bernie Sanders gets the nomination but I doubt he will. I honestly don’t think the people loyal to Sanders, whether they choose to vote for Clinton or abstain, will have a huge impact. There are like 20 people on the Republican ticket, only 4 on the Democratic. Hillary stills holds around 50% of the Democratic vote, the closest Republican hopeful has less than half of that. In a general I see more Republicans remaining loyal to their candidate that fails and not voting in the general election than I see Democrats just by sheer number of candidates. Chance tells me that Hillary will get more votes in a general election than whatever Republican gets the nomination because less Democrats are likely to remain loyal to a candidate that has lost the nomination. So sure, Bernie may take as much as 15% of the vote, but adding up every Republican hopefuls polling numbers excluding the nominee we see a lot more Republican abtainers.

  32. Right on! Social media and sites like this one can reach a LOT OF VOTERS< We have to keep educating them about Bernie, the TRUTH TELLER We must send him donationsto fightfor all the Americans who have lost jobs due to outsourcing, have seen their homes foreclosed, and rely on food banks to feed their families. Get with America. BERNIE FORPOTUS

  33. Revolutions tend to start peacefully when the vast majority try to change the system. The oligarchs in control naturally don’t want change and resort to violence against the people when they refuse to stop pushing.

  34. Bernie has just got started….He is not going to burn out…In fact his campaign is going to make some democrats and definitely the GOP stand up and take notice…He is representing us not them…So you drink the kool aid and dream on…The fight has just begun.

  35. “Wheels on the (clown)bus go round and round, round and round, round and round….Hey all you trolls join in for the sing a long…

  36. Absolutely not. Where is the daylight between Clinton and a Republican? That’s why I didn’t vote for Obama the second time. After having knocked on doors for him I didn’t expect to be thrown under the bus before the ink was dry on his signature on his oath of office.

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