Hillary Clinton Sides With Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders Against Obama Trade Agenda


After sitting on the fence on the issue of President Obama’s trade agenda, Hillary Clinton sided with the liberals in her party against the current trade legislation that the White House and Congressional Republicans are pushing.

In an interview with O. Kay Henderson of Radio Iowa, Clinton said, “Any trade agreement is going to be fraught with all sorts of problems. I’ve voted for them and I’ve voted against them and I voted against Fast Track in the Bush Administration, so I am someone who has seen the pluses and the minuses of trade agreements. Our goals should always be to make as many winners as possible…I think that in today’s world it is a very hard road to manage any trade agreement, especially with so many parties…What I have advised…is that the president take the opportunity offered by staunch allies like Nancy Pelosi…and try to figure out how to use this as leverage, to go back to the other countries and say: ‘You want a lot out of this. I need more. Our market is still the biggest, most consumer friendly in the world, but I can’t go forward unless I get X, Y and Z from you and I think that there is at least a potential opportunity for him to take this moment and as I said kind turn lemons into lemonade…Convince people who are convincible…that you have answered some of the legitimate questions that have been raised.”

Hillary Clinton has taken the position that many liberals in Congress have taken that they can’t support until the administration cuts a better deal for American workers. All of the recent trade agreements that have followed the NAFTA format have been bad for American workers. What liberals are suggesting isn’t that all trade agreements are bad, but that NAFTA-style trade agreements are not acceptable.

Clinton’s position is the same as Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats. The President has to willing to use this agreement to get a better deal both at home and in future trade agreements. Mitch McConnell desperately wants to pass something big to prove that he can govern, but he has tried only to have it his way by being unwilling to give Democrats more. John Boehner has a mess on his hands in the House as Democrats and Republicans both oppose the Obama trade agenda as he has constructed it on the House floor.

Former Sec. Clinton’s comments about the trade agenda make it almost impossible for Democrats to support. Republicans are going to have to sweeten the pot if they want to get this legislation through Congress.

Hillary Clinton can make or break this agenda, and thanks to constant pressure from Bernie Sanders, she has sided with liberals in opposition.

16 Replies to “Hillary Clinton Sides With Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders Against Obama Trade Agenda”

  1. Thank you Mr Bernie, Ms Nancy & Ms Hillary!

    We need al the fight we can get behind the workers, our pockets & piggy bank are empty.

    We need jobs & fair wages, not a competition for an assembly job making tennis shoes for $0.50/day

  2. Way to vague Hillary needs to be specific. List Warren’s and Bernie’s point by point stand and make Hillary say more than just me too,

  3. Have nothing against Hillary, but am not impressed by her speaking out against the trade agreement after it is obviously dead. Where was she when Bernie and Elizabeth were attacking it?

  4. TAA will pass tomorrow.

    If not, TPA which has already passed both the Senate and the House will move forward. TPP does not need TAA to pass.

    I am beginning to wonder if anyone knows the difference between the 3 bills.

  5. The Trade Deal is Dead ?

    Huh ?

    They only voted down one portion of it, which is not needed to secure the deal.

    They defeated the portion that would have re-trained displaced workers, leaving the workers abandoned.

  6. I don’t know all the details of this trade deal…but I find it hard to believe that President Obama has decided to screw American workers at any costs. He is a pragmist, which will influence his decisions. No trade deal can stop companies from shipping jobs overseas. The group that has all the power is the consumer. Don’t buy from these companies if you don’t like their policies. As far as trading with countries that have bad human rights records, the same could be said about trading with the United States. Should countries trade with a country that does not want their citizens to have health care, have equal rights under the law no matter who they are, and lets guns run amok killing more people each year than all other countries?

  7. The Fact that Corporations adored this deal should set off some alarm bells.

    Yes Obama does look out for us- mostly.

    But then again he is also human. He makes mistakes too.

  8. This president has a track record that’s pro-labor, pro-American, and pro-equal rights. Now that he needs us to stand behind him, he’s still being asked to work twice as hard as a White president for the same zero credit.

    The Republicans are growing increasingly anti-TPP, so does that mean it’s good now? I mean, if we’re going to use bellwethers in order to gauge what’s good and what’s bad, should we now consider that the TPP is getting better for us now that Republicans are rising against it?

    And I would never, EVER, gauge whether a bill is good or bad based on what some Senators and U.S. Reps feel about it. Remember, they helped kill the Public Option in the health care reform bill. They rarely align their interests with the rest of us. This president has and always will align with “the lesser among us”. He’s proven it time and again and proven the naysayers and obstructionists wrong, time and again.

  9. According to CNN, HRC has publicly supported TPP forty-five times. Now, although she claims to have not seen the bill (and therefore has be unable to comment previously) she is indicating it may not be the “gold standard” she once touted it to be. This is not leadership. This is siding with the pharmaceutical and multi-national corporations which rob our country of taxes and take jobs overseas. Thanks to citizens standing up and saying NO to their elected officials we have a chance to defeat this unknown monster. Show us the bill if you want our support. I fear a Clinton White House would have already signed it into law.

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