Jeb Bush Tries To Hide The Fact He’s A Bush By Not Using His Last Name In Logo


Jeb Bush is trying to fool voters into forgetting that he is a Bush by leaving his last name off of his campaign logo and not featuring his last name in his campaign video.

Bush’s last name flashes by the screen once during his entire two minute and five second launch video.


Here is the logo for the Bush campaign:

jeb bush logo

Notice what’s missing in that logo? Jeb Bush’s logo looks like a cross between a bad reality television show on TLC, and a satire of a political campaign. There is no mention of the Bush last name with the exception of one occasion when it flashed briefly across the screen as part of a graphic.

The video refers to him as the most conservative governor and Jeb, but the name Bush has been intentionally scrubbed as much as possible from the video. Bush has been doubling down on the family name on the campaign trail. Last month, Bush opened a stop in New Hampshire by saying, “I know you all know me as George and Barbara’s boy. You probably know that I’m George W.’s brother.” Apparently, it’s okay for Jeb to admit that he is a Bush in small private groups, but it isn’t something that he wants getting out in public.

Jeb’s rollout is admission that the Bush last name is politically toxic. The Bush campaign is trying to make people forget about W, and the fact that his brother is running for president. Everyone knows who Jeb Bush really is. This attempt to redefine him is so stupid and foolish that it had to have been dreamed up by high paid Republican consultants who have been testing “Jeb!” in focus groups for months.

Jeb Bush can’t hide it. He is directly connected to family legacy of failure. If Jeb thinks that an exclamation point instead of last name can fool voters, he is in for a very bumpy presidential campaign.

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  1. Since his wife is Mexican, and he wants to appeal to broader Latino base, maybe he changes his name to her last name:
    Garnica Gallo.

  2. I keep saying this and will until he either quits or gets his ass handed to him in 2016: The only good Bush is either in a garden or on a woman’s crotch.

  3. out of the night when the full moon is bright…
    comes a horseman known as El Jebé!!!!

    oops!!! it’s supposed to be Zorro..

    my mistake… never mind

  4. You can’t hide it and therefore it’s silly to even try. If he’s that worried about his last name and what it implies, he should just throw in the towel.

  5. Jebbie is an entitled moron who thinks ‘it’s his turn’ and that is the be-all and end-all of his failed campaign.

  6. Just as his brother went by “W” and was elected twice. Jeb’s likely brothers probably won’t have a clue, either. They didn’t dumb them down in Texas and Florida for nothing.

  7. So, after a lifetime of trading on his last name, NOW he wants everyone to forget? Fat chance. The crossed eyes, facial expressions and dumb answers to questions are a dead giveaway. Maybe the paid consultants in his campaign would like to forget they work for a Bush, but the rest of us know only too well. The STENCH will NEVER leave, not after W. W took this country to HELL and President Obama is doing a great job of trying to bring us back from the brink. No Bush need apply, or any republican for that matter. Enough damage has been done.

  8. Why? TOXIC is why. His brother can not travel overseas without danger of being arrested for war crimes. Does Jebbie really think we will forget that? Every other former president is welcomed with open arms, W is despised for all the damage he has done to the entire world.

  9. I’ve got to disagree with the general consensus here that Mr. Bush is trying to hide the fact that he is a BUSH by just using his first name.
    Because: I think he just want’s to be like the other FIRST name only contenders–
    i.e. HILLARY. TED (Cruz). Marco (Rubio). Lindsey (Graham). RICK (Perry). BERNIE (Sanders). RICK (Santorum). DONALD (Trump). SCOTT (Walker). CHRIS (Christie)……and so on. Last name is already understood when you use the first name. Name recognition. The new way to show popularity and universality.
    I can use my first name here (Tom) but who the F*K will know my last name? NOBODY!
    Here’s another example: BARRACK. (WHO is that?) One would have to be from another planet to not know who that first name belongs to. So, in defense of JEB. Let him use his first name if he wants to, we all know he is a BUSH. Right?

  10. I can see it now… Jeb is ready to quit after seeing the polls and showing that he has no chance in hell to win when Cheney shows up…

    ‘You can’t quit, ya spineless twit! I need war! I need to have a wargasm NOW! You’re the guy to do it, so go go go!!’


    I don’t read campaign journalism to learn what seasoned reporters think is going on. I read it to learn what spin the campaigns are spoon-feeding to those seasoned reporters, because campaign reporters almost invariably type up what they’re told virtually unedited, with little or no skepticism.
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  12. In 1989, Jeb Bush paid a visit to Nigeria. As the son of a sitting president, he was greeted like royalty, with tens of thousands of Nigerians lining the streets to welcome Bush to their nation. But as Mother Jones reporter Stephanie Mencimer notes, Jeb wasn’t there to engage in diplomacy. Instead, he was hawking an industrial water pump to government officials in Nigeria. It turned into a complicated business deal worth around $80 million (give or take, depending on who’s reporting)

  13. All conjecture. This is meaning less.

    Did you all forget that Hilary is just the letter “H” with an arrow pointing which way? Oh yeah to the right. Does that mean she is actually a republican on the inside?
    I could make that conclusion but I don’t. Just like back in the day remember things like “I like Ike” or how something more modern “Obama ’12” or just the “O”. or here look at some for yourselves:
    Notice how many just use one name or initial?

    I could insert Hilary into every place Jeb was and this story would be just as about meaningless.

    Trying to make something of nothing here. Nothing else.

  14. Ummm, except there’s a slight problem with that. His name is John, not Jebediah, John Ellis Bush, hence the reason he’s called ‘Jeb’, and the reason this article is inaccurate, becuase ‘Bush’ is included in the very nickname ‘JEB’.

  15. Jeb’s statement that he is not his brother, belies his action — that he is using his brother’s advisers.

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