Neil Young Sends A Big F-U To Music Thief Donald Trump By Endorsing Bernie Sanders


Neil Young’s manager has confirmed that Donald Trump used his song Rockin’ In The Free World without his permission. Neil Young has also endorsed Bernie Sanders.

One of the weirdest moments in a very weird speech came when Donald Trump announced that he was running for president looked up at the ceiling and then Rockin’ In The Free World started playing.


At the time, I wrote that Trump was using Young’s music without his permission. Neil Young’s music has a strong liberal message, so there was zero chance that Young gave racist bigot Donald Trump permission to use his song.

Sure enough, Neil Young’s manager Elliot Roberts issued a statement to Mother Jones confirming that Trump did use the song without his permission, “Donald Trump’s use of “Rockin’ in the Free World” was not authorized. Mr. Young is a longtime supporter of Bernie Sanders.”

Not only will Donald Trump be getting a cease and desist letter in the mail shortly, but Neil Young has also endorsed Bernie Sanders.

Donald Trump is worse than an idiot or a buffoon. He is a thief, who took the work of another human being and attached it to his presidential campaign. Even worse, Trump had no idea that the song is critical of the very policies and belief system that he is running for president on. The phrase Rockin’ In The Free World is not a flag waving Republican anthem. It is a sarcastic takedown of Republican values.

Neil Young supports Bernie Sanders, and there is no way in hell that he would ever support Donald Trump or let him near his music.

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  1. Did anyone bother to pass this by to the dead rodent taking up residence on the top of Donald’s head?

  2. Since Donald Chump, say’s he one of the riches men in America, Neil Young should make him use some of that money, by suing him, just for the hell of it. It’s time for America to Donald that he’s “FIRED.”

  3. Considering Neil’s biggest fan base is between 50 and 70, I don’t think Mittens picked his youth demographics very well!!!!!

  4. WTF are you trying to say? If you not a citizen you can take someone’s work? Oh I FORGOT THATS HOW YOU PEOPLE ROLL

  5. Neil’s Music both Live and on records has inspired me as a human for over 4 decades. Neil Young is a Living Global Music Icon, 34 Albums, One of The Founders of Farm Aid, Bridge School and the list goes on Neil Young has contributed as much to Music on this Planet as just about anyone alive.
    He has a “Heart Of Gold” and your comment that he Sucks sounds so personnel. I have also met Mr Young countless times and he is a gentleman who has taken time to discuss important issues with me.
    Neil has integrity and he is not a sell out with Music .
    He is coming to Vermont to help our State with Monsanto’s threats. Monsanto is the World’s most despised Corporation and has been thrown out of countless Countries. Maybe Neil will run alongside with Bernie Sanders for President !!!!!
    PEACE, Give Neil a Chance!!! [WINK]

  6. Music by Ted Nugent is a better fit for this
    narcistic ass clown. And that reversed comb
    over hairdo reminds me of A Flock of Seagulls.

  7. Sounds like many of you are jealous of Trumps money. Too bad Neil Young is so liberal to support Bernie Sanders. I will no longer listen to either one of them or their liberal ideas.

  8. I can’t believe Trump did something this stupid. Why would he pick a song by NY? I’ve never been a fan of NY nor any other “artist” that blasts out political garbage (democrat or republican) and calls it a song. I’m sure if Hillary would have played it, nothing would have been said. Has nothing to do with “authorization” has everything to do with the fact that NY has an opposite political belief so therefore doesn’t want his music associated with Trump. So now the answer is to sue. For what? For playing a song? Hilarious.

  9. So Kathy I guess you’re a fan of the Non-talented manufactured losers that attempt music today. And not people like Neil Young who worked hard and paid their dues and have REAL TALENT!. I stopped even listening to the radio because it all sucks these days. My REAL music collection is all over 15 years old. Music is dying a slow painful corporate death.

  10. Jealous of Trump’s money? I’m not. Trump is a joke and you are a joke!! Thanks for my morning laugh!!!

  11. The fact that you say that you can’t believe that Trump did something this stupid just proved that you are stupid! Trump is stupid and an idiot! Anyone who uses a licensed song, whether it’s a democrat, republican, independent, etc., candidate, must get permission to use the song. Trump did not. The stupidity of your posting is hilarious!!

  12. Brad P. You moron, that is why our music is registered with BMI and ASCAP. Check out the Lars Ulrich suit against Napster. It is copyright infringement for morons like you that black market and steal our tunes.

  13. Donald Trump doesn’t care. He can buy his way out or in to anything. His loving the spotlight…..

  14. Don’t be so sure on this one. Donald Trump and Neil Young are actually friends – and I’ve seen them together in his office.

    It’s all a show folks – politics is the entertainment division of the Military Industrial Complex. (Zappa)

  15. I’m sure if Hillary would have played it, nothing would have been said.
    ‘Soul Man’ Sam Moore tells Obama to stop using his song…

    Wrong Again.

    Hey,this is Sam Moore we’re talking about. I could understand that. He’s the man.

    I stand behind my first statement in regards to Hillary. I never mentioned our President.

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

  16. Nope.

    Brap P-fail whale.

    Until you can come up with an appropriate evidence backing up your assertion, a Fail Whale is what you shall remain.

  17. REAL money, we all could have REAL money if we claimed Bankruptcy FOUR (4 )Times, hired illegals to clean his rooms..

  18. Well he certainly has enough money to buy his way unto the stage…now the rest of the Republicans that don’t make it unto the stage well know how it feels to have “Voter Suppression”

  19. Yeah Right! Trumps properties are worth 9 billion NOT TRUMP! I’ll wager that any one of us here has more cash on hand than Donny! Donny is a poser! Donny is a blowhard. And NO we are not envious of his “money” because WE WORK FOR OURS!!! Our money is worth more because it’s EARNED! Take your “gunz” and put them were the photons are not reflected.

  20. Serious Q here: With Trump owning so many clubs and entertainment venue’s, could it be possible that he has already payed an ASCAP fee for using this song in those venues, and therefore is entitled to use the song in his own buildings no matter what? Trump is a piece of crap, but I’m sure his lawyers would have his ass covered.

  21. Donald Trump: “You Call That Cocksucking? I Can Suck All the Cocks At Once.” Donald Trump glided over to the lectern at the Trump Penis Substitute Tower in New York City yesterday and announced that not only was he running for President, he was going to suck all the cocks. Except, as is Trump’s way, there was a twist. “I’m sure you’ve all seen Chris Christie and Ted Cruz suck all the cocks before,” he sneered. “Well, I can do one better. I will not only suck all the cocks. I will suck them all at the same time.” The bought and paid for audience gasped, as they had been prompted to do. Trump waved his hands to calm everyone down. “You may think that one man can’t suck every cock in this election in a single blow job,” he assured the crowd, “But this is Donald Trump we’re talkin’ about. I suck all the cocks for a living. Now…bring me the cocks.” – See more at:

  22. Apparently considering Neil Young is one of the best selling artist in history millions would say otherwise.

    Not to mention Neil Young is a double entry into the RnR Hall of Fame as a solo artist and member of CSN.

  23. A number of those properties carrying Trump’s name are not his properties. He sold his name to attach to the properties misleading people to think he owns them.

    People have found out the hard way when they’ve put down deposits to purcase a condo and when the real owner delayed or didn’t build the property — the purchasers ended up in long drawn out legal battles to get their money back.

    In short – Trump is a fraud and a con

  24. GOP have no one to blame but themselves for Trump diving into the race. They’ve courted & kissed his ring as they”ve all shown up at his office to bow to him as if he was king. GAG!

    It’s no different than courting the Baggers for votes & $$. In the elections when TBers supported their candidate in the primaries then lost the seat or if they did win & it’s been a disaster for the GOP since (like Cruz etc).

    The GOP courtship of both Trump & TBers — they lost control of handling them! What we’ve watched in previous elections with Herman Cain, Michelle Bachmann, etc & we’re spectators in 2016 race — what’s again the ‘Clown Show’. There are a number riding in their Clown Cars — Carson, Cruz etc & the loudest and arrogant of all Trump!!

    Stock up on Popcorn & let them rip!! And no doubt we’ll have those that aren’t running for President but will add flavour with their moronic talk (abortion, rape, etc)!!

  25. They may be ‘friends’ socially as there would be events they both attend and it would be more friends in passing than true friendship. But — when it comes to politics — different ballgame. It’s always been that way.

  26. SO, two, grumpy, ol’Timer’s, which both happen to be ridiculously wealthy and instantly recognizable having words and I’m supposed to care?
    There’s too many deathly serious issues EVERYWHERE to genuinely be concerned with and be educated about, ..oh? But, check out this new app!?!
    And “Dumb and Dumber” seems less funny every month…..

  27. While I’m sure it is true Trump didn’t get Neil’s permission. However, He probably doesn’t need it. Not once did the “manager” say they would seek legal solution. My bet is that Neil doesn’t own the music, He probably didn’t even write the music. It was probably only a song he sings, and the Label owns the music. They probably gave permission he needed. [Snipped]

  28. Would you be so kind as to please Identify what you’ve been smoking?

    Cause I could really use some farked up shit like that!

    Dude, this very article you’re commenting on made it quite clear.

    I’m sure you’re getting paid to spin doctor sTRUMPet, but you’re gonna have to come up with something original for your pay.

  29. Politicians don’t have to get every writers permission. This drug addled fool has very little say about it.

    He sold his rights when he sold his soul to the recording company. He was probably stoned then and, like his reputation today, “has been” ever since. By law, he can sue but is unlikely to win.

    I’m more puzzled why Trump would want to include this loser’s music than by the fact he played by the rules.

  30. Fail-Whale. Wow, that’s original. Maybe someone will start doing memes with that catchy title. But despite your name calling you still haven’t produced any evidence to disprove my statement.

    This will be my last post. I did[Snipped]
    So lefties, prove me wrong and post this and also my response to kwolfey woof woof amd mr sacry gary. Bet ya don’t ;)
    [We did…a while. I’m back. Your time is up.

  31. Why wouldn’t red diaper doper babies listen to a dummy who got rich polluting the environment by selling millions of pieces of Polyvinyl chloride, instead of someone who has created jobs, housing, and wealth by being a success.
    You have to be an absolute loser to be a lifelong lockstep Democrat…

  32. Well, aren’t you just special, bless your little toxic and obnoxious heart…

    Well DPOA, (Ill use your nickname, old spor…) it appears that ya’ can’t stick to one idea at a time, ya’ mix concepts, pepper your comment with personification (like you’re clever or something), and the sum total, all you can come up with is, voting democrat is for losers.

    You’re no George Carlin or wall street hipster so, stop with the borrowed persona–you’re not original.

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