Bernie-mentum Spreads As Huge Demand For Sanders Forces Nevada Event Into A Bigger Hall



The presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders has announced that due to high demand their upcoming events in South Carolina and Nevada were moved to larger venues.

In a statement, the Sanders campaign announced the need to change venues to bigger halls:

Responding to swelling interest, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign moved town meetings set for this weekend to much bigger spaces in Las Vegas and Charleston, South Carolina. The campaign also made contingency plans to accommodate the thousands of people who have indicated they plan to see Sanders on Saturday in Denver.

“The more people get to know about Bernie and what he stands for the more they want to be part of his political revolution,” said Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ campaign manager. “I think there’s just a hunger out in the country for someone to speak to the issues that really affect the lives of middle income and working families,” he added.

The events are free and open to the public, which makes turnout projections difficult to calculate precisely, but Weaver said the campaign changed the event sites in Nevada and South Carolina based on indications that much bigger crowds of people plan to attend than were initially anticipated.


Bernie Sanders is the hottest candidate in either party. His campaign has a grassroots momentum behind it that is unmatched at this time. It is unknown whether this enthusiasm will translate to votes, but Sen. Sanders has something special going.

Sen. Sanders has events planned for Las Vegas, NV, Denver, CO, And Charleston, SC on Friday and Saturday. It looks like the sellout crowds that Sanders has been drawing are no fluke. Sen. Sanders seems to be well on his way to building a movement against the Koch brothers and other billionaires who are trying to buy our government.

Sanders has put himself out there, and the people are responding. Bernie-mentum is real, and it’s spreading west.

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  1. Bernie is catching fire and it is wonderful! This is also worrying because he is calling out the really really rich and powerful. I doubt that they believe he has a chance at the presidency, but I also believe they may make sure that he does not reach this office. I do hope he has excellent security!

  2. The Bernie-mentum will not fizzle out during the primary elections, nor the general election. We are all intensely dedicated to getting out the vote for Bernie and showing up in all the ways that count! Bernie is the champion of all of us and is leading the way in showing us that we don`t have to take what is happening to our country lying down. We can stand up and fight back with our votes with our voices, with our phone calls to congress. When 2 million plus people join together in a political revolution. The numbers continue to grow as others are swept up in the tide of purpose. We are from all parties, all walks of life. We are young, old, middle aged, poor, part of the dwindling middle class, racially diverse, free thinking, intelligent, highly aware human beings. We fully comprehend that there is something fundamentally wrong with our government because of it`s ties to Wall Street & Billionaire corporations. We didn`t need Bernie to tell us that. We just happen to agree with him.

  3. Bernie says exactly what I want to hear from a candidate for President. I am so sick of the rhetoric that the pols all spew. Bernie talks straight and very concisely. Finally someone I would rally for. I thought I was for Hillary…but all one has to do is listen to Bernie and what matters to him. I am voting for him because that is what matters to me. I have donated and I will be receiving my bumper stickers this week.
    Let the revolution begin with Bernie!

  4. Exactly Devon, carbon copy of Prez Obama. Had to move his venue to milehigh stadium from the civic center in Denver.

  5. Clennis, I have been following Bernie`s visit to Denver, and keeping track of the amount of people rspving. The rspv counter actually stopped working 2 days ago. At roughly 5100. I was doing some calculations and at the rate these rspv`s were coming in, it looked to me and many others that it was quite feasible that at least 14 thousand would be attending! This is amazing and Colorado is a Red State! I told the folks early on at one Colorado for Bernie FB Page, that they needed a stadium! This is so exciting!

  6. How much longer before the MSM is forced to give him serious attention?

    The MSM keeps on calling Bernie a loony fringe socialist and Bernie keeps talking to Mainstreet everyday Americans. The Mainstreet Americans apparently want to hear what Bernie has to say.

  7. ” How many Republicans are losing sleep over Bernie?

    Perhaps the better question is: How many republicans can we convince to switch sides and support Bernie Sanders.

  8. I’m totally not surprised by this. People are fed up, especially progressively-minded folks. The last few years the Democratic party has been so close to center they’re like Republican-lite. Bernie is speaking to a message the people desperately want to hear. This country has seriously gone off the rails. He is the only candidate who can save it.

    And who is the one asshat who clicked the “This is not for me” button?

  9. Maybe they might give Bernie some serious attention when it is clear that he has the delegates to win the nomination. Then the MSM will give the GOP all the time they want while letting Bernie twist in the wind. I predict on January 20th, 2017 Bernie Sanders will be inaugurated as the 45th President of The United States of America along with a Congress that will pass his agenda.

  10. 100% behind him..Let’s now forget &&&&&&is needed soooooooooooo….send your donation to Bernie Sanders
    POBox 905 Burlington VT 05402 Thanks for helping America

  11. A Democratic POTUS(Bernie) needs majority Democrats in Congress & Senate to avoid the obstructionists the Obama has faced!!!!

  12. Wait until he gets to the Pacific Northwest. They’re going to need sports stadiums in Oregon and Washington State.

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