Bernie Surge Storms The South As Sanders Event Moved To Bigger Venue In South Carolina


The momentum behind the Bernie Sanders campaign for president is spreading from New Hampshire to South Carolina as interest was so high in Sanders’ message that the campaign was forced to move his upcoming speech in Charleston to a larger venue.

Politico reported:

Over the weekend, the state chapter of the AFL-CIO labor union group jumped the gun and effectively backed his candidacy before being forced to walk its message back. Last night, on the eve of Clinton’s arrival, Sanders’ campaign said it had to change the venue for his upcoming swing through Charleston due to overwhelming local interest. That announcement — which pointedly noted that the new venue is a high school gym located on President Street — came just hours before Clinton was set to unveil a new plan to combat youth unemployment through tax credits for businesses who hire apprentices.

The former secretary of state continues to maintain a commanding lead over the Vermont senator in most national and early state polling — including in South Carolina, where Sanders has no permanent staff. But the liberal challenger has been creeping toward her in New Hampshire polls and the energy and overflow crowds of his recent early state events are attracting notice.

The Sanders campaign has a very good problem. Support for their candidate is much higher than expected, so they have to accommodate bigger crowds. Recent polling in New Hampshire has finally convinced many in the media that the support for Sen. Sanders is real. There is an energy among Sanders supporters is very real, and it is pushing the Clinton campaign in the exact way that many hoped it would.

There is a pent-up desire for an authentic grassroots movement in response to the Great Recession. The desire to reclaim a country that is under threat from corporations and billionaires with a political agenda is palpable. Bernie Sanders spent parts of the last few years going to states like South Carolina and speaking to Democrats and progressives who are too often neglected and lumped in with their Republican rulers. Sen. Sanders has been working the grassroots of America’s discontent for a long time, and his efforts are paying off.

The Sanders movement isn’t so much about rejecting Hillary Clinton as it is a response to income inequality, real unemployment, Wall Street, Citizens United and political influence of a handful of conservative billionaires. The basic issues that Sanders talks about on the campaign trail resonate with voters in every state red or blue across this country.

Bernie Sanders is saying out loud what millions of Americans have been waiting years to hear. It’s no surprise that so many people would be interested in his message, but this is just the beginning. The Sanders campaign needs to start thinking about reserving many more bigger venues because the momentum looks to be just getting started.

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  1. My hope is that no rancor erupts between Hillary and Sanders; but rather that they embrace one another’s candidacies, graciously acknowledge the differences,
    and understand that they share the common mission
    of denying the White House to the GOP.

    Let other Democratic candidates get on board, as well.

  2. I have been asking myself for some time whether Bernie Sanders can overtake Hillary Clinton when it comes to minority voters. Last I read, her support was 78% to Bernie’s 5%. It’s all well and good to note that Bernie is pulling closer in the polls in New Hampshire which is a 92% white state, but if you remember, African-Americans in this country considered Bill Clinton to be the First Black President. I am just wondering if anyone thinks Bernie can overcome the odds of Hillary’s support among minority voters. Then too, there is the women’s vote to take into consideration. I might ask the same. Do you think Bernie can overcome Hillary’s support among the women?

  3. As a non-white, I think too many minorities throw blind faith Clinton’s way. I am a strong Bernie supporter. Bernie isn’t actively campaigning toward people in my demographic, but this day in age I don’t think anyone should go after “The black vote” We should be included in the general campaigning. Bernie speaks for the working middle class. I am working middle class. That means he speaks for me, and a lot of other non-whites as well.
    To be honest, I feel like Hillary is trying to scam something, by actively campaigning to one demographic. She doesn’t have non-whites in mind, it’s just her strategy to win. Bernie has everyone in mind, and he speaks honestly. I don’t agree with all of his policies, but I like him, because he has our interests in mind, and he doesn’t flip flop on what he feels passionate on. He’s an honest politician, which means he’s one of a kind. He has this black mans vote!

  4. You know what you may be who you say you are but there is a covert effort by the kochsuckers to sow discontent.

    BTW what kind of non white has a name of Jonah?

  5. I’m a republican and i must admit, i love love love how the liberal media has turned their back on Hillary and doing their best to sell creepy Bernie. Bernie will never be the nominee, but Bernie , his cult followers and the liberal media can do enough to damage her campaign. I think its team work, i love how libs, progressives, lib media are helping Fox news and the GOP with bringing down the hillary campaign. It’s going be extremely easy for the GOP in 2016. And I can’t until a republican is in the white house. But libs, please keep up the great work, love it..

  6. Warms my heart when you libs bash Hillary campaign Thank you for helping the GOP out.. The GOP and Bernie’s team can do it together!!!!

  7. Love how divisive Bernie supporters are too, love how their tearing the Dem party apart. Please keep up the great work.. Remember Hillary is bad for this country. Vote GOP

  8. You’re going to be waiting for a very long time. The GOP is self-destructing. No amount of big money will save them. No republican is electable to the White House and if it wasn’t for voter suppression, gerrymandering, and other cheating the GOP would be extinct. Bernie Sanders is for real. People are seeing he is for real. His record is for real and he could very well win the nomination, and the Oval Office. You might as well immigrate to the republican utopia of Somalia now.

  9. You are one stupid inbreeded dumbass. You have no idea what socialism is and I am getting tired of assholes who are so ignorant they cant even wipe their ass without getting shit on their hands.

  10. I can not understand the attacks on Bernie Sanders. He’s openly supporting what every American I know wants. He may not be able to best Hillary, but he’s a GREAT number two.
    Where are the attacks on Repubs who have made NO statements on what might help The American People.

  11. You just answered your own question. And the second part is because Republican Spin Doctors are getting very desperate.

  12. You are under the misapprehension that those of us that like Sen. Sanders will not vote for SoS Clinton. You are so wrong. We may vote for Sen. Sanders in the primary, but if SoS Clinton wins the nomination, there isn’t one of us that won’t vote for her because the clowns YOU Republicans/tea baggers are running are exactly that… clowns. Not one of them is qualified to be POTUS.

    You talk about “fee loaders”, when we all know that the states with Republican/tea bagger governors are the one that are free loading. Every single one of them are in debt up to their ears. You Republican/tea baggers take far more than you pay. So who do you think you are kidding?

  13. Down south where people are hurting, just maybe a few are ready to hear common sense solutions instead of the familiar ignorant tropes of the incumbents.

  14. Then stay off our socialist roads, our socialist parks, and our socialist schools.

    Oh yes, if you have a job, and are off on weekends, thank a socialist.

  15. Do us all a favor and go work for Trump. See how you like working for a real Presidential candidate.. go ahead, I dare you…

  16. Hillary has known Bernie for a long, long time. She knows what he is made of. The contest between the two is not of two people, but the ideas they represent. Bernie represents the ideas of the working class. It really is that simple.

  17. “BTW what kind of non white has a name of Jonah?” PLEASE don’t tell us you thought his name should be “black” sounding. THIS is the sort of CRAP that DIVIDES this nation. Learn some manners! PLEASE **This has been brought to you by a white woman; not that it should matter, but this will keep you from wondering what SORT of person would have commented in such a manner**

  18. What is a black sounding name? And it is not me that keeps this nation divided I suggest you look in the mirror

  19. This looks very exciting. Now Bernie and staff need to start looking for allies that will run on his platform in each of the state’s senate and house seats. I know that’s a big job but Bernie by himself in office with the current group of Congressman and Senators would just be another 4 yrs of getting nothing done. We need a change across the board.

  20. djchefron?? Jonah is a biblical name, Hebrew. I would consider someone of hebrew decent non white.

    You don’t sound like yourself, angry and tense, maybe you need a snickers bar, or a hug.

  21. …OK peeps…during my time in the Navy I got to know many African-Americans,Filipinos,Southern good-ol’-boys,Latinos…people all over this country, and there wasn’t ONE of ’em I couldn’t trust, even with my life…
    …names…I’ve known shipmates with Biblical names,common names, and names parents gave thier kids that shoulda got that parent shot in the ass with a bb gun…names don’t mean squat;character means EVERYTHING…
    ’nuff said…

  22. …oh,BTW; I haven’t decided yet WHICH of ’em I’ll vote for in the primary…but either Clinton or Sanders would make,IMHO a great president…

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