Democrats Bust Republicans For Refusing Release Full Transcript of Benghazi Deposition

Rep. Elijah E. Cummings And House Democrats Discuss Accuse GOP Of Obstructing The Legislative Process

On Tuesday, Chairman Trey Gowdy of the Select Committee on Benghazi announced that Republicans would cherry pick through emails provided by witness Sydney Blumenthal (to Secretary Hillary Clinton, but this isn’t political y’all!) before making them public, and of course yesterday’s testimony will be private. No doubt misleading bits will be leaked to willing media outlets, but with no context.

‘Cuz transparency.

On Wednesday, all five Democrats on the Select Committee on Benghazi sent a letter objecting:

Yesterday, you issued a press release announcing that you intend to publicly release emails that Sidney Blumenthal provided to the Select Committee relating to Libya.  Your press release stated:

“Sidney Blumenthal produced to the Committee nearly 60 new emails regarding Libya and Benghazi,” Gowdy said.  “These emails were not previously produced to the Committee or released to the public, and they will help inform tomorrow’s deposition.  We are prepared to release these emails, but where practicable our internal processes include consultation with the Ranking Member before release.  If Ranking Member Cummings consents, we will add to the former Secretary’s public email record and release these shortly.  If not, we will do so after the required five days has passed.”

However, you did not consult—or even contact—Ranking Member Cummings, other Democratic Select Committee Members, or anyone on our staffs before issuing your press release.  Nor did you contact the State Department to clarify why its production of Benghazi-related emails might have differences from Mr. Blumenthal’s production of Libya-related documents.

As you know, we have always supported transparency as part of this investigation.  We called on you to release former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails after the Select Committee obtained them in February, but you refused to do so.  As you explained at the time:

“I am not going to make any emails public.  We have no idea whether this represents 10 percent of the document production, 50 percent of the document production.  We in the past have not produced information selectively.  In my judgment it runs counter to a serious investigation to do so.”

You also highlighted “the danger whenever you selectively release or leak information, is you give a disproportionate amount of attention and importance to whatever you’ve leaked.” Despite your previous statements on this matter, your press release yesterday indicated that you now believe it is appropriate to release selected emails from our investigation.

In response to your press release, Ranking Member Cummings agreed to your proposal to release Mr. Blumenthal’s emails, provided that you also release—at the same time—the full transcript of his day-long deposition with the Select Committee.  Rather than selectively leaking only certain information about Mr. Blumenthal, the American people deserve the benefit of Mr. Blumenthal’s responses to the hundreds of questions that you and other Select Committee Members asked him, including questions about these same emails. In response to the Ranking Member, you stated last night:  “I need him to explain to me why this witness should be treated differently than any other witness.”

The fact of the matter is that you are the one treating Mr. Blumenthal differently.  You are the one who ordered armed Marshals to go to his home—without any debate or vote by the Committee—to serve a subpoena compelling his testimony at yesterday’s deposition without even contacting him first.  You are the one who forced Mr. Blumenthal to appear at a mandatory deposition—the only one the Select Committee has held in the year since it was established—rather than a voluntary transcribed interview like every individual before him.  And you are the one who is now proposing to release only Mr. Blumenthal’s emails when you have not released emails from dozens of other individuals whose documents the Select Committee has obtained.

Given your own words on this topic warning against the selective release of information from the Committee’s investigation, it has become impossible to understand your revolving policy on when the Select Committee will release information and when it will not.  This type of incoherent policy inevitably leads to criticisms that the investigation is motivated by a partisan political attack against former Secretary Clinton rather than a neutral effort to obtain the facts.

Obviously, the full transcript of Mr. Blumenthal’s deposition will provide important background and context to his emails.  Otherwise, there would have been no reason to hold the deposition in the first place.  We would be happy to have our staffs work together to review both the emails and the deposition transcript to identify any content that we all agree should be redacted before public release.  In fact, we understand that you have already agreed to such a practice with Mr. Blumenthal’s attorney regarding his emails, so the same process could easily be used to review his deposition transcript.  If Republicans truly believe in transparency, then they should have no objection to this course of action.

End letter.

Insert laughter here, because Democrats keep asking for Republicans to be transparent in their alleged “transparency” efforts, but Republicans like to keep their Benghazi investigations under deep cover. They can’t afford to let the public see just how empty is their Benghazi conspiracy tank.

Republican hypocrisy knows no bounds in its desperation to find something to pin on the very popular former Secretary Clinton, who beats all of their 2016 candidates with her hands tied behind her back and while sleeping.

Remember when Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-NY) reminded Republicans that if they had any questions about fault regarding Benghazi, they should buy themselves a mirror? 

Oh yes. And then came the super secret meetings and testimony by experts who actually know stuff,  the full context of which Republicans thought the public shouldn’t see. Republican Darrell Issa (R-CA) refused to let the co-chairs of the Benghazi Review give their testimony in public, as they requested, and tried to force Ambassador Thomas Pickering to testify when the cameras were done rolling.

Republicans told the press that the co-chairs wouldn’t testify but the co-chairs wrote to Issa: “Recently, you seem to have changed your position on our appearance, apparently asking for a transcribed interview behind closed doors. In our view, requiring such a closed-door proceeding before we testify publicly is an inappropriate precondition.”

Democrats are at the eye-rolling stage with Republicans. Republicans refuse to release Secretary Clinton’s emails or let her testify immediately. And now they’re arguing the other side.

Sure the public is paying for this Republican 2016 political ad witch hunt, but Republicans don’t feel the public has a right to know what is actually discovered with their tax money.

Republicans keep saying their costly and far-fetched Benghazi obsession is all about transparency. And yet, once again, they are refusing to show the public the full transcript of a deposition. This is just like their refusal to let cameras in so they could cherry pick testimony from experts to further their Benghazi conspiracy.

14 Replies to “Democrats Bust Republicans For Refusing Release Full Transcript of Benghazi Deposition”

  1. For them, transparency only works when they can use it as a political weapon even though this dead horse been beaten down, beaten up and beaten off.

  2. This is the Republicans last ditch effort to smear Secretary Clinton and they have nothing, so they have to drag it out for as long as possible and give the illusion that they have something. I believe most of the public has already seen through this charade. The only ones who are still fooled are the die hard Republicans in red states and the fools who watch Fox “News”.

  3. They keep their flock ignorant, uneducated and in fear.

    The Republican Strategy of Stupidity
    Not only have Republicans embraced the power of stupid, they’re winning with it

    Conservatism Linked to Lack of Education

    Conservatives Big on Fear, Brain Study Finds

  4. Why aren’t the 47 traitors who signed the letter to Iran
    being subjected to this kind of ball-busting? Some of
    those idiots think they’re legitimate presidential material.
    And those five Dems on that Select Committee should
    demand compensation for all taxpayer’s funds wasted
    on these eight political circle jerks!

  5. I agree. The taxpayers need to know how much all of these “investigations” have cost them. I think if democrats started charging them for wasting tax dollars or started doing the same thing back to them, they may think twice. The real scandal is taking out saddam hussein on a lie, if we spent Benghazi money on investigating that, it would be money well spent

  6. But we do know. Just Google it. Now our so called liberal media wont report it because they have to throw bullshit at the rubes

  7. Just the sheer amount of desperation emanating from the Republicans in tidal waves.

    They couldn’t get anything on Obama, despite their best efforts; and now they cannot pin anything on Hilary.

  8. Well said! Add to the list the Speaker inviting Prime Minister Netanyahu to speak before Congress without consulting with the President–effectively an internationally broadcast obscene gesture in the direction of President Obama(and how damning of the Republican party). The overt disrespect and loathing is incalculable….but if the President would only work with them, they might be able to….nope.

  9. As soon a Clinton is sworn in as President, I would like investigations into ALL the embassy attacks during the BUSH years, and all the deaths that came from them…

  10. …after Teatards cut security funding for State Department; Bengazi was attacked…now the SAME Teatards are pulling BS even worse than Darrell “GTA” Issa…I think Trey Gowdy said something like this when he booted Issa…”Hey jagoff, this is MY circus now…I AM THE RINGMASTER!!!”
    …if Gowdys car goes missing, and is found torched, we know who did it…lol
    …as for Rep. Lewis my respect for him would go up every day…but the gauge is at 100%…and bendin’ the needle…

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