2015 Began with 332 Anti-Choice Provisions in Just Three Months

The Guttmacher Institute gave us the bad news early on that 2015 was not going to be a better year for women than 2014 :

By the end of the first quarter of the year [April 1], legislators had introduced 791 provisions related to sexual and reproductive health and rights. Nearly 42% of these provisions (332 provisions) seek to restrict ac cess to abortion services; abortion restrictions have been introduced in 43 states…53 abortion restrictions had been approved by a legislative chamber, and nine had been enacted.

The Republican Party, regardless of what it says about the economy – taxes, jobs, trade, manufacturing – is still focused primarily on attacking women’s reproductive health. The Republican War on Women is far from a myth. It is alive and well. The numbers prove it, and it is only getting worse from year to year:


As you can see, much as the Republican Party likes to talk about a war on Christianity – or even the criminalization of Christianity – it is in fact people calling themselves Christians who are criminalizing women.

According to the yokels at the inappropriately-named Liberty Council, abortion is Baal worship, (so, apparently, is gayness) echoing Ben Carson’s claim last year that abortion is human sacrifice:

This is the left’s sacred cow. It’s like a religious ritual, a religious rite. They worship at the altar of death, of child dismemberment. It’s like Baal worship of old, worshiping Moloch, where they would sacrifice innocent human beings. There’s no difference. They’re just not putting them in a furnace and worshiping an idol, but they really are worshiping an idol, the idol of abortion, and they’re killing the babies in this clinical setting. It’s no different from child sacrifice of old.

Increasingly, however, Baal the Cloud Rider, the weather god, seems then to be the champion of women who are raped at the behest of YHWH, his old Bronze Age persecutor. I am beginning to think the only thing the Religious Right’s god loves more than money is rape.

Recently, Susan B. Anthony List president Marjorie Dannenfelser told conservative critics that Lindsey Graham’s 20-week abortion ban’s “rape exception is abominable” – “regrettable,” “just wrong” and “completely intellectually dishonest.”

She didn’t have anything bad to say about rape. Or rapists. Just about letting raped women have access to abortions. Needless to say, the Hobby Lobby ruling ensures they won’t necessarily have access to contraception either.

Wisconsin’s “medical emergency” exemption is under similar attack from so-called pro-life groups. These pro-rape, anti-victim attitudes characterize the GOP today.

Guttmacher Institute tells us that this year started badly and we have already seen that it is not getting any better.

Sure, we have just seen the Supreme Court reject an appeal by North Carolina to restore an ultrasound law, but Scott Walker has unsavory plans for Wisconsin women – banning abortion after 20 weeks – and Kansas has proven that no matter how broke it is, it can always find money to ban abortions after only 14 weeks.

Women should flee Red States today to places where they can breathe the free air. Such havens do still exist. Though that won’t be true if the House has its way.

If states are attacking women’s reproductive choices, the Republican-led House of Representatives, if it can’t create a single job, is more than willing to ban abortion.

Just don’t expect any of those babies born to grow up to jobs waiting for them if the GOP has anything to say about it. Assuming they can get food and medical care to survive that long – or an education to qualify them for the job.

The picture is not a pretty one as women in 43 states are potential victims of legislation introduced by their elected officials, and that was just up to April 1. According to Guttmacher, “More than half of U.S. women of reproductive age live in states that are hostile or extremely hostile to abortion rights”:


Guttmacher points out that, “legislators in 16 states have introduced state versions of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA),” and while attention has focused on these laws as an anti-gay measure, “the potential impact on contraceptive coverage—and reproductive health more broadly—has received little, if any, attention.”

Communism? Bah! The Red Menace has taken on new meaning for American women.

If you think women are being represented by their legislators, you are wrong: the legislators seem to think they have been elected to regulate, or even put a stop to, female sexuality.

It is a wonder at this point that any woman at all votes Republican. Because for a woman to vote Republican is to enter into sexual slavery. With this man:


And Cruz opposes abortion for victims of rape and incest. He calls contraception “abortion-inducing drugs.”

If nothing else moves you, think about it this way:

Do you want to be a sex slave to people like Lindsey Graham, Scott Walker, Sam Brownback, Greg Abbot, and Ted Cruz – and Bryan Fischer?


Think about that.

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  1. The GOP is simply the party of “Keep government out of our businesses and away from our guns so they have time to police your bedrooms and your wombs”.

  2. Effort on behalf of the GOP on such matters as:
    Social Security
    Child Hunger
    Health Care
    Climate Change

    Effort expended on behalf of the GOP on denying women the right to control their bodies: Bend Over Backwards.

    Why is it that everyone non-Republican are the only ones who can comprehend this?

  3. They do have a point. If a fetus (or embryo) is a person, then it is a person, no matter what. In that case, only self-defense is a valid reason to abort. And every single miscarriage needs to be investigated to the extend that any infant death is investigated. (This includes deformed fetuses)

    Otherwise, it is not a person, and the government should keep its nose out of the mother’s business.

    Of course, if one believes “Thou shalt not kill”, then it should apply to all people, not just fetuses. Get rid of weapons and capital punishment.

  4. The current season of Orange Is The New Black had a “wow” moment on the topic of abortion. A hyper religious inmate was making crosses for her abortion “children” and another inmate had something VERY interesting to say. She referenced the book Freakonomics and said that the crime rate in the 90’s plummeted which happened to be about 20 years after Roe V. Wade. She suggested that women were no longer forced to bring up children they were incapable of raising (financially, emotionally, psychologically, etc) where the children would have grown up poor, neglected, and abused. The result was that those children were not there to cause crime as teens and adults.
    Cause and effect.

  5. …”Baal the Cloud Rider, the weather god.”

    Don’t forget Raj Inder, King of the Clouds, who flooded the earth to stop evil-doers.

    (but the aftermath of that myth takes a very different turn because Raj Inder turned “republican” after his handy work and got his up-comings from an “ant”…OT, opps, sorry)

  6. This has to be emphasized by Hillary and all dems. We need to get rid of backwards thinking, woman fearing, phony xtian neanderthals.

  7. Ok, could not resist…

    “In this story from the Brahmavaivarta Purana, Indra defeats Vṛtrá and releases the waters. Elevated to the rank of King [Raj] of the gods, Indra orders the heavenly craftsman, Vishvakarma, to build him a grand palace. Full of pride, Indra continues to demand more and more improvements for the palace…”

    The story is on Wikipedia under “Indra and the ant” if interested.

    The Raj Indra story-myth is not about the topic of abortion; of course not! There are no authentic abortion myths in mythos. It is the timeless story of greed, hubris, patriarchy and karma.

  8. What is particularly telling about the so called “Pro-Life” crowd: that as soon as the kid is born their concern for it’s life evaporates about as fast as an ice cube on a sidewalk on a summer’s day.

  9. Good for the Jails-for-profit Business!

    Facts from DoSomething.org:
    …”#8 Children who experience child abuse and neglect are 59% more likely to be arrested as a juvenile, 28% more likely to be arrested as an adult, and 30% more likely to commit violence crime.

    #5 In the United States, more than 4 children die from child abuse and neglect on a daily basis. Over 70% of these children are below the age of 3….”

    Close all the Birth control clinics and jail those awful people who DO NOT want children!

  10. While a fetus is biologically human, it is *not* a person. None of the qualities of personhood exist in a fetus. The GOP and anti-choice activists/forced birthers conflate the category of ‘human being’ with ‘human person endowed with rights’.

    All of that is besides the point though. No human being-whether fetus, 10 year old, 48 year old, or 82 year old-has the right to use another humans’ body without their permission. It doesn’t matter if that person needs to use a humans’ body to survive, as in the case of a fetus. I can’t demand (and be entitled to the use of) another person’s kidney even if it is to save my life. You cannot demand (nor are you entitled to) a blood transfusion even if it is to save your life. This is the principle of bodily autonomy. It underlies our right to make decisions about our bodies. Removing that removes a basic human right, and would leave an individual as less than human. The position of forced birthers is despicable.

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