Bernie Sanders Rips Republican Cowards For Trying To Suppress The Vote


Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders drew big applause from the crowd at the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials Conference when called out Republicans by saying that only cowards would get elected than pass laws to suppress the vote.

Several journalists tweeted Sanders’ remark:

In his speech, Sanders directly called out Republican efforts to suppress the Latino vote, “In addition to immigration reform, we must also pursue policies that empower minority communities. This must start with energizing Latinos all across the country to engage in the democratic process and by thwarting efforts to disenfranchise minority voters. Restricting access through draconian voter ID laws and shortening early voting periods are thinly-veiled efforts to marginalize communities of color, low income people and seniors. These policies must be combatted at both the state and federal levels.”

He also repeated his support for legal status and a path to citizenship, “The bottom line of all of this is that It is time to bring our neighbors out of the shadows. It is time to give them legal status. It is time to create a reasonable and responsible path to citizenship.”

Bernie Sanders hit on something that many opponents of voter suppression don’t talk about often enough. The act of passing laws that are designed to prevent targeted groups of people from voting is cowardly.

Republicans can win a fair contest based on ideas, so they try to rig the game by reducing the size and shaping the composition of the electorate. Republicans violate the very democratic principles that the country was built on when they engage in voter suppression.

Voter suppression is a moral issue, and the Republican support for suppressing the vote demonstrates a party wide lack of character.

Bernie Sanders said what many others didn’t. Republicans are cowards who are stealing the votes of millions of Americans. The best way for the Republican efforts to steal the vote is for an outraged and informed electorate to come together and fight back.

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  1. “Republicans can win a fair contest based on ideas”

    “The best way for the Republican efforts to steal the vote is for an outraged and informed electorate to come together and fight back.”

    Uh, whose side are you on?

  2. It would seem that your article of what Sen. Sanders had to say has upset some people. Yes, there was a grammatical error but a small one that a discerning reader would easily understand the true message of the writing. What has angered some is the GOP does not deserve to be a political party anymore, for they are scared of an honest vote and their members hate to have the truth told about them. Cowards fit all of them well.

  3. The current GOP are a bunch of crooks, what else did anyone expect?

    What the rest of us NOT-GOPers need to do is:
    1. Go to your local Citizenship ceremonies.

    2. Welcome the new citizens

    3. Help them signed up for the voting registration process.

    4. Remind your friends to register to vote or update their registration.

    5. Get involved at your local campaign office and make phone calls for your candidate, it can be one afternoon or more, it is up to you.

  4. Unfortunately All Republicans are cowards, who apparently need chrome plated viagra substitutes to feel even close to being manly.

    They’re pathetic, and they know it but will never admit it.

  5. The sad Truth is the once proud party of Lincoln and Eisenhauer has become the weasel fest of Nixon, Reagan, and Bush. It has fallen from moral authority to the role of water carrier for the Cheap Labor Conservatives. It’s major function is to distract. It distracts from crucial issues such as infrastructure maintenance, economic justice and the simple fact it’s a training ground for creeps who’ll say and do ANYTHING to get elected. Republicanism is now less a political ideology than an indication of moral incompetence.

  6. GOP politicians are cowards, liars & cheaters. if they can’t win they just change or ignore the rules. this is exactly what Baldwin Wallace college did to me when i got screwed outta my job. wanna know more? go to YouTube & search/watch: baldwin wallace dirty deed

  7. …Bernie Sanders has more courage in his little finger than the entire republican party owns…they are despicable…

  8. Just wanted to compliment you on your writing. Your thoughts were well articulated and I do heartily agree with you. Thanks.

  9. “VOTING in this country should be made more easy NOT more difficult,,,voting polls should be open for at least 2 days to make sure EVERY American has had the chance to vote,, NO ID is needed ,, just your SIGNATURE,, verifying that it is you ,,, any one who wants to contest the signature may do so AFTER the election…”
    Colorado’s Democratic governor John Hickenlooper just signed a bill that will enfranchise more voters and make it easier to vote in his state.
    Making it easier for eligible citizens to vote – now that’s a novel concept!
    Republicans hate this idea, of course. They know that the more people who vote, the worse Republicans’ chances are to get elected. The Colorado bill allows same-day registration and requires the state to send every eligible voter a ballot by mail. Voters may still choose to vote in person, but they will also have the option to vote by mail or at any number of voting centers – not just a single designated precinct.

  10. Navy vet, I agree with you but want to add:
    The only truly decent R president since 1900 was TR. Ike was only decent because of his tax policies. Research Ike’s anti-communist involvement leading to all the trouble in Latin America which culminated in Iran-Contra and the St. Ronnie/Rios Montt genocide of the 1980s. You might also research that when Fidel asked for help, Ike said no and forced Fidel to turn to Khrushchev to remain in power.
    Research Ike’s involvement in the Middle East during the 1950s. That is probably where Tricky and Kissinger got the bright idea that started “Carter’s inflation” with the Oil Shocks of the early 1970s.
    Research Ike’s French Indo China (Viet Nam) policy. Links:
    Vietnam, a/k/a the Second Indochina War officially occurred from 1 November 1955 to the fall of Saigon on 30 April 1975. The First Indochina War was 1946–54.

  11. Please explain to me how requiring an ID stops anyone from voting. You are required to show an ID for many things as your day goes by. Why would anyone not have an ID, unless they are an illegal or hiding out from the law for some other reason?

  12. Then provide all government ID’s free otherwise its a poll tax which is unconstitutional. It cost me 33 dollars to renew my drivers license in OK

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