Jeb Bush Disqualifies Himself From Office By Refusing To Say SC Shooting Was Racially Motivated


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Even though the shooter has admitted that his motivation for murdering nine African-Americans at a South Carolina church was racially motivated, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush has disqualified himself from office by refusing to say that the killings were racially motivated.

Bush was asked by a Huffington Post reporter about the shootings, and he said, “I don’t know what was on the mind or the heart of the man who committed these atrocious crimes.”


The killer has been open about what his motivations were. Dylann Roof admitted to police that he intentionally targeted African-Americans in order to start a race war. You don’t have to know what is in Roof’s heart. You just need to listen to his words.
Bush’s refusal to admit even a tiny bit of the reality that racism and racial issues are still alive and well in the United States is not the type of behavior one expects from a candidate who is selling himself as the experienced and competent one in the Republican White House field.

Jeb Bush’s answer revealed that he is as spineless and weak-kneed as the rest of his party. Bush is so afraid of making the reality-challenged right angry that he refuses to admit the truth. This behavior is not unique. It is a byproduct of the collective Republican mentality.

It is also why Jeb Bush has disqualified himself from being president.

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