President Obama Believes that the Confederate Flag Belongs in a Museum


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Deputy White House Press Secretary Eric Schultz told reporters Friday in a gaggle on Air Force One en route to San Francisco that the president has said before he believes “the Confederate flag belongs in a museum, and that’s still his position.”

Maybe the museum can place it right next to the KKK flag and a 2008 Republican Party poster of President Obama wearing a turban, just for context. You see, the Confederate flag is part of the KKK’s “heritage” too.

One of the KKK emblems is a blood drop (I called it a teardrop and was corrected). They may have a flag with that emblem, but for the most part there are three flags used: United States, Christian, and Confederate.

It’s a mighty good thing that so many Republicans – some of whom are running for President in 2016 and are considered front-runners – have a history of fighting to preserve this “heritage” — to fly it over public buildings meant to represent and speak for everyone.

The Confederate flag is a symbol of hatred, violence, oppression, slavery, secession, and more. It is not American. It is not patriotic. In fact, it is the opposite of American. To the museum with it and its ugly history.

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