Westboro Baptist Church To Spread Their Hate At The Funerals Of Charleston Shooting Victims


Warning: Offensive content, hatred

The empty souls of the Westboro Baptist Church are going to picket the funerals of the nine people murdered in a terrorist act by someone whose beliefs have some crossover with the empty shells of hate at Westboro.

They are picketing because they say God sent the shooter to kill Pastor and state Senator because he supported Secretary Hillary Clinton. They say the shootings are a lesson to stay away from Hillary Clinton fundraisers.

They tweeted:

Lessons from #CharlestonShooting:
•Stay away from @HillaryClinton fundraisers
•Stop conducting lying Bible studies

“We aim to picket Charleston funerals to warn the living. Dylann Roof did an evil thing but so did Clementa Pinckney!”


And if you haven’t vomited yet:

So in case anyone was wondering, there is no low for the Westboro Baptist Church. They revel in death, destruction, and despair. They take pleasure in it. They rob victims’ families of even a funeral without hate.

The bad news for them is that the survivors have already shown nothing but forgiveness, denying hate even after being terrorized and watching their friends and family be slaughtered. Grace and unity surround the grieving in Charleston. It may not seem like it now, but Westboro and the hate that drove the shooter will not achieve their goals of turning others into the subhumans that they are.

Humanity will prevail because we will all stand up and make it so.

Image: I have chosen to use a picture of unity in grief as the featured image for this post because Westboro hate is so ugly. It has to be reported on, but it doesn’t have to be elevated. Thanks to Dustin Waters of the Moultrie News for the picture of the Emanuel AME memorial, found on Twitter.

59 Replies to “Westboro Baptist Church To Spread Their Hate At The Funerals Of Charleston Shooting Victims”

  1. People of SC, UNITE against these hateful beings who warp christian faith. Band together to prevent them from getting anywhere near services. Stand shoulder to shoulder if necessary and do not allow the hate to pass. Run Westboro OUT of SC with any means necessary. It’s time America let Westboro know Their behavior is NOT acceptable in a civilized society and We will no longer allow Them to spread hate anywhere.

  2. If Westboro were a sect of Islam, the Christianists would be demanding that all Muslims stand up and attack that sect. Wondering when the devout, pious, Christians are going to follow their own advice.

  3. What I want to know is who is financing these hate trips? From what I understand this so call church is only made up of family members who don’t have jobs to support what they do

  4. I remember reading once that they were all attorneys well versed in filing (and winning) large law suits.

  5. They’re just insane and should have been committed long ago. However, in the meantime, it’s best to ignore them as much as possible. There is no way to reason with evil insanity.

  6. Damn! Where is ANONYMOUS when you need them?
    Anonymous quelled WBC’s hatred before, I know they can do it again.

  7. I want to be a witness when these sick, demented people start showing up for judgement. Lord bring me home!

  8. I would like to know which candidate they do support. Think of the consequences if they announced their support for someone like Santorum?

  9. These Westbro fake Christians with extremely unchristian attitudes seem to be the equivalent to the Isis lot of fake Muslims before they resorted to extreme violence. Do something about them America before they spread even more hate to your already more than slightly batty Christian more mainstream groups.

  10. Is that display above real? That’s not a church. All part of buying the government & destroying the social fabric (soc sec, medicare, ect. Follow the money trail. It has Koch written on it. It’s below life itself to even mention protest at other human beings last testaments to their loved ones. This has been in play for at least the last 50 years. Republicans are desperately carrying out the wishes of the 2 German descendants and their money. Distractions only please.

  11. Who schooled the killer and financed him, look at members of the Klan,NRA and Republicans financed by the Koch brothers.

  12. I don’t know whose message they’re spreading, but it isn’t a message of a god or prophet of any religion known to man. Evil, vile, and hatefull is the message they’re sending. Someone should plaster a banner ubove the front door of WBC, that reads WHORES OF SATAN! They’re the perfect example of said title.

  13. I am convinced that the WBC people’s operation is nothing but a scam.

    They deliberately make themselves as obnoxious as they can, then wait for someone to do something to stop them. And when that happens they sue for violation of their civil rights.

    Its hard to believe that they actually believe the hateful BS that they spout.

    When they came to a city near Portland, OR, a few years ago one of their actions was to desecrate an American flag by standing on one and dragging it through mud puddles. I will admit that the thought of taking it away from them did pass through my mind. Only the fear of being sued stopped me from doing just that.

  14. Don’t worry…those groups of big nasty looking bikers will arrive and keep them away from the mourners.

  15. If there really is such thing as a god and a devil then they must have been sent by the devil to spread such hatred for fellow humans.
    How are that family even allowed to keep their children? Surely telling them that everything they do is a sin would mess with their heads?

  16. “You give God a tenth of the spices from your garden, such as mint, dill, and cumin. Yet you neglect the more important matters of the Law, such as justice, mercy, and faithfulness. These are the important things you should have done, though you should not have left the others undone either. THEY ARE HAVING THEIR REWARD IN FULL.”

  17. A group that takes a few lines from the old testament and then twist it into a version they think sounds right are not in anyway Christians. all throughout the bible it talks about we are not to judge others. Do they realize that God is the Judge, and their arrogance thinking its up to them to do Gods job for him. Wow, especially when they have Perverse God’s words to the utmost. And then also using it politically .I think too many right wing extremists have confused the word Christian with the word of their political affiliate. True Christian behavior, is loving and kind. It also says throughout the bible that God expects us to love our neighbor as he has loved us. These people are a danger to our communities and to real Christian faith. I hope the bikers show up if these lunatics protest. It’s a mockery of God in every way. I have a feeling come judgment day. These Westboro people are going to get the biggest surprise when denied entry to Gods kingdom, Instead a 1 way trip down..

  18. When power is threatened, it sends an assassin to do its dirty work. Jesus sent no one to kill for him. Westboro is the offspring of those who stood on Calvary’s Hill shouting, “Crucify Him!”

  19. This is what happens when we allow rights to rule instead of laws. These devils are allowed to spread there idiotic hatred because they have rights. What about the families of the victims who have a right to mourn their dead. Wake up society this BS has to stop. If this WBC isn’t stopped, they will one day find the trouble they are seeking. You reap what you sow.

  20. This church is preaching the Complete Opposite of Christianity! They need Prayers! They should be ashamed and one day they will see the truth…hopefully some will find Jesus Christ and know the true meaning of love and hate.
    And you may want to stay away from Charleston…The South doesn’t play, we may be peaceful and forgiving, but we won’t let you walk all over us!
    The devil is strong with these NutS!

  21. Remember the ruling by SCOTUS that said Westboro has the right of freedom of speech.

    SCOTUS needs to overturn this decision.

  22. These people could not possibly believe what they say. The total membership is no more than a few dozen people run by one family. Most in the church are lawyers who are constantly filing lawsuits. They settle and make money off this. They feed off publicity. Please have no more articles about these people. That is what fuels them

  23. Remember when the family of a service man filed against Westboro, SCOTUS ruled that their protest is freedom of speech.

    Yet another wrong decision by SCOTUS that needs to be overturned.

  24. There were a couple of times during funerals for veterans that these scumbags tried to slither up to spread their creepy bullshit.
    Those times, there were several hundred AMERICAN VETERANS who showed up on their Harleys and kept this shitpile away.
    Where are those AMERICAN VETERAN bikers now?

    Let us hope that the bikers stand for right & wrong and not just responses because of what these slimy religiopunks tried to do to us veterans.

  25. These people are playing with fire. This will generate intense anger and there could be people not inclined to respect their right to “free speech”. The righteous anger of the people can create its own brand of justice.

  26. I hope the people of Charleston rally around the mourners and block the Westboro hate mongers from disrupting the funerals.

  27. My experience is that when God wants herbs, She sends striped caterpillars for them. Then Her agents become the most beautiful black swallowtail butterflies.

  28. Humidity hurts worse. That is why,when someone was convicted of poisoning charity food meant for the poor, they were not burnt at the stake, but boiled alive.

  29. …they combine the worst of Teahadism and Teatardism…
    They may be trying to provoke a reaction so they can {1} Claim martyrdom…and {2} File nuisance lawsuits against anybody they can find…

  30. I am speechless that this is allowed in the USA. Here in England they would have been arrested years ago for inciting racial hatred and disturbing the peace. Saying it is freedom of speech is bullsh*t. SCOTUS need to reverse it. Makes me embarrassed to be an American.

  31. @Dru, the usa is a disgrace! YOU know it, I know it, anyone with any intelligence knows it! We have a political system that is deeply corrupt! We have a supreme court that is VERY political and corrupt! The usa is rapidly fading into history! We are entering a phase of OLIGARCHY!! BTW lets place blame where it belongs! that treasonous RONALD WILSON REAGAN really got this crap started! but that worthless NO GOOD COW!! MARGRET THATCHER was right there cheerleading right behind our AS$HAT REAGAN! BTW how’s tony blair doing??

  32. Shouldn’t the WBC’s comments to stay away from Hillary Clinton fundraisers be considered a dangerous threat? I hope the FBI is watching this hate group.

  33. Everyone that lived down there…IS NOT A…”turn your cheek Christian”, they may get their a** kick!

  34. Rose, I wouldn’t doubt any of those names you listed were somehow “connected”…maybe not directly, but you know..behind the scenes like rats..sneaky

  35. Remember, it was SCOTUS majority that voted for WB’s “freedom of speech” right to protest funerals.

  36. We should Welcome them! Offer them safety, comfort,food and water and show them what this city is all about. We are a city of horrible racist histories but the majority of the local current community reflect an amazing city of blessing, love, understanding and friendship. Let’s unite and and show the disturbed and weak ass#%*es they are not going to get the attention they are looking for! Hate is not Welcome Here!

  37. I read an article about community members forming a human wall between the westboro haters and the funerals of fallen soldiers.
    I don’t expect these idiots will catch even a glimpse of these funerals. I’m sure volunteers will coordinate with state and local police to keep the peace.

  38. I forget the name but there is a biker brigade (Patriot something) that protects soldiers funeral by forming a wall between the protesters and the funeral patrons…usually armed with large American flags blocking the view and drowning out the sounds with their engines. Here’s hoping they attend.

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