Chuck Todd Refuses To Apologize For Racist All Black Shooters Video On Meet The Press


chuck todd racist meet the press video

Chuck Todd aired a racist video featuring all black shooters on Meet The Press, and in the face of a mounting public backlash refused to apologize.

Before the video aired, Todd tried to deflect away the obvious problem with what he was about to air, “The circumstances you are about to see are very different from the racist violence in Charleston. In this case, the inmates are African American that you’re going to hear from. But their lessons remain important. We simply ask you to look at this be a colorblind issue, as about just simply gun violence. Dan Slepian put these folks alone in a room with a camera. And asked them to do something unique, talk to their 12-year-old selves. What would they say now that could’ve made them put down the gun that ended a life and landed them in prison?”



If the video does not represent the circumstances of the events in Charleston, why air the video? It appears that Todd and NBC News were trying to create controversy. They had to have known that by airing a video featuring all black shooters days after a white person shot nine African-Americans, they were asking for a severe public backlash.

In a statement, after the video aired, Todd said:

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback about the gun video we showed on Meet the Press today. Some were upset it only featured African-American men talking about their regrets of pulling a trigger. All of the men in the piece volunteered to be a part of the video and the larger project it is a part of.

But the last thing we wanted was to cloud the discussion of the topic.

The original decision to air this segment was made before Wednesday’s massacre. However, the staff and I had an internal debate about whether to show it at all this week. When we discussed putting it off, that conversation centered around race and perception – not the conversation we wanted the segment to invoke.

We decided against delaying the segment because we wanted to show multiple sides of what gun violence does in this country. We thought the issue of gun violence in our culture and society was an important conversation to continue — too important to put off for another week. The consequences of gun violence should not be hidden.

As I say to all audiences, Meet the Press should make all viewers uncomfortable at some point or we are not doing our job. I hope folks view the gun video as a part of the conversation we should all be having and not the totality of it.

It looks like Todd aired this video to get some publicity for Meet The Press. There is no other reason, with the exception of insular inside the Beltway stupidity, to air that video on this day.

By featuring all black shooters, the video fed into the racist stereotype that white people don’t engage in gun violence. The statistics tell us that white people make up 69.2% of the arrests for crimes, and 90% of school shooters are white men. More whites are arrested for violent crimes than blacks, but African-Americans are arrested at a higher rate than white people.

Chuck Todd and NBC News engaged in racist media stereotyping, and instead of apologizing, he defended his vile decision.

As the nation heals from another act of violence by a white male mass shooter, Chuck Todd fanned the flames of racism to get himself a little publicity, and he doesn’t even have the guts to apologize for his shameless manipulation.

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  1. you want a better one? chucky is going to get a hour nightly on the ‘new’ msnbc, along with brian williams the new head anchor. they’re turning it into a so called 24 hour news channel, with breaking live news. yeppers.

  2. Yes, but of course he has a lot of help from his idiot handlers and colleagues at NBC. What a bunch of low lifes.

  3. Not to mention white men killing their spouses every day. Or white KIDS shooting themselves or Grandma or a sibling. How rare is it for one of these ‘accidents’ to involve black kids? And when it does, there are charges filed. THAT is what Chuckie Toad should be reporting on…the heinous idea in this nation that guns do not kill people, so regulating them wouldn’t help. Sorry, but had that man’s father NOT had access to a gun, then the kid would not have had it, would he? How many white teens blow their brains out with Daddy’s ‘hidden’ gun every year? Lots more than are ever reported by this media..they are too busy blaming black men for everything wrong, when it is the white evangelical NRAers who are causing this country to turn into Somalia.

  4. Chuck Todd is still the arrogant conservative that is out of place (with Scarborough)on MSNBC. They need to move to Fox where their views fit the “no-facts-allowed” narrative.

  5. Being upset with Chuck Todd is a waste of energy. He is a corporate puppet and follows orders willingly that NBC gives. This was provided by NBC want to show your anger then address NBC upper management. They are the one’s that are to blame.

  6. At some point I kinda like this guy but overtime he’s proven to be a bad interviewer and his judgement is questionable as it is in airing this segment at this time. Maybe I just liked Savannah when she was on with him….yeah that’s it!

  7. He used to be a republican pollster a long time ago. How he came to be an anchor on Meet the Press is beyond me. I didn’t think he was qualified as a pollster and he’s certainly isn’t as an anchor. I guess the state of journalism at NBC is to compete with Faux.

  8. Meet the Press and NBC in general has fallen so far since the days of the great Tim Russert. They are trying to be Fox News in an attempt to grab some of their ratings success, instead of going after the ‘smart’ audience and reporting facts and truth. This segment made me sick and I posted an article about it here:

    FireChuckTodd – MTP is Tone Deaf

    Let’s get #FireChuckTodd trending. Some pressure should be put on NBC and Comcast to change direction. We already have FOX news spewing hate and mistruths, we don’t need another.

  9. Or better yet voice our displeasure to his sponsors-all they understand is money, so hit them where it hurts, their pockets…

  10. That’s easy:

    Because NBC’s parent company is Comcast – and you don’t get much more right-wing than Comcast.

  11. What is the purpose of this video? to perpetuate the racist stereo type that only black people use guns. The issue is mass murders by single white men. He was clearly trying to change the subject. He might as well move to Fox news.

  12. Fortunately, he had on Eugene Robinson who responsibly critiqued Todd’s vile, racist piece:

    ROBINSON: “There wasn’t a terribly diverse set of people who were talking. Right now, we’re talking about a horrific crime committed by a white man, we’re talking about the search for two escaped murderers who are white men.

    “So we should point out that this is not just an African-American problem.”

  13. “because we wanted to show multiple sides of what gun violence does in this country.”

    Then why didn’t you show both sides?

  14. I understand what you were trying to say Mr. Todd. But what a horrible way to say it when you know the subject is about 9 black people being murdered.

  15. Hey Libtards:

    #FireChuckTodd on Twitter

    Also here is the email address to complain about RacistChunkyToad:

    The cowardly weasel blocks detractors on Twitter – we have a very proud club!


    Join in – we can get him fired.

  16. “Meet the Press should make all viewers uncomfortable at some point.”
    How about making rethugs uncomfortable sometimes there chucky?
    I guess he is “not doing his job.”

  17. Todd says the segment was produced before the Charleston massacre. Why would they select only black inmates, regardless of when it was produced? What about all the white serial killers, mass murderers, spouse killers, family killers, etc? Why did all the shooters in the show have to be black? Why? Because Todd wanted to appeal to those who blame black people for everything that’s wrong in America. People like the Charleston killer.

  18. Fortunately, a few years from now the kids will be asking “who the hell was chuck todd”

  19. I keep feeling like I’m seeing Göbbels journalism and David Irving punditry.This will not end well.

  20. This wasn’t about guns. It was Tales from the Hood, and definitely not about diversity nor the racist tragedy in Charleston. This was a public insult to any intelligent person. We have a war on Christianty Chuck as per the rest of the lying-assed Republican gangsters. Deny reality if you’re flush with U.S. currency, it’s made you a turd Chuck. Slug.

  21. Chuck Todd….if he could not see how the showing of that segment on gun was a problem then that is the problem.

    It show how culturally inept he as a white journalist…i don’t think it purposely. but nevertheless it shows a lack of consciousness. He’s an Irishman and what if after President Kennedy assignation (the first Irish catholic ever elected to the presidency)someone ran a negative segment about any issue showing only Irishmen… that would be totally wrong!!! I believe he has to go…. he is not ready for prime time if he could not see this is wrong or if someone on his team could not see this was wrong! To me…its not much difference than what Jimmy the Greek did/said. Bring Lawrence O’ Donnell in there he’s a better fit. And then Chuck refused to apologize… what wrong with him! After he just jumped Donald Trump for his insensitivity towards Mexicans!

    Tim or Congressman Patrick would never be so blind-sighted!!!

  22. At the beginning of the video, it states that the participants were volunteers. I applaud the African American men who had the courage to volunteer to make statements, to show remorse. Where were the white volunteers? Where there none who had enough courage to be seen or any with
    remorse? The whole point of the video was about the need for gun control. This is not a race issue.

  23. Savannah is a much smarter and better journalist than Chuck Todd. Natalie Morales is a much better journalist than Chuck Todd. Hoda Kotb is a much better journalist than Chuck Todd. I see a pattern here. I was hoping they would get rid of the arrogant David Gregory, but I never thought they would replace him with his sidekick Chuck Toad. Perhaps someone from Politicususa can start a petition to get Chuck Todd removed and to bring up the moved towards a Faux News programming that NBC has been guilty of since at least 2003. There are no more major networks that represent real journalism anymore. The networks cannot understand why they cannot get people to watch the news. It’s because they are going for the 1 million to 3.5 million who watch Faux News. If any channel went back to real journalism, people would tune in. I can’t stand to watch the stations omit the truth anymore, it’s spun so much to the right I get dizzy. It’s not about liking an anchor, it’s the content.

  24. Todd: “We decided against delaying the segment because we wanted to show multiple sides…”

    Because in the world of false equivalence there are multiple sides to the slaughter of nine African Americans in their church by a white supremacist. Such is the nature of right wing media in this country. Comcast should be dissolved under antitrust law.

  25. What happened to Meet the Press? It used to be one of the shows that had journalists that put together a panel of analysis to discuss the issues and events that were happening worldwide. Does anyone else remember when meet the press had a panel and a journalist moderator?

    It has now become a vacuous show touting a one-sided point of view.

  26. And they wonder why MTP is losing viewers? But then again, wasn’t the choice between Todd and Scarborough? There’s hardly a difference – two ass clowns.

  27. Agreed. The video Todd showed had little to do with what he claimed the conversation was about. He should be shut down as host and certainly not given another show with Williams!

  28. I’m sorry but I really don’t get why everyone is so mad at Chuck Todd or David Gregory for that matter. I am a liberal Democrat for a long time. Probably will be voting for Bernie Sanders if I get the chance. I feel Chuck Todd has been doing a good job of presenting the issues of the day in a balanced way. There are always people on the show to argue both sides of the issues and present useful facts so I can reach an informed decision about those issues. I found this piece about the regret these young men had about carrying and using a gun very powerful and informative. It probably had already been produced before the shootings in Charleston and so they used it in an attempt to give some insight into why young men with guns shoot people. Apparently these were the only men who were willing to participate in this project so I believe there was no evil intent of some sort to only show African American men as dangerous shooters. Everything is not a racist conspiracy folks!

  29. Per Chuck Todd …” As I say to all audiences, Meet the Press should make all viewers uncomfortable at some point or we are not doing our job. I hope folks view the gun video as a part of the conversation we should all be having and not the totality of it.” My reaction to your statement is very simple, Mr Todd. Why make viewers uncomfortable and not your guests? Why are you not holding them [the guests] accountable for their misrepresentation of facts (lying) in order to avoid their refusing to return to your show? You have chosen who you want to represent, what you want to represent and how you represent to the viewers on many serious issues. You are failing at your job! Your responsibility to the viewers is not to “make them uncomfortable” but legitimately informed.

  30. …I knew Chucky was a Republican apologist before he even got MTP…when he said it “wasn’t his job” to challenge Republican lies…
    …just another Teatard folks…

  31. Ever since David Gregory and now Chuck Todd, Meet The Press ALWAYS makes me uncomfortable. As a result, I don’t watch Meet The Republican Talking Points any longer.

  32. Lets get serious! the media is OWNED by corporate america!! which is the GOPs life’s blood! it doesn’t make a DAMN difference whether it’s david gregory /chuck todd or WHOEVER!! corporate america is going to keep pushing it’s message down the throats of ANYONE FOOLISH enough to watch that garbage! Now I’m gonna piss off my liberal friends, if YOU know MTP is trash, WHY do YOU watch?? that’s a legitimate question, isn’t it?! C’MON, YOU know it’s RW garbage before you turn it on, WHY do YOU watch? lol

  33. I rarely if ever turn on Meet the Press on Sunday morning. But I’m not really surprised by the tone-deaf chuck todd. I find todd to be the original dim bulb, presenting as “analysis” the week’s republican talking points which he seems to accept as the gospel truth. His political analysis is puddle-deep, yet he’s clearly out of his depth.

    NBC News — wake up and smell the rotten ratings.

  34. Thank you Carolyn. You absolutely hit the nail on the head — it is chuck todd’s job to keep his viewers well informed rather than making them uncomfortable while he rarely if ever challenges the misstatements and often outright lies of his guests.

  35. With whom did Chuck have these conversations whether to even show this all -black video? Just cuz you only get a few volunteers who wanted to be involved you don’t stop asking/filming until you you get a DIVERSE group of volunteers to put together a good production.
    Chuck you cheated your viewers. You need a DIVERSE work force working behind your scenes, black, Latino, Asian producers, who are unafraid to say we missed the mark!

  36. Get rid of this putz. Many of us have complained that he belongs on Fox news ever since he started on NBC. What more proof does NBC want this this stupid presentation at this time. Don’t worry about his being able to earn a living. I’m sure Fox will hire him the first day he is available.

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