Ted Cruz Whines as Republicans Get Called Out for Their Symbol of Racial Hate

Ted Cruz said Saturday that the Confederate flag flying in front of their statehouse is “a question for South Carolina” to decide.

He is not alone. Marco Rubio said the same: “This is an issue that they should debate and work through and not have a bunch of outsiders going in and telling them what to do.” Scott Walker and Carly Fiorina also feel it is an issue for South Carolina alone to decide.

Funny. I seem to recall South Carolina trying to decide that issue in 1861, when on April 12 they opened fire on Fort Sumter, inaugurating the Civil War.

Also, as I recall, they lost. The flag they waved at the end was white.

That should have been an end to that affair.

By the vote of an all-white legislature, a Confederate flag was raised once again above the South Carolina statehouse in 1962. In 2000, another vote removed it, and placed a square battle flag – oddly, the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia – over a monument to Confederate dead. This is the flag that is, in the wake of the Charleston massacre, the point of contention between Democrats and Republicans.

The flag chosen was not the national colors of the Confederacy – or even of South Carolina – though it did form a component of the second (1863) and third (1865) national flag.


It may have been raised in 1962 because that year was during the Civil War Centennial. It may also have been a reactionary white racist response to the Civil Rights Movement. Opinions differ. Perhaps both accounts are true.

The point is this: there is no long, unbroken tradition of this flag flying in the vicinity of the statehouse since the Civil War.

It is not even a South Carolina flag, nor the Confederacy’s national flag. There is nothing special about it even for descendants of Confederate soldiers unless their ancestors served in the Army of northern Virginia.

In other words, it is a peculiar way of honoring South Carolina’s Civil War dead and likely one that would not have been understood by the Civil War generation.

Ted Cruz ignores all this. Cruz wants us to believe he is a reasonable man, the voice of impartiality, a claim he threw away when he claimed Democrats were using the flag as a “wedge” issue:

I understand the passions that this debate evokes on both sides. Both those who see a history of racial oppression and a history of slavery, which is the original sin of our nation, and we fought a bloody civil war to expunge that sin.

But I also understand those who want to remember the sacrifices of their ancestors and the traditions of their states, not the racial oppression, but the historical traditions, and I think often this issue is used as a wedge to try to divide people.

NAACP President Cornell Brooks admits there are different viewpoints here, but he has a different answer: “Yes, there may be multiple sides to this debate, but clearly we all have to be on the side of those who lost their lives in a church.”

According to Cruz, however, “the last thing they need is people from outside the state coming in and dictating how they should resolve that issue.”

That’s funny. Last time – I’m talking 1861 again – South Carolina needed all kinds of help. The Confederate march, “The Bonnie Blue Flag” tells us (third and fourth verses below),

First gallant South Carolina nobly made the stand
Then came Alabama and took her by the hand
Next, quickly Mississippi, Georgia, and Florida
All raised on high the Bonnie Blue Flag that bears a single star.

Ye men of valor gather round the banner of the right
Texas and fair Louisiana join us in the fight
Davis, our loved President, and Stephens statesmen rare
Now rally round the Bonnie Blue Flag that bears a single star.

Never mind that the song’s writer, Harry McCarthy, got the order of secession wrong in the third verse. The point to be made is that South Carolina had ten other states siding with it, rather than leaving it to South Carolina to decide alone. People from outside certainly did have a say in 1861.

In response, other states, known as the Union – twenty free states and five border states – stood up to oppose the Confederacy’s defense of slavery. We all – the entire nation – helped South Carolina with its “flag” issue.

It was very much a national affair then, and it is very much a national affair now. The wedge issue then as now is racism, and the rebel flag represents that wedge.

The Army of Northern Virginia’s battle flag is not the American flag. It is the flag of traitors. Of traitors whose cause was lost a century-and-a-half ago. It has no business flying over any state capitol.

Ted Cruz is wrong when he says this is South Carolina’s affair only and there is an answer to him: The NAACP has a long-standing boycott in place due to the flag. Brooks points out that,

“One of the ways we can bring that flag down is by writing to companies, engaging companies that are thinking about doing business in South Carolina, speaking to the governor, speaking to the legislature and saying the flag has to come down.”

If we, as a Nation, can make the State of Indiana stand up and take notice, as we did in the case of their RFRA directed at gays, we can certainly have the same effect on South Carolina for flying a symbol of hatred directed at blacks.

30 Replies to “Ted Cruz Whines as Republicans Get Called Out for Their Symbol of Racial Hate”

  1. I don’t see South Carolina emblazoned solely along the Stars and Bars.

    And leave it to the King of Whine- Tez Crud to predictably come out on the wrong side of history.

  2. That takes some nerve, how long has he been in the US? Also it seems like he spreads hate and divisions everywhere he goes, he is
    not entitled to an opinion, as I see it.
    I hear that he is hated by democrats and republicans alike in government so I am sure they are not waited with baited breath for his opinion.

  3. I’m sick of the half mast crap. LOOK at the pic above. There are NO pulleys, no rope. That flag was permanently attached to the dayum pole. It was done this way to keep THAT flag flying 24/7/365. It is not raised and lowered daily. It was attached to prevent theft by SC citizens. Even if SC wanted to fly it at half mast They cannot actually do it. (unless They duct tape it half mast)

  4. In more straight forward words, none of the republicraps running for president have the courage to lead. Plain and simple.

  5. Exactly. And poor picked on Nicki Haley wants nothing to do with controversy as she maneuvers for a VP slot. She is shameful. And Cruz is just evil…made gun jokes after the killings. Went to a gun range for photo ops. Blamed Democrats for making the killings ‘political.’ If anyone lets this creep out of the GOP primaries, I suggest we start funding a lot of mental hospitals.

  6. Are any of the Confederate flags a part of SC history? Maybe, probably. So what? They belong in a museum of history.

    The only reason to fly that flag anywhere isn’t a reminder of history, it is to feed the goobers some sort of “the South shall rise again” crappola with the message of white superiority and putting those blacks (and any other minority) in their place.

    If America needs to remind the neo-confederates they LOST that war we can do that. It’s waaaay past time to put an end to this stupidity.

  7. Are Republican politicians racist? I’m convinced that, with a few exceptions, they are not. Their goal is to maintain the plutocracy of the 1%. If they can get there by pandering to racists and right-wing nutcases, they will do so. Nothing is beneath them.

  8. The flag they fly isn’t even the South Carolina flag. Its the battle flag of the Army of Virginia
    This was their flag
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  9. Black Folks- It’s time to speak about slavery.

    White Racists- Slavery was in the past! Get over it!

    Black Folks (and others)- It’s time to pull down South Carolina’s Confederate Flag.

    White Racists- Hey! That Flag is part of our heritage!

    Nice double standard eh?

  10. Several times I’ve read some bullshit drivel by a transparent moralist that the US flag with the circle of stars represented the US when slavery was legal.

    These are the same transparent dodgers who use that argument to dodge the issue of TODAY.

    TODAY the issue can ONLY be met with a quote from the clown who let loose the dogs of the mentally diseased.

    That quote would be:

    “governor haley, TEAR DOWN THAT FLAG!”

  11. This man is evil and dangerous. When he made jokes about our VP Joe Biden after his son died…..well, that tells you exactly what kind of man he is!

  12. Yes, Brodie, but my point is that the reason for the hissy fits has to do with the Repugs’ desire to please their real constituency – the multi-millionaires and billionaires – Kochs, Waltons, Sheldon Adelson. Their appeals to the racist, homophobic gun nuts is nothing but a ruse, to get votes. Few of the Repug politicians really believe that nonsense.

  13. Ted Cruz is a slimy, creepy individual.

    He literally gives me the willies….and that doesn’t even begin to address his politics.

  14. The GOP platform is to declare the United Kingdoms of America. What State you live in does not determine your Federal constitutional rights and protections. governors are not monarchs.

    Flying the traitor’s flag is a defiance of every citizen’s right to equality.

  15. White southern conservatives would like us to believe that the Confederate flag is a completely benign representation of their southern heritage, not a symbol of their latent racism or a reminder of the South’s less honorable past … including long periods of slavery, secession, and segregation.

    The Third Reich believed that the Nazi flag represented honorable character traits such as strength, loyalty, struggle, and creativity … but even the post-war German government had enough sense not to continue to fly the Nazi swastika on government buildings, as the rest of the world knew well that it actually symbolized maniacal world domination, oppression, and genocide.

  16. Cruz has been told all his life that he’s the “chosen one”. He has no idea that he’s nothing more than a product of a formula designed by “K” Street to groom charismatic neo-cons. At this point, he’s alienated way too many in his own party to become the next “charismatic” Manchurian Candidate for Team GOP.

    Cruz has no idea that he’s already gone, fallen from grace and, is nothing more than another “reject” in the long line of “K” Street losers…he’s Palin’end, but he just refuses to sit down (like Palin).

    The GOP knows 2016 is already over and are looking at to the “K” Street farm club to see who’s going to “the chosen one” for their 2020 line up.

  17. There’s not an ounce of courage to be found between the GOP/TP 2016 presidential candidates. They’re self-centered, cowardly, bloviators who will pander to their base to promote their own interests. They both know the SC Confederate flag has long been a source of divisiveness but are too chickensh*t to say it for fear of being attacked by their base. They’re no leaders, they’re appeasers who choose the easy way out, with their focus always on satisfying their base and not all citizens. I can’t help but think about how “courageous” they are when it comes to offending women by invading our vaginas and uteri, but they are the worse cowards when it comes to denouncing a symbol of divisiveness, hatred, and racism in America. Anyone who votes for any one of these GOP/TPers for POTUS in 2016 is no patriot. A patriot is one who chooses what is in the nation’s best interest and doesn’t place his/her personal agenda before it.

  18. They all turned Republican after the Johnson Administration promulgated civil/voting rights/equal opportunity legislation, and you know that, you specious ¶ri…nce.

  19. In 1962, you specious peabrain. As someone who was a near-adult in the South then, I assure you that Dixicrats all turned into Republicans a term or two later.

  20. Ted said ” remember the sacrifices of their ancestors and the traditions of their states, not the racial oppression, but the historical traditions”

    Well Ted, the traditions these ancestors upheld were slavery and white supremacy don’t you think?

  21. Ted Cruz has any MORE reasons to whine:

    The leader of a rightwing group that Dylann Roof allegedly credits with helping to radicalise him against black people before the Charleston church massacre has donated tens of thousands of dollars to Republicans such as presidential candidates Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Rick Santorum.



    Don’t tell me that the Cruz, Paul & Santorum campaigns had NO idea where tens of thousands of dollars came from.

    And don’t tell me that a white supremacist is only donating to Repubicans because he feels sorry for them.

    It’s because he likes their dog whistles and racist way of thinking!

  22. I am from South Carolina. Take it down. It is a sign of sedition – treason – breaking up the nation. It should not be flown in sight of the US Flag or the actual SC Flag. It was placed there in 1962 as a symbol of hatred when the US Congress passed the civil rights act. It had not flown there between the civil war and 1962.

    For those who wish to personally choose to display it – they of course may. It is their right. On their house, their car, their T-Shirt. But not on government land as a symmbol of the state.

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