Chuck Todd’s Meet The Press Suggests Only White People Are Neutral Observers About Race


Incoming privilege alert!

Gerald Seib of the Wall Street Journal said today on NBC’s Meet the Press round table that President Obama “carries his own background into race and he’s not seen as a neutral observer.”

Yes, if only President Obama were white, he’d have no background or race to bring into race discussions.

Watch here:

“This is the great irony of the first African American president, in some ways he finds it harder to talk about race because he carries his own background into it, he’s not seen necessarily as a neutral observer,” Seib racesplained. “He’s not having much effect and I think you see the frustration when he talks about these things on either front, on the racial front or on the guns front. You can tell that bothers him.”

Todd moved on from that without correcting the false idea that only white people can be neutral on race. But Helene Cooper of the New York Times (who is Liberian-born, maybe we shouldn’t let her talk about things she knows the more about than white people?) tried not to look completely puzzled by the upside down world as seen through the lens of “some people” and said she doesn’t think Obama has a hard time talking about race, it’s that he gets jumped on a lot when he does.

Oh, Helene. Reality is such a tonic. We thank you. Yes, let us not blame the black President for white people’s REACTION to the black president.

It was kind of sneaky to couch this as he is “not seen as”, instead of just coming out and saying Obama shouldn’t be taken seriously because he’s not neutral. Because in truth, the President, as a black person, is actually more of an expert on racism than the white people who deny his words.

This little tactic is called “begging the question”, and it’s how Fox and really anyone who is trying to sell crap sans facts builds a case. Notice that Seib didn’t point out that this was wrong, that if there are experts on racism they would be the people experiencing it, not the people who benefit from it.

Why isn’t President Obama seen as “neutral” and why didn’t Seib or Todd explain the ridiculousness of this idea?Left unchecked, it managed to successfully and insidiously poison the well, to suggest to everyone watching that Obama isn’t “neutral” on race and that he is not “effective” on guns.

Gosh, why would anyone want to pour water on the President’s speech in which he strongly called for gun safety regulations in the wake of a horrific act of terrorism against US citizens?

Let’s just do a quick run through of the premise crazy:

Only white people can be “neutral” about race.

Only white people are experts on racism.

Only white people are impartial on matters of race.

But white is a race. White does have something at stake, as Dylann Roof clearly laid out in his political agenda to get rid of black people because he felt they were taking over. Some white people think that if minorities get anything, white people lose. In fact, this idea is the entire gas behind the modern-day Republican Party. It’s political. It’s ignorant as heck. It’s definitely not neutral.

What is troubling is that the majority of “news” is brought to you by white, privileged men. And they have decided that only they are neutral. Insert laughter here.

As to Obama not being “effective” on guns, this is a fine criticism coming from a representative of a right-wing paper that is owned by News Corporation, parent company of agenda-laden and NRA spokespeople Fox News. Perhaps this is best put as, “Given their background, News Corp is not seen as neutral on gun legislation. News Corp is not effective at discussions on race, which I think bothers them.”

This has been a primer on how to distract from the issue of guns by saying that the President, who focused on guns in his speech, isn’t really a neutral observer because of his race. So ignore that guy. Let’s talk about whether or not racism exists so we can avoid a discussion about gun policy, and give cover to the Republican politicians who keep tripping over themselves to justify and deny racism as part of their 2016 “leadership” skills publicity tour.

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  1. There is much about your article I appreciate and find legitimate. So thanks for the effort. One area I’d like to address is not just your reference but to many others who suggest Obama as black only. He is more than one race, he is a compilation of various blood lines (as many of us are really) and to only point out one factor is not true. He may be the first person elected as president to represent so many. Thanks for the opportunity to reply.

  2. The only people I’ve ever seen to be racist are whites. Obama’s election really set them off and the rw is trying use that to their advantage to hate-monger and reap financial reward from the low intellect inbred racist, like this young man. Buy our guns, ammo, gold/silver and bugout bags for the “revolution” we are trying to start. Fools and their money, ya know.

  3. why is it a surprise that Comcast would host a panel discussion led by spineless toady Chuck Todd?

    and that the panel would include an employee of News Corp pretending to black insight while being white?

  4. Governmental Corruption: is directly responsible for the general suffering of our nation & their methodical displacement of blame to African Americans has created self-hatred from their national identity as subhumans non-deserving of equal opportunities like their European American Citizens. But the real culprit to all of this is big monies & large corporations that are owned by the World’s Elite 13 families: Koch Brothers,Rothchilds, JP Morgans, Bush Empire etc. They need to fill the huge Jail Institutions they are building nation-wide! A less educated populace, is much easier to massively contain!

  5. Not only is the right wing attempting to make a statement about Obama….they are working with an agenda to prevent another black person from getting elected to the office of the presidency. The right wing should be called the white wing because they truly believe that white is right. It’s absurd but then so is the Republican party!

  6. There is no one race free of racism, from my experience.

    However, like any sampling- it pays to try and get a neutral observer.

    With America- about the only true neutral- would be an Extraterrestrial.

    And Chuck Todd needs to get bent.

  7. I do not watch and cannot stand Chuck Todd, but I have read reports of his MTP segment today, also of people saying NBC should fire him, I would second that, so folks why don’t you get busy! I will write them!

  8. ChucK Todd is a pollster… he is the worst host of Meet The Press in my lifetime, what is NBC thinking… by far the single worst interviewer, he can talk stats all night long, but cannot think on his feet when doing an iterview, many times asking pointless questions and or making statements to guests and asking there thoughts… and the selection of panelists, boring… please NBC hurry up and replace this assclown

  9. The MSM is the major reason why Republicans are still in high political places. They’re propaganda outlets for the 1% and multinational corporations. They have long stopped being the country’s watchdogs and have instead become the elites’ lapdogs at the detriment of the rest of us.

    The sad thing is, the vast majority of American people believe that our MSM is neutral. That’s where the danger lies for us and our country: brainwashed Americans who can vote.

  10. Chuck Todd is a disgrace to journalists everywhere. He is consistent though. Any chance he gets to discuss race, he blames Obama for being Black and for not talking about it.

    Chuck- go away. Cut lawns while screaming your hater remarks. That way you will still make a living, but no one will hear your rants.

  11. The discussion of gun violence using the video of Black convicts from Sing Sing was a hugely inappropriate and very disrespectful action towards the Black community during this time of mourning and great sorrow! Chuck Todd and the NBC team is negligent in thinking that this approach was anything but an unconscious/conscious insensitive attack on a community already traumatized. It is a common place practice that can be defined as White Supremacy. The Charleston families have not had time to morn and folks are asking for forgiveness, explaining the killer’s “disposition” as a Scoundrel – not a terrorist of the Black community. Very Sad to see how deep the unconsciousness lies. #retraumatizethevictims #notevenallowedtomourn

  12. LMFAO doesn’t chucky remind you of someone?? huummm david gregory?? the RW media dominates america!! I personally view the entire conservative media, the individuals, the ENTIRE philosophy as a SAD pathetic JOKE! The truth be known, they own EVERYTHING!! whether you or I agree with them or not, the number ONE thing that really bothers me is, the conservative just can’t be HONEST!! this INSANE nonsense they’ve been trying to sell america the last 40 yrs!! This LIE about some LIBERAL media! there is NO huge liberal media! Corporate america OWNS EVERYTHING! clear channel over the last 10 yrs has been single handedly DESTROYED liberal radio, ask Randi Rhodes!! My disgust for republicans is justified! they just LIE too much to be taken seriously! chucky todd is a republican /corporate CLOWN! but even if he gets fired, don’t worry! conservative media will just prop up ANOTHER david gregory /chuck todd republican sock puppet! WASH- RINSE REPEAT!!

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