Chuck Todd Finally Apologizes For Airing Racist Gun Video On Meet The Press


After getting pummeled with criticism on all sides for his decision to air a gun violence video that featured only black shooters on Meet The Press, Chuck Todd reversed course and apologized for airing the video.

Todd tweeted:

It seemed that Todd knew all along that it would be wrong to air it, but he chose to do it anyway.

This is from Todd’s statement after the video aired on Meet The Press, “The original decision to air this segment was made before Wednesday’s massacre. However, the staff and I had an internal debate about whether to show it at all this week. When we discussed putting it off, that conversation centered around race and perception – not the conversation we wanted the segment to invoke.”

Todd shot a new introduction for the video for Meet The Press’ later airings, but the controversy kept growing.

If Chuck Todd had apologized yesterday, the story would have not gotten so big. The corporate media has adopted the Republican Party’s mantra of never apologize for anything. It was clear that Todd and Meet The Press made the wrong decision to air this particular video at a time when the nation is still hurting from a race-based mass killing.

It should never have taken a day and an outraged public to squeeze an apology out of Chuck Todd.

The decision to air the video was not smart, but the decision not to immediately apologize was more damaging to both Chuck Todd and Meet The Press.

32 Replies to “Chuck Todd Finally Apologizes For Airing Racist Gun Video On Meet The Press”

  1. He didn’t “get it wrong”. He got it exactly right for the message he was trying to send, to the audience he was trying to reach. THAT is what is wrong with what he did.

  2. I would think that a report on white supremacist groups would have been a more appropriate story line. But that’s just me thinking.

  3. Enough of this Butt kissing sycophant; its very evident he was placed here to protect the 1%ers; this is what the MSM has became, NBC becoming a FOX like propaganda network.

  4. Chuck Todd has forgotten what got him where he is today. He has become a Fox Lite propagandist. He has to go.

  5. Todd has always been revolting.

    Why can’t closet Reichwingers, and de facto Reichwingers, EVER just admit when they are wrong or make mistakes?

    Not a rhetorical question.

  6. I emailed Chuck yesterday and said I was disappointed they aired that racist segment. He reply something about my hate filled rhetoric and name calling. Which I did neither. We ended up exchanging three or four emails. He never did get my point. I expect maybe, just maybe he does now. But I sure wouldn’t bet on it.

  7. When confronted by one of the panelists, he seemed to be a little apologetic, but clearly was either irritated or unnerved by the challenge put to him about only having shown black men in the clips

  8. ENOUGH everyone should boycott the sponsors on Meet the Press until Todd is replaced! I would expect this out of that racist freakshow on Fox but Meet the Press used to be respected as a place of journalism!

  9. Boycott what? General Dynamics? Northrup? Boeing? GE? I guess I wont be in the market for heavy weaponry

  10. He’s just sorry he got called out on it. Clearly the intent was there. He knew it was wrong and he did it anyway…so again, he’s sorry he got called out on it.

  11. I haven’t watched Meet the Press since they put him on it and I won’t until they put someone who is either neutral, or only slightly liberal.

  12. Todd was a music major in college not a journalism major so how did he get his first job in journalism and then get all the way to host of Meet the Press without a journalism degree? Who did he know that pushed him? He has the journalism ethics of a gnat.

  13. right about now that Tim Russert is rolling in his grave!!!! Chuck Todd has ruined a great show like Meet the Press!

  14. What that idiot Todd conveniently forgot is that ALL major mass murders have been committed by white men. NOT black or latino men What a total idiot he is. As for “Meet The Press” – it’s farce.

  15. Chuck Todd has no credibility. He’s nothing more than a right wing, corporate inserted hack. He belongs on Fox “News” morning shows where you have to wear short skirts, low cut blouses and have a low IQ. The men get a pass on the first two.

  16. Meet the Press needs to go away altogether since it’s been nothing but a RW “Morning Joe” for a long, long time. I didn’t agree with many things Tim Russert said, but he was far superior to the two hosts who followed him, each worse than than the first. It turned into yet another RW farce of a show. Any attempt to cast it otherwise is just another lie. Chucky needs to go – so does meet the press unless it somehow discovers integrity & that isn’t going to happen.

  17. Lrig, you and many many other thousands of people. Chuck Todd is beyond repulsive, and his ratings are in the toilet.

    It’s amazing to me that after Tim Russert built the strong brand of MTP all those years ago, NBC has destroyed that brand with David Gregory and (worse) Chuck Todd.

    I’m betting his ratings are in the toilet. I won’t tune in on Sunday mornings at all. I’d rather watch CBS on Sunday mornings. At least they don’t have a morning show full of right-wing, racist bovine excrement like Todd’s MTP.

    It’s hard to believe that Todd is so incredibly and blatantly stupid, but he is.

  18. You’re right. Chuck Todd is nothing more than an attention ho. After what happened in Charleston last week ~~ the entire nation focused on a frikkin white supremacist loudly proclaiming he was killing black people BECAUSE they’re black ~~ Chuck Todd had the audacity to broadcast that racist piece of crap on what used to be the “flagship” program on the weekends.

    I don’t understand what the NBC bosses are trying to accomplish by allowing this asinine turd (apologies to turds everywhere) to “host” his obviously right-wing, racist show.

  19. I’d love to see Lawrence O’Donnell host MTP, but then I’d miss him on weeknights.

    If we could clone Rachel Maddow or Chris Hayes. . . I’d vote for either of them in that slot.

    Chuck Todd is laughable. That’s ALL he’s good for.

  20. Because they feel that they have to be ‘perfect’.

    Admitting to being human is a sign of weakness, in their eyes.

  21. It really made no sense to air black shooters when the perpetrator was white, and the victims black
    This was their way of trying to change the discussion. It was insensitive, to say the least. It also proves what African-Americans have been saying for 400 years: their lives don’t matter in this country. Never has, never will.

  22. Meet the Press has been making more gaffes and bad decisions since Todd took over. Hmmmm. This is another black eye in the program’s reputation. Soiled by a bad story, aired by a neophyte to big badass, top-notch, journalism.

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