Fox News Gets Desperate and Calls The Confederate Flag The Flag Of The Democratic Party


In a desperate attempt to hide their role in pushing the GOP’s racist rhetoric, Fox News is claiming that the Confederate flag is the flag of the Democratic Party.


Fox News host Andrea Tantaros said, “You know what baffles the mind? This isn’t a Republican flag. Historically this was the flag of southern Democrats, remember that, fact? I find this flag offensive. This flag represents the fight in slavery, and it was a flag that the southern Democrats — Democrats — used to fly against Northern Republicans so I’m not sure why Republicans are getting peppered over this.”

Tantaros brought up an old time favorite misleading statement by the right. Southerners did support the Democratic Party, but what Fox News likes to leave out is that racist ideological strain left the Democratic Party and moved over to the Republicans during the Civil Rights movement.

It is ridiculous for anyone to claim that the Confederate flag is the flag of the party that is led by the nation’s first African-American president. It is even more absurd for Fox News to ignore the fact that it was Republicans who supported flying the Confederate flag over the state capitol.

Republicans are getting hammered for this because they are the party that pushed for the Confederate flag as a symbol of “Southern heritage.” The Confederate flag is not a Republican flag or a Democratic flag. It is a symbol of slavery, racism and hate.

There is only one political party in the United States that has been using racism to scare and divide the country, and that is the Republican Party.

Fox News is getting desperate and pulling out all of the stops to spin away the right’s trafficking in racial politics. Fox is even out of step with Republicans like South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who is set to call for the flag to be taken down.

The years of Fox News supported racial hate are coming back to bite Republicans and their cable news network. Fox News embraced the racial dog whistles, so now they own the ugly symbolism of the Confederate flag.

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  1. Dude. There’s Desperation, and then there is Fox-News-Responsibility-Avoidance Desperation; and Pox News has exceeded even that…

  2. These folks must really think that the public is as stupid as there right wing followers. Gee, South Carolina is finally going to take down this despicable flag, and all of a sudden it’s the flag of the Southern Democrats(WHO ARE NOW OUR GREAT REPUBLICANS). If this isn’t the most ridiculous thing that these idiots have ever said, I will eat my hat. On a more positive note, the clown car and all the idiots in it, are spinning like a top right now. As tragic of an incident that happened in South Carolina, they have no answer to the removal of the Confederate flag. Things are so bad that even Mitt came out supporting it’s removal. I mean Mitt Romney for goodness sake’s!!!!. When Mitt is the voice of reason, you have a serious problem.

  3. They re already trotting out the house negroes to defend their idiocy.

    BTW have to give Dr. Carson credit. He called it as racism and didn’t stutter

  4. Does this mean that South Carolina has been secretly a member of the Democratic Party all these years?

  5. 50 years ago, they would of been right…

    Problem with that: It was 50 years ago. Things change over time. What once were Democrats have now become Republican and what were once Republicans have become Democrats.

    To pin the blame on the Democratic Party because this what they did 50 years ago is beyond short sighted and actually quite foolish.

  6. If the confederate flag is really the flag of the democratic party, then why have the republicans defended it so strongly?? That hardly seems likely.

  7. The racist chickens are coming home to roost, fox news desperate to try and spin this on the Democrats, wow unbelievable.

  8. Tantaros is a bimbo, which is why FOX probably hired her. Whatever school she attended must have taught a selective form of civics. Guess they never got around to the part where the Dixie-crats left the democrats to become republican. IMO She resembles and sounds a lot like Strom Thurmond.

  9. Confederate TV is absolutely relying upon the mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging ignorance of its followers.

  10. Confederacy News is entirely relying upon the ignorance of its mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging viewers….

  11. It’s always very convenient when the right ignores that fact that the “Southern Strategy” turned all the southern Dems, they mention into today’s southern repubs.

  12. Fox News Gets Desperate and Calls The Confederate Flag The Flag Of The Democratic Party was written by Jason Easley.
    It is amazing how many people are ignorant of our country’s history. That flag initially represented southern Democrats that wanted to distinguish themselves from northern Republicans. Here’s a shock for all you lefties. I’m betting you think the KKK was a Republican effort. Check the history on that. Vote GOP!!

  13. My name is Scott. And I’m a roach. I’ve always wanted to be a roach. A roach I am, I am. I’m a Republican member of the Roach collective: I’m a Republican by any opinion.

  14. Okay, so are the commentators recruited to appear on FOX News blithering idiots, or are they simply relying upon their glassy-eyed, drooling viewers to soak up whatever crap that is spewed on the cable network … or is it both?

    There has been a 180 degree role reversal since Lincoln’s time with respect to the association of progressive vs. conservative principles and political views between the two major parties in America. Much of this ideological shifting occurred during the aftermath of the passage of the Civil Rights Acts of the 1960’s.

    Bottom line: the socio-political ideologies of the ‘Lincoln/Reconstruction eras’ Democrat conservatives were similar to those within the GOP today.

  15. Wow! That article really lit a fire under your stupid ass. In your haste to make a point, you seem to have overlooked the last fifty some years. The republicans took ownership of the flag and the KKK over that time and sealed the deal during the Reagan campaign. Reagan, the patron saint of dog whistle racist politics and republicans.

  16. Fox News: racist propaganda site for dimwitted teabaggers must think rest of us are as dumb as their viewers I assure them we are NOT!

  17. I am originally from SC and I can assure you that the racist embarrassment of the Confederate flag will not be taken down without a fight. To many southerners, to take the flag down, would represent the final defeat of the South and a cause for great humiliation. The flag represents “Southern Pride.” This delusion of theirs overtly rationalizies racism, which in inherent in many in SC. That can not be denied!

  18. Females on Faux have to be willing to hike their skirts up high, and their necklines LOW. This woman is likely the token Latina. At least her hair is a natural color, unlike Hasselback with her black roots. I would like to know WHO issues their talking points daily, since they are all on the same page along with the gop politicians. They all speak in unison, all with the same viewpoint. Almost as though they have no original ideas, just parrot the view of the day.

  19. like the man said follow the money
    who do the supports of this racist flag contribute to today?
    It is not the Dems it is the Republican Party.

  20. I am, and always will be a Northern person born and bred. I have great pride in that fact. As for the south, think it’s high time that southern PRIDE took a great leap into humiliation. A well deserved humiliation. Think the north made a grave mistake in not forcing some humiliation on to the south, kind of like they did to those who were held in such evil bondage. Sooo, those in the south, suck it up!!!! You deserve it.

  21. I don’t deserve anything. I had no part in the civil war and if I deserve anything from it then where’s that Christian forgiveness 150 years later?

  22. that flag is a Kentucky civil war flag and is completely different than the S.C flag and since has been a symbol of bigotry and if you find pride in that then fly it in your own backyard ! if it means so much to you, and your obvious bigoted views for your information the black race if you open your eyes has become more and more of the a part of America than most of you southern low information back woods outsiders from reality of what America represents and the does not include race haters and by the way look around and notice that we have many famous and highly educated blacks and are becoming a force that has to be respected, all you see on fox and the voice of rushbo is hate and you are part of the race problem and not in anyway helping to unite us

  23. That’s Fox for you! They don’t bother to tell you that their market shares only include cable news (CNN, MSNBC, Fox) and not the big national networks which dwarf their ratings.

  24. the fact is .. It was a democrat symbol dixiecrats they brought that flag of hate out in 1954 when Brown v Board of Education, they didn’t want Black Kids in schools with their white kids, separate and unequal, and then South Carolina decided it was a good idea to fly that flag of Hate in 1962, remember the dogs? water hoses, all trying very hard to stop a certain color of people full rights as citizens, and finally when LBJ signed the Civil Rights Bill into law he was quoted as saying “we’ll lose the south for a decade” well he was part right the south dixiecrats all switched parties from Democrat to Republican, and then Nixon used this Southern strategy to get elected and Reagan followed .. when u hear black ppl back in the 50s and early 60s say they were Republican it was the party of Lincoln.. 1965 the Racists of hate switched parties..

  25. And someone on Twitter just parroted the exact words from FOX. When it was pointed out to him that racists fled the Democratic Party in 1962-64 (right before the possibility of LBJ signing the Civil Rights Act) and joined the Republican Party, the Twitter person was gobsmacked. He had never heard of Dixiecrats or the fact that LBJ said “we (Democrats) will lose the South.

    Nary an inclination about history, these FOX viewers.

  26. Okay. You had “no part in the civil war”. I don’t think anyone alive today had any part in the civil war. So exactly what is your point?

    America is the great economic powerhouse because of slavery. (Heads explode). Seems to me that many of the good white folks of the South were not willing to do the hard work themselves. (Black people are lazy). So if you are an American citizen then you owe part of the greatness of this country to black people who slaved to produce industries prior to and after the Civil War.

    At some point truth and reconciliation is needed.

    BTW, I don’t believe in the GOOJF (Get Out OF Jail Free) card that some Christians would like to use to wipe the slate clean.

  27. Measuring Slavery in 2011 Dollars*

    What is the comparable “value” of a slave in today’s prices?

    None of these prices has much meaning to us today, but they would if we revalue them in today’s dollars to the amount of money slave owners spent 150 years ago.9. The techniques developed in MeasuringWorth have created ten “measures” to use to compare a monetary value in one period to one in another, as explained in the essay “Measures of Worth.”10 Of those ten, three are useful for discussing the value of a slave. They are: labor or income value, economic status and real price11. Using these measures, the value in 2011 of $400 in 1850 (the average price of a slave that year) ranges from $12,000 to $176,000.

  28. The problem is that Faux News spinning it onto the Democrats won’t be difficult given the diminished reasoning ability of their typical viewer. If Faux says it, it is unquestioningly true.

  29. Its is the flag of the Democratic party if you were southern democrat you fought under that flag for slavery, and all that comes with it. Glad my ancestors fought for Lincoln, to free the slaves.

  30. djchefron. I am a man that believes that all matter in this great republic of ours, I would never be a racist and would lay my life down for any person no matter the color of their skin.

  31. Liberals should be forced to acknowledge their racist roots.
    Check it out:

    Folks, do you realize the Confederate flag flies because of the Democrat Party? Do people even care anymore about truth, objective truth, ontological certitude?

    Do people care about this stuff anymore? Does it matter? Or is truth something so elusive that it’s impossible to achieve because everybody has a bias and somebody’s truth is somebody else’s lie? And if a truth is a lie to somebody then it can’t be the truth? Is this where we are now, facts are irrelevant? The Confederate flag in South Carolina… There’s a man. There’s a name. There’s a reason why that Confederate flag flies over the Statehouse in South Carolina.

  32. I am a democrat, but i admit when someone is right. Fox news hit the nail on the head. They got the facts absolutely right. This liberal site can try to twist their facts any way they want, but they can’t fool me. Liberals, your going to have to take this one on the chin. You lose this argument. Nice try.

  33. Why are Democrats are trying to hide the past by pretending they have nothing to do with the confederate flag, like it appeared magically from nothingness, and knew right away it was the republicans that are to blame for that flag and the history behind it, I guess history was wrong.

  34. Hello Robert, you just love playing the Fool don’t ya?

    Yes it was a Democrat Flag at one time. But as you are quite well aware- it’s not anymore, and hasn’t been for decades.

    Being cute might work if you’re prepubescent. But it just reminds everyone else of your rampant immaturity when you’re an adult.

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