Scott Walker Took Money From Racist Group that Inspired Dylann Roof’s Terrorist Attack

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The list of Republicans who took money from a known hate group keeps growing. Add Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) to the list, as it’s revealed that he took thousands from the Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC).

The governor is expected to announce his 2016 candidacy any day now.

Scott Walker is going to forfeit $3,500 in gubernatorial campaign donations that came from the right wing hate group that inspired the racist terrorist attack by Dylann Roof, according to report by the Guardian :

Following an inquiry from the Guardian, a spokeswoman for Walker said he would be giving up money he received in recent years from Earl Holt, the president of the Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC).
“The governor will be donating this money to charity,” the spokeswoman, AshLee Strong, said in an email.

Holt’s Council of Conservative Citizens propaganda was heavily cited on what seems to be Dylann Roof’s manifesto.

It will surprise no one to discover that Holt donated to the Tea Party Express, among other conservatives. The Tea Party, after all, were known to carry signs suggesting the first black President was an ape, using the n-word, and more. Their racist motivation wasn’t exactly well-disguised.

Lest you have any doubts of their intentions, the CofCC put out a statement after the terrorist attack inspired by their rhetoric that killed nine people, in which they basically said this is wrong, but if things don’t get better for white people, expect more violence:

Of course, mainstream Republicans are being funded by a white nationalist group. This isn’t a surprise. Just read Holt’s online comments and they closely mirror the way Republicans speak about minorities, except Republicans use the Southern strategy of “disguised” racism. Comments written in Holt’s name say that black people were “the laziest, stupidest and most criminally-inclined race in the history of the world.”

Other Republican 2016 candidates who received money from the group are Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA). And former Governor Mitt Romney received money in from them in 2012.

Campaigns are supposed to check out groups who donate, but most pocket the cash without looking sideways, so it’s not clear that Republicans knew they were taking money from a racist hate group. In fact, Republicans are falling over themselves to return the money now.

But the real question is why did his racist hate group want them in office so much that they donated $65,000 to Republicans?

18 Replies to “Scott Walker Took Money From Racist Group that Inspired Dylann Roof’s Terrorist Attack”

  1. But the real question is why did his racist hate group want them in office so much that they donated $65,000 to Republicans?

    Considering what kind of pass most Republican Leaders are giving Roof, the answer is obvious.

    A series of endless ‘isolated incidents’ is never classified for what it is- Organized Terrorism.

  2. If they took money from racist groups I wonder what foreign government is laundering money to their campaigns?

  3. Bernie Sanders 2016!
    Bernie has been fighting for the middle class and minorities for all his career. Look at his voting records, and judge for yourself! Watch him on the campaign trail. Listen to him answer questions from average citizens. Find videos of him from years ago, and one can see how consistent he remains.
    Agree with Bernie Sanders, or not, lets agree with him to get these debates started, so the candidates can defend their positions!

  4. The real issue is that this hate group chose to give money to these GOP members for they all support propaganda and legislation that the hate group likes and wants. This also makes it very clear why the Federal Government has been so resistant to claiming all these type of attacks as Domestic Terrorism. See then they would have to do an in-depth investigation of all of the propaganda that was absorbed by said criminal. They would also have to follow up on any suspect enablers and that just might lead to numerous GOP organizations and politicians. This can not be allowed to happen for any reason…

  5. I wonder what the hell their grievances are? I can assume that this group wants nothing more then turning back the clock to 1861 when black men and women were slaves while white men and women had all the power.

    What doesn’t shock me is that you have Republicans taking money from what seems to be an old bitter bigot and his fixation on white supremacy (Which, BTW, doesn’t exist! No race is better then the other). I say let them keep the money… let us expose these snake oil salesmen for what they really are: Anti-American bigots who hate our country.

  6. Sure he took money from them and if it was never known he would have kept it. Now that he has been revealed he cannot accept it and will give it to charity. He’s not giving anything he’s just covering his own a$$.

  7. That light switch has a greater influence over the roaches than the antiracists that flipped it on. Run Ted! Run!! Scattering bugs..

  8. Just heard on my local news that “Tehran Tom” Cotton also accepted donations from this bigot. No surprise as “birds of a feather flock together”.

  9. Scott Walker is just a hate crime waiting to happen.

    Since 2011, Earl Holt of the Council of Conservative Citizens has also contributed at least $3,500 to Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, a Republican who is expected to run for president. It was Earl Holt’s statements which incited Dylann Roof to murder.

  10. It will be interesting to see what “charity” Walker gives the money to. Will he give the money to some group fighting racism like the NAACP or the Southern Poverty Law Center? Or will he give the money to one of the so-called charities that are actually political action committees supporting his campaign?

  11. The Cowards who want others to do the crime
    so they can still have thier freedom but
    can’t do the DIRTY WORK because they know
    if they were in prison,the prison statistics have the #s of Black men who are
    in prison for crimes they did because the
    Republicans who have done all they can to keep Black men from a decent job & education & many of the freedoms they enjoy
    but refuse to allow African Americans!

  12. Well,none of these sleazy Republicans surprise me & believe it or not….The Republicans are White Supremacist along with law enforcement all across America and that is why they kill black ppl like they are hunting game & what’s in the dark comes to the light. America is in danger from the SCOTUS to the bottom. The TeathugliKKKans holler,take our country back! because they are on a mission to take Black People back to the days of slavery & that is why they hug & worship that confederate flag rag.

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