Walmart Becomes The First Store To Remove All Confederate Flag Merchandise

confederate flag

Walmart is leading the nation by announcing it will remove all Confederate flag merchandise from its stores, according to a scoop by CNN.

CNN politics reporter MJ Lee tweeted the statement from Walmart spokesman Brian Nick:

“We never want to offend anyone with the products that we offer. We have taken steps to remove all items promoting the confederate flag from our assortment — whether in our stores or on our web site. We have a process in place to help lead us to the right decisions when it comes to the merchandise we sell. Still, at times, items make their way into our assortment improperly — this is one of those instances.”

CNN reached out to Amazon & eBay, which MJ Lee says both sell various forms of Confederate flag merchandise, but they haven’t responded.

On CNN, Lee writes, “The announcement is the latest indication that the flag, a symbol of the slave-holding South, has become toxic in the aftermath of a shooting last week at a historic African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina.”

This is an interesting move by a company that is desperately trying to revamp its public image. First they raised wages finally and now they are taking a lead on a moral and ethical issue that is the cause of deep pain for many in this country.

This is a big win for the anti-hate side, because Walmart is the world’s largest retailer, with over 11,100 stores in 27 countries. With Walmart removing merchandise with the Confederate flag on it, the days of mass public denial and pretending it is not a hate symbol are coming to a close.

28 Replies to “Walmart Becomes The First Store To Remove All Confederate Flag Merchandise”

  1. Damn !!!! Walmart !!!! That’s a huge step, but trust me there will be plenty of other places to shop. Where will these people go to get there Confederate collectibles? Klan rally’s, Gun Shows, Rodeo’s, and certain GOP events.

  2. This is not the only reason why I don’t shop at Walmart. This is a “fair-weather” company that sways with the wind. They never really make serious changes.

  3. That is just so much B.S. Wal Mart is gonna loose a lot of customers in the south and I WILL BE ONE of them……Well at least NO ONE will tell me I have to remove my flag….or take off license plate from front of car….they ALL can kiss my SOUTHERN ASS

  4. I drove through Kentucky and Tennessee on my way to Atlanta last week. Truckstops and quick marts along the way all seemed to have a vast selection of confederate merchandise. I wasn’t surprised to find it in Ky., but we didn’t even secede. It’s a good thing that Wallmart is doing, but they’re a drop in the bucket.

  5. I’m glad the confederate flag came down. It should have. But as you can see, people are still gonna hate blacks but love the flag. We need to start a real conversation about racism in this country. Taking down the flag was a gesture…how we are going to heal our country is the real question. If you love the confederate flag and it is the only prevalent thing in your life, you need to get a life.

  6. Who are you kidding? Walmart is probably the only store in your little Podunk town – they’re not worried about you!

  7. Those popping noises that you hear are the sounds of FOX News commentators’ and white supremacists’ heads exploding.

  8. It may be your flag, but it is not a real American flag, nor representative of anyone who chooses to embody the values of freedom, liberty and justice for all.

    It was a battle flag for one of the losing armies; you know, the ones who thought that some people should own other people, who believed that somehow being white made you intrinsically superior to all other races. Kinda like Hitler…

  9. The laughable part of this is that Walmart has been selling this merchandise for years. Did they just now discover the civil war? They were OK with selling it yesterday. They are just jumping on the hypocritical political correctness bandwagon. They obviously do not understand their customer base. If they really believed the confederate items were in poor taste why did it take all these years and an incident in South Carolina for them to discover it.

  10. Maybe we could even get them to not sell phony images and costumes of Native Americans. Maybe it’s time to re-examine the Stars and Stripes also. But I’ll give a thumbs up for getting rid of the confederate flag as being a long overdue start.

  11. D.J.
    Talk is cheap, just like the merchandise at Walmart. You are full of sh!t. You are the customers of Walmart because you can’t afford to shop anywhere else. I have never heard such a stupid comment. You worship a flag……pathetic!
    You’ll be at Walmart next week….as of the rest of your totler temper tantrum throwing cohorts!
    I might step foot in this store now……..

  12. “Well at least NO ONE will tell me I have to remove my flag….or take off license plate from front of car”

    Not yet anyway. Hopefully that’s next.

  13. Well that’s a nice gesture.

    But I’m more offended by their unwillingness to pay their workers a living wage.

  14. Well, I could just cry for all those poor rednecks that shop at Walmart! Now when their waistlines blow out this year’s Dixie flag apparel, their wardrobe choices will be limited to camouflage and Duck Dynasty crap.

  15. You know DJ there are a lot of northerners who could as well say the same, except it would be (kiss my Northern ass) You lost, get over it……

  16. That’s nice, walmart.
    In the very rare instances that I go there, if feel more at risk in their parking lot than I ever did in Nam.

    walmart’s parking lot is one of the most dangerous places on earth.

  17. LookingForward?Your name totally belies your attitude, honey.

    I, for one, have never set foot in a Walmart store, and I never will. For you to assume that everyone is dumb enough and cheap enough to “all” shop at Walmart is asinine.

    Just like you

    I’m pushing 60 years old, and I’ve hated the Walmart concept” since the beginning. I am a retired “outside sales rep,” and the little podunk towns in Kentucky and Tennessee were among the first recipients of Walmart stores.

    Walmart has put thousands of longtime family-owned mom ‘n pop stores out of business in small towns everywhere, by selling their cheap Chinese-made crap. They don’t care who they hurt.

    I’ve never been inside the door, and I will never sacrifice my principles for cheap chit. (Like you.)

  18. “Lookingbackwards,” you’re an asinine dumba**. A perfect Walmart customer!

    I’ve hated Walmart since they were born in all the tiny towns, where they put thousands of longtime family-owned businesses OUT of business for their greed.

    I’ve never set foot inside the front doors of a Walmart store, and I never will.

  19. Why is it ? Is it because in the Southern Walmart Stores, about 99% of the shoppers carry weapons….on their waist, in their pocket books, in their boots, in their cars and trucks? So a little fender bender can turn into some serious pop! pop! pop! Is that what you meant? ;)

  20. In truth, there is one WalMart — the one on the edge of grove country — I hit at the beginning of the month for 80lbs tyrant food (40 lbs fur + 40 lbs feather), because it’s the only place I can get it now that Fred’s pulled out. Everything else I chase down locally.

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