Amazon To Pull All Confederate Flag Merchandise Off Of Its Site

Amazon has announced that they are pulling all merchandise featuring the Confederate flag off of their website.


Amazon has become the latest retailer to announce that they are pulling all Confederate flag merchandise off of their website.

Reuters tweeted:

Amazon has followed the lead of Walmart, Sears, Kmart and eBay as corporate America have realized that selling a symbol of racism and hatred is not good business.

Before Amazon made their decision public, ABC News reported that sales of Confederate flags were skyrocketing on the online retailer, “The top five biggest sales rank gainers on, or “movers and shakers,” in the last 24 hours are all Confederate flag products, according to the website.”

Some of the run on flags is likely due to misguided, greedy people who think that the Confederate flag is going to be banned, so they believe that they are “investing” in an item that they will be able to make an enormous profit on in the future. Other buyers are most likely the same sort of deluded folks who believe that every time President Obama utters the word gun, this means that the black helicopters are coming to confiscate all firearms.

It is mind-boggling that it took the deaths of nine African-Americans in a church for many of the nation’s largest retailers to see that selling Confederate flag merchandise is wrong.

America’s retailers saw no issue with selling a symbol of racism until a few days ago. Corporate America is doing the right thing, but this change would never have occurred without pressure from the American people.

16 Replies to “Amazon To Pull All Confederate Flag Merchandise Off Of Its Site”

  1. Well I have to admit it is fun to watch the Racist Chuckleheads running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off…

  2. I do a lot of shopping on Amazon and never realized they carried confederate merchandise. But, then I never looked for it either.

  3. I bet you that in defiance….a lot of the Yahoos are going to start wearing their flags everywhere. Well, at least we will know openly what they stand for. If your Doctor has one of those flags on his car. Run! Change doctors. If your cab Driver has a jacket with that symbol on it. Take another car. etc. The only ones who won’t show their flags are the politicians. But just check out their offices, I BET you there will be one of those symbols somewhere in there. Look at his paper holder, his desktop, wall decorations, letterheads, also look in his closet, he might have a tie with the confederate flag on it……well, you get the picture.

  4. LMFAO I guess I’m getting old and grumpy but amazon, kmart , walmart , ebay etc. etc ET FU#KIN’ C! I’m cool with their decision but in the back of my mind is, WHY were they selling that garbage in the first DAMN place! EVERYBODY in their RIGHT MINDS knows what that flag stands for! So apparently 9 black people needed to be executed by a jr. KLANSMEN to help them have a come to Jesus moment??!! SORRY corporate america! your track record on COMMON DAMN SENSE and COMMON DAMN DECENCY ONLY surfaces when YOU might potential lose PROFIT! Another example? limbaugh has been calling black people, liberals, democrats, the LGBT community every filthy insult under the sun for over 20 YEARS! but when he called caucasian female ”Sandra Fluke” a SLUT! then ALL the sudden american FINALLY saw the light! and then and ONLY then did corporate america decide to do something! it’s ALL BULL$HIT!

  5. @Reyardine, I wouldn’t wipe my A$S with that flag! I don’t need a rash ok. but hows this? make a evening gown out of it and give it to lindsey graham.

  6. Actually, I warned all my pals about actually using it, but it makes convenient little Confederate flags to burn.

  7. update…

    a bit past 5:00P and Amazon STILL has 23000+ items listed… you can still get your keepsakes by Thu if you’re an Amazon Prime member…

  8. I don’t know about you but I’ve been in WalMart about 4 times in my life and EVERY time I walk out I want to take a shower…

  9. Message of southern conservatives:
    “The government should not be deciding whether or not the Confederate flag can be flown.
    Wait … Amazon, eBay, Sears, and Walmart are doing what? The government needs to step in and mandate that the Confederate flag be sold by all major retail outlets!”

  10. I’m surprised you didn’t take a stay bullet in the parking lot from some hillbilly dropping their gun while adjusting their underwear.

  11. The only place in the future you might see Confederate merchandise will be at a Yard Sale, Flea market, or at a KKK Cross burning rally in the woods.

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