Anonymous Launches Operation To Shut Down Westboro Baptist Church


Anonymous responded to the Westboro Baptist Church’s plan to picket the funerals of the Charleston shooting victims by launching an operation aimed at shutting down the hate group.

In a press release, Anonymous explained why they are coming after the Westboro Baptist Church, “The so-called Westboro Baptist Church is not actually a church at all. Rather, it is a small but well-funded and highly organized hate group. It’s core leadership and membership consists of a single family, the Phelps. They specialize in picketing funerals and spewing their unique and disgusting brand of hate, disturbing grieving family members and the public in their time of loss. Over the past approximately five years, Anonymous has confronted them several times, both online and on the ground – over their announced plan to picket certain funerals. In each and every case, our combined cyber and ground operations were enough to cause the WBC to cancel their plans to picket entirely. In addition, these Anonymous campaigns have decimated the membership ranks of the Westboro Baptist Church, and cost them tens of thousands of dollars in damages to their cyber infrastructure. But this can never be taken for granted. And so when the Westboro Baptist Church recently announced their plans to picket at least some of the upcoming funerals in South Carolina for the “Charleston 9″, Anonymous once again moved into action.”

The group offered a message to the grieving people of Charleston, “We ask that you put these hateful people from your mind entirely. Anonymous has this for you. We know how to deal with these animals, and we will do so. Forget them. Let us handle this for you as our gift of condolence for your unspeakable loss.”

Anonymous also issued a final warning to WBC:

We are coming for you. We will defeat you just as we always have. Your best bet is to stop this foolishness at once. We know you will not, so you can fucking….EXPECT US.

The Westboro Baptist Church is planning on picketing the funerals of the Charleston shooting victims because in their warped view Rev. and state Sen. Clementa Pinckney “did an evil thing” when he attended a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton. The WBC is picketing the funerals as a warning to people to stay away from Hillary Clinton fundraisers.

WBC has never been above exploiting the pain and misery of a community to push their hate-filled agenda. Anonymous would be doing the world a favor by successfully shutting down the Westboro Baptist Church.

34 Replies to “Anonymous Launches Operation To Shut Down Westboro Baptist Church”

  1. Dear Anonymous,

    Remember the small town WBC invaded to protest the funeral of a military casualty?

    The town used their vehicles to block the bastards in their motel parking lot, and the free range ones that got out of the net were picked up by police because of a “burglary report” that lasted until the funeral was over.

    It was massive lulz. Bring cars, boiz!

  2. “Rev. and state Sen. Clementa Pinckney “did an evil thing” when he attended a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton”

    If this is true, then WBC members are Republicans. Go figure. No surprising at all. Thanks Anonymous.

  3. Anonymous, how do I join You. The Army says I’m a genius but the jury is still out. I do so hate assholes though and love to see Them crash and burn. I can’t go to political speeches from Rs. Too big a chance I’ll smack some politician and demand to know who the hell he think He/She thinks They are. OR be arrested for the constant boooooooing.

  4. Because Free Speech rights does not extend to bodily harm- deserving as such they are for same.

    And then they’d use the wounds as ‘proof’ of the rightness of their cause.

  5. “Anonymous would be doing the world a favor by successfully shutting down the Westboro Baptist Church.”

    You forgot to add the word, “forever”.

    These people claim to be a church in order to get the 501(c)(3) tax exemption. They have won millions in lawsuits (based on their interpretation of the 1st Amendment), all of which is tax free and allows them to continue preaching their poisonous gospel of hate. They are no different that the KKK and other white supremacist groups.

    Anonymous, if you can, please take these venomous cretans down because, apparently, no one else can.

  6. Thank You Anonymous! After these alleged humans are vanquished the next 3 lettered Evil you should take down is the NRA! On that WE will have YOUR back!

  7. Thank God for groups like Anonymous, standing together, we can beat anything.

    Wouldnt it be hilarious if it was Obama behind the mask!

  8. It’s disgusting that they even don the name of Church.
    Frankly it’s besmirching the name of religion and of God.
    I myself am religious but I do not wish death and destruction on those who believe differently.
    Do not believe that other religious organisations are as hateful and horrific as the WBC. Most if not all religions promote kind spirits (love thy neighbour and all that) so this is simply appalling.

    We salute you.

  9. “Free speech” doesn’t mean freedom from consequences of that speech … and there’s not a jury in the world that would convict anyone who metes out justice to those freaks.

  10. I wish I lived closer to be able to join your anti-hate group! Thank you so much for protecting and standing up for those who need it in the face of this true evil.

  11. Bless you, Anonymous! I just hope that you are “geared up” and ready for the 2016 election. Because you just know, that our old “friend” Karl Rove is already plotting on which state’s election results he can rig for his asshole buddy Jeb.

  12. Unfortunately, that “free speech” is specifically intended to inflict emotional distress and psychic harm upon people grieving for lost loved ones, in some cases children.

    So I’ll happily suspend their “rights” if they can’t figure out how to apply them responsibly.

    I just hope I can be there at the pearly gates to see the looks on their faces when their Jesus pulls the lever on the trap door under them…

  13. love what your doing.
    But I have one small issue.
    To call them animals is such an insult to animals.
    Animals dont kill for fun, they aren’t racist, or spoIt hate.
    An angry cow has so much more of a moral code than these monsters.
    We need a new word for spineless, sick, pathetic losers like this.

  14. Oh they are warning us to stay away from Clinton fundraisers! Without a doubt the funniest freaking thing I’ve read all year. Way to go Anonymous!!!

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