Bernie Sanders Confirms Media Bias: The Networks Kept Him Off TV Because He Is A Liberal


During an appearance on The Ed Show, Bernie Sanders confirmed that the television networks didn’t want him on their shows because he is a liberal.

On The Ed Show, Sen. Sanders said was asked about if appearing on a lot of television shows was part of his strategy.

The Democratic presidential candidate said, “Well, look Ed, given my politics over the years, it’s been hard for us to get on network television, by the way, and you have been very kind, and I appreciate it, because I’m on your show a lot. But our main strategy is basically going out to the American people. We’ve been having many many town meetings, and you’ve indicated we’ve had extraordinary crowds and enthusiastic turnouts all over this country.”

Sanders also rejected the latest national polling that shows him trailing Hillary Clinton by sixty points, “By the way, we’re not sixty points behind. There’s no question that Hillary Clinton is ahead of us. I think the gap is narrowing. I think that poll is very different from other polls that I have seen. If you look at New Hampshire, if you look at Iowa, the numbers are closer, and we’re gaining momentum.”

It took Bernie Sanders years to get on Meet The Press. Sanders and all other liberals have basically been told that they aren’t welcome on network television. They are rarely invited on the Sunday shows. The Sunday programs would rather have John McCain on for the nine thousandth time to babble about why more Americans have to be sent off to war than give liberals a voice in the nationally televised political discussion.

The only reason that Bernie Sanders is getting on television now is that he is the main Democratic primary opposition to Hillary Clinton. If Sen. Sanders (I-VT) weren’t running for president, the television networks would continue to ignore him.

The truth is that the broadcast networks don’t want to hear from liberals. They are owned by corporations. Corporations sponsor the Sunday morning news programs. They don’t want to give airtime to the political leaders who express the real feelings of ordinary Americans. Bernie Sanders is a threat to the billionaires and corporate oligarchs, and his determination to tell the truth kept him off of network television for years.

With millions rallying behind him, the difference is that the networks can no longer ignore Bernie Sanders.

26 Replies to “Bernie Sanders Confirms Media Bias: The Networks Kept Him Off TV Because He Is A Liberal”

  1. they will shut him out as much as possible. but they cant prevent him from a debate or two. then the whole world will see what a real statesman is.

  2. We have to be realistic. As much as we love Bernie, He has no chance. If we don’t elect Hillary, WE HAVE NO CHANCE! What’s it going to be? Jeb or Walker or Hillary? I’ll take Hillary. And ANY sane American voter will too.

  3. We can’t afford to be ‘realistic’ about politics right now, because we’re steering the entire species off of a goddamned cliff. The end of work looms as automation becomes ever more present and affordable. Productivity continues to increase through said automation and yet we are reliant on power sources which are both unrenewable (and therefore make us susceptible to market shocks which endanger the massive interdependent organism we sometimes call the economy) and polluting (which makes the job of coordinating the vast effort it takes to keep everyone fed and clothed more difficult through unpredictable changes to the background climatic conditions).
    Hillary is more likely to win, but this ‘safe’ logic virtually guarantees catastrophe. I’m not saying that these things are inevitable if Clinton is elected; I am merely pointing out that the very logic that you’re using will always be applicable – right up to the point that it is too damned late.
    Keep your ‘realism’.

  4. John, Hilary is worthless. Why not support Bernie Sanders? Too many people are willing to just say, he has no chance but I like him. If you like him, support him. If he wins the democratic nomination, he will win the presidency!

  5. I’ll take a Republican President over another fake Democratic one. By continuing to elect Democratic presidents who support the American people in public statements and then stab them in the back all we are doing is perpetuating a system that is destroying America.

    Unless we have real change the US will continue to slowly be sold out to the highest bidder. The end result will be a true oligarchy which will then turn into a dictatorship.

    I’m not saying this will happen in our lifetime, but it will happen eventually if the most powerful state in the world continues to be dominated by the top one tenth of a percent of the income bracket.

    We are already far beyond the point where we can pretend that the lesser of two evils will prevent our catastrophic decline into machiavellian politics.

    How long can we continue to cast our votes for candidates that we know don’t represent us and still expect our Democracy to stay intact?

  6. Being “realistic” is how we got into this mess and continue to get into this mess. As Bernie himself says “This is not the time to think small.” If you really prefer Hillary, by all means, vote for her. But the issues on which she and Bernie disagree are the most important issues facing us today – economic inequality, climate change, campaign finance. We need to solve these problems. We know Hillary won’t. Why bother with her? Every change in history once seemed impossible. Excuse my French, but F*** being realistic. Let’s change the world again.

  7. Lol, this is so ironic. Bernie says the media doesn’t let him on to talk, but how did he tell the world this? Through the Ed show on MSNBC, one of the largest media outlets. Yeah, I can see Bernie is getting senile.

  8. I’d sooner vote for a half assed Democratic President, than the Fully Assed Republican candidates.

    half a loaf is better than stone.

  9. Moongrim, That’s exactly what I meant. I love Bernie but what ever happens, Hillary is better than ANY Rethuglicant.

  10. The only ones who can prevent Bernie Sanders from the DNC debates are the DNC. They, in collusion with the RNC run “The Commission on Presidential Debates.” They have successfully kept third parties out of the debates since Ross Perot. The DNC passed a rule a couple weeks ago which states, is a candidate debates anywhere other than the DNC sanctioned debate, they will forfeit their chance to appear. So we must keep the pressure on the DNC to allow Bernie to debate the other Democratic candidate…believe me, it is not a “given.” Do you think HRC WANTS to debate Bernie?

  11. Should Bernie make it, and is the Democratic Candidate, I will vote for him with not a worry in my heart, the same goes for Hill. Either one would be and is… an improvement over any rehtug. If, a thug( any one of them) gets to the White House, and controls the country, I’ll bet, we are in a war in six months or, on our way. War is the only language the republican’s know, or care about. The making of Money ( their personal monetary value) is the driving force.

  12. Reynardine: your comment this morning had me, Had never heard the word subacuity. So looked it up and had a good laugh…..Thanks for the lesson.

  13. Talk show hosts apparently are granted a bit of flexibility, an Ed is Bernie friendly. However, it is absolutely the case that the Sunday morning shows are dominated by the Republicans and the corporate wing of the Democratic Party. I don’t know HOW many times I have seen Lindsay Graham on. And who is he? Just a right wing senator from South Carolina.

  14. “I do not belong to an organized political party; I am a Democrat.” {Will Rogers}
    …how about we quit sniping about how Hillary can’t walk the walk, or Bernie’s too damn old…we got to pull together if we’re gonna hand the Teatard/Teahadist partys collective ass to them in a sack…remember, they wanna destroy the USA…our side don’t…

  15. Ok Hillary is the more pragmatic choice…but the election is more than a year off, don’t you think people ought to give candidates other than Clinton and Bush a chance? Neither one has been very effective on the campaign trail yet. You think Bernie is unelectable so settle for Clinton who can win. Tell me one difference a Clinton presidency would bring over a Bush one? They both sold their souls to corporations and wall street years ago.Clinton is an Eisenhower republican in her politics if not even more conservative and she is certainly just as hawkish as Bush.

  16. So you’re saying that you would rather continue sending us purposely full speed over the cliff than support what you call a “fake” Democrat? Nice logic there. While you’re at it, go catch some of that trickle down stuff. I hear it’s a nice yellow color.

  17. “I’ll take a Republican President over another fake Democratic one.” Uh, no. Not sure what your definition of a fake Democrat is, but a Republican is an in your face tool of and for corporatocracy. Your attitude gives me reason to worry that others too, are incapable of seeing the forest for the trees.

  18. You can see Bernie every Friday and it’s called Brunch with Bernie. He’s on with Thom Hartman on Free Speech TV (no corporate sponsors).

  19. Unfortunately it’s not just the media…I was inundated with emails from Move On when they were trying to push Elizabeth Warren to run for President….even tho she repeatedly refused….I asked Move On why they were overlooking Bernie Sanders…no response…

  20. There is a very good reason that Bernie Sanders is drawing the kind of enthusiastic crowds that he has; It’s because the average American agrees with him on most of the issues. Those who say that he can”t win the Democratic nomination fail to ask themselves the question ” What can I do to have more people hear his presentation?” Personally, I tell everyone I meet that Sanders has impressed me when I listened to his speeches on youtube and other media. I’ve encouraged my fellow citizens to check Sanders out and if like me they agree with him then make sure to first, register to vote, pass the word along to others, and then vote for Sanders in the Democratic primary. if everyone starts to participate in this way, Sanders doesn’t need to worry about too little mainstream media coverage. In other words the people take back the initiative and the democracy.

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