Bryan Fischer Claims Confederate Flag is a Democratic Problem

Conservatives have done everything possible to evade responsibility for racism, even though the entire party embraces it as central to their white ethnic nationalist platform. Even black conservatives (at least the ones Fox News can latch onto) would rather blame Obama.

Ben Carson has refreshingly stepped out of this quagmire and told the truth. What comes from this remains to be seen. More common, unfortunately, is Bryan Fischer’s approach to the problem, which is to continue to blame everything on Democrats.

On his radio program yesterday, Fischer showed himself as immune to facts as ever by claiming the Confederate flag is a Democrat thing so the Democrats ought to be the ones to figure out what to do with it:

You know, I get a little peeved at the Republicans. They stumble around, they accept the premise that this is somehow a Republican issue. They accept the premise that the Democrats are pointing the finger at the Republicans and saying ‘this is your problem and you’ve got to fix it. This is a racist symbol and you Republicans aren’t doing anything about this racist symbol.’


This is not a Republican issue. They didn’t invent the flag. They didn’t design the flag. They didn’t fly the flag. They didn’t march behind the flag. They didn’t got to war with this flag at the head of their troops. This is a Democratic issue. The Democrats are the ones that are responsible for the existence of the Confederate flag. My counsel to Republicans is hey, this is a Democratic issue. This is a Democrat symbol. This was invented by Democrats. It was flown by Democrats.

Yes, that would be great if it were Democrats waving the flag around. But it’s not. It would be great if Democrats controlled South Carolina, but South Carolina is a Red State: it has a Republican governor and two Republican senators. The South Carolina general assembly is controlled by the Republicans.

In trying to be clever, Fischer concludes with what can only be described as comedy gold:

We as Republicans, we’re nice guys, we’re gracious guys, we believe in working together to solve problem together. What do you guys want to do with your Confederate flag? We as Republicans will be happy to work with you, will be happy to cooperate with you, what do you want to do with your Confederate flag. It’s your flag, it’s your issue, you need to decide what you want to with it…you bring your proposal to us and we’ll be happy to talk with you about whatever you want to do with your symbol, the Confederate flag.

Lincoln was a Republican, and 1860s Southern Democrats voted against him and supported slavery. That’s part of the historical record. Unfortunately for Fischer, so is everything that has happened since 1860.

That was a century-and-a-half ago. It’s almost as if, in Fischer’s mind, time has stood still. Did he miss the Republican Party’s own “Southern Strategy”? Did he miss all the racist white Democrats migrating over to the Republican Party in the 1960s?
Did he miss, as a result of that shift, 90 percent of all black voters being Democrats after 1965? A century-and-a-half after the Civil War, the Democratic Party was no longer the party of slavery.

Today’s Democrats are the 1860s Republicans in outlook, and today’s Republican Party has become the party of 1860s Southern Democrats. It is the GOP of the 21st century that looks fondly back on slavery, and tells blacks they were better off as slaves than under Democratic governance today.

It is the Republican Party that has become a white nationalist hate group, the party of neo-Confederates and secessionists.
Fischer’s own party, not to put too fine a point upon it. It is Republicans who are now calling Governor Nikki Haley a RINO for calling for the Confederate flag to come down.

Not Democrats.

Typical is Mark Vogl’s response in The Gilmer Mirror:

With her announcement against the Confederate Battle flag today, Governor Nikki Haley demonstrated she has no real concept of what South Carolina is to so many Americans. South Carolina, the Palmetto State, is to many Americans the champion of states’ rights and the epitome of a state with a people who would not cower to Washington.

We thought Senator Lindsey Graham was an anomaly in South Carolina. But the Carpetbaggers are back. Someone once told me the Yankees could never really occupy the South until Air Conditioning was invented! Well, today we see the Yankees running the state that led revolution against a perceived threat to liberty..Washington, D.C. and the Yankees.

Deplorable as this sentiment is, at least Mr. Vogl, unlike Fischer, has kept up with history. Because she chose to be cognizant of facts rather than fantasy with regards the Confederate flag, Haley is no longer a Tea Party darling says The Daily Caller.

The Republican Party is today’s defender of the Confederacy and its flag. It is the GOP that is refusing to take down the Confederate battle flag in South Carolina, not the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party can hardly be expected to do anything about it when Republicans control the statehouse.

Fischer isn’t being just disingenuous. He is being completely, flamboyantly dishonest. In other words, he is being typically Republican in an era when Republicans can no longer afford to insulate themselves from our shared reality.

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  1. Repugs rewriting history, as usual. They can not face the truth, because they usually are on the wrong side of history. Look how they have made an icon of the actor, Reagan. And more currently, they are rewriting the Bush/Cheney nightmare.

  2. The specious excuses came out in such lockstep as soon as this happened, that you know they were just waiting for it to.

  3. Typical conservative “personal responsibility”…

    If he’s right, then why aren’t Republicans requesting the confederate flag be taken down EVERYWHERE?

    By the way, care to name any PROGRESSIVE policy EVER supported by those flying the confederate flag?

  4. Think it’s rather amusing to hear the rethugs call this atrocious, evil insulting flag a Democratic one. When all who do fly it are die hard republican’s and live in mostly red.. red states.

  5. These are truly UNGODLY and totally BIZARRE, insane, “TWILIGHT-ZONE” style tactics that the republican party are now using (trying) to shift the blame to the Democrat Party for “their” very own “RACIEST” life style promoted agendas and policies. Republicans are now proving themselves too be mentally-ill, walking, talking, 100% human-waste, “meat-sticks”. In my opinion.

  6. Can you say PROJECTION? The Republican Party policy of personnal responsibility only applies to when Democrats do something wrong. When Republican wrongs are brought to light, the policy is to blame someone else and NEVER take responsibility.

  7. Very Well then Mr. Fischer- Democrats everywhere are calling for the Confederate Flag to be taken down and burned, forever turning the Stars and Bars into a Museum curiosity.

    Why is the Republican Party so resistant to such a notion?

  8. Picture the kid with chocolate icing all over his face. When his mother enters the room and sees it, he points to his brother and says, “He did it”! This is the entire Republican Party.

  9. There is such a thing as Southern heritage: four o’clocks, paddle fans, properly made sweet tea (you brew the sugar right in, for a demulcent quality) cathead biscuits, and doing nothing in the heat of the afternoon. So are some rather colorful expressions, like “bumfuzzle” and “honeyfuggle”. None of these salutary practices require *that* flag, and in fact, would be quite ruined by it.

  10. Another DAY another republican LYING! listen bryan fisher, you’re such a A$S even the GOP shut you down! didn’t YOU get fired?!! DAMN dude! when the party of douchebags fire you for being too douchebaggery! you’re toast! Listen heres the truth about republicans, they’re typically idiots! WHY? because even with their WHITE Privilege, they absolutely REFUSE to educated themselves! Common DAMN SENSE dictates that “IF” you’re going to make statement about a subject 150 yrs ago, make DAMN sure it’s relevant TODAY! As I’ve MANY times, republicans are notoriously LAZY intellectually! Listen if you’re gonna go back 150 yrs to prove a point, chances are, YOU’RE just DESPERATE! DAMN! wouldn’t ANY 4 GRADER studying american history know about the CIVIL RIGHTS movement? starting with JFK! and continued by LBJ! I find it interesting that plantation owners who SWORE BLACKS were too dumb to read were forbidden to touch a book! I guess reading is power! and sometimes it CAN fix STUPID!

  11. Last point, NO! bryan fisher, the confederate flag isn’t a democratic party problem! it’s an american problem! See the confederate flag probably would have faded away if YOUR party didn’t absorb those DIXIECRATS!! REMEMBER? Listen up! to ALL the republican TROLLS here, the democratic party during the CIVIL RIGHTS movement, decided to take a enema! and that ended up being the DIXIECRATS! and guess who jumped in the toilet to retrieve them? YEP! YOU DID!! bon appetit!!

  12. Conservatives cherry-pick American history in a manner similar to how they approach the writings within the Bible.

    There has been a 180 degree role reversal since Lincoln’s time with respect to the association of progressive vs. conservative principles and political views between the two major parties in America. Much of this ideological shifting occurred during the aftermath of the passage of the Civil Rights Acts of the 1960’s.

    Bottom line: the socio-political ideologies of the ‘Lincoln/Reconstruction eras’ Democrat conservatives were similar to those within the GOP today.

  13. In Brief: A Glimpse of South Carolina in the Wake of the Call for the Confederate Flag to Be Shit-Canned Here’s what the Rude Pundit imagines happened in South Carolina right when word leaked out that Gov. Nikki Haley would call for the removal of the Confederate flag from its padlocked place on a pole on the grounds of the capitol: – See more at:

  14. “The Republican Party is today’s defender of the Confederacy and its flag. It is the GOP that is refusing to take down the Confederate battle flag in South Carolina, not the Democratic Party.”

    Nothing shows the internal split within the party, as Haley’s press conference did. Yes, at the local level the GOP has to maintain the racist façade, but Reince Preibus was standing directly behind Haley during the speech, as if to symbolically announce the national party’s “got her back” on the flag-removal issue. The most conflicted person there was Mark Sanford, who had years to convince voters to remove the flag and did nothing, yet suddenly he’s standing there, like he really cares about the issue.

  15. This guy needs to go back and study his history. Lincoln was a LIBERAL republican. It was the CONSERVATIVE democrats who wanted slavery. Party affiliation switched places over the years.The truth is liberals think like liberals while conservatives seem to want to keep things the same no matter how bad it is for the people in the country.

  16. The truth always reveals itself
    Things done in the dark comes to the light
    God will prevail for righteousness sake
    beware of the wolves and lost souls destined for Hell – they have their reware

  17. I don’t think they teach this in the south and my words are almost exactly like yours.

    Think of them as southern CONSERVATIVES

    Southern “dixi” crat CONSERVATIVES formed after 1865, and they went back to being the southern republican CONSERVATIVES after 1964 when the civil rights bill was signed by democratic LIBERAL LBJ

  18. Many people DO NOT understand this FACT

    People need to think of them as southern CONSERVATIVES, the labels of democrat and republican don’t apply here.

    Southern “dixi” crat CONSERVATIVES formed after 1865, and they went back to being the southern republican CONSERVATIVES after 1964 when the civil rights bill was signed by democratic LIBERAL LBJ

  19. California Jr High American history comes in handy and that teacher taught me this:

    People need to think of them as southern CONSERVATIVES, the labels of democrat and republican don’t apply here.

    Southern “dixi” crat CONSERVATIVES formed after 1865, and they went back to being the southern republican CONSERVATIVES after 1964 when the civil rights bill was signed by democratic LIBERAL LBJ

  20. I don’t know what to say
    As states reconsider its role, Confederate flag sales skyrocket 2,300% on Amazon
    As South Carolina and other states reconsider the role and placement of the Confederate lag, sales of it are absolutely skyrocketing on Amazon. Sears, eBay, and Walmart have each opted to remove the flags from their stores and ban future sales, but Amazon, quite obviously, has not yet joined in. As many as 30,000 unique Confederate flag-related items are currently sold by hundreds of independent retailers on Amazon—with many offering free shipping via Amazon Prime.
    Are supporters stockpiling? It’s hard to say, but it’s abundantly clear that Amazon is profiteering off this hateful symbol and many Americans are preparing to have their own flags in case it’s taken down in their home states.


  21. Why are you offended when more than likely you have use that word in a hateful manner and don’t lie and say never use that word. Methinks you don’t want to hear the truth in the way how he use the word to describe how its not the word itself but white supremacy that is the problem

  22. I don’t use racist language because it is offensive and I am NOT racist. I think it is unfair that certain people and our PRESIDENT can use it however they want. If WE ALL stop using that language, then it ends. He could have used many other words in that podcast to make his point.

  23. LMFAO @tom! nice try! you LILY WHITE republicans are hilarious, now ALL the sudden YOU’RE offended at Obama using the term NIG#ER! LOL if you’re so concerned about the term and YOU just loves you som’ black folks, then where has YOUR LILY WHITE A$S been the last 40 yrs?? Where was all this concerned about black people being called NIG#ERS EVERYDAY by YOUR party? @tom, lets be honest ok?! YOU don’t give a damn about the term when YOUR republicans friends say it! WHY? are you upset now? MORON!

  24. Please show me where in the last year, any member of the executive branch, legislative branch, or office holding GOP member ever did. My point is that it does not help the situation. Also, should it matter what ethnicity I am to be offended by racist language?

  25. I know you don’t realize it because that what it means to have white privilege but when you overturn the voting rights act and civil rights protections that does much more damage than a word.

  26. I read today that 80-90% of white southerners vote Republican. I suspect that almost as many also revere the Confederate flag. Do they not realize that to now say the flag is a Democratic one is an insult to all the people who have been rallying around that flag for the last fifty years. How easily they were all thrown under the bus. The loopy lady on Fox pretended not to know the history of the Repubs and their Southern strategy – heads were spinning out in Foxland, I expect.

  27. Andy where is CA do you live?
    I’m in SF Bay Area.
    It’s great living among so many Liberals. Everywhere you go people are talking-up Politics…Intelligently!

  28. From 1876 until 1975 S. Carolina was a BLUE state. Why didn’t yall do something about it then? Or in 1987 when it went blue again? Or how about 2003 when again it was a blue state?
    I will agree however that, that particular flag need to go. It is not a confederate or even S. Carolina during the confederacy flag. If they wish to have the memorial, put up the right flag. You wouldn’t fly the “Erin Go Brag” in Ohio. ( that was an Irish regiment from KY during the revolutionary war. If memory serves correct, to lazy to look it up now).
    If any of you would really like to know the history of that war I will tell you. Although I know none here will ask. My major in collage was military history. I focused mostly on the period of the 100 years war, but I did have to study the civil war. One thing, its goes back much further than most believe.

  29. WoW Tommie, your butt hurts because a black man, albeit the most powerful black man in the world used the White man’s name for his race.

  30. @tom, for christ’s sake!! STOP playing the role as FOOL! whenever sarah palin speaks WE ALL here it! whenever ted nugent speaks WE ALL here it! see your naive boarderline IDIOTIC comprehension of dog whistle racism is exactly why LILY WHITE republicans should STFU about RACE!! Let me help YOU @tom! you have a problem with Obama using the term NIG#ER? @tom, consider the CONTEXT!! he wasn’t calling ANYONE a NIG#ER! he was showing how hurtful the term is and why america needs to face the FACT that race needs to be addressed. @tom, GROW UP!! jeff foxworthy has made an entire CAREER joking and calling WHITE people REDNECK HILLBILLIES!! and YOU LILY WHITE republicans just laughed your AS$ES off and thought it was cute! @tom, YOU don’t give a damn about the term NIG#ER, you’re just pissed off that ”Obama” said it! and YOU totally took him OUT OF CONTEXT ANYWAY.

  31. Tommy doesn’t understand taking OWNERSHIP of something that was initially intended to cause harm, much like our President Obama has OWNED Obamacare. I believe President Obama is showing young people how to be strong. He is a remarkable human being.

  32. I went to school behind the “Orange Curtain” in WEST Garden Grove where Huntington Beach and Seal Beach all get together at I-405 and CA22. I remember the enormous strawberry fields at that time and I think the city still has it’s strawberry festival.
    My jr high was 7-9 grades since the, built in 1968, high school wasn’t built large enough.

    The DMV is bringing back the 60’s yellow against a blck background license plates.

    My favorite was the 1980’s plate and looked very Californian.

    the current one looks very blah.

  33. I currently live in Burbank.

    I did live in Twin Peaks in SF for 4 years but HAD to come back to LA for a job after being laid-off.

    I LOVED living in the city of San Francisco and the bay area for that matter.

  34. I taught high school social studies for 33 years in GA, until I retired in 2009. We do teach about the Radical Republicans of the 1860s, the Civ. Rgts Act and the Voting Rgts Act, and how the parties switched in the mid-1960s. The problem is that the preachers, rw radio entertainers, politicians, blog owners, pundits, and rw parents have greater influence on students. They don’t know U.S. history, but they believe what they think and their opinions on issues are more important than real history and facts. The aforementioned are the real reasons things are so f*cked up here in GA, and it’s why most citizens vote against their own interests. They have been thoroughly brain-washed. It’s almost impossible to go to any public place here and not find Fox on TV, with the dedicated Fox viewers hanging onto every word. Most here ignore anything bad about GOP/TP politicians and defend them vigorously. Everything bad in their lives is Pres. Obama’s fault. They never blame their own.

  35. I don’t have time to research this right now, but what is all this crap I’m hearing about how Clinton/Gore used the nasty flag on some campaign buttons?

    I can’t imagine that’s true, but looking for some enlightenment.

  36. You talk a lot, but you’ve yet to say anything relevant.

    Another fine example of the History you’ve chosen to ignore:
    In all such territory the institution of negro slavery, as it now exists in the Confederate States, shall be recognized and protected be Congress and by the Territorial government; and the inhabitants of the several Confederate States …

    There have been previous efforts to remove the S.C. Confederate Flag:
    In 2000, George W. Bush won the decisive South Carolina primary over John McCain partly by defending the flying of the Confederate flag on the grounds of states’ rights.

    Blow it Billybones.

  37. The Confederate flag belongs to the democratic party that fought against the Union. That was not the flag of the Republicans they fought for Lincoln to free the slaves. Democrats fought to keep the slaves in bondage.

  38. Again dumbass what has rethugs done lately? You idiots always bring up past history to cover your racism but when its thrown in your white face the first thing you holler I didn’t own any slaves , its not my fault. GTFOH WITH YOUR BULLSHIT

  39. That’s hilarious. Nobody is using the rainbow flag as a excuse for a racist murderer. In fact, the rainbow flag might be the most harmless flag in existence. It just say ‘give me a hug and accept me for who I am’.

  40. Granted- there is some slavery in the Gay BDSM community.

    But it’s strictly of the voluntary variety.

    Leave it to the Right-wingers to make false comparisons.

  41. Hail the Republic… I’ll excuse you for the moment . because you must have been home schooled….poor soul!!

  42. You guys can’t help yourselves. Even in the midst of presenting incontrovertible evidence that the racial divides and Confederate sympathies weren’t partisan at all, there’s still got to be a pitch of the old, debunked notion that the Democrats and GOP somehow switched. Goldwater’s vote against the Civil Rights Act on First Amendment grounds ( he feared that it went too far in setting a precedent for restricting individual freedom of association -Goldwater himself was opposed to segregation and a member of the Arizona NAACP – FWIW, I think Goldwater was wrong in his analysis and vote) still somehow converted all those racist Southern Democrats to Republicans, you know, like Fritz Hollings, the SC governor who oversaw the hoisting of the Confederate battle flag over the SC capitol. Except that he was a Democrat all his life, serving in the US Senate until 2005. Robert Byrd, anyone? Strom Thurmond? OK – you got us there. He did change, and also change some of his views, supporting a …

  43. Goldwater’s vote had squatall to do with it. The civil rights legislation of the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, followed by Nixon’s “Southern strategy”, had everything to do with it. Your red herring is longer than a Moray eel.

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