South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley: Flagging Down a Phony!

nikki haley

In the wake of a senseless, extraordinarily brutal, punk kid execution of nine innocent, spiritual and consummately decent African-Americans in an iconic Charleston AME church, the Haley-engineered hypocrite express is currently roaring down the nation’s media tracks at full speed.

Yes, South Carolina governor Nikki Haley, in her second term of obsessing on legislation that would do the most harm to the poor black population of her state, is now screeching damning condemnation of the South’s last symbolic gasp of racist independence; the Confederate flag.

Visitors to this site have repeatedly read the inhumane Haley directives making it as tough on the South Carolina black population as possible. She even imported political sleazeball, Tony Keck, from the inner sanctum of Bobby Jindal’s Louisiana administration, to assume the head of the South Carolina Health and Human Services Department. This hire made absolutely certain that any health care moves were to the detriment of African-Americans before all others. That goal is now a fait accompli as Keck takes his dog and pony politics to Tennessee.

Haley begs massive, low-paying, few benefits, tax-avoidance corporations to take up residence in her state. The compensation of what jobs are available to blacks wouldn’t feed an average-size dog.

She hates Obama’s health care plan, displaying unbridled enthusiasm for trashing the expansion of Medicaid as called for in the plan. The move impacts the economic status and health outcomes (including death) for millions of Americans. The Kaiser Family Foundation puts the South Carolina number at 178,000, a goodly percentage, black. She’s brought nothing but harm to the minority community.

She’s a big American Legislative Exchange Council member and booster, never hesitating to take ALEC marching orders and corporate-member money in her campaigns and conduct in office. ALEC model legislation is the template for some of the most anti-black legislation on the planet. The Voter ID ALEC legislation being a prime example. Haley signed the bill into law four years ago, accompanied by a celebratory music background. The governor sprinkles every new budget with cuts, some severe, an inordinate number directed at programs benefiting African-Americans. Amazing, considering she’ll help find millions, even billions in incentives for the aforementioned, “pay your employees as little as possible” corporations.

I was in a local Democratic meeting recently when a Democratic legislator informed the crowd that of the hundreds of millions Boeing gets for a 787 Dreamliner manufactured in South Carolina, the state gets $100. People dying for want of a Medicaid expansion, but multi-billion dollar Boeing gets every financial break imaginable. Granted, each new 787 loses a pile of money for Boeing, but that’s a bookkeeping ploy to balance out other huge money makers.

In another huge favor to her giant corporate base, three years ago Haley signed a bill entitled the Carolina Pollution Control Act. It postponed the creation of an isolated wetlands regulatory program and excluded private rights of action against the polluting multi-national monsters under the Act. Sorry, Mr. and Mrs. private citizen. Paraphrasing the Seinfeld Soup Nazi, “No suits for you.”

Speaking of money, nobody benefits more from unions than black workers. Here is Haley’s 2012 State of the Union take on unions. If there’s a politician in the U.S. that hates unions more than Haley, please advice.

She an unapologetic supporter of public tax money for private schools and has historically allowed poorer district schools to crumble in hopes of failure and transfer of students to for-profit charter and private schools. And let me emphasize that just because the term “public” charter schools is in the title, outside private management can be paid obscene amounts of money to run those schools.

Knowing what you now know, here is today’s local blazing Haley headline in the wake of the savage Charleston murders; HALEY: “TAKE IT DOWN.” In a highly orchestrated press conference flanked by the imperative presence of black legislators, Haley wants that darn Confederate flag removed from Statehouse grounds, pronto and stuffed into a museum somewhere. No, I didn’t say she wanted to rescind every gubernatorial move that has repressed and effectively ruined the lives of the vast majority of South Carolina African-American citizens. She just wants what is now that embarrassing piece of cloth, gone from statehouse grounds.

Apparently the fact that the 21-year-old human detritus charged with killing 9 black church members, adored the flag and made flag references and images a core part of a “manifesto” on a web site, moved the governor to action. Not to mention the national press and a possibility of being on the ticket of one of the oddball candidates for the Republican presidential nomination.

The Washington Post reports that of recent times, the flags presence on the grounds of the State Capital, didn’t seem to bother Haley in the least. Possibly the most vomit-inducing quote from the Haley story went something like this: “My hope is that by removing a symbol that divides us, we can move our state forward in harmony, and we can honor the nine blessed souls who are now in Heaven.” Ms. Haley, the greatest homage you could pay these “blessed souls” (martyrs to racism) would be to reverse virtually all anti-black state legislation that clogs the statutory history of South Carolina.

All Republican state legislators quoted by the local paper were being highly conciliatory about the issue. They promised that the offending fabric would be the object of intense concentration, ASAP. If not, Haley has promised to call state senators and representatives into a special session to get the job of removal completed. According to a lawyer representative from a pollution-laden district that’s losing its constituents to cancer and other alleged pollution contributors, time’s a wastin’. To vote before reconvening next January, an amendment would be required to the state’s Sine Die Adjournment rules. A two-thirds majority vote would be required for such an amendment.

So I suspect, at the very least, the flag will be removed. It’s a hot button issue at present, but I dare say, no racist-tinged mind will be changed because of the flag issue. That will take the election of an overwhelming number of enlightened Democrats who managed to change their own history of racist behavior. The new progressive leadership must insist that blacks be treated as full-fledged citizens of the state of South Carolina.

29 Replies to “South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley: Flagging Down a Phony!”

  1. I agree with this article 100%. Haley is rotten; She is so anti-union she stinks of Scott Walker. When the tragedy in Charleston happened she seemed so caring. She cares nothing about the poor South Carolinian. She is worse than McCrony in N.C. And that takes some doing.

  2. Got to wondering when this phony, Nicki Jhindal scab’s auto biography would be shown on Politicus. This trash Is a liar, knew she was lying, will lie again, lie more to the people of SC, and about Prez Obama. She’s got that other cockeyed kookie b$tch from Wisconsin beat. This creature can only be described as “Garbage” in a true sense, disguised as a huge wart on the ass of South Carolina. What a phony.

  3. I was convinced she was full of shit when I noticed Retch Priebus was standing directly behind her when she gave that speach. Sure he was pulling her strings. They’re both lying phonys.

  4. When she calls for more regulation of big corporations and a more sensible distribution of wealth I’ll start listening to her. At this point I agree, she’s nothing but a phony.

  5. Republicans are good liars & actors & I knew Haley was actin’ a lie when she opened or mouth & shed those crocodile tears,RethugliKKKans are on that Southern Strategy mission & act with their coded racial appeals to please their bases & if We the People,the 99% don’t stand up to these homegrown terrorists we are doomed because this systemic racist system has molded their plan with a setup for failure & their target is the Black man,Black Child,Black woman in these United States of America.

  6. Yes she is a phony because being all misty eyed the other night flanked by the other phonies such as Mark Sanford, Lindsey Graham, Tim Scott the Uncle Tom, and Reince Priebus. Why in the phuck was there? All you have to do is look what the Tea Party agenda has been coming from the likes of ALEC. She is one of the sheeples that has been ensconced to inflict harm to our Democracy. There are plans to lure Millenials into this BS using the marijuana issue. Millenials had better research what their agenda is before they go into the voting booth, because if they don’t they will be exploited yet again since they didn’t show up in 2014…

  7. Damage control Cobra. When I saw Rancid Penis behind Niki Jhindal, I knew without a doubt, we had a hypocritical liefest before us. On national TV mind you. This gardentool…let me say this, phony statements from the damage control high priestess of lying assed GOPers in their finest hour. I’m desperately waiting for the technology to give digitally inspired bi#ch slaps to tame scabs such as Niki & Bobby from my PC, and leave bruises to boot. Next: Bobby the Zebra Jherkus. Dispicable folks that happen to look human.

  8. Damn you Massa, now we got extra bolling to do. I wanna’ go back to the ship. This pisspoor example of a human trashheap, doesn’t have the right (even if it were legal) to discriminate against Negros. You don’t look anything like Massa. You’re colored.

  9. Spot on Francie…..dead giveaway!!! I didn’t notice that. All I’m hearing in Chris Mathews continue to praise her….she’s playing a chess game for future aspirations.

  10. The flag will not be removed. It takes a 2/3 vote of the legislature to take it down and that means only 1/3 have to be against it to keep it from happening. There are enough racists in the SC legislature to vote against it and still go back to their districts and look like heroes that saved the south. It’s all a ploy to keep the flag and letting the governor and the rest of them look good.

  11. Thank you, Dennis!

    Let’s not forget her statement in last year’s campaign when the confederate flag was an issue. Miss southern bell ran for keeping the flag. In fact, she said not one CEO that she was trying to bribe to come to SC ever said a word about that gosh darn flag.

    She is as phoney as the rest of them.

  12. I wasn’t buying her ‘take down that flag’ speech either. Many companies from MI have moved to SC, and it’s not the southern hospitality they were seeking.

  13. I nearly fell off of my chair when I saw Rince the golden boy. Nikki Haley has a fork tongue. Only recently, she stated that the flag was not a problem for the state or any of the corporations within the state. Had those nine lives not been lost, the flag would still be a nonissue.

  14. How long before she decides she’s worthy of being a Republican Candidate for President?

    She just needs to get her Bachmann eyes down.

  15. I will repeat. This has nothing to do with some rag flapping in the wind. But everything to do with the media and the folks that control all our news proving once again their power.
    The first order of business is to spin, spin, spin every thing that happens. Not much legitimate spin can be put on this one. But I have seen some grasping at straws to blame the victims, The President and everything else but what it truly is.
    The real terrorists Americans has to fear, the branch that uses the NRA and lots of money to twist the very notion of any common sense out of recognition. It is really about hurting average Americans and reap huge profits.
    When more Americans die from stupid gun laws than 9/11 every year it is time for people to rise up and DEMAND some changes.This whole huge steaming pile of BS takes the attention away from that. Keep the people fighting over nonsense then they won’t go after the people really responsible for what has happened to our country.

  16. She clearly
    C an’t
    U nderstand
    N ormal
    T hinking

    I saw rancid proboscis there also.
    Butt, what I REALLY SAW was that she was trying to keep from laughing and grinning while spouting her typical repig BS.
    She could quite pull it off and gave herself away.
    Hell, she gives herself away to anyone with $$$ just like all the other koch suckers.

    These lower life forms are all just posturing for votes.

    Also, these liars about that bar rag they call a flag don’t realize that most black people feel insulted by the lie of the day and would vote against them.
    THIS is why they do everything the can to obstruct the voting rights of these American citizens.

  17. I hate the flag, but feel the republicans have claimed the issue so they will not have to talk about gun control.
    If he didn’t have a gun, those people would still be alive.
    He could have wrapped himself in a flag and walked into that church and the only thing that would have been hurt are feelings and pride.
    But he had a gun and 9 people are dead.

  18. Fake it she did!! As I watched and listened, in my heart I was hearing this is NOT for real, something was amiss, there was a smell emitting. As usual, it was more rethug falsehoods.

  19. If Gov. Haley really wanted the flag removed she would have issued an executive order demanding its immediate removal. Where’s a good sniper or deranged “black supremacist” when you really need one? Maybe Jindal can loan us one of his!

  20. Make no mistake! Nikki’s tears were those of a crocodile! And she is not doing this because of the vox populae she is doing it because of the Popular VOTES! She needs some humanity cred’s to win the next election which I hope she loses to a real American…A Democrat! Frankly the only politician who seems sincere is Lindsey Graham, I listened to him and there was REAL emotion in his voice.

  21. Yup. There is no way Ms. “Not one single corporation complained about the flag so I don’t think there is anything wrong with it” suddenly became “It is a symbol of hate and we need it to come down so our residents can heal.” She didn’t grow a new heart that’s suddenly capable of awareness, empathy and compassion.

  22. …maybe Niki is beginnin’ to see the light, so I ran the numbers and the chance o’ THAT happening is equivocal to the chance o’ the toilet-paper dog catching the asbestos cat on a wild-assed chase through Hell…

  23. She has all the “lifelike” qualities of the Terminator, where he is looking in the mirror and it’s obviously a fake mold of the actor, and he starts cutting out his damaged eye. I bet all dogs bark at her as well.

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