For The First Time Ever More Americans Approve Than Disapprove Of Obamacare


According to a new CBS News/New York Times poll, for the first time in the poll’s history, more Americans approve than disapprove of the Affordable Care Act.

Approval of the law has risen by four points (47%) in the past month while disapproval has fallen by eight points (44%).

According to CBS News, “Most Republicans (72 percent) continue to oppose the law, while most Democrats (70 percent) support it. Independents are split. Still, few Americans (just 9 percent) think the health care law is working well and should be kept as it is, and 31 percent want the law repealed entirely. Most – 55 percent – think that there are some good things in the law though changes are needed to make it work better.”

Republicans are falling out of step with the rest of the country on healthcare as 55% wanted the ACA repealed while 65% of Democrats and 55% of Independents thought that the law contains good things, but some changes are needed.

Pressure is also growing on the Supreme Court as a whopping 70% of those polled said that they wanted subsidies to continue. The data suggests that if the Supreme Court rules against the subsidies, Republicans will have to act fast to keep the subsidies flowing, or they will be tap dancing on a political landmine ahead of the 2016 election.

In other words, the opposition to the health care law that Republicans thought would carry them back to the White House could end up destroying them if they take away access to affordable health care from millions of Americans.

The political landscape on Obamacare has shifted, and Republicans are on the wrong side. Republicans were wrong about Obamacare. All of the gloom and doom that they predicted has not come true. What has happened is that the American people have gotten a taste of what an affordable and accessible health care system can be, and they want more.

16 Replies to “For The First Time Ever More Americans Approve Than Disapprove Of Obamacare”

  1. Is it possible that Americans are finally wising up to the lies and distortions of the Rethugs? Maybe they are seeing that the Rethugs have been so wrong on some of their most strongly advocated social issues like the confederate flag, racism and anti-gay/anti same-sex marriage, that maybe, just maybe, they’ve also been wrong on their other big issues as well. Once there’s a crack in the foundation the whole building collapses.

  2. Want 5 dollar a gallon gas? Vote republican. Want more wars? Vote republican. Want another deep recession? Vote republican. Want no healthcare? Vote republican. Want to get rid of the complete social safety net? Vote republican. Want to see your fellow man die in the streets? Vote republican.

  3. Want an oligarchy? Vote R. Want a theocracy? Vote R. Want legalized racism, homophobia, bigotry? Vote R.

  4. all along, when they polled, if they asked do you like the aca? it was overwhelming. when they asked the loaded query, do you like ‘obamacare?’ thanks to the rw lies, they didnt. not surprised that oligarch propaganda works!

    meanwhile, from the SCOTUS. crickets..

  5. I agree with Tired Old Guy. He mentioned what I stupidly left out. But there are so many things, we can’t possibly remember them all. As I have stated before, I was once a republican. Then I woke up. My Mother woke up too. Even my dad woke up a little. They are both gone now but the point is this: Eventually The Liberal mindset will Prevail. I truly believe that. Otherwise, We go BACKWARD…. And we can’t or actually want THAT!!!

  6. Have followed the sad descent into shame of what was a parachute of lies and falsehood of Republicans.ThankU DJ and others for dat wonderful message -” a vote for … is” should be adopted as a universal ad for the foreseeable future by the party of the people.No more running away from goodness.Liberals wake up and join issues with liars,oppressors and haters.

  7. Of course changes are needed if we want Medicare for all. Every major legislation evolve to make it better

  8. Thankfully, I will not be personally affected by the Supreme (can’t we find another name for them, they are supreme asses) Court decision. I truly believe that healthcare is a right not a privilege. There were times when I did not had ins. It is awful to be scared to death of an accident or illness. The President along with the Democrats accomplished something that many before them have tried to do. The ACA will be his legacy forever.

  9. Yes, that statement is ambiguous. I’m 100% in favor of the ACA, but changes are need. The first change would expand coverage that would include everyone.
    What did those polled think the changes should be. That question should have been included for those who answered, changes are needed.

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