Bernie Sanders: Unlike Hillary Clinton, ‘I’ve Taken On The Big Money Interests.’


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On MSNBC, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders strongly contrasted his record with Hillary Clinton’s by saying, “I have taken on every element of the big money interests in this country.”



Bernie Sanders was asked if the big crowds he is drawing can translate into votes. He answered, “I truly absolutely think that they can. Look, what exists in the real world, whether it’s Denver, Minneapolis, New Hampshire, Iowa, or Vermont is very different than the kind of discussions that take place here in Washington where so much of what Congress does is dominated by big money. Look, the average American understands that our middle-class is disappearing. Ninety-nine percent of all new income is going to the top one percent and that we need some fundamental changes in economic and politics so that the government begins working for all of us, not just the billionaire class.”

When Mika Brzezinski pointed out that this is the same thing that Hillary Clinton is saying, Sanders replied, “No, I don’t think it is. And I think if you look at my life’s work, what I’ve been struggling with for the last twenty-five to thirty years, I have taken on every element of the big money interests in this country. Whether it is Wall Street. Whether it is the pharmaceutical industry. Whether it’s the Military Industrial Complex. People can judge Hillary Clinton’s record on their own.”

Sen. Sanders also pointed out that Hillary Clinton has yet to take a position on TPP.

Bernie Sanders didn’t mudsling, but the message was clear. Hillary Clinton is a new convert to the fight against the big money interests, while Sanders has been fighting these forces for decades.

The discussion that Sanders and Clinton are creating within the Democratic Party is important. Democrats are resolving as a party to take on the big money interests in American politics. The question is which candidate do voters trust to lead this fight?

In a discussion of records, Bernie Sanders clearly has the longer record of fighting against the big money interests in our political system. Sen. Sanders is contrasting himself with his opponent’s record, and he has a message to voters. Both candidates may be saying the same things, but only one candidate has spent decades taking up the fight.

Hillary Clinton is more liberal than many give her credit for, but compared to Bernie Sanders she looks like a right-wing conservative, which is why Sen. Sanders could be a thorn in her side all through the Democratic primary campaign.

16 Replies to “Bernie Sanders: Unlike Hillary Clinton, ‘I’ve Taken On The Big Money Interests.’”

  1. Make No Mistake My Friends,
    If Bernie is the Democratic nominee, I Will Vote for Him! That said, I and my wife are Voting for the Democrat… Any Democrat before we would EVER vote for a Rupukelicant.

  2. IMO, Bernie needs to be careful about going negative. He’s got some skeletons in his closet. Sounds like he’s using the Republican’s playbook. What is he going to do and how is he going to do it?

  3. all he said was “Hillary Clinton has yet to take a position on TPP”

    I don’t believe he’s going to sling mud at Hillary, just like we shouldn’t sling mud at either democrat.
    All the mud slinging needs to be done to the tea bag/repubs who deserve it.

  4. the Texas tea bags are also the loudest screamers of “Obama is a communist.”

    I’d love to hear from that “red state mom” try to debunk this.

    Maybe this is why Texas wants a Fort Knox in their state, they’re getting ready to secede. Good, the average IQ of the rest of the states will SIGNIFICANTLY jump higher.

  5. Bernie Sanders is a socialist, so basically every American looks like a right-winger compared to him. If Bernie wants to use his megaphone to explain to the public what the GOP’s Koch agenda entails, he’d be doing the world a favor and might actually have a chance:

    If, on the other hand, Bernie would like to use his megaphone to pull a Ralph Nader and further divide the left to get a Koch-sponsored teabagger elected president, then he’d better start looking into the witness protection program:

  6. I think Sanders is absolutely right in his criticisms of corporate greed. But his criticisms seem extreme. Corporations are essential to this country. And some corporations act responsibly. Even the hated Koch brothers are big charitable contributors. And as much as I hate Microsoft (sometimes) I have nothing bad to say about The Gates Foundation.

    As much as I like much of what Bernie says, his positions are too extreme to make him electable.

    I hope the left realizes that, despite the fact that Hillary doesn’t perfectly reflect their principles, she is much, much better than any of the Repugs that are running. There is a major difference between the parties. If not for Ralph Nader, Gore would have been elected – and we never would have invaded Iraq.

  7. When the gains of the financial sector are private but the risk is socialized- there should not be any wonder that we finally get a socialist President, somebody to stand up for the rest of us.

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